Pho Kim Long Las Vegas (Best Vietnamese in Vegas?)

Pho Kim Long delivers a slice of Vietnam in the heart of Las Vegas. Renowned for its Pho Bo and round-the-clock service, this family-owned restaurant promises a menu bursting with Vietnamese authenticity. Explore with us the tastes and tales that make Pho Kim Long a culinary treasure without enduring any fluff.

As I lived in Las Vegas for a few years, I’ve had many chances to try stuff that the locals swear by.  This, my friends and followers, is as local as it gets.

A bowl of Pho Noodle Soup
Pho Noodle soup with rare beef flank.

Why Pho Kim Long is the Best Pho in Las Vegas

  • Pho Kim Long stands out in Las Vegas for its authentic Vietnamese cuisine, available 24/7 and set in a culturally rich atmosphere that combines Vietnamese and Chinese elements.
  • The restaurant’s signature dishes like Pho Bo, Congee with Preserved Eggs, and Ca Kho To are must-tries, offering traditional flavors that transport diners to the streets of Vietnam.
  • While the food quality is high, service can be slow, especially during peak hours, and some customers have noted less-than-pleasant interactions with staff; however, most find the meal pricing to be fair for the value received.

First off, for those of you not in the know, let’s talk about “what the heck is pho?”

Pho is the typical food of Vietnam, and it’s closest American relative would be chicken noodle soup.  Pho is a soup, but it’s served many different ways. The traditional pho so is made daily with white rice flour noodles.  Sold in markets, the soup is best known for the high quality, tender noodles.  The pho broth is equally as important as the noodles, however.

A proper pho broth goes a long way into making a good pho, a great pho.  For example, many herbs and vegetables go into making the broth.  In addition to that, there are many spices and aromatics that are added.  Recipes vary, but it’s not uncommon to find cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and cardamom.  You’ll also see traces of fennel, roasted onions, and ginger.  The meat (or chicken or seafood) is cooked separately and is added once the broth is complete.

Depending on where you are dining, you’ll get served an entire tray, bowl, or plate full of vegetables and herbs that you can add to your broth.  It also comes with various sauces, like hoisin, and sriracha.  Most of the time, you’ll get cilantro, sprouts, and jalapenos as sides.

When my friends and I visit Las Vegas, there is nothing better than a nice warm beef pho noodle soup after a long night of drinking and gambling.  It’s one of the best ways to treat a hangover (or prevent one) that I’ve ever found, plus it’s simply delicious.

One of my best friends, Alex, was in Vietnam for work and stumbled into Pho.  He ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while he traveled through the country while working in the textile business.  His initial suggestion that we try it led us to what is now a staple trip on our annual October trip to Sin City.  That first encounter with the iconic Pho Kim Long Restaurant in Las Vegas is what led me to writing today’s review.

Tucked away in one of the city’s bustling neighborhoods, Pho Kim Long is a local favorite and a beacon of Vietnamese culture in Las Vegas. Its design, which reflects Buddhist traditions, adds to its cultural authenticity.

Pho Kim Long’s journey shines a light on the love and passion for Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines, offering a variety of dishes that include everything from charbroiled pork chop to steamed rice, a staple in Vietnamese cuisine.

Discovering Pho Kim Long

As you step into Pho Kim Long, you’re immediately enveloped by a sense of tradition and passion. The restaurant stands unique in the Las Vegas dining scene, with a history intertwined with the food of Vietnam and China. The family-owned and operated business model reveals their unwavering dedication to delivering authentic flavors, underlining their focus on quality and authenticity.

Reflecting their commitment, the restaurant operates 24/7, serving customers throughout the week. This accessibility and convenience make it an ideal spot for both locals and visitors looking to satisfy their cravings for authentic Vietnamese food at any time of the day, including those late-night hunger pangs.

Setting the Scene

The ambiance of Pho Kim Long is inviting and clean, with a traditional Vietnamese style sprinkled with Chinese touches. The restaurant has mastered the art of creating a comfortable dining atmosphere while also incorporating modern technology to ensure a smooth dining experience. The restaurant’s popularity has spread beyond Las Vegas, with enthusiasts in San Jose also appreciating its authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Adding to the convenience, the restaurant is nestled inside a shopping mall with complimentary parking for guests, ensuring a hassle-free dining experience from the onset. And for those who enjoy dining al fresco, Pho Kim Long offers outdoor seating, offering a unique dining experience that caters to different preferences.

Pho Kim Long Menu

Pho Kim Long’s menu pays homage to the rich culinary tradition of Vietnam. The restaurant’s signature dishes are a must-try for anyone seeking to experience the authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

The Pho Bo, a classic Vietnamese staple, the comforting Congee with Preserved Eggs, and the flavorful Ca Kho To are dishes that promise to transport you straight to the streets of Vietnam, one bite at a time.

Pho Bo: A Classic Vietnamese Staple

Pho Bo embodies the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. The beloved dish in Vietnamese culture combines flat rice noodles, tender beef slices, and a flavorful beef broth, infused with spices like cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom. The rich flavors are brought to life with fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, and mint, which add a refreshing twist to the dish.

