Best Vacations for Single Guys to Get Laid

Now that Tim and Michelle are married and Tim stopped doing guys trips with me, it’s up to me to carry the torch and guide all the single men out there looking to let loose! 

If you’re plotting a solo escape where nights are long and the social scene is brimming with opportunities, look no further. I’m diving into the best vacations for single guys to get laid, based on my own experiences, and offering a rundown of destinations known for their vibrant culture, stunning locals, and a nightlife that’s conducive to making memorable connections. Get ready to pack your bags for an outing that’s more than just sightseeing.

best places to travel to get laid

I feel like I have a lot to say on this topic, because, well, I’m very single and travel the world freely.  In places where I’ve “sampled the goods” I even provide hotel recommendations to keep you close to all the action!

Guide for Guys Looking to Get Laid on Vacation

  • Single guys, pack your bags! Whether you’re rolling dice by the pool in Vegas, shaking it off on the sands of Miami, or dancing till dawn in Ibiza, the world’s your neon-lit oyster.
  • Exotic travel for the single man goes beyond the party. From Samba in Rio to island tunes in Boracay, and Bangkok’s 24/7 bustle, find beauty amidst the landscapes and local lovelies.
  • Cultured gents, never fear! Seek solace and local brews in spots like Barcelona, San Juan, and Dublin where historical charm meets beer goggles, I mean, sights.

Top Party Cities for Single Guys

As dusk falls, certain cities around the world, including Mexico City, come alive with vibrant neon lights, becoming a haven for bachelors eager to revel in the night. These metropolises are not your average nightlife spots. They stand out as the elite destinations within the nocturnal realm where rhythms persist and opportunities abound—home to some of the finest red light districts.

The glittering streets of Las Vegas or Miami’s steamy coastlines offer their own unique allure just like Ibiza—the renowned island celebrated for its electrifying party atmosphere—is beckoning you with its irresistible tempo.

Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas for single guys
You can never go wrong with Las Vegas.

The city, often referred to as Sin City, serves as a playground where fortunes pivot on the roll of dice and daytime gatherings at pool parties are particularly appealing to fun-seeking bachelors. Immerse yourself in premier spots such as Wet Republic or Marquee Dayclub, which offer sparkling pools accompanied by a lineup featuring some of the world’s top DJs whose beats inspire everyone to dance. Admission fees range from $25 to $60. One might ask if it’s possible to quantify the value of partaking in an iconic Las Vegas pool party that energizes crowds from 11am until 5pm?

Las Vegas is your portal into a realm filled with non-stop amusement—a perfect setting for mingling with other enthusiastic revelers under Nevada’s blazing sun.

South Beach, Miami, Florida

miami beach for single guys
Miami Beach isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still pretty epic!

Rev up your excitement and make a beeline for Miami, the city renowned for its scorching energy that rivals its sunny climate. This hotspot is an attraction haven for single men who crave to dive into the electrifying beach party scene at South Beach. Imagine yourself at LIV where thunderous music pulses rival those of Florida’s downpours, amidst throngs of lively dancers.

Perhaps you’re in pursuit of something with a more relaxed vibe? In that case, The Bar located in Coral Gables could offer just what you need – imagine lounging comfortably as you enjoy a crafted cocktail and engage in fresh conversations with newfound acquaintances.

For those after an evening infused with novelty, Basement invites you to brighten your night with their neon glow bowling alleys and ice-skating rink—providing cool entertainment options against Miami’s balmy backdrop.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza stands as an unparalleled paradise among party islands, a place where dancing goes on from nightfall until dawn, with the festivities continuing relentlessly. The island is dotted with beach clubs and iconic establishments that have turned into meccas for global revelers. As the Mediterranean sun dips beneath the horizon of breathtaking beaches accompanied by pulsating house music, it creates the perfect ambiance for a memorable time whether at night or in broad daylight.

Functioning like a daily open-air festival, Ibiza draws in single men attracted to its lively atmosphere and consistently surrounded by attractive companionship.

Exotic Destinations with Beautiful Women

Exotic Destinations

Embark on a thrilling journey to extraordinary places that boast not only awe-inspiring scenery but also some of the planet’s most stunning women, including both hot and attractive specimens. These picturesque destinations offer more than visual delights—they provide an idyllic setting for encountering women and sparking romance. Under the tutelage of experienced dating coaches, you will be equipped to confidently delve into these exhilarating adventures.

As you wander through the lively streets of Rio, tread along Boracay’s soft white beaches, navigate through Bangkok’s vibrant markets or traverse Central America’s varied terrain, expect to mingle with amiable locals and like-minded travelers eager to create lasting memories.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with the pulsating beats of samba, colorful celebrations, and the famed Copacabana Beach. The city openly displays its vivacious character, beckoning bachelors from across South America to partake in its lively festivities. With a mosaic of beachfront bars and nightlife venues that stay alive until morning light, Rio stands as an epicenter of communal activity.

The infectious vitality of the city captivates anyone who visits. Locals radiate hospitality as warm as their tropical climate, ensuring no one can escape being swept up in the whirlwind of joy that defines Rio’s ambiance.

