4 Best Gay Clubs In San Jose Costa Rica 

The best gay clubs in San Jose are known for lively dance floors, wild drag talents, and gay-themed weekly parties. Oraculo Bar is one of the best gay clubs around town. However, depending on your desired experience, you may find other options like C3 Lab, Club Teatro, La Avispa, or Splash more lively.   

The gay nightlife in San Jose can be categorized into two experiences: the atmosphere of bars and clubs. Gay bars like Neon Ice and El 13 are laid-back. 

But not everyone wants to sit around a lounge listening to slow songs while chatting with fellow gay locals. If you’re a super big partygoer and love to dance, it’s better to focus on actual gay clubs. 

This article’ll discuss some of the best buzzing gay clubs in San Jose, Costa Rica. These clubs are more than just gay-friendly. They host gay-themed parties, drag shows, and naked nights for a more risque atmosphere. So be ready. 

Key Takeaways

  • Oraculo Bar and Chill is an ideal gay club in San Jose if you prefer shows like Naked Nights and saunas. 
  • C3 Lab is an excellent spot for gay circuit party music, while Club El Teatro offers wild drag shows and gay-themed parties
  • Go to La Avispa (the Wasps) if you want to dance till you’re tired 
  • Take note that these clubs are exclusively for gay guys, and they may not allow coming along with female friends. 
  • Some other popular gay ‘clubs’ are not included in this review because they are more laid back and lean more towards being bars and not clubs. This review is focused on the vibrant gay clubbing experience.

UPDATE (MAY, 2024): 

Some gay clubs in San Jose might still appear in search results but are no longer open. After checking their inactive socials and confirming through email, I found that the following gay clubs are no longer operating:

  • Club Venue 
  • Bocho
  • Buenas Vibraciones
  • Puchos

Now, let’s look into the top recommendations so you know what you can expect from them. 

1. Oraculo Club 

  • Address: Av. 10, San José, Barrio Chino, Costa Rica
  • Opening hours: 6 pm to 3 am every day of the week.

Oraculo club, also known as La Casita De Oráculo, is one of the most vibrant gay party spots in San Jose. The gay club is super risque and opens every night.

This place is usually filled with gay strippers, and they host er*tic n*ked shows, gay darkrooms, and underwear nights.

On some nights, they have these n*ked-themed party nights and so on. They play mixed music, and people aren’t likely to come here for the music. 

The club is located On 10th Avenue, next to AYA. You have to ring the bell to access it. There are no particular entry fees except during special events. 

Based on the last visit, expect to buy beer for 1,700 colones ($3). It might have increased slightly by the time you read this. 

2. C3 Lab  

  • Address: Avenida 16, San José Province, San José, Pacifio, Costa Rica
  • Opening hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays (10 pm to 2 am), Fridays and Saturdays (3 pm to 8 am), Sundays (12 pm to 7 am)

If you’re looking for an afterparty gay club where you can expect predominantly circuit party-style music, look no further than C3 Lab. 

The party doesn’t stop from dusk to sunrise here and you’ll get the best experience if you come on Saturday or Sunday night. 

You also need to come with some sexy gay circuit gear. There are private cabins in the bar for late-night cruising.

3. Club El Teatro

  • Address: Avenida 16, San José Province, San José, Pacifio, 10103, Costa Rica
  • Opening hours: Fridays and Saturdays (9 pm to 4 am)

Club El Teatro is another famous gay-themed club in San Jose, Costa Rica. It’s located almost next to the Omega Tower of the Bible Clinic.

You will find many gay locals here. The club is known for its drag talent. You will get the chance to enjoy the performance of go-go boys dancing on stage in jockstraps. 

The songs they play include  Pop, house, electronic, and remixes.

Some nights are also themed, such as Glitter & Glam. If you’re lucky, you could go when they host parties to honor celebrities Beyonce and Demi Lovato.

Admission is free until 10 p.m. when you must pay 7,000 colones. After that hour, the entry fee is 9,000 colones, and VIP admission is 14,000 colones. All tickets include access to the open bar.

4. La Avispa (the Wasps)

  • Address: Avenida 10, C. 1, San José, Costa Rica
  • Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday (8 pm to 6 am), Sundays (5 pm to 6 am)

At La Avispa, you can enjoy great cocktails, live music, and even karaoke in a gay-welcoming environment. But the most exciting part of this bar is that they have two dance floors featuring Latin and pop music. 

That’s the area that concerns this review, because that’s where the clubbing experience actually happens. 

You will also see big screens projecting music videos to help you dance the night away. The music played here is salsa, samba, merengue, and pop chart hits. It is similar to the experience of gay bars in Las Vagas. 

The only downside is that it’s not exclusively for gay guys. You will probably see more women here than at any of San José’s other gay clubs.

La Avispa has been operating since 1979 as a gay-friendly bar and remains one of Costa Rica’s favorites among the gay and lesbian population. 

So which gay club is the best in San Jose? 

It all boils down to your preference and your desired experience. 

If you’re looking for a gay club in San Jose with a more risque atmosphere, I recommend Oraculo Club. But for a more dancefloor-party vibe, you can’t go wrong with La Avispa. 

You also have to consider if you’re going alone or with a group of gay friends. For example, El Treato is a place where you can easily make friends with gay locals. So many solo gay travelers in San Jose would prefer to be here. 

But if you’re moving with a group of gay friends, C3 Lab is a fantastic option. However, you have to love the circuit-party style to enjoy this place. 

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