Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica – What to Know Before You Go

Playa Bejuco, a tranquil Costa Rican beach haven, promises unspoiled landscapes and a quiet retreat from bustling tourist centers. Start planning your trip with our top tips on travel, accommodation, and how to savor Playa Bejuco’s unique natural beauty and local culture.

Key Takeaways

  • Playa Bejuco is a peaceful, natural retreat perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility away from crowded tourist spots, with various lodging options available.
  • While Bejuco’s scenic beauty is enchanting, tourists should be mindful of strong rip tides when engaging in water activities, as well as take the opportunity to explore surfing for the more adventurous.
  • Apart from beachside relaxation, Bejuco serves as a convenient base for day trips to nearby attractions and offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, wildlife tours, and visiting waterfalls.

Discovering Playa Bejuco

playa bejuca costa rica beach
The gorgeous beach is lined with lush palm trees.

Playa Bejuco, a quaint beachside town on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, provides a tranquil refuge from the busy tourist hotspots. This beautiful beach is renowned for its brown, warm sand that’s perfect for strolling, and its shoreline adorned with shady palm trees and lush vegetation. The calm, tranquil vibe of this beach town, coupled with its stunning natural beauty, makes it the perfect place to unwind and escape the daily grind.

Yet, Playa Bejuco offers more than just scenic beauty. The beach is a vital nesting site for various coastal bird species, making it a crucial location for the ecology of the Pacific coast. Additionally, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll love a visit to Bejuco. The place is teeming with diverse wildlife, including:

  • coatimundi
  • hummingbirds
  • crocodiles
  • white-faced capuchin monkeys

This makes every walk a new adventure.

Being a less-visited jewel, Playa Bejuco retains an added layer of charm, making it a playa bejuco hard to resist. The small beachside town itself is a laid-back, local fishing village with few all-inclusive resorts or beachfront condo towers. However, there are a few gated condo communities close to the beach, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and comfort.

Navigating to Playa Bejuco: Transportation Tips

Getting to Playa Bejuco is straightforward and hassle-free. The roads leading to this beach town are great for driving or taking a bus, ensuring a smooth journey for visitors. While a 4×4 vehicle isn’t strictly necessary, it is a good idea to have a high car, given the rocky roads in the area. For those who prefer to rent a car, services are readily available near Playa Bejuco. You can book car rentals through Expedia or for the best deals.

No worries if you prefer public transportation. There are bus services from Jaco to Playa Bejuco, and also from San Jose. However, it’s always a good idea to check a tourist map for the best routes and stops.

Regardless of whether you’re driving, renting a car, or taking a bus, the journey to Playa Bejuco adds to the overall adventure. With the picturesque landscape of the Central Pacific region whizzing by, you’ll be excited long before you even reach the beach!

The Beautiful Sunsets and Shorelines at Bejuco Beach

playa bejuco sunset
The gorgeous sunset.

Photo Credit:  TripAdvisor

With its immaculate shores, Playa Bejuco is an ideal spot for leisurely strolls and sunbathing. The beach, about 117 kilometers long, offers ample space for visitors to relax without feeling crowded. Its unique brown sand is a sight to behold, adding to the charm of the beach. What’s even more impressive is that the beach has received the Blue Flag Award for its cleanliness and environmental efforts.

While the beach is a beautiful destination, visitors should be cautious of the rip tides and dangerous currents that make it unsuitable for swimming. However, many accommodations in the area offer a private pool for guests to enjoy a safe swim. The tranquil beauty of the beach and safety measures in place make it a sought-after destination for tourists seeking a peaceful retreat.

Surf’s Up: Riding the Waves at Bejuco

Thrill-seekers shouldn’t be fooled by Bejuco’s serene exterior. The beach is a popular spot for experienced surfers looking for challenging waves. The winter months, especially from April to October, provide the most consistent waves, with late May to August being the best period for surfing. However, beginners should exercise caution, as some parts of Playa Bejuco can be hard due to strong currents.

For those eager to learn, surf gear can be rented at Playa Grande Surf Shop and Surfing Jaco. They also offer lessons and equipment rentals for all levels. Remember, safety first. Always stick to a beach suitable for your level, listen to lifeguards, avoid rough weather, get proper lessons, and most importantly, have fun!

Accommodations Near the Sand’s Edge

Playa Bejuco Costa Rica

Playa Bejuco caters to all travelers, offering a diverse range of accommodation options. From gated condo communities to vacation rentals and small hotels, visitors have a plethora of choices. Some fantastic options include Hotel Delfin Playa Bejuco, Playa Bejuco Bungalows, and Poseidon’s Beachfront Sanctuary for hotels. If you’re looking for gated condo communities, Hills of Esterillos, Jardines Del Pacificio, and Costa Del Sol are great choices. And, of course, numerous vacation rentals are listed on Airbnb and VRBO, providing a home away from home at the hotel playa bejuco area.

Regardless of where you choose to stay, expect to find amenities like free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, pools, family-friendly rooms, and stunning views. Plus, they’ve got your back with storage, chill-out spots, phones, and tile or marble floors. The average cost of accommodation in Playa Bejuco is around $91 per night, making it an affordable choice for many travelers.

Dining in Bejuco: Local Flavors and Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood in Bejuco

As for gastronomy, Bejuco certainly delivers. The local dining scene is vibrant, featuring mouth-watering traditional Costa Rican cuisine and fresh seafood. Top local restaurants include Los Almendros Restaurant and El Chiringuito. If you’re a seafood lover, Mar y Sol is a popular choice for some amazing seafood dishes.

