Discover Cars Reviews (Legit or Scam Car Rental Agency?)

You have many options when it comes to renting cars, but one company that does it’s best to make life easier for travelers is Discover Cars.  In my Discover Cars review, I’ll share with you my personal experience when I used this search engine to connect me with a local company on my last trip to Costa Rica.

My Review

I was on Reddit looking for information on renting cars and stumbled upon this company that seems to be recommended by many in the travel industry, so I not only did research, but also found their pricing so attractive that I booked a car through them.

First – Is Discover Cars Legit?

Heck yes.  I looked at a ton of factors while doing my homework, including:

  • Vehicle selection
  • Pricing
  • Customer service
  • Coverage options
  • Website navigation (user friendly, or not?)

After going through this process and booking Discover cars, I am elated to say I’m sharing this because I found them to be the best third party car rental agency I’ve come across.

This rating is due to a lot of research done comparing them to other agencies.  They win in offering comprehensive insurance, superb customer support, and competitive prices without any hidden fees.

Renting cars is never fun.  I remember getting told I did damage (that I didn’t do) while being in Cancun, Mexico.  They haggled with me so long that I almost missed my flight home!

Ugh, enough of that nonsense!

The Only Place I Rent Cars From Worldwide
Why This Agency Beats Going Direct

I always search Discover Cars before booking any rental cars. Here's Why:

  • One Stop Shop With ZERO Hidden Fees
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Zero Paperwork at Pick-Up (Hassle Free!)
  • Deals With Local & Global Rental Car Agencies
  • Free Cancellation
  • Read Real Reviews from other Customers Who Booked Recently
  • Save Up to 70%!!!
  • 24/7 Customer Support (Worldwide)

Fortunately, that experience didn’t take place with Discover Cars.

What Is Discover Cars Rental?

Founded in 2013, Discover Cars is a third party vehicle rental company that curates prices from all of the major brands you could find in any destination and allows you to find the best deal.

Much like a travel agent could help you plan travel, Discover Cars helps you find cars and eliminates the process of comparing multiple car rental agencies.

When you book your rental, simply show up with your DiscoverCars voucher and you won’t even have to pay the agency any fees on premises once you arrive.  To me, that’s always a nightmare and process I hate going through. Sometimes it takes an hour.  Who has time for that after arriving at a destination?

Servicing 145 countries and other 10,000 locations, you’ll find cars from local companies and major agencies like Budget, Sixt, Hertz, Avis, and Europcar.

Discover Cars Pro’s

I prefer renting cars if I’m anywhere for an extended period of time and have an agenda that has me traveling around.  I still use Uber when it’s available, but my mission was to see a variety of beaches that were all near one another during two days of my stay, so renting a car was the best option.

Having my own transportation was the best way to do this since my itinerary wasn’t set in stone.

User-Friendly Comparison Tool

Comparing car prices has never been easier.  This tool is located on the top of their home page and it allows you to quickly access prices to all car rental options.

Enter your pick up location and signal if you are going to return your car at the same venue, or not, and then enter your travel dates.

You’ll have to type in  your age as well as country of residence, of course.

Then, you will be brought to a list of available vehicles sorted by price.

They also have an app you can use on your phone which is nice in case you want to book something last minute.

No Hidden Fees

I’ve been through the ringer with hidden fees, and frankly it’s just bad business.  You won’t find this at Discover Cars, as everything is laid out upfront.  No arriving and getting sold some mandatory insurance or other bull crap.

You’ll find the process transparent and straight forward.  When you see the price right there in black and white.  You can compare agencies and find deals with a few clicks.

Not only that, they guarantee this.  If an agency tries to raise the price upon your arrival, use the Discover cars support and they will make sure you are NOT putting in any more money upon arrival.

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

This is about as good as it gets in renting cars.  Each time you book on their website you have a window to cancel up to 48 hours prior to pick up.  You won’t pay any fees or penalties if your plans change.

You can also modify your dates on their site or app without any further fees.  You can also call customer service if you are old school and like human interaction ,something I try to avoid at all costs!

Discover Cars offers FULL Coverage

Another plus is that you can take advantage of full coverage insurance when you rent through them.  This covers expenses and damages up to $3,000 for a tad under $10 daily.

Rental agencies rarely offer full coverage, so this is perhaps the best perk they offer.

Discover Cars works with the agency if there is a claim, meaning if forbid something happens, you don’t have to go through all the time and headaches of dealing with an agency.  I could have used this service in Cancun!

Discover Cars Customer Support

You will also enjoy support 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Anything you need, reach out to them.  I did this just as a test and they answered promptly.  This is a true litmus test to seeing how a company handles customer inquiries, and I was blown away at their support.

Affordable Prices

Look around and compare prices.  Discover Cars offers the most affordable prices when compared to any other third party car rental company.  To me, the no hidden fees makes this a winning proposition, as about every car rental agency has some extra fees that they don’t disclose.

It’s about $20 cheaper when you compare to a direct booking direct with a company or book on other third party engines.

Which leads me to the question many people ask me when I tell them about this company:

Why Is Discover Cars So Cheap?

They leverage their massive customer base to get bulk rates directly from the major agencies.  They also take the insurance component out of their hand and simplify this process.  This allows them to pass on these cheaper prices to the customers.  Also, you may see some incredibly low rates, depending on season.  This is often because some countries have lower tourism in certain months and they offer more attractive prices.  Speaking from experience, the prices shown on the website are the exact same you’ll pay, so if you were about to as “Does Discover Cars have hidden fees” I can tell you that’s a resounding NO.

