Louie Bossi Fort Lauderdale – (Las Olas Review)

There is no shortage of Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, but surprisingly enough, there aren’t many that are located on the famous Las Olas Strip.  Enter Louie Bossi – Lauderdale’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria, where you can experience an Italian culinary journey in a garden vibe that is like no other. Today I’ll break down my years of sampling Louie Bossi Fort Lauderdale’s many dishes, talk about the atmosphere, the drink menu, and the service at Louie Bossi Fort Lauderdale.

About Louie Bossi on Las Olas

  • Louie Bossi is one of the more happening spots on the popular Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Enjoy signature dishes, drinks, and unbeatable Happy Hour deals for an amazing dining experience.
  • Make a reservation online or by phone as the restaurant does get packed.

Discovering Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria

louie bossi bar area
You can usually find me at the outdoor bar.

Nestled on the bustling Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria has been delighting guests with its mouthwatering Italian food and vibrant atmosphere since 2015. With 250 seats available, this popular dining destination can accommodate large gatherings and intimate dinners alike, ensuring there are never too many tables to handle.

Open from 11:30 am on weekdays and 10 am on weekends, the fun at Louie Bossi’s lasts well into the night, with the bar open until 1 am on Sunday through Thursday and until 2 am on Friday nights. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or a lively Friday night out with friends, Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria promises an unforgettable Italian food experience in Fort Lauderdale.

The Ambiance at Louie Bossi

louie bossi garden
The covered garden area is always a good idea!

Entering Louie Bossi’s Ristorante, you’re immediately drawn to its stunning garden setting and welcoming atmosphere. The appealing patio, featuring a permanent cover and seating for 250, enhances the restaurant’s lively and distinctive ambiance. The combination of elegant design, cozy seating, and energetic atmosphere creates a truly inviting setting that captures the essence of Italian dining.

Every corner of Louie Bossi’s reflects meticulous attention to detail, from the scratch kitchen to the use of fresh ingredients in their homemade pastas and house-made salumi. The commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that your dining experience at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante is nothing short of unforgettable, even during extremely busy times.

Louie Bossi Menu Highlights

Louie Bossi’s presents a rich menu highlighting a variety of traditional Italian dishes made with fresh, top-tier ingredients. Savor the delightful selection of:

  • Handmade pastas
  • House-made salumi
  • Dry-aged steaks
  • Gelato

What sets Louie Bossi’s apart from other Italian restaurants is their dedication to crafting all their dishes from scratch. From pastas, salumi, and gelato to bread and traditional Italian dishes, the culinary team at Louie Bossi’s takes great care to ensure an authentic and delicious experience for every guest.

(I’ll touch more on the authentic aspect later in this Louie Bossi review.)

The Man Behind the Magic: Chef Louie Bossi

The talented Chef Louie Bossi himself propels the success of Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria. With a strong passion for Italian cuisine and an impressive background, Chef Bossi has become one of South Florida’s hottest chefs and restaurateurs. His culinary expertise is evident in the delectable house-made pastas, wood-burning Neapolitan pizzas, and home-cooked Sicilian comfort food that graces the menu at Louie Bossi’s.

Prior to gaining recognition, Chef Bossi undertook various roles within the Big Time Restaurant Group’s restaurant portfolio, ultimately becoming the Executive Chef at Big City Tavern. Despite not having any formal culinary training, he gained invaluable experience working in the kitchens at Big Time restaurants.

Early Life and First Job

Raised in Queens and subsequently moving to New Jersey, Louie Bossi developed a passion for cooking at the tender age of 8. His journey in the pizzeria industry began when he was just 11 years old, progressing from dishwasher to cook at a local pizzeria and cultivating his enthusiasm for pizza making.

Chef Bossi’s first job in a proper kitchen was as a morning line cook at City Oyster. This experience helped to shape his future culinary career and laid the foundation for his success as a renowned chef. Today, his dedication to his craft and passion for Italian cuisine continue to shine through in every dish served at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria.

