Top 5 Argentinian Restaurants Fort Lauderdale

Craving an authentic Argentinian steak or perhaps a glass of Malbec in Fort Lauderdale? Our guide dives into the heart of the city’s Argentinian cuisine, spotlighting argentinian restaurants fort lauderdale that excel in traditional flavors and dining experiences. Expect in-depth insights into the unique offerings and ambient distinctions at each locale as we unveil Fort Lauderdale’s finest spots for South American culinary delights.

As a meat lover, I can’t get enough good Argentinian steak!  Here’s your guide to eating like you are in Buenos Aires for all you carnivores!

Overview of Argentinean Food in Ft Lauderdale

  • Fort Lauderdale’s Argentine restaurants serve up a diverse array of dishes reflecting Argentina’s culinary heritage, with a focus on traditional meats like beef, as well as pasta, seafood, and a selection of handcrafted wines.
  • Beef dishes like asado and sausages are staples in Argentine cuisine, complemented by savory empanadas, chimichurri sauce, and the social beverage yerba mate, alongside sweets featuring dulce de leche.
  • Beyond the cuisine, local Argentine eateries offer a range of dining atmospheres, from casual family-friendly to upscale experiences, and host cultural events such as tango nights and wine tastings that celebrate Argentine traditions.

Exploring Fort Lauderdale’s Argentine Cuisine

Fort Lauderdale's Argentine Cuisine

The Argentine cuisine available in Fort Lauderdale captivates the palate with an array of flavors that reflect Argentina’s rich culinary heritage. These restaurants strive for authenticity, with menus brimming with traditional Argentine cuts of beef, regional recipes, and handcrafted wines, immersing patrons in the cultural dining experience of Argentina.

Whether you’re a seasoned epicurean or just dipping your toes into Argentine cuisine, these establishments pledge a culinary journey that your taste buds won’t forget.

The Influence of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, often referred to as ‘the Paris of South America,’ has significantly shaped the Argentine cuisine scene in Fort Lauderdale. Its culinary identity, a blend of European and South American traditions, centers around beef, thanks to Argentina’s expansive grasslands. The city’s Italian immigrants introduced pasta and pizza dishes, adapting their traditional recipes with local ingredients. And let’s not forget the gaucho culture, which brought about the asado, a unique method of barbecuing meats that’s more than just a meal—it’s a social event.

With a menu featuring an array of grilled meats, seafood, fresh salads, pastas, and vegetables, Argentinean restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach truly embody the rich culinary diversity of Buenos Aires.

Argentinean Food Staples

Beef is a hallmark of Argentine cuisine, reflecting the country’s gaucho heritage and extensive cattle ranching practices. The asado, or barbecue, is both a national dish and a cultural ritual, featuring a variety of grilled meats including beef, pork, and sausages. Empanadas, small savory pies filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables, are another quintessential Argentine food item, reflecting Spanish and Portuguese influences.

To wash down these hearty dishes, there’s yerba mate, a distinctive caffeinated beverage enjoyed in social settings. Of course, no Argentine meal is complete without chimichurri, a bright green salsa often served with grilled meats, or provoleta, a deliciously melted, seasoned provolone cheese that’s crisp on the outside. Every bite at an Argentine restaurant in Fort Lauderdale is a celebration of these food staples.

Wine and Dine: Argentina’s Wine Culture

Argentina's Wine Culture

With roots dating back to the 16th century, Argentina’s wine culture has undergone significant evolution over time. The late 20th century saw a shift towards quality and international markets, revitalizing the Argentine wine industry. Today, Buenos Aires ranks second only to Paris in terms of wine consumption, with wine often taking center stage at meals and social gatherings. This culture has gained global traction, with Argentina becoming a key player on the world wine stage.

Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale offer signature wines like Malbec, often paired with beef for its bold flavors, and Torrontés, which complements fish and pasta with its floral and moderate acidity. It’s a testament to the broad food pairing tradition ingrained in Argentina’s wine culture.

Top 5 Argentinian Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Argentine food lovers will find a sanctuary in Fort Lauderdale, where a multitude of restaurants delivers an authentic Buenos Aires dining experience. These establishments pride themselves on their traditional Buenos Aires-style grilled meats and a curated selection of Argentine wines, promising an immersive dining experience. And for seafood lovers, there’s a diverse range of Argentine-style fish and shellfish dishes to explore.

