Whiskey in the Jar Review: Polands Best Steaks & Vibe?

We’re fresh off our visit to Poland, and Michelle’s step-mother recommended us Whiskey in the Jar as a great place to get steaks in Wroclaw.  If you’re curious about the buzz surrounding Whiskey in the Jar, our comprehensive “whiskey in the jar review” scrutinizes its steak selection and distinctive Irish vibe. We unveil whether it’s just hype or a Wrocaw dining jewel worth every visit.

  • Whiskey in the Jar is not just a bar but an immersive Irish cultural experience, offering a lively ambiance with live music and traditional storytelling over drinks.
  • The menu stars prime cuts like the ribeye, known for its premium marbling and flavor, as well as steak burgers melding brisker and sirloin, all seasoned with a secret spice blend and cooked to perfection.
  • Aside from great food, the bar boasts a diverse selection of drinks including bourbon flights, classic cocktails, and the opportunity to create your own mule, all enjoyed in an atmosphere echoing the reverence of a classic song.

A Toast to Tradition: Unveiling Whiskey in the Jar

steak in wroclaw

Upon entering the building, you will be given an opportunity to enter the building. Whiskey in the Jar, you’re greeted by the effervescence of a freshly popped cork and enticed As familiar strains of a beloved tune immediately affirm your choice. This bar is an homage to ageless melodies from an esteemed Irish folk band, and here, every nook reverberates with echoes of “Whiskey in the Jar,” a storied anthem originating from 17th century tales about Patrick Fleming, the deceived highwayman. More than just a watering hole, Whiskey in the Jar acts as a living canvas that vividly illustrates Ireland’s cultural heritage through its patron’s revelries. Metallica’s version of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ adds a powerful and distinctive element to the bar’s ambiance, making it a unique experience for visitors. James Hetfield’s contribution, with his iconic vocals and distinctive guitar solo, elevates the song to new heights.Night after night at this establishment mirrors Friday’s festive spirit – filled with anticipation for days ahead. As soon as music fills the air courtesy of live bands playing on stage, it becomes clear. This locale transcends being merely named after “Whiskey in The Jar.” Rather it incarnates its very essence completely. The jar overflows not only with whiskey, but also encapsulates festivities drawn across centuries poised to offer patrons moments they’ll crave long afterward, their cheers ringing synchronously with each tolling bell note. Metallica’s influence on the bar’s musical selection is evident, adding a modern twist to the traditional tunes. Metallica’s rendition of the song, with James Hetfield’s powerful vocals and the band’s hard-driving force, brings a unique energy to the atmosphere.

Whiskey in the Jar Menu

wagyu mini grill whiskey in the hjar
The menu is FULL of options, mostly steak however.

As you enter, the ambiance is immediately set by a symphony of exquisite tunes performed by the band. Whiskey in the Jar offers an experience where not just the music captivates with its depth and richness, much like the powerful and heavy nature of Metallica’s version of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. A gastronomic medley awaits on their menu, each dish crafted to deliver a peak culinary experience from start to finish.

Highlights from their menu include:

  • The stand-out ribeye that takes center stage
  • Robust steak burgers that provide a heartwarming nod to classic comfort food, grilled to perfection much like James Hetfield’s contribution to Metallica’s distinctive sound
  • Indulgent brownies poised to satisfy your sweet tooth’s callings, serving as an ideal finale for those after-meal indulgences

Whiskey in the Jar’s Steaks

rock steak
I ordered the rock steak, which cooks right on a hot rock in front of you!

What distinguishes the steaks at Whiskey in the Jar as worthy of praise like a legendary tune? It is owed to the local farms, who remain uncelebrated yet essential, for supplying steaks that transition from field to fork with unparalleled freshness. Particularly noteworthy is their ribeye steak—selected meticulously for its marbling and robust taste—a testament to the care invested in choosing such premium meat cuts. Prior to being kissed by fire on the grill, each steak receives a generous seasoning from an exclusive spice concoction so secretive it might rival Kerry mountains’ hidden treasures.

In the photo above, you can see the “Rock Steak.”  this came out perfectly rare and sizzled right in front of me on a hot rock.  Very cool experience!

The method employed in grilling mirrors Metallica’s precision when performing their heavy metal version of “Whiskey in the Jar,” ensuring each cut reaches your plate perfectly according to your preferences—be it gently seared echoing James Hetfield’s mellower moments or intensely charred reflecting his hard-rock essence. One mustn’t overlook their signature steak burgers. A blend of brisket and sirloin presents a symphony of flavor and texture reminiscent of Metallica’s harmonies—all served up within house-baked buns and garnished with select toppings that bestow upon them an exalted status akin to Metallica’s revered versions.

