Sharkys Tamarindo: Best Bar to Watch Sports!

In the bustling center of Tamarindo, Sharkys stands out as a prime destination for sports enthusiasts looking to catch live games. Rarely a day goes by when my mind isn’t drawn to sports, and I really feel at home at sports bars!  If you are in Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica, this is THE spot to follow your favorite team in an American-style environment.

Here’s our Sharky’s Tamarindo review, which was based on our experience in our trip in 2024.

The Best Sports Bar in Playa Tamarindo

Sharkys Bar
Massive TV screens make this THE spot to watch sports in Tamarindo.

Sharkys Tamarindo isn’t just a sports bar, it’s a full-on entertainment hub with a great atmosphere, loads of screens for sports fans, and a wide array of food and drinks.

Beyond sports, Sharkys rocks a mix of themed events like the spooky ‘Graveyard Shift’ Halloween party, Karaoke Tuesdays where you get a free shot with every song you sing, live music, and ‘Girls’ Night Out’ Mondays with free drinks—guaranteed to make some memories!

For something a little different, hit up their Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl for a day of water sports, exploring, and chilling with welcome drinks included at each stop for just $40. The dance floor comes alive during events like ‘Girls’ Night Out’, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Sharkys Tamarindo – Happy Hour, Sports, and Drink Specials

Sharkys in Tamarindo
I’m totally in my element here!

Located in the lively town of Tamarindo, Sharkys Tamarindo transcends being simply a sanctuary for sports fans. It encompasses a warm and welcoming environment along with an extensive selection of delicious food and beverages, establishing itself as a central spot for communal amusement.

This exceptional sports bar presents an assortment of visual experiences to please any fan’s preferences. Whether your passion lies with soccer, baseball, basketball, or catching the big game, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the sports event you love here. Thanks to numerous displays scattered throughout, every pulse-pounding play is sure not to be overlooked, making it the ultimate fan zone.

Location and Atmosphere

Adjacent to Pacific Park, Sharkys Tamarindo offers an ideal beachfront location for residents and visitors. Its proximity to the park’s amenities ensures it is a hot spot for social activities before and after games.

As you enter Sharkys Tamarindo, you’re greeted by a welcoming vibe that guarantees an enjoyable visit. The combination of amiable service, lively patrons, and comfortable setting creates an atmosphere similar to being at home, enhanced by stunning sunset views. It’s the go-to destination in Tamarindo whether you want to watch a game or relax after a busy day.

Sports Coverage

Sharkys Sports Bar Tamarindo

Sharkys Tamarindo is unmatched when it comes to broadcasting sports events, providing a haven for enthusiasts with ample screens that guarantee you catch every second of the action.

Regardless of what time it is, the atmosphere in the house is electric with fans passionately supporting their favorite teams. Thanks to an extensive selection of screens, multiple games can be viewed at once, along with game day specials to enhance the viewing experience. So no matter if your heart lies with soccer or basketball, Sharkys Tamarindo ensures your sporting needs are met.

Unforgettable Events and Theme Nights

Sharkys Tamarindo isn’t solely about sports viewing. This bar spices up the typical evening out with a diverse array of memorable events and theme nights, creating a vibrant party atmosphere that is sure to inject excitement into your routine. Whether it’s the eerie thrills of their Halloween celebrations or the joyous vibes of karaoke evenings, Sharkys always has an event on deck.

These occasions offer much more than just entertainment. They’re opportunities to forge lasting memories. Are you prepared to dive into the lively scene at Sharkys Tamarindo with its events and themed evenings, including weekly events? Prepare yourself for a sneak peek at what lies ahead!

Halloween at Sharkys: The Graveyard Shift

Every Halloween, Sharkys Tamarindo is transformed into a spooky yet exhilarating haunted house for its much-anticipated annual event called ‘The Graveyard Shift.’’ This celebration, a costume party, comes alive with chilling decorations, haunting melodies and encourages attendees to showcase their most imaginative costumes.

