Lobster Bar Sea Grille – Las Olas Best Seafood?

If you find yourself looking for fine dining in the Las Olas area of Fort Lauderdale, you are in for a real treat! There is no shortage of options when it comes to dining in this area, and today I’ll key in on one of our long-running favorite destinations for seafood in Fort Lauderdale – the Lobster Bar Sea Grille.

In this Lobster Bar review, I’ll share why it’s become one of our favorite establishments in the competitive Las Olas area, as well as share highlights of experiences we’ve had there over the years.

What Went into my Lobster Bar Sea Grille Review?

lobster bar sea grille
Lobster Bar

In short, thousands upon thousands of dollars spent in this establishment!  I’ve hosted my Christmas party here multiple times, which my clients appreciate. In addition to clients, I’ve treated friends, family, and more at the Lobster Bar.  I had my 40th birthday there, my son’s 13th birthday, celebrated the sale of my business there, and most recently, Michelle and I’s third anniversary of being together.

So I guess I can say I’ve got a lot of history with the Lobster Bar on Las Olas!

Let’s talk about why it’s become one of my favorite restaurants for high end seafood in Fort Lauderdale.

Lobster Bar Sea Grille Photos

Throughout this review I’ll share many photos of Lobster Bar sharing my most recent visits.  These cost me a small fortune, but I’m happy to share my take on one of my favorite places in Ft. Lauderdale!

lobster bar fresh seafood
I highly recommend the octopus, which you’ll usually see on display in front of the open kitchen.

Lobster Bar Background and Ownership Group

Constantly rated among the top restaurants in Broward County, you can’t miss this mecca of an establishment.  Perched on the corner of 450 East Las Olas Boulevard, the glimmering, inviting restaurant is well-lit with top notch finishes.  Once you arrive, you’ll see a bustling bar area (more on that later), a lounge, an open kitchen which has fresh fish on display, and finally, the back dining room.

The Lobster Bar is owned and operated by the Buckhead Life Group out of Atlanta.   The group also owns other entities in fine dining including Chops Lobster Bar in nearby Boca Raton, Florida.

lobster bar fish
Fresh fish!

Lobster Bar Sea Grille goes well beyond seafood, as you can also try Black Diamond USDA prime steaks, Japanese Wagyu steaks, an array of sides, incredibly prepared salads, and much more.

You can dine in for lunch Monday to Friday and enjoy dinner every day of the week.  There are even private rooms for important business meet-ups, should you have the need.

Most importantly, to me, the staff is world class.  Every server offers white glove service and extensive knowledge of the menu. I’ve never had a bad experience with the staff in my dozens of trips to Lobster Bar.

Open for lunch, Monday to Friday and Dinner, 7 days a week. Lobster Bar is a perfect place for a private event with multiple private and semi-private spaces.

The Decor and Experience

If you have ever ben to the Oyster Bar in New York City’s Grand Central Station, you’ll be reminded of it as soon as you walk into the front door.  Subway tiled walls and arched ceilings, just like the aforementioned oyster bar, are abundant.  The main bar is U-shaped and vibrant.  In fact, it’s one of our favorite places to people watch.  It’s no secret that this is an upscale establishment, and the bar invites Fort Lauderdale’s rich and famous, as well as the crowd that chases after them.  It’s something you have to see to fully appreciate!

Lobster Options at Lobster Bar Sea Grille

As the name implies, you will find plenty of lobster options, including their signature lobster, which the menu states is “lightly fried,” but as a veteran diner here, this is more friend than the name implies.  It’s absolutely incredible.  They also have a chili lobster, seasoned with spices to make it an unforgettable dish, available by the pound starting at 2 pounds and going up to 5 pounds.

chili lobster
The chili lobster is one of my go-to dishes.

There’s a two course lobster menu that offers various preparations of lobster that pair with one of their incredible salads (chopped or caesar):

  • Two Pound Steamed & Cracked
  • Two Pound Broiled & Stuffed
  • Surf & Turf
  • Two Pound Chili Lobster (pictured above)
  • The Signature (fried lobster.)

Each of these offers a slight discount versus getting a salad separately.

lobster bar menu
The Lobster Bar Menu

Lobster Bar Sea Grill Menu – Other Options

Of course, you don’t have to have lobster, although it’s my go-to at this place.

Michelle almost always goes with the Chilean Seabass, and I sometimes deviate to the Arctic Char, which if you haven’t had it, is similar to salmon and very popular in Icelandic food culture.

As mentioned, there is a long list of steak options, so if you are a carnivore, fear nothing, the Lobster Bar delivers there as well!

We usually start with escargot or Russian Caviar, and both are phenomenal.  Oh, and how could I forget, they have both East and West coast oysters flown in daily!

Lobster Bar Sea Grille Photos

Here’s some photos of our trips over the last few years.

lobster bar 13th birthday party
My son wanted the seafood tower for his 13th birthday. Never disappoints.

Of course, the famous signature lobster is a crowd pleaser.  This is a recent one I enjoyed during my last visit:

signature lobster
This is one of their most popular dishes. Lightly fried and delicious!

Lobster Bar Contact Information

450 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 772-2675

While this restaurant comes with a price tag, if you are looking for a more casual environment in the area offering superb fresh oysters and other seafood, check out G & B Oyster Bar.

Lobster Bar in Summary

If you are looking for a high end experience that comes with a price tag you’d expect with that in Fort Lauderdale, you can’t go wrong at Lobster Bar Sea Grille.  It’s always rated among the best restaurants in Broward County for a reason. To me, it checks every box:  quality seafood selection, attentive service, and incredible ambiance.


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