Each Car Has Reviews You Can Read Prior to Booking

You have the option of reading reviews about each car listed on the site!  To me, this is very helpful as a lot of times in foreign countries you’ll see brands you don’t recognize.  These reviews are user submitted from actual Discover Cars customers.

Ratings are from 1 – 10, so you can use that to make decisions about a certain vehicle, or even agency.

Cons Of Renting A Car With DiscoverCars

I’d only be fair to cite what some of the negative Discover Cars reviews say.

Some comments I found were people saying they didn’t have the proper documents upon arrival, which is their fault entirely, so I don’t take those with any credence.  Others cited that they found cheaper prices, but honestly, I haven’t been able to find cheaper cars than on this booking engine.

Other people cited that short term rentals can be more expensive than a long term rental, but that’s consistent with the industry so again, a non point for me.

The Grace Period is Small

If you run late, there isn’t a guarantee that your car will be held for you after the pick-up time and you could even get your reservation cancelled.  So make sure you are on time, or this could come into play.  You cans always contact support and let them know if your plane is delayed and this completely avoid this!

Premium Cost For Drivers Under 25

If you are a driver under the age of 25, you will pay more for your rental.  Again, this is the industry standard, so not really a con if you ask me.  There is another layer of liability insurance with any car rental if you are between 21 and 25.  It’s an extra fee of $10 – 25 each day.

Not All Car Rental Companies are Listed

Thousands of companies are listed, so you won’t have a problem finding a care, but like I said earlier, you’ll see some car rental companies you have never heard along the way.  You’ll see global brands like Budget and Avis of course, but you won’t always find them in every location.

On the bright side, a lot of these smaller, more regional companies will offer the best prices.

You Can’t Extend Your Rental

If you book a reservation, it’s booked and carved in stone.  If you require extra days, you’ll have to go to the local agency and work it out with them.  You can always cancel and re-book your reservation if you find out in advance you’ll need more time.

How Much Does Discover Cars Cost to Rent a Car?

When you book your reservation, you can do a full payment or partial payment.  The cost to rent a car varies depending on where you are traveling and what type of car you want.  Again, this is all standard with any agency.

However, here’s some rough prices if you are curious:

  • Economy Car Seating 4-5:  $100 – $300
  • SUV or Minivan Seating 5-7:  $400 – $500

They do also offer heavy duty vehicles or specialty vehicles too, which vary by market.

What Vehicles Do They Offer?

Like any agency, you’ll get a generic summary of your style of car and not an exact make, model, and color.  You can make requests, but like any car rental company, they aren’t guaranteed.

You’ll find economy cars, minivans, SUV’s, and as mentioned earlier, heavy duty vehicles.

In some markets you can find luxury vehicles, sports cars, and even large passenger vans.

How Long Can You Rent A Car With Discover Cars?

You can choose to book a car for one day or even an entire year. For you digital nomads, this is a great option if you find yourself in a country for a several month stint.

What Does The Discover Cars Insurance Cover?

For a flat rate insurance option you’ll pay $9 per day no matter where you travel.  This covers the following:

  • Vehicle damage on the exterior
  • Theft or damage
  • Lost keys
  • Taxi expenses if your car malfunctions
  • Towing

Overall the Discover Cars insurance gets rave reviews online.  I never had an issue so I can’t comment on using it personally.

What Does The Insurance NOT Include?

  • Personal possessions damage
  • Any damage due to breaking a law while in traffic
  • Interior damage
  • Weather damage
  • Hazardous driving like off-roading

Does Discover Cars Offer Theft Protection?

Yes, but you’ll have to provide a police report.

What Do You Need To Bring To Pick Up The Rental Car?

Like any car rental, it’s standard.  Bring your drivers license, an identification, and your voucher.

The rental car pick-up process is simple, but you should come prepared with all of the necessary documentation and IDs.

Other Things to Keep in Mind Before Booking

Security Deposit

You’ll have to pay a security deposit for any potential damages.  Your deposit will range depending on your time renting the care and the company selected, so check the site for specifics. The security deposit is very transparent.

Age Minimum

If you are in the US, the age to book and rent is 21.  You’ll find the age to be 18 across Europe.  You can use the filter on their website to enter your age and find out more details.

Fuel And Mileage Policies

Most bookings include unlimited mileage, but make sure to check out if they want it returned with a full tank of gas. I known I sound repetitive at this point, but this is standard practice.

What Countries Is Discover Cars Available In?

At the time I write this, it’s available in 150 countries.

You’ll find a full list on the website.

I’ve added some further FAQ’s for anyone with even further questions, but as always, please leave a comment or contact us directly should you need any further clarity on my Discover Cars review.

—> Visit Discover Cars Here

FAQ: Is Discover Cars Legit?

Yes, it’s not only a very reputable company but it also helps you save money on your car rentals in over 150 countries.

Is There A Grace Period For Returns?

No.  Be careful to return your car late or you will incur fees.

Who Is The CEO Of Discovercars?

Discover Cars CEO is Inna Vilenska.  She started her career in tech and finance before getting into online travel.  She identified a need for a reliable third party search engine for cars and that’s when she started DiscoverCars.

The CEO of DiscoverCars is Inna Vilenska. She has over 10 years of experience with financial services and tech companies and is a leader in the online travel industry. She is determined to make renting a car as simple and convenient as possible for customers around the world. expecting.

Can You Rent A Car With A Driver?

No, you will have to drive your own car as Discover Cars does not offer private chaffeurs.

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