Starting at 9 pm, the festivities include:

  • Specially crafted drinks like earthworm Hell-O shots which contribute to the spine-chilling vibe
  • An exclusive photo spot known as The Keepers Coffin
  • A costume competition that offers various prizes including group awards, official Sharky’s merchandise and monetary gifts.

Without a doubt, The Graveyard Shift hosted by Sharkys Tamarindo provides an unparalleled Halloween festivity brimming with terror and amusement!

Karaoke Night: Sing Your Heart Out

Join the excitement every Tuesday at 9 pm as Sharkys Tamarindo hosts an exhilarating Karaoke Night, perfect for anyone eager to showcase their vocal talents and sing along. This event is more than just singing. It’s about crafting memorable experiences! Regardless of your experience level, from professional entertainers to those who belt out tunes in the privacy of their shower—all are welcome to grab the microphone and pour passion into song.

With each melody you share on stage, you’re rewarded with a free shot, encouraging participation and enhancing the fun. But there’s more—Karaoke Night at Sharkys Tamarindo celebrates much more than music alone. It fosters fellowship and joyous times with crowd favorites. So come forth, seize that mic confidently, step up under the lights and immerse yourself in sheer fun!

Girls’ Night Out Mondays: Free Drinks and Fun

Attention, ladies! Make your way to Sharkys Tamarindo every Monday for a Girls’ Night Out, also known as ladies night. That’s too good to pass up. Enjoy cocktail specials including complimentary champagne, mimosas, and Mai Tais as you indulge in an evening filled with joy, laughter, and moments that will stay etched in your memory.

The fun unfolds from 10 PM until 1 AM when the bar becomes a haven of lively chatter among friends old and new. The air rings with the music of clinking glasses and gleeful laughs—making Girls’ Night Out at Sharkys Tamarindo the ultimate setting for kicking off your week on an upbeat note!

Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl Adventure

Are you ready for a thrilling escapade? Dive into the excitement with Sharkys Tamarindo’s Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl, a beach party event like no other. Kicking off at the local bar, this sought-after event every week escorts adventurers through secret beaches and pools in the vicinity of Tamarindo.

Packed with lively pursuits such as:

  • water volleyball
  • stand-up paddleboarding
  • snorkeling
  • kayaking

And interspersed with invigorating beverages along each venue, it caters to those yearning for both adventure and enjoyment. Once an action-packed day under the sun is over, participants gather back at Sharkys for some poolside fun, relaxing and exchanging tales from their exhilarating experiences.

The Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl Adventure offers a dynamic route to uncovering Tamarindo’s hidden splendors.

The Route and Destinations

The Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl features:

  • A lively kickoff celebration at El Be Tamarindo Beach Club
  • Bus transportation to an array of exclusive pools and secluded beaches, offering exclusive access to some of the most private and serene locations
  • An excursion to the opulent Dunama Hotel, showcasing its picturesque pool

Throughout this escapade, participants will visit three distinct bars that each present a special experience with facilities such as a beach or pool, paired with live musical performances or DJ sets. For around €45, attendees are promised a day brimming with excitement, amusement, and memorable moments.

Price and Inclusions

For a mere $40, the Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl offers an all-inclusive package that’s an absolute steal. This cost covers both transportation and admission to every venue on the tour, ensuring a smooth and carefree experience.

But wait—there’s more! Each location visited comes with a complimentary welcome drink. This means that while discovering Tamarindo’s secluded treasures, you can also indulge in delightful beverages amid breathtaking views. Truly, what better deal could there be?

Bar Food and Drinks – Among the Best in Costa Rica

sports bars in Tamarindo

Sharkys Tamarindo elevates the revelry beyond mere sports and events, diving into a culinary adventure with its sumptuous offerings of food and beverages. This bar’s menu is designed to satisfy diverse palates with an array of enticing gourmet bites as starters, fulfilling entrees, and scrumptious desserts that cater to all kinds of taste preferences.

