Casinos in Costa Rica

Are you looking to play some games of chance at the Casinos in Costa Rica?  Whether you’re drawn to the lights of San José’s casinos or prefer the tranquility of beachside gaming, Costa Rica offers a range of experiences that blend gambling with local charm. Our article gives you a sneak peek into the laid-back casino culture, game variety, and unique atmospheres of these tropical gambling havens without spoiling the full excitement that awaits.

As an ex-resident, I spent many time in Costa Rican Casinos.  While they can be very enjoyable, sometimes there are a lot of rules to learn along the way as a lot of the rules vary.  You are NOT in Las Vegas, and games can be a little shady, to say the least.  I personally just play for fun and limit any high rolling to the high limit rooms in Vegas, but thats just me.

This is my personal guide to where to find casinos in Costa Rica, as well as a little bit of information on the gambling scene in general.

Casino Gambling in Costa Rica Overview

  • Costa Rican casinos offer a unique and laid-back gambling experience, with a focus on a soothing ambiance and responsible gaming, within hotel complexes and smoke-free environments.
  • A wide variety of gambling options cater to all kinds of players, from the allure of beachside and resort casinos to the variety of table games, slot machines, and unique local games like Rummy.
  • Costa Rica’s evolving casino scene includes a vibrant nightlife beyond the tables, responsible gambling awareness, planning tips for visitors, and anticipation for new developments and potential online gambling regulation.

Exploring the Rich Casino Culture of Costa Rica

colonial casino san jose
The Colonial Casino in “Gringo Gulch” in San Jose.

Costa Rican casinos are a world apart, offering over 40 gambling havens scattered across the country, with the largest concentration nestled in the vibrant city of San José. Here, the casino scene is quieter and more tranquil than its international counterparts, allowing gamblers to concentrate amid a soothing ambiance. This is primarily because most casinos operate within larger hotel complexes, offering limited hours and endorsing a casual dress code for the comfort and safety of players. And in alignment with the country’s health-conscious legislation, these public spaces are smoke-free environments, where players can enjoy complimentary nonalcoholic beverages while they engage in their favorite games.

These casinos are not merely about the games but also about the entire experience. From the moment you step in, you’re greeted with a warm, casual atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease, allowing you to explore the plethora of gambling options at your own pace. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a curious novice, Costa Rica’s casino culture has something for everyone.

San José’s Premier Casinos

As the heart of Costa Rica’s gambling scene, San José is home to 18 Costa Rica casinos, each offering a diverse range of entertainment options. Take the Fiesta Casino, for example. Here, players can engage in an assortment of games, including craps, roulette, and poker, in an environment that perfectly balances the thrill of gaming with a laid-back vibe.  This venue is located just steps from the Juan Santamaria International Airport.

But the casino culture in San José extends beyond the gaming tables. These venues contribute to the city’s vibrant nightlife, offering multiple entertainment opportunities that promise a memorable night out in San Jose. Whether you’re looking for live music to dance the night away or a quiet bar to enjoy a cocktail, these casinos have got you covered.

San Jose has the most populous, and therefore, the most casinos.  It’s the hub of nightlife in Costa Rica, and players of all gambling limits can be seen at the many casinos in San Jose.

The Horseshoe Casino in San Jose

horseshoe casino

This venue closed many years ago.  For my money, there was no better place to play!  It offered a ton of fun, hospitable hosts, and a great location in the “Gringo Gulch” of Costa Rica.  This place is dearly missed by many.

Beachside Gaming: Flamingo Beach and Coco Beach

Imagine the gentle sea breeze, the soothing sounds of the waves, and the exquisite sight of a tropical beach, all while engaging in your favorite casino games. This is not a dream but a reality at Flamingo Beach and Coco Beach. Here, casinos like Casino Club Colonial offer an elegant setting where patrons can indulge in various games while soaking in the picturesque tropical backdrop.