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is the ideal spot for those in pursuit of a vibrant tropical retreat. Single men and tourists flock to White Beach, enticed by its translucent waters and dynamic evening scene.

As dusk falls, nightlife thrives at seaside establishments such as Epic and Summer Place where beach parties pulse with life. Individuals gather eager to enjoy themselves and forge new connections. The height of activity runs from November through April, ensuring a plethora of chances to partake in the festivities.

Bangkok, Thailand

In the ever-vibrant Bangkok, a city that never seems to sleep, you can immerse yourself in an array of experiences that tantalize all senses with its diverse mix of sights, sounds and aromas. When night falls, numerous spots across the city spring to life, providing single guys ample opportunities to meet stunning local women. Whether it’s within the cozy confines of Rabbit Hole or amidst the bustling crowd at the Jodds Fair night market, Bangkok melds timeless allure with contemporary energy.

As for when sunlight bathes its streets, there’s no shortage of activity either. Shopping centers and chic boutique hotels are alive with some of the city’s most stylish and intellectual women.

Costa Rica

Woman posing
This is one of the better looking Costa Rica prostitutes you’d see. This photo was found on a website promoting The Cocal Hotel & Casino.

I’m going to be upfront about this one, there is a lot of prostitution in Costa Rica.  While that’s the easy way out, you can easily hook up with local women who love foreigners for some fun.  You can choose your own route in that regard, but you’ll have success with both with a little charm, and game.

I have a TON of experience in Costa Rica.  Tim lived there for many years and I got to experience every nook and cranny of the country. Oh, the good old days!

Best Hotel for Single Male Travelers in San Jose
Sportsmens Lodge

If you are a single male on the prowl, your best bet is to stay at the Sportsmen's Lodge. This secluded hotel and bar is walking distance to everything you'll want to experience in San Jose.

Hotel Features

  • 4 Star hotel with fitness center
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Business Center & Currency Exchange on site
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Spa
  • American style restaurant and sports bar with ALL major sports televised
  • "Chica Friendly"

This is the best place to call home if you are a single male traveler in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is known for its ladies of the night, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to just that.  I’ve met many women in discos in Costa Rica, and it’s a lot easier than the United States, even if you don’t know Spanish.

The best three places to visit to meet women are the Capital City of San Jose, Playa Jaco, (go to the Cocal Hotel and thank me later) and Playa Tamarindo.  All other places are less populated, and you guys know it’s a numbers game.

Panama City, Panama

Panama has a special place in my heart because I was a working remote as a nomad there for a very long time.  Similar to Costa Rica, there is legal prostitution.  While that was my thing for a little bit, I got sick of the same old scene and decided to learn spanish there and immerse myself in the local culture.  And that I did!  I met many women in Panama City and urge you to check this city out. Panama City nightlife is off the charts!

Best Hotel for Single Guys in Panama
JW Marriott Panama
  • Safe hotel minutes away from Le Palace, Habanos, and Panama nightlife.
  • Adjacent to the Ocean Sun Casino
  • Infiniti edge pool overlooking the water
  • Chica friendly. Many women of the night gather in the lounge, the pool, and the casino.
  • The best place to stay to find female companionship.
  • I've stayed here. AllWorld Endorsed!

There’s a lot of English spoken here, and the city itself resembles Miami’s downtown area, and to boot, they use the American Dollar.  It’s a very easy place to immerse yourself and meet women.  While there, make sure to check out Le Palace.  My full review is on this page.

Managua, Nicaragua

A lesser known Central American destination is Managua.  If you can’t get laid here, just give up.  You don’t even need to go the prostitution route in Managua.  Although it’s very abundant, single ladies are really interested in leveling up with a foreigner.  There is a lot of crime and poverty in this area though, so be very careful.  Managua is a fun place because there are many disco’s, places of ill repute, and of course, with so many cigar companies growing their tobacco there, a good stick is always within reach!

Cheap Hotels in Managua

Adventure and Culture: Vacations for Solo Travelers

trips for single guys to get laid

For those with a thirst for culture, an exploration awaits into the vivid mosaic of worldwide heritage, stunning natural beauty, and indigenous customs. These spots cater to the solo traveler seeking beyond mere revelry. They suit one who aims to broaden his perspectives, immerse in unfamiliar adventures and potentially connect with like-minded wanderers.

Inviting are cities such as Barcelona, San Juan, and Dublin — each presenting their own captivating blend that seamlessly weaves enjoyment with cultural enlightenment.

Barcelona, Spain

Solo adventurers will find Barcelona to be a tantalizing blend of culture and revelry, offering an unmatched sensory indulgence. Meander along the corridors of the Gothic Quarter, savor tapas in El Born, or stand in awe of Gaudi’s architectural wonders. The city’s layout is solo traveler-friendly, enabling effortless exploration, while its prime position within Catalonia allows for convenient excursions to nearby Montserrat by train.

