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With so many people interested in visiting the beautiful Pacific Coast Beaches of Costa Rica, Liberia Airport has become a popular airport to fly into versus the larger, more trafficked airport of San Jose.  For those of you landing in Liberia and looking for a summary of the rental cars, I do this trip routinely and am providing you with my expert summary of all of your options.

You’ll also find a lot of tips based on having lived in Costa Rica for many years on top of the 23 years I’ve been going back and forth from South Florida, so you are getting the information straight from the horses mouth!  My last experience was only a month ago, so this information is as fresh as it gets when it comes to Liberia airport car rentals.

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Liberia Airport Costa Rica Car Rental Options

liberia costa rica rental cars
Many of the car rentals agencies are stationed at this one complex in Liberia.

There are many options, from the global brands to local companies, when you fly into Liberia Airport in Costa Rica.  I’ll cover all of the options in today’s article, but for my money, the easiest way to rent a car at the Liberia Airport is to use Discover Cars.

You can read my full review to learn about this company, but in short, they are a third party search engine that curates every rate you’ll find in the area, presents t hem to you to choose from, and even offers reviews on each agency, and actual vehicle.  Further, they handle everything for you so you have your car rental insurance done in advance so you can pick up your vehicle without any hassle or wasted time.

That’s what I do, and I recommend you to use them if you are looking for an easy place to find the following:

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You get the idea.  You can spend all day on Google looking around, or you can just use this engine and you’ll be all set.  Again, they have the easiest insurance policy and you won’t have to haggle with anyone when you go to whatever car rental agency you choose, whether it be Adobe Rent a Car, Enterprise, or some local one.

They truly make the experience of renting a car internationally something quite seamless.

Car Rental Liberia Airport

With that advice given, I’ll summarize everything you need to know about Liberia car rental.

The first thing to know is that the Liberia International airport is located in Guanacaste, about 4 hours from downtown San Jose. If you have business in San Jose, you won’t want to fly into here unless you are coming in prior to your business and want to visit the gorgeous beaches with your rental vehicle and then make your way back to the city and turn your car in at the San Jose airport.

The Liberia airport is an international airport that has many flights coming in from all over the globe. This makes it a necessary haven for the car rental business. You’ll have no problem finding a car in Liberia, but it’s important to know that none of the agencies have cars at the actual airport.

It’s officially called Daniel oduber international airport, and it’s code is LIR.

Liberia International Airport – Where to Find Your Car Rental

Once you land in Liberia international airport, you’ll exit your plane and head through customs and immigration. Compared to the San Jose airport, this is a breeze. The San Jose airport can often be chaos as flights from all over the world arrive and customs lines can be 2-3 hours. This is never the case at the Liberia international airport, where we breeze through the immigration line, get our passport stamped, and are quickly making an exit.

When you arrive, after you pass baggage claim area, you’ll see all of the major agencies have a presence in the airport location. Sometimes there aren’t people at the actual office, which is more like a mini kiosk, but they know you are coming, and sometimes their reps are just outside the exit with signs waiting for you.

liberia costa rica rental cars

If they are at their office, you can let them know your name at the rental counter and they will lead you outside to a shuttle bus. As I stated earlier, the rental car business in Costa Rica has all of their rent a car vehicles near the Liberia international airport, so you’ll have a two to ten minute trip to pick up your rental vehicles no matter which company you end up selecting.

Cheap Car Rentals – What You Must Know

You’ll only find the most popular rental car companies having offices at Liberia Airport. As far as the other agencies that offer rental cars, they are small time operations and usually just send a driver to pick you up to get your vehicle at the rental facility. It’s for this reason I use the popular rental car agencies that you know globally, but if Discover Cars leads you to a lesser known rental car company, and you feel comfortable, so be it!

How to Rent a Car at Liberia Airport

I’m never one to be unprepared, so I always book well in advance at It doesn’t matter if I book with Enterprise, Hertz, EuropCar, or Vamos, but I like to be prepared and not have to deal with it upon arrival. The last thing I want to do after flying to an international airport is to sit and do paperwork, so I book in advance and don’t have to hassle with any car rental agreement, credit or debit cards, or spend unnecessary time at the rental facility. Time is money, so I always book ahead of time.

If you are unprepared, or just decide that last minute you would rather have a rental car, you can book right at the Liberia international airport, but you will spend significant time with your rental agreement so expect to spend a lot of time at the rental counter and also keep in mind you won’t have a very large selection of vehicles, if any, to choose from.

If you need car rental Liberia airport, you are at their mercy. Most popular rental car agencies have about 20-30 cars. It is not like the USA where you have many more options. So my best advice to rent a car is to think ahead.

If you are on a flight and reading this, and decide you need a car last minute, sign up for DiscoverCars and you’ll get real time information that can lead you to a Liberia car rental that will be there upon your arrival. Trust me, you’ll save so much time doing it in advance versus at the rental location.

Where to Stay Near Liberia Airport

I put together a guide on the top hotels in Liberia. If you find yourself with an early flight, or late arrival, and don’t like to drive during those times, or if you just want to spend a night or more in the area, check out that page.

Final Thoughts

Third party travel websites are not really my thing, I’d always rather book direct, but in the case of finding a rent a car in Costa Rica, this is the only way I’ll go. I can find a global rental company, bring my voucher, pick up my rent a car, and enjoy Costa Rica! My car in Liberia will be waiting for me upon my arrival and I don’t have to spend more than a couple minutes with the rental company at the Liberia international airport.


Where is the best place to rent a car in Liberia?

The best place to rent a car in Liberia International airport is through DiscoverCars. You’ll get the best prices, and they can be used for car rental at most international airports.

Do I need a Car in Liberia?

You have the option of using taxi, or Costa Rica Uber, but the cheapest way to get around Liberia or anywhere near the Liberia international airport is by car rental.

How Far is the Rental Facility from The Liberia international airport?

Most rental car facilities are within 2-10 minutes from Liberia international airport.


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