Casinos at Coco Beach, in particular, provide a laid-back atmosphere that perfectly complements the leisurely beach life. Here, the thrill of gambling is mere steps away from the majestic Pacific Ocean, offering a unique blend of relaxation and excitement that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The Allure of Resort Casinos

Resort casinos in Costa Rica provide an enhanced vacation experience, combining the thrill of gambling with luxurious amenities and exceptional service. The Western El Sitio Hotel and Garden Court Hotel, for example, offer not just thrilling casino games but also a suite of comprehensive amenities that cater to every aspect of your vacation needs. Be it the highly-rated breakfast at Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino or the convenient location that caters to guests with exceptional service, these resort casinos leave no stone unturned to ensure a memorable stay.

crocs casino
Croc’s Casino, Playa Jaco.

Take another example, the Crocs Resort & Casino in Jaco. Here, guests are treated to:

  • clean, comfortable rooms
  • beautiful ocean views
  • a vibrant casino area
  • a very friendly staff

It’s no wonder this resort is a favored holiday destination for many tourists.

A Guide to Casino Games in Costa Rica

Costa Rican casinos offer a diverse range of games that cater to different player preferences. From classic table games to unique local variations, there’s something for everyone in this casual gambling environment. One of the highlights of Costa Rican casino gaming culture is ‘Rummy,’ a variation of Blackjack that has won the hearts of many players.

Before diving into the games, it’s recommended that players familiarize themselves with the specific offerings of each casino. This includes understanding any distinctive local variations that are unique to the Costa Rican gambling scene. This way, you’re not only prepared but can also better appreciate the rich gaming culture that these casinos offer.

Table Games and Their Appeal

Table games are a mainstay in Costa Rican casinos. Games like blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, and roulette, along with various local card games known as ‘tico’ games, are commonly featured. At the Best Western Hotel & Casino Kamuk, for instance, patrons can enjoy a variety of table games like mini-baccarat, rummy, and roulette, ensuring a diverse gaming experience.

What makes these table games particularly appealing is their accessibility. Most casinos in Costa Rica have low minimum bets for table games, making them a great choice for first-time gamblers or those who prefer to play it safe. So, whether you’re a pro player or a curious newcomer, these table games promise a fun and engaging experience.

Slot Machines Galore

Row of colorful slot machines in a Costa Rican casino

Slot machines are a key feature of the Costa Rican gambling scene, standing on equal footing with popular table games. The environment around these slot machines is designed for focused play, providing a more subdued atmosphere compared to the boisterous gambling settings found elsewhere.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic three-reel slots or prefer the more complex video slots, these machines offer a wide range of gambling options. And their presence alongside traditional table games like ‘Rummy’ ensures that players can enjoy a diverse gaming experience within Costa Rican casinos.

Local Flavors: Unique Costa Rican Versions of Popular Games

Costa Rican casinos offer a unique twist to traditional casino games. Their Costa Rican version of the card game 21, also known as Rummy, and a unique form of roulette where numbers are drawn from a lottery tumbler, provide a distinct gaming experience.

This variant of blackjack, known as Rummy in Costa Rica, is due to legal restrictions. It offers a different set of rules and gameplay, injecting a fresh element into a classic game. Similarly, many casino games, including card games like Rummy and Tute, follow ‘Tico’ rules, providing a gaming experience distinct from standard casino rules.

Poker Enthusiasts’ Paradise: Poker Conventions and Tournaments

If poker is your game of choice, you’re in for a treat in Costa Rica. Poker has become increasingly important in the country’s gambling scene, being played at international levels and receiving significant attention. Costa Rica has even hosted the Latin American Poker Tour during its first three seasons, highlighting its prominence in the regional poker community.

Local venues like Byblos Resort & Casino cater to this growing poker community with regular live tournaments that attract both residents and tourists. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a poker enthusiast looking to test your skills, Costa Rica’s thriving poker scene promises an exciting experience.

