Sportsmen’s Lodge Costa Rica – a “Frat House With Women”

If you are a single male traveler staying in San Jose for some fun, there is no place that offers the fraternity feeling of the Sportsmen’s Lodge.  In some of the Sportsmen’s Lodge Reviews I found online one man called it “a frat house with girls,” and I’ll share many personal experiences here from my time living in San Jose.  This hotel is a converted mansion built in the early 1900’s and remodeled to be a great place to rest your head where you can walk out to a social scene featuring booze, sports, entertainment, and yes, the ladies of the night (and day) that frolic around San Jose looking to entertain tourists.

With a great location in Barrio Otoya that allows guests to walk the heart of the Gringo Gulch or or a quick taxi away from anything you would want to get into in the area, this is a great place to stay if you are into women, sports, and connecting with fellow travelers looking to enjoy all San Jose has to offer for the single male.  Let’s get into my Sportsmen’s Lodge review and I’ll share more about this place that I used to frequent when I lived in the area.

A Hotel Designed for Sportsmen

sportsmens lodge costa rica

This hotel has morphed over the years into a one stop shop to take care of all of your manly needs.  From the minute you arrive at the guarded old mansion that’s been rebooted into a hotel and bar, you’ll find they will help you find what you are looking for.  They are chock full of services you can partake in if you are looking for things to do, including:

Literally all of these are at your fingertips and they offer transportation bookings right on premises.  It’s like you have a built in travel assistant from the moment you arrive at the Sportsmen’s Lodge.

Hotel Rooms

Whether you just want a simple room to rest your head, or want to spurge and get a mack daddy experience, you can find it all here.  There are many rooms to sift through, and I do my best to share the differences in each.  One thing to know is that the Modern Wing is a bit more quiet and away from the sometimes noisy courtyard, so you’ll find rates a little more elevated in this wing.  Also, rooms have different renovations over the years, because this is an old converted mansion that has been worked on many times, so while a lot of the rooms look the same, some have varied decor which affects their prices.

The Penthouse

The premier room here is the penthouse.  This features a pool table and full jacuzzi.

pool table

This room is 900 square feet and located in the modern wing.  You’ll get a master bedroom, spacious living room, king bed, and a loft that has a 42 inch HD TV with full surround sound and a walk out sun deck.  There’s also two jacuzzi tubs and a full kitchen in this room, making it perfect for longer stays and the person who likes to cook.  There’s also a full bar!

hot tub

The Amistad

Normally just $115 per night, this room offers a king bed, safe, jacuzzi tub and coffee maker in addition to the standard flat screen TV with satellite TV.  This is located in the Club House area.

Amistad room

Amor Room

This is the standard room offered for $85 nightly.  It offers a queen size bed, safe, coffee maker, and Flat Screen TV.  This is located in the courtyard nearest the sports bar.

amor room

Buena Vida

For $10 more per night you can get the Buena Vida, in the same courtyard location and with everything the Amor room offers, only with an upgrade to a King bed.

Buena Vida

El Dorado

For $115 you can get the same offerings as the Buena Vida, only difference here is that this is located in the Modern Wing.  It’s a bit more quiet and secluded as it’s away from the lively bar area.  If you value a good night’s sleep away from the noise (especially on the weekends) this is worth the extra money.

El Dorado

El Leon

Located on the first floor of the mansion wing, this is a master suite for $169 per night.  King bed, flat screen TV, jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower and all the other amenities mentioned in the other rooms.

El Leon


This one is a slightly upgraded room offering a king bed for $115 per night in the courtyard.



The Hermosa is a Jr. Suite in the modern wing with a king bed.   $125 nightly.



Also in the modern wing for $125 per night this offers a king bed and jacuzzi tub.



If you want an elevated room in the modern wing with all the bells and whistles at a great price, the Jaguar at $139 is a great play.



A standard room in the courtyard, this is one of the most basic rooms.  $85 nightly.


There’s a lot of rooms with this same price point, including the Pura Vida, Tranquilidad, Pasion, Alegria, Esperanza, Fiesta, and Amante.  They are all basically the same rooms with different locations and different names.

Presidential Suite

This is the largest room in the courtyard, so if you want space near the action, this is a solid choice.  $135 per night and you get a king bed, walk in shower, and jacuzzi.

Others that are similar include El Leopardo, El Puma, El Mono, El Rey, El Tigre, El Zorro, Las Palmas, Mirador, and Toro Negra, and Vista Del Sol.

There’s also a double suite so you can stay with a friend for $189.

The Bar and Restaurant

Almost like a Las Vegas hotel has a circular bar in every hotel lobby where guests can gather and mingle, the sportsmen’s lodge bar is very similar.  The epicenter and main draw you’ll see as you enter the hotel is the expansive bar loaded with flat screens.  March Madness, the Super Bowl, Sunday NFL Football, I’ve watched it all here and had a great time.  This is also where women congregate and meet up with men looking for company.  It’s one of the major hangouts for the legal prostitution trade in Costa Rica, so know that going in, these girls are working in some way, shape, or form.

sportsmens lodge bar

The bar offers one of the better offerings of American food in San Jose.  Whether you crave bratwurst, a steak, a hamburger, or Tex-Mex, they have it all!

sportsmens lodge pool table

Other Amenities

If you are looking for a quick workout, there is a fitness center here as well.  If you need to print or scan documents, they have a business center.  In short, the Sportsmen’s in Costa Rica has every base covered to make you feel like you are on vacation, yet close to American sports and able to keep in shape and keep up with work if need be!

Sportsmen’s Lodge Reviews

It’s always good to check out reviews of any hotels in San Jose or any other vicinity for that matter prior to booking, but it’s even more fun to check out reviews when the venue caters to a certain clientele!  Look, the single male life just hits different when it comes to hunting for women abroad, and when people stay here that don’t know what that scene is all about, well, the various takes can range from polarizing to downright hilarious.

“Its a Frat House But With Girls” 

This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about here.  Tomas, whose review I found on TripAdvisor, is pretty bad.  But then again, so is his tank top and fruity drink so take it with a large grain of salt.

sportsmens lodge reviews

Eugene shared a review that’s much more in line with what the hotel offers, and it’s spot on.

Sportsmens Lodge Hotel Reviews

At the end of the day, know what you are getting into here.  If you are looking for a safe, friendly environment where you can walk steps from your room to the bar to meet fellow travelers happy to connect, and perhaps a few ladies to share companionship with, this is your place.  As a bonus, they are very keen on showing all sporting events so you don’t miss any action when you are traveling.  It’s like being in your home sports bar, only with a room you can crash into without having to worry about driving, and of course, the bonus of scoring a date right on premises.

They do an excellent job at servicing their niche and I can’t recommend it enough if you are a single male traveler looking to get laid and spend some time in San Jose.


This is the place to stay for single male travelers who want to immediately plug themselves into San Jose and experience it all.  You’ll not only get a warm welcome, but you’ll be able to meet people from all over the US and world who come here to disconnect and really unwind.  Everyone from the ownership, to the staff, to the women who frequent this establishment, will make sure you have a pleasant and memorable stay.

Get In Touch

  • Telephone:  (506) 2221-2533
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Carmen Barrio Otoya

200 Oeste y 25 Sur de la rampa de emergencias Hospital Calderon Guardia

10101 San Jose, Costa Rica

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