Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino Review

If you are looking to stay near the airport in Liberia, yet be closer to the action of the actual town, consider the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino.  Back in 2000, I worked at this hotel when I was an exchange student, and being a perpetual tourist to this area I’ll share what the hotel offers: room comfort, essential amenities, location perks, and entertainment like its on-site casino. Hopefully this El Sitio review can help you decide if this hotel is something to consider when you stay in the area, so let’s dive right in.

Note:  the pickings for luxury hotels are very slim in Liberia. I’d say they are non-existent to be honest.  Read my full guide to staying in Liberia and you’ll see that most hotels are 3 star, which is why I journey just a bit west to Playa Panama and stay at the Mangroove.

Hotel El Sitio in Liberia Overview

  • The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino offers guests a memorable stay with comfortable, well-equipped rooms and a variety of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, two outdoor pools, and a fitness center.
  • Located just 175 meters west of Liberia’s main entrance, the hotel provides convenient access to the city center, nearby attractions, and a range of local and international dining options, along with a casino that promises diverse gaming entertainment and beverage services.
  • The hotel emphasizes value with competitive room rates including complimentary services and regularly offers special deals and packages, while prioritizing guest safety and convenience with contactless check-in/out, safety measures, and sanitization protocols.

If you are looking for a well-priced Liberia hotel in a prime location, it’s hard to argue against staying here.

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Experience the Best Western El Sitio Hotel

best western el sitio
The pool area. (Courtesy: TripAdvisor)

The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino provides an experience that encompasses comfort, luxury, and thrill for its visitors.

Every instant of your time at the property, from entering the impressive lobby to bidding farewell, echoes both its excellent location and superb customer service.

With not only stylishly furnished rooms but also a splendid array of amenities coupled with amiable and accommodating staff members dedicated to fulfilling guests’ needs, we shall delve into what makes staying at the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino truly memorable.

Rooms and Accommodations

el sitio rooms
The rooms are somewhat dated, but very servicable.

A stay at a hotel is greatly enhanced by numerous elements, including the comfort of your bed, views offered from your balcony, and the array of conveniences available within your room. The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino excels in delivering these aspects and more for an enjoyable visit. A variety of rooms are on offer to meet differing guest needs, such as Double and Quad accommodations alongside non-smoking and family-oriented options.

Within each lodging choice—take the standard queen room as an example—you’ll find yourself enveloped in coziness with comprehensive facilities provided. These include air conditioning for climate control, cable television for entertainment needs, and coffeemakers to start your day right—all ensuring utmost contentment throughout your time there. Certain categories even boast additional benefits like inclusive breakfasts, complimentary internet connectivity, along with flexible booking cancellation terms that add exceptional value to every patron’s experience at Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino.

Fantastic Amenities

el sitio bar
The tiki bar is the highlight for me!

The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino offers more than just comfortable lodging. It’s a place where guests can enjoy an abundance of facilities that enhance their visit. Complimentary high-speed internet is available throughout the property, providing connectivity for both relaxation and work purposes.

For those seeking leisure and relaxation, the hotel boasts two inviting outdoor pools—one notably picturesque pool area provides towels for use at the pool or beach. Guests have the option to bask in Costa Rica’s radiant sunshine or take a rejuvenating swim. Fitness devotees won’t have to skip their exercise routine thanks to our fully equipped gym—demonstrating that you can indeed balance vacation with health and fitness activities.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

The team at the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino plays a crucial role in enhancing your stay with their pleasant and obliging demeanor. They are dedicated to ensuring that all guest requests are met swiftly and satisfactorily, delivering service with a smile across all areas of the hotel from those working at reception to employees within the restaurant.

Visitors reap the advantages of bilingual assistance thanks to the courteous and helpful staff, which simplifies interactions for guests who speak English. The El Sitio hotel offers an amiable concierge service that stands ready to provide answers or suggest local events and points of interest.

Unbeatable Location

Located a mere 175 meters to the west of Liberia’s main entrance, the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino boasts an excellent position for ease of access. At only 0.9 miles from the bustling city center, guests at the Best Western El Sitio can conveniently immerse themselves in local attractions and activities during their stay for business or pleasure.

Those arriving by plane will find comfort in knowing that Best Western El Sitio is just a quick 7-mile drive from Liberia’s airport and sits 33 miles from Tamarindo. Set at the crossroads where the Pan-American Highway meets pathways leading to renowned coastal spots, this hotel provides seamless opportunities for visitors eager to experience nearby beaches.

Nearby Attractions

Situated in Costa Rica, the hotel boasts a prime location that grants guests convenient access to an array of nearby attractions for exploration. Within close proximity are the Guanacaste Museums which offer insights into the area’s profound history and vibrant culture, presenting visitors with an opportunity to deeply immerse themselves in local traditions.

