Destination “I Do”: Unveiling Exotic Wedding Venues for Travel-Loving Couples

Exotic Wedding Venues

The trend of destination weddings is only increasing in popularity with time. Couples are combining it with the trend of micro weddings, for celebrations that are intimate and not overwhelming. Destination weddings help provide a more memorable and unique experience for the guests, however, it does involve additional or varied planning and expenses. For a travel-loving couple, a destination wedding might just be the best option, as it’s like a combination of adventure and romance.

If you also intend to say ‘I do!’ in a location away from your hometown and are on the hunt for picturesque locations, here are some exotic options that you may want to check out:

Lush Rolling Vineyards

Vineyards typically have so much natural beauty, that you won’t really have to spend much on decor.  Beautiful vineyards comprise a versatile venue option; the stunning natural scenery applies well to various themes and preferences. Moreover, the lush greenery serves as an appealing backdrop for wedding photographs. The vineyards of the USA typically take up multiple spots in the list of the top 10 most beautiful vineyards in the world. If you’re looking for vineyard or winery venues in the US, you don’t have to limit yourself to Napa Valley or Sonoma County. Southern California also offers plenty of worthy alternatives. If you’re seeking beautiful vineyards beyond the boundaries of the US, you might want to consider France or Italy.

Romantic Beaches

Even the wind on beaches is romantic. The sparkling crystal-clear water and the shimmery sand make the beach a perfect wedding venue. It’s even better if you and your partner love seaside activities or visiting beaches in general.

You can transform your wedding into a vacation kind of experience for your guests. And the list of photo opportunities will be endless. Think of these: golden hour, silhouette pictures, footprints in the sand, kiss against the horizon backdrop, and pictures in the glow of the beach bonfire.

Imagine the most fresh seafood being served at your wedding! That’s another advantage of a beach venue. Rather than just dancing, you can celebrate your wedding in a more unique way with beach games and fun seaside activities.

You could either opt for a gorgeous beach within the US, such as Henderson Beach in Florida, or if your budget permits travel to any of the locations known for their beautiful beaches such as Maldives, Bali, and Mauritius.

Wonders of Nature

What could be more unique than a destination that’s already been voted and declared a wonder of nature? They’re already known throughout the world for their natural beauty. And you not only get married there but also get to tick one off your bucket list! Imagine getting married atop the Table Mountain of South Africa! No one will be able to match or ‘top’ that experience anytime soon. You can say ‘I do’ at the iconic landmark, against panoramic views of Cape Town. Think of the breathtaking pictures you can capture. Rather than arriving at your wedding venue in cars, your guests get to arrive in style in cable cars.

Wonders of the World

Next only to the natural wonders, are the man-made wonders of the world. Can you envision exchanging vows with the Taj Mahal, the symbol of love and romance, in the background? If that sounds like your dream wedding, you might be pleased to know that you can actually make that happen. Start the new chapter of your relationship in the shade of one of the most enduring and romantic tales in history. To make this dream a reality, you will need to get permission from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and other authorities. However, if Shah Jahan can build a stunning marble structure for his love, this should not be a difficult task for you.

Wrapping Up

Due to the logistical and other challenges associated with destination weddings, it may be best to get a wedding planner involved. Your wedding planner can work with a team based in your chosen location, and take some or most of the stress and burden off your shoulders. You can then relax, and look forward to celebrating the beginning of the next chapter in your life in a beautiful destination surrounded by your loved ones.

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