Capriccio Restaurant – Pembroke Pines Best Italian Food?

With a lot of New York and New Jersey Italians residing in South Florida since, forever, we don’t have any problems getting incredible Italian food near Fort Lauderdale.  In fact, it’s usually a tough decision when we are looking for a night out to eat Italian cuisine with all the options available to us.  Enter Capriccio Restaurant in Pembroke Pines.

This sprawling restaurant offers traditional Italian dishes, from classic pastas to perfectly cooked steaks, in an environment that transports you straight to Italy – all conveniently located off University and Sheridan in Pembroke Pines.  Living in the area, the closest Italian cuisine, and one of our go-tos, is Acquolina in Weston.  However, when we want to take an extra few minutes driving, you can NOT beat Capriccio as it offers an entirely different experience and a much larger menu.

Why We Love Capriccio for Authentic Italian Food

  • Capriccio Restaurant offers an authentic Italian dining experience with signature pasta dishes, steaks and chops, and a menu that features specialties from various Italian regions.
  • The dining experience is complemented by a thoughtfully selected Italian wine list, enhancing the traditional flavors of the dishes served.
  • The atmosphere of Capriccio provides a charming Italian ambiance, and visitors are encouraged to make reservations and engage with the community through reviews and social sharing.

A Taste of Italy in Your Town

This restaurant is massive!

Capriccio Restaurant is a beacon of authentic Italian cuisine in our town, deeply embedded in the classic cooking traditions from Italy. At Capriccio, it’s not simply about serving food. Rather, they offer an experience similar to stepping into Italy itself, where every meal reflects the vibrant spirit and passionate lifestyle.

Recognized for their commitment to authentic Italian fare, Capriccio stands out as a favorite locale amongst enthusiasts of traditional Italian cuisine. Regardless of whether one desires an everyday dining encounter or wishes to celebrate a momentous event, each visit promises a taste that embodies the dynamic essence and historic flavors of Italy’s rich culinary culture.

The Signature Pasta Dishes

If you’re a fan of pasta, Capriccio offers an array of noodles that capture the essence of authentic Italian cuisine. With options ranging from the fine threads of Cappellini to Penne’s robust grooves, there is a variety and sauce for all tastes. Enjoy time-tested classics like Baked Ziti and Lasagna, each crafted with respect for traditional recipes that have been beloved over generations.

For adventurers in taste seeking something out of the ordinary, Capriccio presents dishes such as Penne alla Capriccio and Gnocchi Sorrentino—each providing its own gastronomic surprise. Picture al dente penne paired with grilled chicken and sun-dried tomatoes or savor handcrafted potato gnocchi smothered in a zesty tomato sauce. These are just some examples illustrating how we celebrate genuine Italian flavors.

A Culinary Journey Through Capriccio’s Menu

Lobster Ravioli
Our son loved the lobster ravioli.

Delving into a meal at Capriccio Restaurant offers an immersive dive into Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage. The menu serves as a culinary compass, navigating through the myriad tastes of Italian regions with each course reflecting the unique flavors of local specialties. Your dining adventure starts with appetizers that awaken your palate and culminates in desserts that wrap up your experience on a sweet note, offering an exploration of exquisite Italian flavors.

Your authentic Italian journey is initiated with an offering including traditional Italian bread alongside either soup or salad – perfectly setting the stage for what’s to come. Moving deeper into Capriccio’s offerings reveals their commitment to satisfying diverse palates. Providing something delightful for every diner seeking out their own slice of genuine Italy to savor and relish.

Antipasti and Salads: Fresh Beginnings

At the beginning of a meal at Capriccio, diners are greeted with an assortment of antipasti that radiate the vibrant essence and tastes of Italy. The introductory selections, which include delicacies such as Prosciutto, salami, and freshly made mozzarella, perfectly lay out what’s in store for the rest of your culinary adventure. From the acidic zest found in Bruschetta to Calamari Fritti’s satisfyingly crunchy bite – these appetizers capture Capriccio’s unique twist on traditional Italian starters.

Meanwhile, salads play their own starring role rather than simply being an add-on at Capriccio. They represent a refreshing embodiment of Italian gastronomy. With offerings like Garden Salad, Caesar Salad and Greek Salad – all embellished with specially chosen leafy greens – each is paired with its distinct signature dressing that transforms these simple dishes into exquisite gastronomic expressions worthy of admiration.

Main Courses to Savor

Michelle had the veal and loved it.

As evening embraces the day and we bid farewell to starters, the entree section ascends with distinction. At Capriccio, a carefully curated array of meat and seafood specialties orchestrate an epicurean delight. Indulge in the savory Chicken Marsala or savor the timeless Veal Parmigiana. Each entrée is crafted as an homage to genuine Italian culinary artistry, showcasing their commitment to satisfying diverse tastes.