Let’s delve into the unique offerings and distinctive ambiance of the top five Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale.

Che Pibe Argentinian Grill

For over 13 years, Che Pibe Argentinian Grill has been serving up authentic Argentine fare, including a variety of grilled meats and Argentinean style dishes. The restaurant has gained fame for its choripan, a traditional Argentine sausage sandwich beloved by many. With a relaxed and gracious dining environment, this establishment is perfect for any occasion, from family get-togethers to casual lunch dates.

And the best part? With its convenient location in Pembroke Pines, free parking, and a variety of payment options, not to mention delivery services through Uber Eats, dining at Che Pibe Argentinian Grill is a breeze.

Argentino Las Olas

Argentino Las Olas

Located at the heart of Fort Lauderdale, not far from Hallandale Beach, Argentino Las Olas is the city’s first Argentine restaurant, radiating the vibrant spirit of Argentina. The restaurant caters to the night crowd, remaining open until 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, perfect for late-night food cravings.

Among the variety of authentic Argentine dishes available, the empanadas are particularly endorsed. However, the Milanesa has received critical feedback due to the subpar cut of meat and overall disappointing preparation.

Baires Grill

If you’re looking for a central location, Baires Grill is the place to be. Situated on the bustling Las Olas Boulevard, near Federal Hwy, the restaurant offers a variety of dining options, including lunch and an exclusive Executive Menu. It’s the perfect spot for a business lunch or a casual dinner with friends, and the complimentary bread basket with blue cheese butter is a unique and popular starter that sets Baires Grill apart.

La Estancia Argentina

For a unique culinary experience, look no further than La Estancia Argentina. Established in 2001 as a bistro-style restaurant, La Estancia Argentina offers:

  • A blend of casual ambiance and authentic regional Argentine cuisine
  • A redefinition of the concept of an Argentinean grill with its unique culinary approach
  • A clear passion for food and drink

Las Pampas Grill & Bar

If you’re after high-quality grilled meats, fresh fish, seafood, and pastas, Las Pampas Grill & Bar is a must-visit. Despite its remote location in a strip mall, this hidden treasure is celebrated for its exceptional food offerings. The restaurant is also known for its excellent service, making it a favorite among those looking to enjoy hearty portions of authentic Argentine cuisine.

Unique Dishes to Try at Fort Lauderdale’s Argentine Restaurants

If you’re pondering over what to order at these Argentine restaurants, we can offer some suggestions:

  • Meat lovers can indulge in tender flank steak, savory skirt steak, sumptuous NY strip loin, juicy ribeye, and flavorful Patagonian lamb ribs.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, there are a range of delectable desserts featuring dulce de leche, such as churros and tres leches cake.
  • Seafood enthusiasts can explore Argentine-style fish and shellfish dishes, which are part of the culinary offerings at these establishments.

Meat Lovers’ Delight: Flank Steak and Choripan

Flank Steak and Choripan

For meat lovers, New Campo Argentino is an amazing paradise. The restaurant is renowned for its exceptional steaks, including the flavorsome flank steak. Choripán, a sausage sandwich deeply rooted in Argentine gaucho tradition, is another must-try dish.

Beef, of course, occupies a central role in Argentine cuisine, with dishes like asado, milanesas, and lomo integral to the culinary experience.

Sweet Treats: Dulce de Leche Desserts

When it comes to desserts, Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale offer plenty of sweet treats. Dulce de leche, a thick caramel made by slowly reducing condensed milk, is a staple in Argentine desserts, found in alfajores, empanadas, and helado (ice cream). Alfajores, shortbread-like biscuits sandwiching dulce de leche, are another favorite.

Las Pampas Grill & Bar tempts with Argentinian-style crepes filled with dulce de leche, while Argentino Las Olas is known for classic Argentine desserts like flan topped with a rich dulce de leche. And don’t forget to check out La Estancia Argentina’s bakery section, which showcases homemade sweets and pastries featuring the irresistible dulce de leche.

Seafood Specialties: Argentine-style Fish and Shellfish

Seafood specialties are also a highlight at Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. The calamari, known for being tender and crispy, is highly commended and comes served with exceptional dipping sauces.