Training and Inspiration

Despite not attending culinary school, Chef Louie Bossi persistently sharpened his skills via various training and experiences, including working as a grill cook. He gained a certification in the ancient art and technique of charcuterie from renowned Chef Brian Polcyn. His dedication to perfecting his craft led him to become a Master Pizza Maker from The Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli in San Francisco, mastering the art of authentic Italian pizza-making.

Through his unique training and unwavering passion for Italian cuisine, Chef Louie Bossi has crafted a remarkable menu that delights and captivates guests at his namesake restaurant. His devotion to quality and authenticity remains a cornerstone of his culinary philosophy, ensuring that each dish served at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria is a true taste of Italy.

A Taste of Italy in Fort Lauderdale

Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria goes for an “authentic Italian dining experience.” from the exquisite flavors to the warm, inviting atmosphere. The menu is a delightful showcase of Italian culinary traditions, expertly crafted by Chef Louie Bossi and his team.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty pasta dish, a wood-fired pizza, or a delectable dessert, Louie Bossi’s offers a wide array of Italian dishes to satisfy every palate. The restaurant’s menu includes:

  • Pasta dishes such as spaghetti carbonara, fettuccine alfredo, and lasagna
  • Wood-fired pizzas with various toppings like margherita, pepperoni, and prosciutto
  • Delicious desserts like tiramisu, cannoli, and panna cotta

The restaurant’s commitment to using the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes ensures that each meal is a true taste of Italy in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.

Signature Dishes

Treat your palate to some of Louie Bossi’s signature dishes, including:

  • Hearth-baked bread
  • Handmade pastas
  • Pizza dough
  • Gelato
  • Crema di limoncello

Each dish is thoughtfully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, showcasing the passion and expertise of inspired chefs like Louie Bossi and his team.

One of the highlights of dining at Louie Bossi’s is the wood-fired pizzas, prepared in a wood-burning oven at a scorching 900 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 seconds. The smoke from the burning wood adds a unique, delicious flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. Paired with a glass of wine or a signature cocktail, these mouthwatering dishes make for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Drinks and Happy Hour

At Louie Bossi’s, the enjoyment extends beyond the food. The restaurant offers a variety of drinks and special deals during happy hour, which runs daily from 4 pm to 7 pm. During happy hour, you can enjoy $2 off drinks and 50% off pizza, making it the perfect time to sample some of the restaurant’s delicious offerings.

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxed dinner or a lively night out with friends, the variety of cocktails, wine, and beer available during happy hour at Louie Bossi’s ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience the best of Italian cuisine and drinks in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

What I Like About Louie Bossi on Las Olas

louie bossi pizza
This is what brings me back to Louie Bossi!

I’ve been to this restaurant probably over 100 times, so obviously, there are things that I enjoy here or I wouldn’t go back so frequently!

Let’s start with the garlic cheese bread.  It’s one of the best you’ll ever have in your life. I promise you that.  It comes out hot, loaded with garlic and ricotta, and can feed 2-4 people depending on appetites.  I get this every single time I visit. It’s that good!

garlic bread
I highly recommend the garlic bread!

Next up, the salads.  The mulberry street is a go-to for me, but all salads are very fresh with great ingredients in ample portions.  I’ve never had a bad salad here.

Salumi – this is something I order on occasion and it never lets me down.

Panini’s – Michelle is a HUGE fan of the panini’s and they never disappoint.

While Louie Bossi only serves a couple cuts of steak, they have a dry aging station visible in the restroom, so you know they are serious about their meat.  The Rosemary & garlic ribeye is to die for, and I’m not the type of person to pass up on amazing pizza (more on that in a minute) but sometimes I do and this is what I order.  It’s perfectly cooked (blue for me) and very tasty.

Now, as I told you I’ve been here over 100 times by my estimation, there is a reason for that.

