Top 5 High Limit Rooms In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its gambling and the city is a residence to hundreds of gaming operations serving all forms of players from small to the highest rollers. For players looking to wager upwards of $100 per hand on Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette or Slots, going into a high limit room might be a great idea for more perks.

You’ll find the biggest high rollers (whales) in these rooms, and some of them are even famous people.

Concealed away in private enclaves of Vegas casinos, high limit rooms provide more privacy for players, caring service as well as higher wagering limits that you normally wouldn’t find on the typical casino floor. Below we’ve gathered a list of the best high limit rooms in Vegas for 2017.

The Best High Stakes Gambling in Las Vegas

Wynn Sky Casino

My favorite property, hands down, is the Wynn and it’s sister property – Encore.  I’ve been gambling and staying there since 2007, and they are not only great hosts, but they also have many things to do on property outside of gambling.  However, today we’re talking about high stakes, so let’s stay with the program and talk about their high stakes offerings.

Wynn Sky Casino

Located in the Encore Tower on the 63rd floor, Wynn Sky Casino is perhaps the most exclusive casino in Las Vegas. Its location features panoramic floor to ceiling windows with great sights of the city. Unlike other casinos, Wynn offers an open atmosphere to play. This is quite unusual because casinos normally keep away from windows so you get lost in the time. In order to get into the Sky Casino, you should have a credit line of at least $300,000 and must request the room.  This is one of the most exclusive places to play blackjack in Las Vegas hands down!

The Mansion At MGM Grand

The Mansion is a different portion of the MGM Grand Hotel where big whales are literally provided with their own mansion to stopover during their trip. It has a separate entrance with Rolls Royce pickup. It also features a large enclosed atrium with fountains, gardens, and marble. Every mansion residences offer a private pool and are very close to the exclusive high limit casino which is reserved entirely for Mansion guests.

If you are gambling here, you probably have crazy credit with Mlife!

Bellagio Private Gaming Villa

This 2,600-square foot room is located on a private floor in the Bellagio. Just like at Wynn Sky Casino, it requires you to have a credit limit of at least $300,000 to gain entry and an hour’s notice to arrange the room for players. The Villa was launched in 2013 and was constructed specifically to accommodate the needs of biggest whales looking to bet in private without any disturbances or onlookers from the casino floor. The room can be occupied by butlers, dealers, massage therapists to give a nice and relaxing high limit experience.

Talon Room At Cosmopolitan

Located on the 2nd floor of Cosmopolitan, the Talon Room provides high limit games with typical minimum limits of $500 on weekends and $300 during weekdays. As one of its coolest perks, you can order food from any of the casino’s restaurants and dine right in the room in an isolated private dining area.

Aria High Limit Room

Aria features a full bar and prominent games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots. Limits usually begin from $200 and private tables can be set in advance with the casino depending on your playing level. Aria has one of the most beautiful high limit rooms in Vegas and massively known for its great customer service.

Of course, you’ll find high limit action in every casino.  It doesn’t matter if you stay at Wynn, an MLife hotel (MGM), a Station Casino, or other property.

I’m not going to lie, my best luck has always been at the Mirage.  Here is a great shot of one of the better slot machine wins I’ve seen in my day.


There are many places you can gamble in Las Vegas, but these high limit rooms are the creme de la creme when it comes to gambling for big money.  I’d love to hear your win and loss stories about high stakes gambling in Las Vegas in the comments!

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