Served in a traditional way, with cooked rice noodles and raw beef placed in a bowl, and hot beef broth poured over it to cook the beef right at your table. The Pho Bo is served with:

  • fresh herbs
  • bean sprouts
  • lime
  • chilies
  • hoisin
  • sriracha

This allows you to customize your bowl to your liking, as you explore various cookie choices learn from the options available.

Congee with Preserved Eggs: A Comforting Delight

Congee with Preserved Eggs, another signature dish at Pho Kim Long, guarantees a comforting and hearty meal. By combining the rich flavor of century egg with stewed pork and creamy congee, the dish offers a unique taste profile that is both satisfying and heartwarming. The ingredients for this dish include:

  • Uncooked short grain white rice
  • Chicken broth
  • Century eggs preserved in a mixture of clay, salt, lime, and rice hulls
  • Pork butt

These ingredients contribute to the signature comfort of the dish and provide features that enhance its overall appeal, utilizing similar technologies to achieve this effect.

Pho Kim Long serves the congee with preserved eggs as a pork porridge, making it a perfect meal for those looking for a comforting and satisfying culinary experience.

Ca Kho To: A Taste of the Sea

Sizzling Ca Kho To dish at Pho Kim Long

Slow-cooked in a clay pot, Ca Kho To is a Vietnamese fish stew offering a mix of sweet and savory flavors combined with a rich texture that comes from the fish and the caramelized sauce. The dish is made with ingredients such as:

  • salt
  • fish sauce
  • thick soy sauce
  • water
  • sugar
  • chicken bouillon powder
  • pepper
  • oil
  • shallot
  • garlic
  • Coco Rico coconut soda
  • green onion

These ingredients all contribute to its rich flavor profile.

In Vietnam, Ca Kho To is served with rice, making it a comforting dish that can satisfy any seafood lover’s cravings.

Service Quality: Room for Improvement

Although the food at Pho Kim Long provides a delightful culinary experience, there is room for improvement in the service. During busy dinner times, customers have reported waiting times of up to 1-2 hours, while during quieter times, the wait could be around 20-30 minutes.

In addition to the slow service, some customers have reported dealing with rude employees and managers, which can put a damper on the overall dining experience.

Pricing and Value

Pricing at Pho Kim Long varies, with meals ranging from $5.25 for Fresh Spring Rolls to $22.50 for Viet Noodle Dishes and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. Customer reviews regarding pricing have been mixed, with some stating that the prices are reasonable while others believe they are average. However, most customers agree that for the quality of food, the prices are fair.

Alternative Vietnamese Restaurants in Las Vegas

For those keen to explore more Vietnamese flavors in Las Vegas, several other restaurants are worth considering. Besides Pho Kim Long, other popular Vietnamese restaurants in Las Vegas include:

  • Din Tai Fung
  • Pho Kim Long II
  • District One Kitchen and Bar
  • Pho Saigon 8
  • Saigon Corner Restaurant
  • Viet Noodle Bar
  • Pho & Beyond
  • Pho King Vietnamese Kitchen

Each of these restaurants offers unique dishes that stand out, such as the Fried Chicken Egg Rolls, Beef Pho, and Honey Garlic Pork Chops at Pho Kim Long II, and the Bun Bo Hue and Egg Noodle Beef Stew at Viet Noodle Bar.

Like a true underground type of Asian restaurant, there is no website, no advertising, and no nonsense.  This place is my place to shake a hangover, start my day, and ready myself for another day of debauchery when in Las Vegas.  If you want to impress a blackjack dealer, a cabana host at the pool, or just be able to talk like a local, get your butt over to Pho Kim Long and enjoy the delicious menu they serve 24 hours daily!  You’ll find every walk of life here, from power brokers, to high stakes gamblers, to the every day local.

Location of Pho Kim Long


4029 W Spring Mountain Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89102.

Use Google Maps, Yelp, whatever.  Just get your butt in there, and you can thank me later.

If you are looking for Greek Food in Sin City, check out Yassou.  It’s another local spot that’s been inserted into my routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant located?

Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant is located at 4029 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102. You can find it in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What dishes are recommended at Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant?

You should definitely try the Pho Bo, Congee with Preserved Eggs, and Ca Kho To at Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant. They are the restaurant’s signature dishes and are highly recommended by patrons.

How is the service at Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant?

The service at Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant needs improvement due to long waiting times and reported instances of rude employees. It’s best to be prepared for potential delays and remain patient when visiting the restaurant.

How much does a meal at Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant cost?

A meal at Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant can range from $5.25 for Fresh Spring Rolls to $22.50 for Viet Noodle Dishes and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. You can find a variety of options at different price points.

Are there any other Vietnamese restaurants in Las Vegas you would recommend?

I recommend checking out Din Tai Fung, Pho Kim Long II, and District One Kitchen and Bar for some delicious Vietnamese cuisine in Las Vegas. Enjoy!

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