Responsible Gambling and Avoiding Pitfalls

While the thrill of the gamble can be exhilarating, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of responsible gambling. Early warning signs of gambling addiction, such as:

  • Prioritizing gambling over other aspects of life
  • Spending more money on gambling than intended
  • Feeling restless or irritable when not gambling
  • Chasing losses and trying to win back money
  • Lying to friends and family about gambling habits

can help prevent problematic behavior. Gambling addiction often leads to depression due to emotional, financial, and relationship struggles.

Professional help such as behavioral therapy or joining support groups like Gamblers Anonymous is crucial for managing gambling addiction. Additionally, strategies to deal with gambling cravings include:

  • Delaying
  • Distraction
  • Visualizing negative consequences
  • Seeking peer support groups

Remember, the goal is to enjoy the experience, not to let it control you.

Planning Your Casino Visit: Practical Tips

When planning your visit to a Costa Rican casino, there are several practical aspects to consider. U.S. dollars are readily accepted in these casinos, but it’s recommended to carry smaller denominations for convenience. Also, be aware of the current exchange rate of the local currency, the colón, and the condition of the bills.

Each casino has its own set of house rules, which can differ from international norms. It’s always a good idea to engage with the centrally located desk staff for any needed assistance or inquiries about casino services. Visa credit cards are commonly accepted, while usage of American Express may be more limited.

Spotlight on New and Upcoming Casinos

Despite existing challenges, the Costa Rican casino construction projects market has the potential for expansion under favorable conditions. Upcoming casino projects are being closely monitored, with databases offering detailed information on project requirements, timelines, budgets, and contact info, proving essential for businesses interested in the casino market.

Furthermore, the potential legalization of online gambling in Costa Rica could enhance player protection with enforced standards and responsible gambling tools to manage bankrolls and recognize signs of addiction. As the Costa Rican casino scene continues to evolve, it’s an exciting time for the gambling industry and gamblers alike.

Entertainment Beyond the Tables

The fun in Costa Rican casinos extends beyond the gaming tables. These venues offer a variety of entertainment options, including bars, nightclubs, and live music, promising an exciting nightlife in San José.

Some casinos also host live music and local performances, enriching the casino experience with cultural attractions. Additionally, karaoke nights are available at some venues, offering a lively and interactive element to the entertainment possibilities. In some cases, these events may take place at an attached convention center.

So whether you’re in the mood for a game of poker or a night of singing your heart out, Costa Rica’s casinos have got you covered.


Costa Rica’s rich casino culture offers a unique blend of thrilling gaming experiences, enchanting locations, and diverse entertainment options. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant casinos of San José, enjoying beachside gaming at Flamingo and Coco Beach, or immersing yourself in the allure of resort casinos, the country promises an unforgettable gambling adventure. With a variety of table games, slot machines, and unique local variations to explore, and an exciting poker scene that caters to enthusiasts, Costa Rica’s casinos truly have something for everyone. Remember, the key to enjoying this experience lies in responsible gambling, being aware of the signs of addiction, and seeking professional help when necessary. So, are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey through Costa Rica’s casino culture?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costa Rica have gambling casinos?

Yes, Costa Rica has gambling casinos, with popular options like Fiesta Casino Herradura offering a variety of games for punters of different age groups. Check it out if you’re interested in trying your luck.

What is the blackjack in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, blackjack is dealt by a house dealer with unique rules and bonuses, using a 4-deck shoe, and dealing about 3 decks.

Is it legal to gamble in Costa Rica?

Yes, it is legal to gamble in Costa Rica under the Costa Rica gaming law. This means that companies can obtain a gambling license and operate gambling sites in the country.

What is the currency in Costa Rica casinos?

In Costa Rica casinos, the currency used is mostly the local currency, colons, which fluctuates around 500 colons per 1 American dollar.

What kind of games can I find in Costa Rican casinos?

You can find a variety of games in Costa Rican casinos, such as blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, roulette, slot machines, as well as local versions of games like Rummy and Tute. Enjoy your time there!

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