For those who consider themselves epicureans as well as for the everyday eater, Sharkys Tamarindo presents a vast selection that is sure to tantalize your taste buds, including signature cocktails. Prepare yourself for an exploration through the rich flavors and unique dishes that are proudly showcased at Sharkys.

Sharky’s Tamarindo Menu

Sharkys Tamarindo takes pride in its menu that reflects the fresh, local flavors of Costa Rica, emphasizing local cuisine. Signature dishes like the Coco Loco Shrimp and the Tuna Poke Bowl are favorites among patrons, showcasing the culinary prowess of the chefs.

The Coco Loco Shrimp, known for its creamy coconut sauce with a spicy kick, beautifully complements the fresh, succulent shrimp. If you prefer lighter fare, the Tuna Poke Bowl offers a refreshing choice with perfectly seasoned raw tuna and an array of healthy toppings over sticky rice. Each dish is a testament to the bar’s commitment to offering high-quality, delicious food, providing an unforgettable culinary experience at Sharkys.

Drink Specials at Sharky’s Bar

At Sharkys Tamarindo, the enjoyment never stops, and neither does the stream of beverages, especially during our happy hour when drink specials are available! On any given themed night or during special events, you’ll find an array of custom drink specials. From Margarita Mondays to Tropical Tuesdays, enticing deals on drinks are a staple.

With activities ranging from Beer Pong Competitions to Saturdays filled with Moscow Mules & Mojitos and even Carnival for a Cause—each event brings its own distinctive beverage selection that amplifies the celebratory vibe. So regardless of which day it is, Sharkys Tamarindo guarantees a cool drink waiting for you, crafted with the finest mixology techniques!

YouTube Channel

Should your travels not bring you to Sharkys Tamarindo, fear not—you can immerse yourself in its lively ambiance via their YouTube channel. The virtual tour content on the channel is a reflection of the nighttime festivities and happenings at Sharkys Tamarindo.

On this platform, expect to find:

  • Energetic overviews of themed evenings
  • Intimate sneak peeks from behind-the-scenes
  • Showcases of guest appearances highlighting top-tier entertainment at Sharkys

Hence, even while nestled comfortably at home, it’s possible for you to get a sense of the thrilling life that pulses through Sharkys Tamarindo, including subscriber favorites.

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Sharkys Tamarindo is not merely a sports bar, it’s the ultimate destination that combines live sports action, delectable cuisine, cool beverages, and memorable happenings. It’s the place to be whether you’re cheering on your top team, enjoying one of their famous meals, singing your heart out during karaoke night, or engaging in the raucous Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl—each visit promises a fun-filled adventure.

Don’t delay any longer! Dive into Sharkys Tamarindo for a taste of exceptional nightlife in Tamarindo. There truly isn’t a more vibrant venue to experience sporting events, indulge in culinary delights, and make lasting memories than at Sharkys Tamarindo, ensuring every visit is an unforgettable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports can I watch at Sharkys Tamarindo?

At Sharkys Tamarindo, a wide range of sports games can be viewed due to their comprehensive coverage across multiple screens.

Take pleasure in the experience!

What are some events hosted by Sharkys Tamarindo?

Sharkys Tamarindo organizes a variety of events including a Halloween party, Karaoke Night, and Girls’ Night Out.

Come along to enjoy the fun!

What is the Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl Adventure?

Every Sunday, the Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl Adventure offers an exciting opportunity for attendees to discover secluded beaches and pools in the vicinity of Tamarindo. This event is a favorite among those looking to experience various locations throughout the region.

What food and drinks are available at Sharkys Tamarindo?

At Sharkys Tamarindo, a varied menu awaits you with standout offerings such as the Coco Loco Shrimp and the Tuna Poke Bowl, complemented by an assortment of drink specials to enjoy.

Does Sharkys Tamarindo have a YouTube channel?

Yes, Sharkys Tamarindo has a YouTube channel that showcases event recaps, behind-the-scenes footage, and guest performances.

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