For those who have a passion for nature and adventure, Rincon de la Vieja National Park is within easy reach and invites you on a journey through its volcanic landscapes teeming with diverse wildlife—offering an unforgettable experience. Santa Rosa National Park is Santa Rosa National Park. Park’s historic legacy intertwined with ecological preservation awaits your visit just as conveniently from this centrally-located lodging. Guests seeking guidance or suggestions on how to embark upon these regional discoveries will find that the hotel staff is always eager to coordinate tour arrangements or share expert advice.

Dining Options

Cuisine plays a crucial role in enhancing the travel journey, and at Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino, guests are presented with an array of dining options. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, El Sitio, provides a highly praised breakfast buffet gratis to its patrons. The restaurant prides itself on serving both international cuisine and local fare to accommodate varying palates.

Beyond the confines of the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino lies culinary adventure. A short stroll from the establishment leads guests to several eateries specializing in authentic Costa Rican dishes. This proximity allows travelers staying at the hotel easy access to indulge in the regional gastronomy and partake in new taste experiences.

Casino Entertainment

The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino delivers not only a restful stay but also an exhilarating gaming environment. At the heart of this vibrant atmosphere is the El Sitio Hotel Casino, which hosts an array of gambling activities to suit all preferences.

  • A diverse collection of slot machines with unique themes and multiple paylines
  • Classic table games including blackjack and roulette
  • Competitive poker tournaments for those seeking a challenge
  • Entertaining bingo evenings perfect for casual fun

No matter your level of expertise or interest in gambling, the casino at Best Western El provides something that will appeal to every guest.

Players both inexperienced and skilled are welcomed by Best Western El Sitio with open arms into their engaging casino setting. Among the attractions are state-of-the-art slot devices offering varied thematic adventures and numerous winning chances along with beloved table classics like blackjack, catering to strategic minds. For card enthusiasts, there’s also poker available in tournament form. Meanwhile, even those who enjoy lighter stakes can partake in exciting rounds of bingo. The immersive experience within these walls owes much to energetic lighting effects accompanied by powerful sound systems — all designed to leave an indelible mark on your memory from your visit at El Sitio hotel’s distinguished gambling haven.

Hotel El Sitio Casino

El Sitio Casino Floor
The casino is small, yet offers many gaming options. Photo Courtesy:

El Sitio Hotel Casino is an idyllic destination for those with a passion for gambling. Guests can indulge in an extensive selection of slot machines, which range from classic reels to the most modern video slots, guaranteeing that every turn is full of thrill.

It’s not solely focused on slot machines. The casino presents a multitude of table games as well.

  • Blackjack stands out as a crowd-pleaser and offers players both fortune and tactical gameplay.
  • Poker enthusiasts have access to tables where they can partake in various forms of poker, suited to beginners and adept players alike.
  • Available is roulette – an enduring staple game at casinos – awaiting guests who are eager to test their fortunes.

Beverage Services

Imagine trying your luck at the tables or slot machines without a refreshing beverage — it simply isn’t complete. At El Sitio Hotel Casino, we understand that, which is why our casino bar stocks an extensive selection of drinks to quench any thirst. Guests can enjoy everything from cold beers to crafted cocktails while they play.

Yet, the convenience of our beverage services extends beyond the confines of the bar. At El Sitio Hotel, patrons need not pause their gaming for a refill. Cocktail service reaches them right on the casino floor. Connoisseurs will appreciate our assortment of top-shelf spirits and exquisite wines available within this vibrant environment – making every moment at El Sitio an indulgent one.

Rates and Special Offers

The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino delivers not only comfort, convenience, and entertainment, but also remarkable value. The room rates at this hotel are competitively priced between $118 to $138 per night on average, offering guests the luxury of affordability that stands out. Your stay’s worth is amplified with complimentary extras including Wi-Fi access, breakfast options, and parking facilities.

Recognizing the diversity in travelers’ preferences and necessities, El Sitio Hotel offers varying cancellation and prepayment policies tailored to each type of room and booking agent used. This ensures that guests can enjoy flexibility suited to their individual travel requirements.

Room Rates

At the Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino, a diverse range of room categories is available to accommodate different needs and financial plans. Whether it’s standard rooms, superior accommodations or suites that guests are interested in, each category presents its own pricing scheme designed to cater to all kinds of visitors.

Value extends beyond just variety at this establishment. No matter which type or cost of room is chosen by guests at the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino, they will benefit from complimentary services such as Wi-Fi access, breakfast provision and car parking facilities. While room prices may fluctuate according to selected dates and existing availability for reservations at the hotel-casino combo, guest experience remains enriched with constant value additions.

Special Offers and Deals

Everyone appreciates a great bargain, and the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino excels in delighting guests with exclusive deals that could result in savings of as much as 30% on their accommodations. These enticing offers are not confined exclusively to the hotel’s own website.

To uncover current promotions, it’s wise for travelers to peruse both online travel agency listings and the official site of Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino. Groups or corporate visitors, as well as those scheduling trips outside peak tourist periods, may find themselves privy to reduced rates or uniquely tailored packages designed for their specific needs.

Extra Services and Facilities

el sitio hotel gym
There is a full service gym on premises.