I had pasta the night before and opted for ribeye on this last trip. It was prepared “blue” and was perfect.

For aficionados of oceanic bounty, offerings such as Shrimp Scampi bring a taste of Mediterranean zest onto your plate. These central dishes extend beyond mere sustenance. They represent an embrace to revel in the multitude of gustatory experiences that authentic Italian cuisine can bestow upon diners – all while prioritizing utmost quality in ingredients for assured dining pleasure.

Dolci: A Sweet Conclusion

At Capriccio, each meal is perfected with a ‘Sweet Endings Desserts’ menu that ensures a delightful conclusion. Indulge in the deep flavor of classic Italian Tartuffo for an indulgent frozen treat or choose the tangy zest of Lemon Cake to complete your dining experience.

Capriccio’s dessert offerings are a true representation of authentic Italian dolci—where natural tastes and understated sophistication reign supreme. No matter if you select something timeless or with a citrus flair, every sweet at Capriccio promises to be a delicious capstone to an extraordinary culinary journey.

The Perfect Pairing: Capriccio’s Wine List

Can one truly relish an opulent Italian meal without the ideal wine to accompany it? Capriccio Restaurant prides itself on a carefully curated selection of Italian wines, each chosen to enhance the deep flavors present in our dishes. While the specifics of our wine offerings cannot be delved into within this message, you can trust that every vintage embodies Italy’s storied tradition in viticulture.

Capriccio ensures that whether your preference leans towards a robust red to match with your pasta or a refreshing white for seafood pairing, their extensive wine list celebrates the quintessential Italian practice of synchronizing food and drink seamlessly. This harmonious blend is not just about sustenance. It elevates each morsel consumed within its walls, weaving a strand of refined Italian flair throughout your dining experience.

Embracing the Ambiance: Capriccio’s Location and Atmosphere

Enter the welcoming embrace of Capriccio Restaurant and find yourself swept away into an Italian paradise, where the atmosphere enhances the richness of each dish. Nestled in Pembroke Pines, FL, this restaurant radiates with old-world Italian allure — its warm hues and classic adornments transform every dining experience into a delightful escape under the Tuscan sun.

With strategically chosen sites like their snug Richmond, VA enclave perfect for both amorous meals and small assemblies alike. Every Capriccio venue paints a vivid picture imbued with authentic Italian cuisine and heritage that flourishes within its hospitable walls.

Preparing for an Unforgettable Visit

Prior to your visit to Capriccio for a delightful Italian meal, it is prudent to make plans. Reserving your table at the restaurant can be done with ease by simply calling in advance. Those looking for an exuberant night out will find that the lively happy hours and live performances offered late into the evening at Capriccio enhance the overall excitement of their dining experience.

The time spent at Capriccio transcends a simple culinary outing—it’s a captivating event engaging all senses. Whether you’re drawn by the prospect of a serene dinner or eager for an energetic display of Italian vibrancy, arranging your visit beforehand guarantees that each instant spent within Capriccio remains indelible in memory.

Connect with Capriccio

Upon delighting in the tastes of Capriccio, consider dedicating a moment to communicate your impressions with others. Writing a critique enriches community insights while simultaneously forging bonds with fellow aficionados of true Italian gastronomy.

Interact with Capriccio via our digital platform, recount your anecdotes, and become part of an assembly that reveres Italian culinary traditions and cultural heritage each day. Doing so perpetuates the essence of your dining encounter and cultivates the unique camaraderie born from outstanding cuisine.


Capriccio Restaurant offers an authentic experience into a massive selection of traditional Italian dishes.  Don’t let the location in a strip mall throw you off, you will enter an experience you won’t soon forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Capriccios Providence RI?

At Capriccios Providence, RI, Vincenzo Iemma shares co-ownership responsibilities and collaborates closely with the establishment’s executive chef as well as the dining room captain.

What is the meaning of Capriccio?

A capriccio is synonymous with a joke or fanciful idea, while in the realm of music it denotes a composition that is both spirited and playful.

How can I make a reservation at Capriccio Restaurant?

To reserve your table at Capriccio, simply phone the restaurant.

Does Capriccio Restaurant offer vegetarian options?

Indeed, the Capriccio Restaurant has incorporated an assortment of vegetarian options within its menu to accommodate various dietary needs.

Can you tell me more about Capriccio’s wine list?

The carefully curated selection of Italian wines on Capriccio’s menu is expansive and offers a diverse selection of reds, whites, and bubbles.

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