12 Best Restaurants in Playas-del-Coco

There are a variety of restaurants in Playas del Coco, considering the large number of tourists that flock there. A lousy food experience can ruin a good vacation. Hence, knowing the best restaurants in Playa del Coco is essential to preventing that. 

When we vacation in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, we usually dine at the hotel where we stay. We also book Airbnb or vacation homes and enjoy cooking our own meals. However, Its always exciting to find restaurants to explore during our stay. In this article, I highlight the 12 restaurants that impressed me the most.

Key Takeaways From This Article

I went on Google and found 85 restaurants listed in Playas-del-Coco. While I did not try out all of them, I found some outstanding ones. I highlight a few key takeaways about restaurants in Playas-del-Coco. 

  • You’ll find various types of restaurants serving specific or mixed cuisines. 
  • Zi Lounge and Coconutz Brewhouse have live music, and you can watch sports while waiting for other events. 
  • You can ask the waiters/waitresses about the restaurants’ vegan options. 
  • If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s always good to consult with the waiters or waitresses for solutions. 

12 Best Restaurants In Playas-del-Coco

It is one of the best beaches in Guanacaste province, known for surfing, snorkelling, diving, and wildlife-viewing adventures. Playas-del-Coco is also famous for its tantalizing local and international cuisine. Here are some of my top choices of restaurants in Playa-del-Coco. 

Santorini Greek Restaurant -Best Greek/Mediterranean Cuisine

Opening Hours: 12–9.30 PM daily. 

Location: Main street on Playas del Coco, next to Papagayo Seafood restaurant. 

One of Playas-del-Coco’s best Greek and Mediterranean cuisine places is Santorini Greek Restaurant. It serves a variety of Greek dishes plus some local dishes. Their steak platter is one of the best in Plays Coco. But you should also try out the other dishes on the menu. 

Santorini is an open-air restaurant offering fresh seafood prepared the Greek way. Ask your waiter for vegan or gluten-free options. For dessert, the restaurant offers various homemade ice cream flavors. The restaurant’s atmosphere is excellent, and their staff are friendly too. 

After your meal, you can take their homemade sangria, beer, or red or white wine. 


Masala (Tandoor) Indian Restaurant-Best Indian Cuisine

Masala (Tandoor) Indian Restaurant
Delicacies from Masala (Tandoor) Indian Restaurant


Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 10 PM daily. 

Location:100 meters north of Super Compro El Coco. 

I found the best tikki masala joint in Playas Coco! It’s a branch of the original Masala joint in Liberia. You will also find several branches in various towns in Costa Rica. The restaurant has clean outdoor seating if you prefer to eat outside. 

Masala offers a lunch special daily until 4 PM. The special is a choice of curries where the price depends on the type of meat you’ve chosen. You also get naan bread or rice to accompany the meat and curry. 

They have various Indian dishes, and I couldn’t resist ordering samosas for takeout. I recommend their butter chicken, rice and a salad. The restaurant also has gluten-free and vegetarian dishes on its menu. 

Cafe de Playa-Best Luxury Dining

Opening Hours: 11 AM TO 9 PM daily. Live Music Sun 5:30 PM–8:00 PM. 

Location: Beachfront hotel. 

The cafe serves fresh fish and traditional Costa Rican dishes every day. Cafe de Playa offers a la carte selection served with a wine of your choice. Alternatively, order a cocktail, shakes, freshly brewed coffee, or iced tea with your meal. 

Though the food prices are slightly higher, the cafe is in a beautiful location. The restaurant is on the beach and has hammocks hanging between the palm trees. During the dry season, you can have dinner while you watch lovely sunsets. 

Cafe de Playa also caters to weddings, private events, and large groups with reservations. They have suites where you can stay during your vacation in Playas-del-Coco. 

Che Sirloin Steakhouse -Best Steak

Opening Hours: 8.30 AM to 8.30 PM. Closed on Thursday.

Location: At the entrance of Las Palmas, the outdoor courtyard of El Pueblito Sur. 

Che Sirloin has steaks that will keep you coming back. The steak house only serves high-quality meat; their chefs smoke it perfectly. Some unique non-steak dishes are on the menu, with smoked chicken being my favorite. Most meat dishes are a

Che Sirloin will win if you do a Facebook poll for Playas Coco’s best steak and grill restaurant. The chefs serve some large portions. The restaurant has vegetarian options for those who would like. It’s a popular restaurant, and I recommend that you make reservations. 

Pizzeria La Caveja- Best Pizza

Opening Hours: 5-10 PM daily apart from Mondays. 

Location: Main Street on the way to Octal. 

Pizzeria La Caveja is the place to go when you want authentic Italian food and pizza. Their pizza menu consists of the classics and newer topping options. I love that you can request any toppings, and they will make it for you. The shrimp pizza was my husband’s favorite. 

It’s among the few restaurants that use wood-fired ovens, and their pizzas are delicious. The pizza crusts are thin, and you can get gluten-free crusts, too. Pizzeria La Caveja has a pasta menu, too, with Fettuccine Alfredo being the most famous. 

I recommend their fusion cake for dessert, though the chocolate mousse is a great choice, too. Pizzeria La Caveja have a great dessert menu. 

Sugoi-Best Mexican/Japanese Cuisine

Opening Hours: 12-9 PM daily except on Tuesday. 

Location: The club at Coco Bay. 

It’s famous for Japanese and Mexican cuisines. You have to make reservations as the chefs prepare on order. It was great fun watching the chefs prepare the hibachi grill. The homemade sauces are flavorful, and the waiter serves you with fresh guacamole with every meal. 

Sugoi means amazing, just like you’ll find the food. I recommend their roasted chicken with homemade tortilla chips. The chefs use herbs from both cultures to make culinary delights that water your mouth. 