The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino provides an extensive array of services and facilities beyond the standard offerings of rooms, entertainment, and amenities to ensure your stay is as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Catering to all kinds of travelers, including those with families, the hotel includes babysitting services for parents’ peace of mind along with specific television networks designed for children’s enjoyment.

Prioritizing not only comfort but also safety and security, these additional features include measures such as contactless check-in/out procedures. The establishment has installed protective screens in shared spaces alongside implementing strict physical distancing guidelines to create a secure environment throughout the Western El Sitio property for each visitor.

Room Service

Guests at the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino can indulge in the convenience of room service, offering a variety of dining selections right to their room. This ensures that those staying at the hotel have access to delicious food options without leaving their comfort.

Wake up each morning to an extraordinary breakfast included with your stay, delivered via the acclaimed buffet selection offered through room service. For those mindful of health and safety protocols, you’ll find reassurance in knowing that El Sitio has implemented measures like individually wrapped food items to reduce contamination hazards.

Front Office Assistance

At the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino, we ensure that our guests’ initial and concluding experiences with us are comfortable by facilitating effortless check-in and check-out encounters. To aid in a speedy arrival and departure experience, our front office provides dedicated support.

Our hotel welcomes you to check in starting at 3:00 PM while providing an extended window for checking out until 12:00 PM, catering to guests who might need to arrive earlier or depart later. For a well-coordinated check-in experience, we kindly request that you notify us about your anticipated time of arrival.

Special Requests

Understanding that each guest has their individual requirements, the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino is prepared to fulfill special requests when reservations are made. Should you have particular needs for extra beds or a specific time for check-in, the hotel endeavors to meet your specifications.

It’s important to be aware that accommodating these special requests can result in additional costs. There may be an extra charge associated with fulfilling unique preferences. Regardless of whether you need an additional bed or prefer not to have your room sanitized, the hotel strives tirelessly to tailor your stay according to your wishes. You can communicate any such needs by utilizing the special requests box available during reservation placement.

Additional Safety Precautions

At the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino, guest safety is of utmost importance. To ensure a safe setting for all visitors, the hotel has put up protective barriers in shared spaces and mandates that everyone maintain at least one meter of physical separation.

To reinforce these precautionary efforts at the hotel:

  • Guests have access to a first aid kit
  • The personnel are well-instructed in safety procedures and carry out temperature screenings on both guests and fellow staff members.
  • Items such as shared stationery have been eliminated to reduce common touchpoints within the establishment.

Sanitation Measures

Recognizing the critical nature of cleanliness, the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino implements a strict daily cleaning regimen for both its common spaces and guest rooms. To ensure an environment that meets high health standards, we employ anti-viral agents specifically designed for thorough sanitization across all areas of our hotel.

To protect against contamination in our food services, The El Sitio Hotel offers individually packaged food selections. These measures complement enforced social distancing practices aimed at reducing direct contact opportunities and curtailing infection transmission within the hotel and casino premises.

Now, as I said earlier in this El Sitio hotel review if you are looking for something more luxury, yet within 20 minutes from the airport, I highly recommend the Mangroove hotel by Marriott.  This hotel is on Playa Panama, offers beautiful sunsets, and a lot of on property amenities.  For a cheaper option in Liberia, check out Boyeros Hotel.


The Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino represents the epitome of convenience and comfort, where guests are greeted with a unique blend of luxury that’s easy on the wallet and hospitality tailored to meet every requirement. Its exquisite rooms, top-notch facilities, welcoming personnel along with its second-to-none location paired with exhilarating casino fun all converge to craft an unforgettable stay.

For those traveling on business in search of comfortable lodging or leisure travelers seeking a dose of entertainment and relaxation—as well as families needing accommodations suited for everyone—the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino is your ideal choice. Secure your reservation now and prepare to be enveloped by its enchanting allure!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the room types available at the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino?

At the Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino, guests can select from an array of accommodations tailored to their preferences. Options include Double and Quad rooms, alongside special non-smoking and family-oriented rooms designed for optimal comfort.

What amenities does the hotel offer?

Among its various amenities, the hotel provides guests with complimentary high-speed internet access, two outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, and room service to enhance their stay with multiple options for relaxation and convenience. This is pretty standard for a hotel of it’s caliber in Costa Rica.

How far is the hotel from Liberia’s airport?

Situated merely 7 miles away, the hotel offers convenient car access from Liberia’s airport.

What dining options are available at the hotel?

El Sitio Restaurant, the hotel’s on-site dining establishment, provides guests with a free breakfast and an array of both international and local culinary selections. Numerous restaurants serving traditional Costa Rican dishes can be found just a short walk from the hotel.

What type of games are available at the El Sitio Hotel Casino?

At the El Sitio Hotel, guests have access to an array of gaming options within its casino component. Here, patrons can indulge in a multitude of slot machine offerings or engage in timeless table games such as blackjack and poker. There are varied rules in Costa Rica, so make sure to inquire before gambling.

The casino at El Sitio provides a vibrant selection for those seeking excitement and entertainment.

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