Whether you’re a seafood lover or simply looking to try something different, these dishes are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Finding the Perfect Ambiance for Your Argentine Dining Experience

The Argentine dining options in Fort Lauderdale FL mirror the diversity of the cuisine itself. Whether you’re looking for a casual family-friendly eatery, an upscale spot for a special occasion, or an alfresco patio for outdoor dining, there’s a place for you. These establishments not only offer delicious food but also provide the perfect ambiance for a memorable dining experience.

Casual Eateries: Family-friendly and Relaxed Dining

Casual eateries like Baires Grill offer a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for families and sports fans. With a kids menu on offer and football games for entertainment, it’s an ideal spot for a family outing. The restaurant also features a happy hour with generous discounts, drawing in crowds for a casual and affordable experience.

And the complimentary bread basket with blue cheese butter is a unique appetizer that sets Baires Grill apart.

Upscale Options: Elegant and Sophisticated Dining

For a more elegant and sophisticated dining experience, there are several upscale Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. These establishments offer a sophisticated blend of cultures, with Italian heritage reflected in dishes like ñoquis and milanesa napolitana, and Spanish influences evident in items such as tortillas and paellas. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to treat yourself, these restaurants promise a memorable dining experience.

Alfresco Patios: Outdoor Dining with a View

Alfresco Patios

If you prefer dining under the open sky, Argentino Las Olas offers alfresco patio dining. Here, you can savor the authentic Argentine culinary experience in a vibrant, open-air environment. The restaurant’s atmosphere is specifically crafted for a pleasant experience on Las Olas Blvd, and with the option to reserve a table in advance, you can ensure a hassle-free dining experience.

Events and Celebrations at Argentine Restaurants

Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale offer not just food but also a host of events and celebrations that embody true Argentine culture. From tango nights and wine tastings to holiday festivities, these establishments provide a vibrant scene for special occasions.

Tango Nights: Experience Argentina’s Iconic Dance

Certain Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale host Tango nights, offering a genuine cultural experience. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a newbie, these events are a great way to immerse yourself in Argentina’s iconic dance.

Wine Tastings: Savor the Flavors of Argentine Wines

Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale present wine tastings that guide you through the country’s rich wine heritage. These wine-focused events provide an immersive experience for enthusiasts interested in learning about Argentine vintages.

From robust reds to crisp whites, you’ll have the opportunity to savor a variety of Argentine wines and expand your knowledge on the topic.

Holiday Festivities: Celebrate Argentine Traditions

If you’re in town during the holidays, don’t miss out on the festive celebrations at Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. These establishments honor traditional holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Argentina’s Independence Day with special events and menus demonstrating Argentine culinary traditions.

From live music and tango performances to delectable holiday-specific dishes, these events offer a festive atmosphere that’s reflective of Argentine culture.

While none of these places made my best local steak house list, they are all worth the visit and offer typical Argentinian cuisine.


To sum up, Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale offer an authentic taste of Argentina right here in Florida. From the rich flavors of traditional Argentine dishes to the diverse dining experiences on offer, these establishments provide a culinary journey that’s both educational and fun. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, these restaurants promise a memorable gastronomic adventure. So, why wait? Embark on your culinary exploration and savor the authentic taste of Argentina in Fort Lauderdale!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Argentine cuisine unique?

Argentine cuisine is unique due to its blend of European and indigenous traditions, known for beef, asado, empanadas, and yerba mate. Experience a diverse culinary journey unlike any other.

What are the top Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale?

Check out Che Pibe Argentinian Grill, Argentino Las Olas, Baires Grill, La Estancia Argentina, and Las Pampas Grill & Bar for some of the best Argentine cuisine in Fort Lauderdale!

What unique dishes can I try at Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale?

You should definitely try the flank steak, choripan, dulce de leche desserts, and Argentine-style fish and shellfish dishes at Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy your meal!

What types of events do Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale host?

Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale host events such as tango nights, wine tastings, and holiday celebrations, showcasing authentic Argentine culture.

What types of dining experiences can I expect at Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale?

You can expect a variety of dining experiences at Argentine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, including casual, family-friendly, upscale, and alfresco options. Enjoy exploring the different atmospheres!

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