Sandbar Sports Grill Cocoa Beach – Restaurant Review, Photos

I recently spent some time in Cocoa beach, Florida, and spent my time sampling the local cuisine. I had a hankering for a sports bar and grill and ended up at The Sandbar Sports Grill. Today I’ll share my full review of this sports grill as well as a few photos from this venue.

Sandbar Sports Grill Summary

cocoa beach sandbar

This place is very popular with locals, and I got the feeling that most of the people knew each other. There were even a handful of men sitting on the outside bar without their shirts on, so I guess you can make yourself at home here!

Once inside and settled, I immediately liked the vibe. There was a football game on, which is the reason I went here in the first place, so we were already off to a good start.

Upon taking in the scenery, the menu, and the people, I realized we were in a spot that potentially could have some delicious food if you are into a beach bar that serves up a mean fish taco, crab legs, amazing salads, and even some fun pizzas! (My favorite, and I’ll break that down further in this Sandbar sports grill cocoa beach review because they truly are FUN pizzas!

Cocoa Beach – What to Expect

the sandbar
Dr. Larry enjoying the outdoor patio.

Let’s talk about the town of Cocoa Beach so you get a feeling of what to expect. First, most places feature live music, and while we weren’t there for the great local bands, (we had a late lunch and the live music was to come on later), we had a very enjoyable time. This venue is located near the famous Ron jon’s surf shop, which is a globally known surf shop that you’ve probably heard about before.

Overall Cocoa Beach is a great place with friendly people, although the town is a bit sleepy if you are a night owl. Things slow down here quite a bit, which is probably why we had a very attentive staff member throughout our experience. I always appreciate solid service and a friendly atmosphere, so that’s an immediate plus for me. I found this place on Facebook and it got high ratings, so with that being said, let’s break down our visit, which was made up of a very hungry party of four.

Sandbar Menu

sandbar menu cocoa beach

I’ve already mentioned a few items like the fish tacos, and they were incredible. This beach bar serves a lot of ordinary food in extraordinary ways. Not a single dish disappointed us, and as die hard foodies, that’s hard to do. Here’s a sampling of what we had amongst our group:

  • Gator tail – (it’s a Florida thing!)
  • Drinks – lots of ice cold beer and we even sampled the amazing hurricanes!
  • Wings – very solid. They said they are the “best in the world,” and while they weren’t, they were darn good food!
  • Crab legs – hey, we are Floridians!

Overall, it was all great food that we were able to enjoy at Sandbar Sports, and we found this beach bar to be super fun for an afternoon break where we could enjoy delicious food and have some drinks in a beach bar atmosphere. The location is right off the beach. In fact, you can walk just steps to it and enjoy your food on the beach if you want to do take-out.

I’d like to go back for dinner sometime, but we found ourselves going to Gregory’s steakhouse both nights. Yes, it was that good!

My friend Larry loved the burger. They had very big burgers! To me, this is the best place to get a quick bite to eat if the weather is nice, but even if it’s overcast, the sprawling Sandbar sports grill cocoa beach has plenty of indoor seating and many televisions, so don’t let a little storm cloud deter you from this place as it’s a great place for entertainment. They have a huge selection of bar food in a very casual setting, and as I said earlier, the food is done very well. Everything was amazing, and we didn’t expect much from the outside, but this place is perfect for tourists and locals alike.

I had the Sandbar Burrito, and it was massive!  Here’s a pic:

sandbar burrito
This burrito did NOT dissappoint.

On that note, the Sandbar Menu also features a 5 pound burrito challenge!  When we were there we didn’t get to witness this, but here is a photo from their website showcasing this massive burrito!

sandbar 5 pound burrito

Image Credit:

What’s With the “Fun Pizzas?”

This is where the menu gets really FUN. As I said, I’m a pizza buff, and the huge selection of pizzas, all very well thought out and exotic in style, did not disappoint.

Of course, they offer a cheese pizza, but that’s not what I’m referring to!  Here’s a list of pizzas at the Sandbar in Cocoa Beach:

  • Taco Pizza  – Seasoned ground beef, pico de gallo, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese with sour cream
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza – Hand tossed dough with grilled chicken breast, red onion, and special BBQ sauce.
  • Rocket Launch – Grilled chicken smothered in buffalo sauce, with jalapenos, fresh tomato, green peppers, onions, and cilantro.  We split this one for the table and we ate it so fast I couldn’t get a photo!
  • Margarita – cheese pizza with tomato slices and fresh cilantro
  • Fajita Pizza – Fresh peppers and onions with carne asada and chicken
  • Hang Ten – select any 10 toppings
  • Carnivore Pizza – Pepperoni, sausage, ham, carne asada, bacon, and ground beef


Although I wish we saw the great local bands from all the stuff I read on Facebook, we were very happy with our visit, and should I find myself in Cocoa Beach in the future, I’ll make a return visit, perhaps for dinner.  This is a nice casual beach bar with incredible bar food kicked up a notch to satisfy even my boujee palate!

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