To start, it’s the vibe.  The vibe is so casual, yet electric, classy, and right for any occasion.  You can go with friends for drinks or bring the family for a fancy dinner and it serves both purposes.  You’ll see people in suits having a business lunch or dinner all the way to the happy hour crowd that bounces from bar to bar enjoying the incredible Fort Lauderdale Happy Hour scene.  Louie Bossi is that RARE place that caters to everyone, because the atmosphere is just that perfect blend of cool, casual, and elegant, all rolled into one.

The vibe for me includes the open floor plan and kitchen.  When weather permits, which is 90% of the time in South Florida, the bar opens up to Las Olas Boulevard, allowing people to witness the atmosphere and create intrigue for tourists to check it out.  The open kitchen, garden patio, and meat and bread stations are all sights, along with the array of Italian art and photos from over the years on display throughout the venue.

Lastly, but for me, most importantly, is the PIZZA.  This is why I visit Louie Bossi.  They offer something for everyone on their expansive menu of freshly made pizzas.  Ask for their special hot chili oil and apply that generously.  Thank me later.  Pizza is something that is near and dear to me, and I rank their pies up there with all the best in Ft. Lauderdale.

What I Don’t Like About Louie Bossi

vodka proscuitto louie bossi
Incredible presentation, but something was off. Notice there isn’t any visible proscuitto.

It pains me I have to write something subpar about a place I really enjoy, but I’ve had Italian food all over the world and outside of their pazzesco, which is mixed shapes with sausage, meatballs, pork ragu, there isn’t one pasta dish I can recommend here.  The carbonara and bucatini really disappointed me, and recently I tried their take on a Vodka & Prosciutto, called radiatore a la vodka, and it was the worst thing I’ve had there.  The sauce was off, and I couldn’t find any semblance of prosciutto.  Super disappointing.

I’ve had friends say the same thing.  For an “authentic Italian” restaurant, you would think they could get pasta right.  Again, I hate talking bad about anything at this place because we visit a lot, but I simply swore off their pasta because it’s just not my thing.  I will say that their cacio pepe is on point and it’s the one pasta I do endorse there.

cacio pepe
Cacio Pepe.

I do recommend these places in Fort Lauderdale for pasta:

Again, that’s just me. I’m sort of a snob when it comes to pasta as I’ve had it all over the world, and this is pretty commercialized stuff if I’m being honest.  I stick to pizza, salads, and the steak.

Making a Dinner Reservation at Louie Bossi’s

louie bossis
Always inviting, at any time of the day or night!

Given its popularity and reputation for delectable food and outstanding service, getting a table at Louie Bossi’s might be tough during peak dining hours. Thankfully, the restaurant offers two convenient methods for making a dinner reservation: online and by phone.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or a larger gathering with friends and family, Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria is the perfect destination for an unforgettable Italian dining experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, mouthwatering dishes, and exceptional service that have made Louie Bossi’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

We usually go for weekend brunch.  Show up at 10 – 10:30 and you’ll have no issue getting into the bar area without a reservation.  That’s more of my vibe anyway and you’ll get faster service and more space as their tables can be congested in a lot of areas, but I don’t blame them for packing people in. They have a hot brand and rent isn’t cheap on Las Olas!

Online Reservations

To make an online reservation at Louie Bossi’s, simply visit their official website at https://www.louiebossiristorante.com/ft-lauderdale and navigate to the “Reservations” section. The easy-to-use online reservation system allows you to select the date, time, and number of guests for your reservation. With just a few clicks, you’ll be one step closer to a memorable Italian dining experience.

If you prefer to use a third-party platform for your reservation, OpenTable is a popular option for booking a table at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Search for Louie Bossi’s on the OpenTable website or mobile app.
  2. Select the desired location.
  3. Choose the date, time, and number of guests for your reservation.
  4. Confirm your reservation details.

And you’re all set!