You can have the meals on the dining patio overlooking the pool/gardens or the dining area. 

Buzzed Monkey BBQ- Real, Authentic BBQ

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM. 

Location: Behind Guayoyo Coffee at Plaza Mar. 

We went to several restaurants in Playas-del-Coco that serve BBQ, and Buzzed Monkey was the best. I loved their burgers, while my husband preferred briskets. Try their smoked chicken wings, too. You can choose between pulled pork or ribs. 

I couldn’t help but admire their traditional Mexican tomato soup with shredded chicken, which a guest was having. He seemed to enjoy it a lot. The restaurant’s homemade corn tortillas looked nice, and I had to carry a few for a midnight snack. 

Zi Lounge: Best Food and Night Entertainment

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 2.30 AM every day. 

Location: 100 m from Playa del Coco. 

The restaurant has an extensive American menu, including burgers, rolls, local dishes, sandwiches, seafood, pasta, pizza, and steak. Zi Lounge’s kitchen is open long after the other restaurants have closed for the night. The chef’s servings were so generous that I had to carry some leftovers twice.

The lounge is a mix of af a bar, dance club, restaurant, and lounge. It has live music on specific days if you’re also looking for a fun night. Other specials Zi Lounge offers include: 

Zi Lounge Specials
Happy hour drinksEvery day from 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM.
Live music6 PM to 9 PM daily.
Ladies NightEvery Thursday, there are free drinks for the ladies from 9-11 PM.
Dj and dancingThursday to Sunday from 10.30 PM to 2.00 AM.

Mar Azul-Best Seafood

Opening Hours: 4-10 PM (Mon-Fri), 12-10 PM (Sat & Sun). 

Location: It’s past the Las Palmas Condo communities. 

After various recommendations from friends as having the best seafood in town, it was our first restaurant to visit. Mar Azul did not disappoint! The food was fresh, and their chef agreed to cook some fresh fish my husband had caught earlier that morning. 

Their seafood platter consists of the following options. 

Seafood Platter at Mar Azul
Salted AmberSashimi
Red snapperCoconut Shrimp
OctopusRock snapper


You can eat indoors or by the pool if the weather allows. Fortunately, rainfall in Costa Rica is rare unless it is in the afternoons, and the showers don’t last long. Mar Azul also offers steak if you prefer something other than seafood. 

Guayoyo Craft Coffee House-Best Coffee

Opening Hours: 7 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Fri), 7 AM to 1 PM (Sun & Sat). 

Location: La Chorrera shopping center, in Plaza Costa Mar. 

I loved Guayoyo for its freshly brewed local coffee and would look for an excuse to visit every day. You can also try out their Peruvian coffee, which is also great. The coffee house has tasty pastries and baked goods that you can take with your coffee for breakfast. 

The other drinks/meals on offer include. 

  • Smoothies
  • Salads
  • Paninis
  • The Venezuelan Arepa
  • Toast

Alternatively, visit the coffee house for lunch or brunch. You can choose Peruvian cuisine from the owner’s recipes or local Costa Rican dishes. Remember to buy the coffee sachets from Guayoyo Coffee House to carry home. 

Numu Taproom and Bistro- Best Lamb Stew

Opening Hours: 12.30 PM to 9.30 PM, but closed on Tuesday. 

Location: Pacifico Village, Suite C7. 

The restaurant mainly serves a wide selection of beer from Numu Brewery Company and an extensive food menu. All their beer are on tap and have unique names. Numu Taproom serves wines and spirits, too. You can get their craft beer for as little as $7. 

Chef Nicolas Devenelle creates delicious meals to accompany the beer. Their menu includes salads, desserts, pizzas, sandwiches, and appetizers. Numu Taproom has a kiddie’s menu that caters to picky eaters. 

The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor eating area. There is a space where local artists display and sell their craft and donate some of their earnings to local animal shelters. Numu Taproom holds live music and beer festivals once in a while. 

Coconutz Brewhouse-Best Food, Sports and Music

Opening Hours: Sundays- Thursdays from 11.00 AM to 11 PM. Friday and Saturday from 11.00 AM to midnight. 

Location: Main street on route 151. 

The best restaurant for food and a bit of local beer is Coconutz Brewhouse. I loved their Taco Tuesday special. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood right from the sea. It’s the best restaurant for traditional bar food, but I would skip their pizza. 

Coconutz also serves local Costa Rican dishes; you can ask the server about their vegan options. They have brewmasters who brew various beers, such as ales, lagers and seltzers. 

Coconutz Brewhouse is a favorite of ex-pats, and you will find quite a few during lunch. The brew house is against a tropical setting with hardwood trees growing through the floor. Enjoy your food while sitting on the swings on the main level or upstairs overlooking the streets. It is also the best place to watch American sports when you want. The restaurant hosts live music and other events regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order food online from restaurants in Playas-del-Coco? 

Yes, you can order food online from restaurants in Playas del Coco. You can do so through their website or WhatsApp. Most restaurants have their own delivery riders, while others rely on external riders. 

Some of the restaurants I mentioned in the article that offer delivery services include Santorini, Guayoyo Coffee House, and Coconutz. Remember to make your orders early. 

2. Do the restaurants accommodate people with food allergies or dietary restrictions? 

Yes. Most Playa del Coco restaurants cater to people with dietary restrictions or allergies. I recommend that you inform the restaurant as you make your reservations. 

Alternatively, inquire with the waiters/waitresses before placing an order. 


It’s hard not to find a restaurant in Playas del Coco that meets your culinary expectations. There are several restaurants in Playas del Coco offering different cuisines. I always try out different restaurants in every town I visit. 

What were your favourite restaurants in Playas del Coco? Share with us your experience. 

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