MGM Rewards

Mlife Rewards Program

Mlife is a casino rewards program offered by MGM group. You can earn points when you play at these MGM-owned resorts in Las Vegas: Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, The Mirage, NY NY, Luxor, and The Excalibur.  I’m happy to say I’m a member of this program alongside the Wynn Casino’s and the more local-facing Station Casinos Program.

Breakdown of the MLlife Player Rewards Program

Players earn points by playing at table games and slots. They can also receive points by spending money on MGM resorts. These points can be exchanged for rewards including retail, games, meals, experiences, and so much more depending on your level.

The Mlife program has five different levels and every level provides a different range of advantages to the player. The only problem is, Mlife’s website is relatively bewildering and doesn’t provide a full guide on how to earn points, tier credits, and progress levels. This makes the rewards program difficult to understand how it works. Because of this, we’ve dissected the program to help you understand all you need to know about Mlife rewards.

Here’s a summary of the levels included in Mlife and each tier’s qualifications:

Sapphire: 0-24,999 credits
Room and show discounts
Pre-sales and exclusive content

Pearl: 25,000-74,999 credits
10% bonus on point earning
Free guest pass at any Las Vegas resort

Gold: 75,000-199,999 credits
20% bonus on point earning
Priority hotel registration service
VIP line access for day and nightclubs

Platinum: 200,000+
30% bonus on point earning
Priority registrtion, valet and taxi
15% off on all retail purchases

Noir: By invitation only
40% bonus on point earning
Complimentary limo to/from airport

How To Earn MLife Tier Credits And Base Points

Now that you have got an idea of the different levels of Mlife rewards program, let’s look at how you can receive points to up your level. As a consumer, you can win points when you spend on any MGM-owned properties including hotel rooms, spa, dining, entertainment, game tables, and slots.

● Earn 25 tier credits for every $1 spend on hotel, dining, entertainment, and spa

● Earn 10 tier credits for each base point received on slot machines (note: base point is earned for every $3 play on slots)

● Earn 10 tier credits for each base point earned on video poker (note: base point is earned for every $10 play on video poker)

● Base credits are calculated by average bet time and time played on table games

Keep in mind that Mlife basically provides two ways of rewarding customers: first, through tier credits which will help you achieve different levels, and second is through base points which are exclusively for playing in the casino. The tier credits and base points will determine your offers, free play, and express comps.

For you to earn tier credits by playing in the casino, you’ll need to collect base points which are then corresponded to a multiplier in tier credits and used to identify your rewards. You’ll earn 1 base point, which is equal to 10 tier credits, for every $3 bet on slots. You also earn 1 base point for every $10 bet on video poker and speciality games.

For table games, Mlife doesn’t publish the formula on the site but it’s rumored that you’ll receive about 300 base points for every hour at blackjack with a $25 wager. For each base point that you receive in the casino, you’ll also receive $0.01 in FreePlay and Express Comps. Let’s take a closer look at these systems.

Free Play
This is accumulated as you play in the casino. You can turn your points into free play for slot machines. For every 1,000 base points, you’ll receive $10 in free play.

Express Comps
These are also accumulated as you gamble and can be utilized to cut charges for food, beverage, show tickets, retail, and many more. Simply put, express comps are used to reduce your charges on your final bill.

Sample Computation
Let’s say that you visit Bellagio and spend $3,000 on your hotel room, food, and beverages while staying at the hotel. You also play in the casino and bet $15,000 on slots, $2,000 on video poker, and play $25 per hand of Blackjack for an hour. Under this scenario, here is the sample computation of points.

Base Points

1 base point for each $3 bet
$15,000 / 3 = 5,000 base points

1 base point = 10 tier credits
5,000 x 10 = 50,000 tier credits

Video Poker
1 base point for each $10 bet
2,000 / 10 = 200 base points

1 base point = 10 tier credits
200 x 10 = 2,000 tier credits

300 base points per hour at $25 per hand
1 base point = tier credits

300 x 10 = 3,000 tier credits

Hotel, Dining, Entertainment – $3,000 spent
25 tier credits for every $1
3,000 x 25 = 75,000 tier credits

In the scenario above, the total tier credits are 130,000. This will qualify you for Gold Status in Mlife.

On top of the automatic benefits that we’ve detailed above, each member also earns an account on where they can obtain room booking and comp offers that are provided in their member area. This is all the regular rewards you’ll earn from the program which includes perks such as comped rooms, food and beverage tickets, and a many more.

I’m a member of Mlife, and recently I was in touch with them for a hotel room.  While it was CES (Consumer Electronics Show – the largest in Las Vegas) the room situation was tight.  I didn’t take my normal corner suite at Aria, but was offered a one bedroom Penthouse at the Mirage.  While the Mirage is an older hotel on the strip (in comparison) the accommodations were great.

MLife is one program I can fully get behind and endorse, they treat people well.