Phone Reservations

If you’d rather make a reservation by phone, simply call the restaurant directly at the phone number listed on their website or other online platforms like OpenTable, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. When making a phone reservation, be prepared to provide the following information: date and time of the reservation, number of guests, and your contact information (name, phone number, and email). Additionally, don’t forget to mention any special requests or dietary restrictions, so the staff can accommodate your needs.

Whether you choose to make an online or phone reservation, the friendly and helpful staff at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria is ready to assist you in securing a table for your memorable Italian dining experience.

Exceptional Service: The Key to a Memorable Dining Experience

Outstanding service is a key component in creating a truly memorable dining experience at Louie Bossi’s. The friendly and attentive staff, personalized attention, and commitment to quality all come together to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where guests feel appreciated and taken care of.

From your arrival, the team at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria is committed to ensuring an optimal dining experience. By anticipating the needs of guests and delivering prompt and efficient service, they ensure that you can focus on enjoying your meal and the company of your friends and family.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

The staff at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria is:

  • Knowledgeable about the menu and ingredients
  • Genuinely friendly and approachable
  • Goes above and beyond to make guests feel welcome
  • Committed to providing excellent service

Their commitment to providing great service, excellent food, and excellent service is evident in the countless positive reviews the restaurant has received.

Whether you need assistance with choosing the perfect wine to complement your meal or require help with dietary restrictions, the staff at Louie Bossi’s is always ready to provide great recommendations and ensure your dining experience is truly enjoyable. Their warm smiles and welcoming demeanor will make you feel right at home, further enhancing your overall experience at this fantastic Italian restaurant.

Catering to Special Requests

Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria is committed to accommodating the diverse needs and preferences of its guests, making it an ideal dining destination for everyone. The restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as gluten-free pasta dishes for those with dietary restrictions.

The staff at Louie Bossi’s is highly knowledgeable about allergies and takes great care to ensure that the cooks are aware of any dietary restrictions when preparing your meal. By providing allergy stickers for food that is prepared to accommodate specific dietary needs, Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria ensures that everyone can enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal.

Big Time Restaurant Group: Expanding the Louie Bossi Brand

As part of the Big Time Restaurant Group, Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria has thrived and grown its brand, extending the authentic Italian dining experience to a broader audience. Founded by:

  • Todd Herbst
  • Doug Herbst
  • William Watson
  • Gary Ellsworth
  • Lisabet Summa

The Big Time Restaurant Group owns a diverse portfolio of restaurant concepts, with Louie Bossi’s being one of their most successful endeavors.

As the Louie Bossi brand continues to grow and evolve, the restaurant remains committed to its core values of exceptional service, quality ingredients, and authentic Italian cuisine. The passion and dedication of Chef Louie Bossi and his team ensure that every guest’s experience is a memorable one, making Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria a must-visit destination for Italian food lovers everywhere.


In conclusion, Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria offers a truly authentic and unforgettable Italian dining experience in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. From the beautiful garden setting and vibrant atmosphere to the mouthwatering dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients, every aspect of Louie Bossi’s is designed to transport you to the streets of Italy. With exceptional service, a diverse menu, and a passionate team led by the talented Chef Louie Bossi, your visit to this culinary gem is sure to be a memorable one. Buon appetito!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Louie Bossi been in Fort Lauderdale?

Louie Bossi has been in Fort Lauderdale since 2000, when he began his first job as a grill cook with Big Time Restaurant Group (BTRG).

What is the best way to make a reservation at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria?

Make a reservation at Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria today by either visiting their website or giving them a call!

Does Louie Bossi’s offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Louie Bossi’s offers vegetarian and vegan options with a special vegan menu for customers to enjoy.

When is happy hour at Louie Bossi’s, and what deals are available?

Make everyday happy hour with $2 off drinks and 50% off pizza from 4 pm to 7 pm at Louie Bossi’s!

Are there any signature dishes I should try at Louie Bossi’s?

You should definitely try the signature dishes at Louie Bossi’s – such as hearth-baked bread, handmade pastas, pizza dough, gelato and crema di limoncello. Bon appetit!

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