Is the Tabacon Day Pass worth it? 

Tabacon Day Pass is a special offer given to guests not staying at the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa. Guests who have booked accommodation at the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa have free access to all the facilities. The day pass gives you access to the thermal pool, a few amenities, and the resort property within specified hours. 

I intended to stay at the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa during my last visit to Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the resort was fully booked. However, their reception informed me about a day pass that would allow me access to the resort. 

Key Takeaways From the Article

If, for one reason or another, you cannot secure accommodation at the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa, their day pass will help you gain access to some fantastic facilities. In this article, I will highlight the key takeaways of the Tabacon Day Pass.

  • The hot springs that flow through the resort originate from the nearby El Arenal Volcano, which boasts a natural volcanic river.
  • The Tabacon Day Pass lets you enjoy the pools and cascades at the resort. 
  • Please note that the day pass does not include alcoholic drinks at the resort’s bars.
  • If you opt for the Tabacon Day Pass, you can choose only one meal.

What do you get with the Tabacon Day Pass? 

Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa is a prestigious resort and spa located at the base of Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Surrounding the resort are natural hot springs and a lush forest. Tabacon Resort offers various activities and amenities. 

A Tabacon day pass is offered to those who want to enjoy the resort’s amenities but may not be staying there for one reason or another. The Tabacon Hot Springs Day Pass includes the following:

The day pass standard rates are $81 (adults) and $39 (kids). Peak season rates are $109 (adults) and $59 (kids). Children under 5 get free entrance, and those above 12 pay an adult fee.

You can also choose the day pass for Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica, with a culinary experience that entails the following:

  • A non-alcoholic welcome drink. 
  • Access to more than 20 natural pools and cascades from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
  • You can choose one meal (lunch or dinner) at the Aves restaurant.
  • Parking
  • Towel and locker. A refundable deposit of $50. If you don’t return the towel, you’ll be charged $20. 

The day pass standard rates are $149 (adults) and $73 (kids). Peak season rates are $181 (adults) and $95 (kids).

Is the Tabacon Day Pass worth it? 

Yes! I recommend the day pass if you cannot find accommodation at the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa. The day pass also allows you to explore the resort property and gardens. 

However, it is essential to note that the day pass does not include cocktails and alcoholic drinks at the bar. You must pay for drinks in cash or with your credit card. When you want to have drinks at the bar, you must first change out of your swimsuit. 

The cheapest rate for accommodation at the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa is $1,208 per night. Therefore, the Tabacon Day Pass might be a better option for visiting Costa Rica on a budget or with your family.

Is the Tabacon Day Pass Duration Enough? 

Yes, the duration of a Tabacon Day Pass is more than enough. You can stay at the resort from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. It’s recommended to spend only four hours in the hot springs due to the risk of dehydration. I recommend booking a day in advance because the resort can quickly reach full capacity. 

If you’re traveling with kids, you might only want to spend part of the day at the resort, as it doesn’t offer activities specifically for children. 

The duration of the day pass is sufficient if you’re staying in La Fortuna, as the resort is only a few minutes’ drive away. However, if you’re staying far away, you may need more time to find the Day Pass favorable. 

The Tabacon Resort Day Pass price varies depending on the peak and non-peak seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can you get a refund after canceling a Tabacon Day Pass?

You will not receive a refund after canceling your Tabacon Day Pass. The resort has a no-cancellation policy.

2.) How do you book a day pass at Tabacon?

Go to the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa website and choose the type of pass you want, the day, and how many passes you want. You’ll also have to select the preferred time for your lunch or dinner. 

Live chat with an agent on the website if you’re having trouble booking. 

If you book online, you’ll receive an automated confirmation. A few days later, you’ll receive a second confirmation through your email.

3.) What meal do you get with a Tabacon Day Pass? 

The dishes available to Day Pass guests include salad, soup, ceviche, and chicken, fish, or beef entrees. Added to the meal is a choice of Costa Rican traditional dishes. The Day Pass guests get to select one starter per meal.

The menu includes natural beverages and a chef’s selection for dessert. You’ll also find vegetarian choices on the menu. 

4.) Is the resort spa experience included in the day pass? 

No, you’ll have to pay extra for the spa. You’ll need to book the spa online before your trip.


Whether the Tabacon Day Pass is worth it will depend on the experience you want from a vacation. If you value something other than visiting the hot springs, the day might not be worth it. 

However, in my experience, the Tabacon day pass is worth it. You get to enjoy a day at the hot springs and some of the amenities of the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa. 

Have you ever used the Tabacon Day Pass during your vacation? Please share your experience with us.


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