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I’ve been spending a lot of time in Las Vegas for work engagements.  You may have seen my last post about things to do in Las Vegas, or perhaps you read about my favorite Pho restaurant in Sin City.  Today, I’m going to share with you yet another review of an authentic restaurant that you’ll find off the beaten path.

If you are seeking Greek Food in Las Vegas, this is a MUST try. #yassougreekgrillcafe

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If you are looking for authentic Greek food in Las Vegas, the best place I’ve encountered to accomplish this mission is Yassou Greek Grill.  I literally just finished up there and found it to be amazing.

First off, let’s talk about the portions.  I had the Gyro Sandwich, which they call “My Big Fat Gyro.” This was the largest gyro I’ve ever seen, and it tasted amazing.  I opted for the American fries, which were great, but if you really want to go all the way, opt for the Greek Fries, which are covered in herbs, spices, and feta.  For $7.79, this comes with a drink as well.  It’s more food than one really needs for a meal, but if you liked it as much as I did, you won’t care, and you’ll finish the entire thing!

My girlfriend had the Gyro Plate, with for a few dollars more comes with rice and a salad.  It was gigantic!

To wash it all down, we split a backlava for dessert.  Like everything else, it was a hefty portion and did not let us down!

Yassou Greek Grill Restaurant Menu

Yassou Menu Las Vegas

Until I find another option, this is my choice for the best Greek food in Las Vegas.

Yassou Greek Grill

7871 w Charleston Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89117

Phone: 702-798-8989


Monday thru Saturday 11 am- 8 pm

Sunday 11 am-5pm

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