Patagonia Del Mar Brasilito – Best Steaks & Fish in the Area!

One of the best things about traveling to Costa Rica is the food available there. The country offers a wide variety of cuisine, and we are here to review one of the best restaurants we found there. First, we discovered the place through Facebook, and the reviews families had written about it made us curious.  This Patagonia Del Mar review shares our experience after five visits to this great venue.

Once we set our eyes on Patagonia del Mar Brasilito, it was impossible not to join the countless positive reviews we read. Why is this restaurant that popular? Keep reading this review to find out!

Patagonia Del Mar Brasilito

What Makes Patagonia Del Mar in Playa Brasilito Different from Other Options?

One of the first things that made Patagonia del Mar Brasilito different from others is that it offered an online menu in English and Spanish. It may not seem like a lot, but it was challenging to find a place with a menu we could understand.

Now with the restaurant itself, we can say the service in Patagonia del Mar Brasilito is impeccable. It seems like they are used to getting tourists there because waiters were fast to recommend which options we could try if it was our first time eating in a Costa Rican restaurant.

Since it was our first time eating at Patagonia del Mar Restaurant and were already thinking about making a review, we tried to order many things from the menu. After being in the country and visiting a wide variety of food places, we can say this one stands out from others.

wine store patagonia del mar
They even have a premium wine store on premises.

Here, you can get a glimpse of the Costa Rican flavor we couldn’t find in any other establishments. It’s hard to describe it; it’s simply better. Drinks and dry-aged options – which were our favorite – were exactly as we ordered them and quickly became one of our top choices internationally.

The ambiance is pretty nice, too. Patagonia Del Mar Costa Rica is one of the best places to visit if it’s your first time in the country and want to try a place different from others. We confidently say it’s the best option in Playa Brasilito and overall the best off-campus restaurant that reaches Reserva Conchal.

You can order from it if you are staying in the W and Westin Hotels in Costa Rica.

Patagonia Del Mar Menu – Top Dishes

Patagonia Del Mar

As we mentioned before, the dishes available at Patagonia del Mar Restaurant are top-tier. We personally loved its dry-aged menu of options with 30 days of maturation. The Cowboy and New York with Bone dishes were our favorites, but other clients told us the others are pretty good, too.

When you look at the dry-aged menu, you can see it also offers many sides. These were the best choices for our taste:

  • Mashed potatoes with garlic
  • Grilled vegetables (Argentina style)
  • Lobster mac & cheese
  • Onion rings with cilantro aioli

The prices here are excellent, too, so don’t worry about spending all your budget here. Drinks-wise, it also has a wide catalog.

You can order water, iced tea, and mocktails with your fruit. However, we fell completely in love with the pineapple smoothie we ordered. You can order non-alcoholic gin and rum spirits there too.

What Other Venues Does Patagonia Del Mar Brasilito Have?

Other Venues Does Patagonia Del Mar Brasilito Have

We were profoundly happy when we visited Patagonia Del Mar Brasilito and noticed it has other venues. Naturally, we tried them. Here is a brief overview of what each of them offers:

Patagonia Grill

Patagonia Grill, as its name suggests, focuses on grilled food. We recommend it if you want to try Argentinian food to its core.

Bamboo Sushi

If you are looking for Asian and Nikkei food, Bamboo Sushi in Tamarindo is an excellent choice. Although it literally says sushi on its name, it offers many other Asian dishes.

La Boca

Similar to Patagonia Grill, La Boca focuses on Argentinian food. It offers more than grilled dishes, though.

Patagonia Fast & Good

Now, we have Patagonia Fast & Food. Here, you will find street dishes of all kinds. They are excellent for sightseeing or if you don’t feel like taking a gourmet dinner.

sunset at Brasilito
Of course, you can get the BEST Sunset in Brasilito while sitting at Patagonia Del Mar.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Patagonia Del Mar Brasilito was one of the best parts of our trip, and we are glad we saw its ad on Facebook. We 100% recommend it if you want to go to Costa Rica. Although it offers Argentinian food too, it has an excellent mix of Argentinian and Costa Rican cultures. That makes it different from others.

Go to our website to read more reviews! There, you will learn more about our trip to Costa Rica and other countries.

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