Embarking on a trip to Barcelona transcends mere travel. It’s an expedition through time where each district spins a unique tale from the tapestry of the city’s storied past.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan’s allure is rooted in its varied landscape, which ranges from quaint historical islands to vibrant beachside neighborhoods. This city narrates its history with vividly painted architecture, animated thoroughfares, and the deep tastes of traditional dishes.

For single men seeking a holiday destination, San Juan presents a perfect mix of leisure and adventure amidst an amiable atmosphere that fosters connections with foreign guys. It’s an ideal place for crafting unforgettable experiences.

Dublin, Ireland

Embodying the warmth of Irish hospitality, Dublin is a city brimming with energy and friendliness, perfect for solo travelers eager to immerse themselves in its vibrant musical and cultural offerings. Pubs in areas such as Temple Bar are iconic venues that deliver not only good fun but also opportunities for engaging conversations. For those interested in history, landmarks like Dublin Castle and the National Museum provide windows into Ireland’s historical narrative, while contemporary culture can be sipped at places like the Guinness Storehouse or savored during whiskey tastings at Jameson Distillery.

For any lone adventurer seeking an array of experiences, Dublin extends a hearty welcome with its varied social tapestry—making it an essential destination on a single traveler’s journey.

Tips for Single Guys on Vacation

Now let’s talk about tactics. Picking an ideal spot is merely a fraction of the travel equation. Maximizing your stay there carries just as much weight. Regardless of whether you’re immersed in Bangkok’s nightlife or basking under Rio’s sunshine, several reliable pointers exist that can assist you in mastering the singles environment with expertise.

When it comes to securing suitable lodging and understanding local customs, we have some advice designed to guarantee that your trip is unforgettable for all the best reasons.

Accommodation Choices

The accommodation you select can significantly impact your ability to socialize. Consider these suggestions.

  • Opt for hostels that have shared spaces, which are excellent places to encounter other solo travelers.
  • Choose Bed & Breakfasts if you’re looking for a more intimate atmosphere conducive to forging new relationships.
  • Seek out specialty accommodations that arrange social gatherings. They serve as natural venues to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds.

When making your choice, prioritize staying in an area with convenient access to popular social scenes. It’s wise to read through evaluations from other solo travelers who provide valuable insights based on their experiences.

My Preferred Hostel Finder is —->

Navigating Local Culture

Any seasoned traveler knows that the key to a rewarding trip is immersion in the local culture. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  • Read up on the history of the place you’re visiting
  • Learn a few key phrases in the local language
  • Approach traditions with respect
  • Show that you’ve taken the time to appreciate the local way of life

Whether you’re trying to salsa dance in Havana or navigate the beer gardens of Berlin, following these tips can open doors and hearts.

And remember, while it’s great to have fun, always be mindful of local laws and customs to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Safety and Precautions

Ensuring safety is paramount in your pursuit of excitement during your travels. Remember the following advice:

  • Maintain clear-headedness, particularly when consuming alcohol
  • Avoid displaying expensive belongings prominently
  • Opt for trusted modes of transportation
  • Be vigilant about what’s happening around you, especially after dark

With today’s technology, staying connected with loved ones at home has never been simpler – a swift update can inform them of your location and help maintain tranquility.

Consider that establishing safety as the fundamental aspect leads to a fruitful journey. Strategize thoughtfully and heed your gut feelings throughout your trip.


Every single guy, whether you are a party animal, a charming talker, or an aficionado of the arts, will find the ideal getaway spot in this vast world. The dazzling neon glow of Las Vegas to Dublin’s rich historical avenues beckon you for exploration and enjoyment. Gear up for your journey and dive into the adventure — along the way, there could be unexpected discoveries awaiting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place for a single guy to go on vacation?

Consider Portugal as the destination for your upcoming holiday! It offers affordability, delightful cuisine, stunning landscapes, an easy-to-navigate transportation network, and abundant sunshine. It’s celebrated for its friendly locals and a vast array of activities suited for solo explorers.

It’s an ideal spot if you’re a single guy eager to experience an amazing time.

Where is the best place to travel alone as a male?

Embark on a journey along the storied Silk Road in Central Asia! This legendary route is an ideal destination for solo travelers eager to encounter new faces and dive into thrilling exploits.

Raise your glass to forming friendships and immersing yourself in breathtaking scenery!

What’s the best time to visit Las Vegas for pool parties?

For those looking to indulge in the vibrant pool party scene, Las Vegas truly comes alive from 11 am to 5 pm. This is the ideal window for basking in the sunshine and enjoying lively social interactions while not compromising on any of the excitement that Sin City has to offer.

Make sure you revel in it!

Are there any nightlife options in Miami that aren’t just dance clubs?

Certainly! The vibrant nightlife in Miami isn’t confined to just dance clubs. You can experience the amusement at venues such as The Bar located in Coral Gables or engage in neon-lit bowling and ice-skating at Basement.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary dose of entertainment!

How can I meet locals in Bangkok during the day?

Head to bustling spots like shopping malls and boutique hotels during the day in Bangkok – you might just run into the city’s fashion-forward locals! Keep an eye out for models and educated women while you’re at it.


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