Best Gay Saunas in Costa Rica (Honest Review)

The best and most recognized gay sauna in Costa Rica is the Club Hispalis. It has two steam rooms and operates mainly in the evenings. However, Sauna Oraculo is a better option if you want a gay sauna with lots of weekly gay-themed events. Oraculo Club and Vapor Don Vital are also worthy alternatives. 

I recently watched a TikTok video of a travel influencer saying that the best gay scenes in Costa Rica are mainly around the San Jose area. This is very true, especially if you’re looking for the best Sauna or bathhouse for gays.

Having stayed in Costa Rica for over five years and made friends with gay locals, I’ve only known the Club Hispalis as the single most ideal gay sauna in the country. They have a larger steam room where a lot of action happens and another dark room with Leo available. 

But after further exploration on my recent visit, I discovered other great sauna options for gay travelers. In this guide, I’ll cover the top local gau saunas in Costa Rica (mostly in San Jose). 

Key Takeaways 

Need to make a decision real quick? Here are my top recommendations on the best gay saunas in Costa Rica for their unique purposes: 

  • Best overall recommendation: Club Hispalis 
  • best gay sauna with live performances and gay events — Sauna Oraculo 
  • Great place to flirt and pick up men  Oraculo Club
  • Casual gay sauna in Costa Rica — Vapor and Sauna Don Vital 
  • Keep in mind that some of these gay saunas are connected to certain gay bars, clubs, or hotels, which can affect how you get in. 
  • This article doesn’t review the best gay-friendly hotels in Costa Rica. For that, you can refer to this guide for recommendations on gay-friendly places to stay.

Full Review of the Best Saunas For Gays in Costa Rica

There are probably more gay saunas across Costa Rica than I’ve featured in this review. It would be that they are still hidden gems. But I prefer to only recommend what I’m sure of so that you won’t regret it, no matter what choice you make. 

You can keep reading to learn more about these saunas and the kind of experience you can expect when you visit any of them. 

1. Club Hispalis 

  • Address: C. 19, San José, González Lahmann, Costa Rica
  • Opening times for the sauna are 12 pm to 9 pm from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Club Hispalis is arguably the biggest gay sauna facility in San Jose. The sauna is open from 12 to 9 p.m., but since they cater to an after-work audience, you’ll get the best experience when you go between 4 pm and 7 pm. 

In this men-only gay sauna, you will find a large bar area and a steam room. There is also a pool, a jacuzzi, and enough lockers to store your valuables.

Meanwhile, the entrance fee is 5,500 colones, and it’s a cash-only place, so take enough cash. They also accept dollars. 

The best part is that the sauna facility is far from several safe and low-cost gay-friendly hostels in San Jose.

2. Sauna Oraculo 

  • Address: WWPF+MWG, Av. 7, San José, El Carmen, 10101, Costa Rica
  • Opening times for Sauna: Closes 9 pm

The Oraculo Club runs a sauna for gay men, but the facility itself is in a separate area. You can come for this sauna if you want a different theme for each day. 

The most enjoyed night for many gay locals is the Saturday naked night theme, based on reviews. But you may also find Boxers Day more eventful every Sunday. 

The Sauna Oraculo also hosts gay events every Wednesday with drink specials. 

This is to say that this is the right option for you if you don’t want a regular gay sauna. There’s always one gay-themed event happening here to complement the sauna experience that guests come for. 

For example, the sauna/bar hosts Fiesta Erótica, live performances, and a monthly underwear night.

Pro Tip:

  • You can occasionally check the Oráculo Club’s Twitter (now called X) to learn about their current or forthcoming gay events.

3. Oraculo Club

  • Address: WWHF+QJV, Av. 10, San José, Barrio Chino, Costa Rica
  • Opening times for saunas are from 8 pm to 5 am every day of the week. 

The cruising bar of La Casita de Oráculo, popularly known as Oráculo Club, is another fantastic spot for gay saunas in Costa Rica. 

The location is quite secluded, but you’ll love the environment, especially if you prefer to see more gay locals. 

The most exciting part of this Oráculo gay sauna is that it is a great place to flirt and pick up men. The crowd here is primarily gay but often quite mixed, with both older and younger Costa Ricans. 

You have to ring the bell to enter the property. It’s on 10th Avenue, next to AYA.

Meanwhile, there’s no entry fee, except during some events. You only pay for the services you use there. You also need to bring enough cash for drinks. 

The last time a gay local friend visited, I learned national beer costs 1,700 colones ($3). 

4. Sauna and Vapor Don Vital 

  • Address:  VWWJ+H5X, San José Province, Desamparados, Costa Rica
  • Opening hours for sauna: Monday to Friday (3:30 to 9 pm). Saturdays (2:30 to 9 pm)
  • Email:

Unlike many gay saunas in Costa Rica, which are exclusively men-only, the Sauna Y Vapor Don Vital has a more family-like ambiance. So, the Sauna facility here welcomes all people, no matter how they identify. 

The entry fee is 5,000 colones per person. The spa offers massage services that decongest muscles and help release toxins. 

To reserve a sauna session, you can call them at 22591016 or send a message via WhatsApp to numbers 87064985 and 87065352. 

Before you go…

Keep in mind that these gay saunas in Costa Rica wouldn’t provide paid sexual services of any kind. 

From my experience, guests would have to find someone willing, make arrangements with them, and choose a spot. However, finding one is not usually hard, especially at Sauna Oraculo. 

If you’re still confused about which of these places to go with, remember that gay saunas are only as good as the people there when you are. So consider the peak moments of these saunas before going. 

Which of these gay saunas is more appealing to you? Feel free to share your thoughts about my recommendations in the comment section below. 

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