Pastis Miami (A New York Fave Comes to Wynwood!)

In the colorful streets of Wynwood, Pastis Miami has arrived, and our recent trip tells me it’s here to stay for a very long time. French cuisine enthusiasts, this is for you! It extends the legacy of its famed Manhattan nameake through culinary classics and timeless decor. We spent brunch here with some friends from New York, who ironically took us to the New York location many years ago, and I’m going to hopefully share with you how this eatery marries French tradition with Miami’s vibrant culture, offering a distinct yet familiar taste of Paris in the tropics.

As an aside, the interior of this restaurant is virtually IDENTICAL to the one in New York.  So if you are a fan of the NYC location, come here and you’ll feel right at home.

Why Pastis French Restaurant is Thriving in Wynwood

  • Pastis Miami brings the charm of a Parisian bistro to Wynwood, blending an upscale French ambiance with a mix of indoor and outdoor dining options reminiscent of the iconic Manhattan original.
  • After closing in Manhattan due to real estate developments, Pastis made a comeback in Miami, merging French culinary tradition with local tastes, including brunch and signature dishes like duck confit and steak frites.
  • The restaurant captures the artistic essence of Wynwood with a decor that fuses French elegance and urban creativity, offering a sophisticated French dining experience in the heart of Miami’s creative hub.

Pastis Miami: A Slice of Paris in Sunny Florida

Pastis Restaurant
A gorgeous courtyard greets you upon entering.

Pastis Miami embodies an enchanting French dining adventure, delivering a warm and inviting atmosphere. On weekends, the establishment is particularly vibrant with excitement. Its interior design reminisces a refined Parisian Epcot sector featuring:

  • crisp white subway tiling
  • classic bistro seating
  • plush red leather banquettes
  • expansive framed mirrors
  • ceiling tinged with tobacco hue

Guests can choose between enjoying their meal within the cozy indoors or in an idyllic outdoor garden setting. This fusion of alfresco and indoor dining options adds to Pastis’ allure as a distinguished destination amidst Miami’s gastronomic tapestry.

The launch of Pastis in Wynwood was met with great enthusiasm, infusing local flair with authentic French bistro elegance. As a highly praised establishment, it’s positioned itself prominently within Miami’s food scene by providing an exceptional culinary journey that stands out from the rest.

The Legacy of Pastis: From Manhattan to Miami

bar area
Our party was late, so we saddled up at the bar for a pre-brunch drink.

The celebrated French bistro Pastis, with its roots firmly planted in Manhattan’s meatpacking district, embarks on a fresh journey as it extends into the vibrant Wynwood area of Miami. This expansion represents another illustrious page added to the establishment’s storied legacy.

Meatpacking District Origins

Established in 1999, Pastis opened its doors as a brasserie reminiscent of Parisian style within the heart of Manhattan. For almost 15 years, this iconic restaurant became a central figure that shaped the meatpacking district into an area known for culture and social gatherings, attracting celebrities and becoming part of New York City’s identity.

When real estate developments intervened, it was a problem. The original site of Pastis in Manhattan was forced to shut down – marking a significant moment in the history of dining across the city. Although another venture replaced it, nostalgia for Pastis persisted among its admirers who anticipated its comeback with high hopes.

Expansion to Wynwood

pastis wynwood miami

In 2022, Pastis made a notable comeback by launching its first outpost beyond New York in the vibrant core of Miami’s Wynwood district. This latest establishment channels the distinctive atmosphere of its celebrated precursor in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, offering an inviting sophistication with design elements that echo the quintessential Pastis experience from New York.

Pastis planting roots in Miami’s Wynwood signifies a pivotal moment for the brand as it integrates into and celebrates Miami’s dynamic cultural tapestry. The expansion reflects not only growth but also a deliberate choice to enter one of Miami’s most artistic and flourishing neighborhoods.

The Pastis Miami Menu

Pastis Avocado Toast
I had the avocado toast, which was incredible!

Discussing food, Pastis Miami’s menu presents an exquisite selection of timeless dishes such as French onion soup, escargot, and steak frites—favorites inherited from its New York sibling. It incorporates novel items tailored to the local palate for those seeking to indulge in delectable fare.