Sampling local cuisine is a key aspect of traveling, and this holds true for Bejuco as well. When dining in Bejuco, don’t miss out on traditional Costa Rican dishes like tamales, casados, and Gallo Pinto. These dishes offer a generous portion of meat, sautéed onions, rice and beans, accompanied by a light cabbage or palm salad.

Dining hours in Bejuco can vary for each restaurant, so it’s a good idea to check beforehand. Also, keep in mind that some restaurants like El Chiringuito might be closed on specific days. So, whether you’re a foodie or just looking to fuel your adventure, Bejuco has got you covered!

Day Trips and Nearby Attractions

In addition to its beach, Bejuco is a strategic starting point for day trips to surrounding attractions. The Carara National Park, located just about 20 kilometers from Playa Bejuco, is an excellent spot for wildlife enthusiasts. Here, visitors can spot a variety of wildlife like crocodiles, macaws, and monkeys, while wandering along well-kept trails. The park is just a short drive from Bejuco, making it easy to plan a day trip.

Another popular destination is the Manuel Antonio National Park, roughly 34.6 km away from Bejuco. The park is home to some stunning beaches like Escondido, Playa Manuel Antonio, and Playa Espadilla Norte, along with exciting adventure activities like the Sukia Park & Zip Line Tour, Tropical Waterfalls Tour, and the Chocolate tour.

If you’re looking for a quick beach trip, Esterillos Oeste Beach is just about 5 kilometers from Playa Bejuco. This beach offers a more laid-back vibe, making it a great option for a day trip. With so many attractions close by, you’ll never run out of things to do in and around Bejuco!

Activities Beyond the Beach: Explore and Play

Beyond the beach, Bejuco and its surroundings offer abundant exploration opportunities. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are several hiking trails in the vicinity. Some popular ones include:

  • La Cangreja Waterfall in Rincon de la Vieja National Park
  • Las Pailas Loop in Rincon de la Vieja National Park
  • Rio Celeste Waterfall Hike in Tenorio Volcano National Park
  • Santa Rosa National Park Hike

There are also guided hiking and camping tours that explore these scenic trails in national parks, which are popular tourist destinations.

For wildlife enthusiasts, Efrain’s Nature Tours and the wildlife refuge located at the eastern end of the peninsula are a must-visit. Here, you can spot a variety of wildlife and marvel at the biodiversity of the region. The best times for hiking and wildlife watching near Playa Bejuco are during the months of July and August.

And if you’re still looking for more, there are several waterfalls near Playa Bejuco that you can explore. These include:

So whether you’re keen on hiking, wildlife watching, or visiting waterfalls, Bejuco has got you covered!

Relaxation and Recreation: Making the Most of Your Stay

Amidst the plethora of activities in and around Playa Bejuco, remember to dedicate some time to unwind and savour the peaceful ambiance. You can lounge on the beach, do yoga, or even go on wellness retreats. Places like Encantada Ocean Cottages or near Playa Bejuco are perfect for yoga and meditation. For those looking for wellness retreats or spas, Bodhi Surf & Yoga, Arenal Springs Resort & Spa, and The Royal Corin Thermal Water & Spa Resort offer a great way to unwind and rejuvenate.

Beyond relaxation, Bejuco also offers a range of eco-friendly activities. You can explore the beach, go shore walking, or swim in the tidal pools and open water. These activities are not only fun but also a great way to connect with nature while being responsible.

Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. You can indulge in friendly soccer matches, have a barbecue, or spend time exploring the rocky beachside outcroppings and coves. Whatever your preference, Bejuco offers a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Essentials for Your Bejuco Beach Trip

Playa Bejuco trip

As you pack for your Playa Bejuco trip, don’t forget the essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and a camera to immortalize the breathtaking views. The average temperature in Playa Bejuco is between 77°F and 93°F all year round, so pack casual and comfy outfits like sundresses, shorts, and t-shirts or tank tops. Don’t forget to pack a raincoat or light waterproof jacket, hiking boots or sturdy sneakers for exploring, and personal hygiene items like face wash and wet wipes.

Remember, Playa Bejuco is located in a tropical region, and there’s a risk of tropical diseases like:

  • dengue
  • malaria
  • chikungunya
  • Zika

So, make sure you’ve got all your routine vaccines up to date before you head to Costa Rica. With these essentials packed, you’re all set to enjoy your trip to Playa Bejuco!


Playa Bejuco is a serene, hidden gem on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, offering a peaceful and less crowded beach experience for visitors. From its pristine shores and diverse wildlife to its tranquil atmosphere and nearby attractions, Bejuco offers a unique blend of relaxation and recreation. Whether you’re a beach bum, a foodie, a nature lover, or an adventure enthusiast, Bejuco has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, grab your essentials, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Playa Bejuco.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beach on the Pacific side of Costa Rica?

The best beach on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio National Park, known for its stunning beauty and various activities such as dolphin watching and jet skiing. It’s a fantastic spot for a relaxing beach day.

Are there any white sand beaches in Costa Rica?

Yes, there are white sand beaches in Costa Rica, such as Manuel Antonio and Playa Espadilla, which are popular tourist destinations due to their beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by lush jungle.

How can I reach Playa Bejuco?

You can easily reach Playa Bejuco by driving or taking a bus, as the roads are in good condition. Car rental services are also available near the area, providing additional transportation options.

Can I swim at Playa Bejuco?

No, it’s not safe to swim at Playa Bejuco due to rip tides and dangerous currents. Consider enjoying a safe swim at the private pools offered by accommodations in the area.

What can I do at Playa Bejuco?

You can engage in activities like hiking, wildlife watching, visiting waterfalls, and yoga at Playa Bejuco. There are also several nearby attractions that you can explore. It sounds like a perfect destination for both relaxation and adventure!

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