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I regularly attend a conference in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and one that has become a staple in my routine is Gregory’s Steak and Seafood Grille.  While I’ll admit, I’ve only eaten at a total of four (non chain) restaurants in Cocoa Beach, this one is hands down the best one in town for a great meal coupled with a full bar.

I even chatted up a local who said “this is the best restaurant in Cocoa Beach and for 60 miles north or south.”

After dining there once, I was convinced this man was correct. I went back the second night with my fiance and colleagues and we were enamored with this nostalgic restaurant.  Today I’ll share with you some history of Gregory’s in Cocoa Beach and even show you some salivating food pics.

Let’s get right into it! 

gregorys steaks and seafood cocoa beach

Gregory’s Cocoa Beach Steakhouse and Seafood Grille Review

Once you step inside the venue, which reminds me of an old school supper club, you’ll see a sprawling bar that wraps around the dining room.  A beautifully designed rock wall shows off the impressive liquor selection as you cascade around the never ending selection of spirits.  In tandem with the extensive wine selection, Gregory’s offers plenty to drink, eat, and even see.  (More on the seeing later in this review.)

You’ll find everything from any cut of steak you could possibly imagine, cooked to your liking, to Caribbean Lobster tail loaded with piping hot drawn butter.  Or, if you are in for a simple meal, have a go at their famous burgers made just the way you like it.

Going on thirty years, this establishment has carved out a niche as a go-to for locals and tourists alike.  Whether you are just going for dinner, or staying for the comedy upstairs on the weekends, you won’t want to miss this top rated restaurant in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

gregorys comedy club
The comedy club.

The Gregory’s Steak & Seafood Menu

Gregorys Bar

I found the menu quite extensive and impressive, and I’m a certified “foodie.”

Let’s start with the wine list, which was won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for seven years and still going!  Gregory’s in Cocoa Beach is the ONLY restaurant in Brevard County to win this award.

Next, you can’t skip out on the french onion soups!  This is something I have a hard time finding in South Florida, so making it up to Central Florida and running into this was a real treat.  So much so, that I ordered it both nights we dined there.  It was one of the best I’ve ever had, and it was so much better that we had a cool 50 something degree night which made it even more enjoyable.

surf and turf

We also tried the escargot, which did not disappoint.  We shared this amongst our group in tandem with the garlic shrimp and there were zero complaints.

One person in my group had the Lobsteraki, which they encouraged us to try, but he wasn’t overly impressed with it but to their credit, he’s a true New York City foodie and they probably hyped it up a bit too much.  This sounded very interesting to me as it features five pieces of lobster meat with water chestnuts wrapped in bacon.  I wish he offered me some so I could give an opinion on that one!

Gregory’s offers eight different types of steaks, so no matter what your mood is, they have a cut for you.  I went with the Delmonico and found it spectacular and cooked to perfection. I use the word “cooked” tongue in cheek because if you’ve read for a while you know I eat my steaks less than rare. I order “Pittsburgh Blue” in fine establishments, and after dining there, Gregory’s Steaks make my list of fine dining establishments.

For people who aren’t carnivores, they offer several pasta’s and chicken options, but we didn’t sample those so I can’t comment on them.

gregorys steak

I can’t vouch vouch for the burgers, although I saw a gentleman eating one at the bar and it looked right up my alley!

Seafood at Gregorys

So night one was steak night, and night two I decided to join my fiance in some seafood, which she raved about the night prior.  I opted for the Ocean Seafood Plank, which was made up of Mahi Mahi, jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, lemon pepper & garlic butter on a cedar plank.  It was cooked to perfection.

She had the lamb on night two and raved about it. The prior night she had the branzino, which she compared to the one at one of my favorite places, Billy’s in Hollywood, so that says a lot.

The only thing that wasn’t up to par with the rest of the food was the baked potato, which I ordered loaded.  I would have liked some more toppings on it but I’m not going to say anything bad about it as I ate the entire potato!

We didn’t get into dessert on either night because the meal was very filling as it was, but we did get quite the bonus.

After seating on the second night the staff motioned for us to come outside and witness a rocket launch.  This made the night super memorable to watch a live rocket go into space just miles away.  This happens every so often up there and it’s something you may get the chance to see if you are in the area.  They even had it on the television as the local news covered it.  Very cool!

In terms of drinks, we all ordered either liquor on the rocks or martinis and all of them were to our liking.

Other than Gregory’s, I also had fun at the Sandbar on the beach.  This is much more laid back, but it fit the bill for some cold beers and sports while in Cocoa Beach!


If you are interested in fine dining near Cocoa Beach, Florida, I can’t say enough good things about Gregory’s Steaks and Seafood Grille.  A full bar, amazing menu, and friendly staff made the first visit want us to come back for more in an otherwise dull food town.  I highly recommend this establishment if you are in the area!

Gregory’s Steak & Seafood Grille

900 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, Florida, 32931





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