Main Courses at Pastis

One of the main attractions of Pastis Miami is the array of signature dishes that offer a complete dining experience. The duck confit, for instance, stands out with its crispy skin and tender meat, serving as a testament to the authentic French cuisine offered at Pastis Miami.

Alongside the duck confit, other delicacies not to be missed at Pastis Miami include:

  • French onion soup
  • Croque madame
  • Chicken paillard
  • Savory artichoke dish with fennel, onions, and parsley cream sauce

These iconic dishes contribute to the charm and authenticity that Pastis Miami, a French restaurant, delivers, inviting patrons to indulge in a true taste of France.

Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner

salmon benedict
The salmon benedict.

The menu at Pastis Miami is thoughtfully curated to cater to various dining occasions, featuring selections for brunch, lunch, and dinner that highlight the diverse nature of French culinary art. As the establishment’s reputation has grown, it has become particularly renowned as a hotspot for weekend brunch enthusiasts.

At Pastis Miami, enjoying brunch transcends the typical dining experience. It becomes an animated social affair cherished by friends and food lovers. This enriching French gastronomic journey at Pastis is complemented by distinct menus tailored specifically for each mealtime – whether it be brunch, lunch or dinner – adding depth to its allure.

The Wynwood Vibe Meets French Cuisine

Situated in the energetic Coconut Grove neighborhood, Pastis Miami excels at embodying Wynwood’s creative and dynamic spirit through its white tiled walls while providing an upscale French culinary experience.

Artistic Influence on Ambiance

pastis brunch

At Pastis Miami, the interior design skillfully captures Wynwood’s iconic artistic essence by blending refined French sophistication with local creative flair. The tranquil outdoor terrace stands in delightful juxtaposition to Wynwood’s usual vibrant buzz.

Adding a distinct touch is the garden seating and glass-enclosed patio, crowned by a pergola that draws inspiration from McNally’s abode on Martha’s Vineyard, contributing an exceptional element to the dining scene of Miami. Both inside and out, Pastis Miami exudes an inviting ambience that pays homage to its New York City origins yet perfectly encapsulates the ‘je ne sais quoi’ within Wynwood’s imaginative setting.

Pastis Miami Photos

Here’s some more photos from our trip to Pastis.

Pastis Hamburger
Our friend Larry, who introduced us to the original venue in NYC, always orders the burger. He swears by it.

Pastis Food

pastis bar area
There are two bars, this one is the outdoor bar.


Pastis in Miami artfully merges the allure of Parisian dining with Wynwood’s dynamic vibe, offering an experience that encapsulates both French culinary elegance and Miami’s lively spirit. With its heritage-rich background, delectable authentic dishes, and distinct ambiance, it stands out as an essential eatery to explore within Miami.  We will be back soon to have lunch and dinner, as we gave the Pasti’s brunch in Wynwood a 10 out of 10.


380 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127

(305) 686-3050


They also have a location in South Miami.  Should we make it there, know that we’ll give a full review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Pastis Miami located?

Situated in the center of Miami’s Wynwood district, Pastis Miami can be found at 380 NW 26th Street, offering an easily accessible location for those looking to visit.

How does Pastis Miami reflect its origins in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District?

Maintaining the essence of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District roots, Pastis Miami delivers an ambiance and aesthetic that honors the legendary New York venue. It captures a sense of accessible sophistication which echoes with the genuine spirit of the original Pastis.

What are some signature dishes at Pastis Miami?

At Pastis Miami, a selection of their standout dishes includes the rich duck confit and the classic French onion soup. You should not miss out on their croque madame, chicken paillard or the flavorful artichoke dish accompanied by fennel, onions, and a creamy parsley sauce.

Indulge in these delights!

Does Pastis Miami offer options for brunch, lunch, and dinner?

Indeed, at Pastis Miami, their menu includes selections for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

How does Pastis Miami reflect the Wynwood vibe?

Pastis Miami embodies the spirit of Wynwood, featuring an interior design that embraces the neighborhood’s artistic flair and a lively ambiance in tune with the area’s cultural rhythm.

The establishment mirrors Wynwood’s unique art scene through its genuine representation.

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