Whiskey in the Jar Drink Selection

whiskey in the jar wroclaw

The drink menu is deep and diverse!  Many of the specialty cocktails arrive in a very memorable presentation.
Despite the spotlight often being on steaks, Whiskey in the Jar’s array of drinks are equally poised to take center stage. Within this establishment, one can experience the symphony of sounds from bourbon over ice, effervescing draft beers, and swirling ales—each representing an epicurean masterpiece that has been immortalized as part of beverage lore. Patrons can enjoy their drinks while they listen to classic tunes, including renditions by Metallica, evoking memories and emotions. For those with a penchant for classic concoctions, offerings such as Old Fashioned, Sazerac, and Boulevardier resonate like iconic Thin Lizzy tracks—a blend where every spirit seems imbued with stories reminiscent of The Dubliners and life’s avid enthusiasts.For whiskey connoisseurs, akin to most people who appreciate finery in flavorsome variety. They’re provided an ensemble akin to a tasting journey via bourbon flights served distinctly in Glencairn glassware—the ultimate vessel signifying what vinyl represents to music lovers. The bar offers patrons flexibility by inviting them to craft their own version of mules using an extensive library of spirits paired with fresh components and garnishes—creating personalized beverages just as varied as different renditions exist for the renowned song “Whiskey in the Jar.”

Planning Your Visit: Essential Information

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and flavor as we explore Whiskey in the Jar, located at Rynek 23-24 in Wrocaw’s pulsing center within Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. As integral to its location as the titular song is to Irish lore, this venue offers an economical indulgence with prices ranging from PLN 40 to PLR 100 per person.

For those envisioning a relaxed Sunday brimming with delicious fare and exceptional beverages, doors are open from midday until late evening when twilight fades at 11:30 PM.

Whiskey in the Jar (Wroclaw) Detailed Review

Main Entrance whiskey in the the jar

Don’t take our word for it alone. An influx of glowing reviews heralds Whiskey in the Jar as a beacon of excellence. Critics unanimously extol its dedication to providing a service and dining experience that resonates with the charm of traditional Irish tales. The bar’s ambiance and music, including classic songs like ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ and Metallica’s cover version, contribute to the positive reviews. From its hearty welcome to its delectable steak, feedback is unanimous: every trip to Whiskey in the Jar brings about the comfort of returning home.

whiskey in a jar wroclaw
Ample seating indoors or outdoors.


In the end, Whiskey in the Jar stands as a testament to the power of tradition melded with modern flair. From the meticulously sourced steaks to the symphonic drink selection, every aspect is crafted to delight the senses. If you’re on a quest for a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression, look no further. It’s time to make your own stories at Whiskey in the Jar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the historical significance of the name “Whiskey in the Jar”?

“Whiskey in the Jar,” an emblematic Irish folk tune originating from the 17th century, has grown to epitomize both Irish cultural identity and its rich narrative tradition.

Can you tell me more about the steaks at Whiskey in the Jar?

Whiskey in the Jar ensures that their ribeye steaks boast excellent marbling and taste by handpicking them for these attributes. These steaks are procured from nearby farms to guarantee freshness and superior quality. They’re seasoned with an exclusive mix of spices before being expertly grilled to perfection.

For their steak burgers, only premium cuts such as brisket and sirloin are utilized to craft a patty rich in flavor. This delectable foundation is then enhanced with fresh toppings and nestled between freshly baked buns.

What types of drinks can I find at Whiskey in the Jar?

At Whiskey in the Jar, a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages is available, ranging from bourbon and ale to draft beer. Patrons can enjoy timeless mixed drinks such as Old Fashioned cocktails and bespoke craft mules.

For those who prefer non-alcoholic choices, there’s an array of options including Americano coffee, refreshing lemonade, and chilled ice tea.

How much should I expect to spend per person at Whiskey in the Jar?

Anticipate allocating between 40 and 100 Polish Zoty per individual when visiting Whiskey in the Jar, where you’ll find an equilibrium of reasonable prices and high-quality offerings.

What are the opening hours of Whiskey in the Jar on Sundays?

You can revel in a tranquil culmination to your week at Whiskey in the Jar, which welcomes patrons every Sunday from 12PM until 11:30PM.

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