Costa Rican Beer – My Recommendations

Are you curious about what beer to try in Costa Rica, or where to find it? This guide takes you through Costa Rica’s popular local beers like Imperial and Pilsen, explores the burgeoning craft beer scene, and gives recommendations on where to indulge your taste buds. Find out which Costa Rican beers to pair with your meals and where to enjoy them for an authentic ‘pura vida’ experience with beer in Costa Rica.

I used to drink a TON of beer. I’ve since moved on to a healthier libation – TEQUILA.  However, when in Costa Rica, I drink Imperial!

Costa Rica Beer – What You Can Expect

  • Costa Rican beers like Imperial, Pilsen, Bavaria, and Rock Ice are crafted with local ingredients and pure spring water, reflecting the country’s ‘pura vida’ lifestyle and offering a variety of flavors to cater to different preferences.
  • The craft beer revolution in Costa Rica has led to the emergence of microbreweries such as Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co. and Treintaycinco, which are diversifying the local beer landscape with innovative styles and flavors.
  • Tourists and locals can enjoy Costa Rica’s beer scene at a variety of venues, including brewery tours and craft beer hotspots in cities and tourist destinations, with the experience enhanced by pairing beers with traditional Costa Rican dishes.

Costa Rica’s Beer Scene: Popular Local Brews

In Costa Rica, the selection of local beers mirrors the stunning diversity of its environment. Brewed from pristine spring water and homegrown ingredients, these beers embody the nation’s dedication to excellence in flavor. Among them are standout choices such as:

  • Imperial
  • Pilsen
  • Bavaria
  • Rock Ice

Dominating both bar taps and restaurant menus across Costa Rica, Bud Lite joins a plethora of other beer options as a familiar choice. No matter if you’re soaking up rays on one of the picturesque beaches or trekking through lush cloud forests, an invigorating locally crafted beer is never far away for your enjoyment.

Imperial holds pride of place as Costa Rica’s most popular brew—emblematic of their ‘pura vida’ way of life—and has been since 1924 with its milder taste that complements traditional coastal cuisine perfectly. If your palate craves something with more depth, then Pilsen offers a darker lager experience enriched by robust flavors and just enough bitterness from hops to intrigue. The German-style notes found in Bavaria alongside Rock Ice’s distinctive ‘ice brewing’ technique contribute Dimensions to this vibrant tapestry woven into the country’s beer culture.

Imperial Variations

Imperial Beer
Imperial is the most popular beer in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, Imperial is a prominent beer brand widely acknowledged for its signature brew and an assortment of variations to cater to different tastes. Among the options provided are:

  • Coors Lite
  • Silver
  • Ultra
  • Normal
  • Non-alcoholic

Imperial offers something that appeals to all kinds of beer aficionados. If you have a penchant for lighter beers or wish to indulge in the flavor without alcohol’s effect, Imperial ensures your preferences are met.

When it comes down to taste, Imperial Light has a rather fundamental profile similar to what many American or Canadian brands offer. What distinguishes it though is how well-suited it is for enjoying under the warm sun typical of Costa Rican climate—a chilled glass in hand after engaging activities like surfing or trekking indeed epitomizes an idyllic conclusion to one’s day.

Imperial Beer
Our son relaxes with an ice cold Imperial!

Pilsen: A Darker Lager

In Costa Rica, the beer scene is heavily influenced by lighter beers such as Imperial. Darker lagers also occupy a prominent position in this market. Pilsen stands out as the country’s second most popular beer due to its more substantial body and drier palate sensation, contributing to a deeper and richer flavor profile that distinguishes it among local beers.

For those with a preference for stronger flavors and denser texture in their beer choice, Pilsen delivers exactly that. It has carved out its niche by offering an intense flavor experience catering specifically to connoisseurs of full-bodied beers. When exploring Costa Rican beers, tasting Pilsen should certainly be on your list if you have an affinity for the complex taste of darker lagers.

Bavaria: German-Inspired Flavors

In the diverse panorama of Costa Rican beer, Bavaria stands out with its German-inspired selections. It caters to all taste preferences through its trio of varieties – Dark, Light, and Gold. This ensures that whether your inclinations are towards robust dark beers or you lean more towards light and refreshing brews, Bavaria provides an appealing choice.

Each variant of Bavaria beer comes with its own distinctive flavor profile.

  • For a gentle and harmonious experience, try Bavaria Gold which is celebrated for being smooth and effortless to drink.
  • If crispness on the palate is what you seek, then opt for the invigorating taste of Bavaria Light.
  • And those who savor deep flavors can immerse themselves in the full-bodied character offered by Bavaria Dark.

Regardless if American beers tickle your fancy or if you’re explorative about different kinds of beers available around the globe – give these delightful choices from Costa Rica’s realm a chance. Each one promising to enrich your tasting journey.

Rock Ice: Unique “Ice Brewing” Process

Through the specialized ‘ice brewing’ method, Rock Ice contributes a unique twist to Costa Rica’s assortment of beers. The result is a beverage similar to a spritzer, perfect for cooling down during sweltering days on the shore or warm evenings in tropical settings.

Rock. Ice extends its novelty beyond its production technique with an array of adventurous fruit flavors such as Lime and Golden Monkey. Its notable carbonation coupled with this variety offers an enjoyable drinking experience that delivers vibrant tastes sure to excite your taste buds while providing refreshment.

Costa Rican Craft Beer Revolution

Local brews are not the only highlight of Costa Rica’s beer scene. In recent years, the country has witnessed a craft beer revolution. Microbreweries have sprung up across the nation, from the bustling streets of San Jose to the tranquil shores of Lake Arenal. These breweries, including Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co., Treintaycinco, and Lake Arenal Brewery, are pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing, introducing innovative styles and flavors to the local beer scene.

The growth of craft beer in Costa Rica is a testament to the country’s evolving beer culture. From the use of local ingredients to the mastery of brewing techniques, these microbreweries are creating beers that are as diverse and vibrant as Costa Rica itself. Whether it’s a hoppy IPA, a malty stout, or a fruity ale, the craft beer scene in Costa Rica has something for every beer lover.

Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co.

Among the myriad breweries sprinkled throughout Costa Rica, the Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co. stands out prominently. This brewery has been a key player in sparking the craft beer movement within the country and is known for having its beers most extensively distributed.

With an assortment of flavors, from gentle and velvety to robust and intricate, Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co. caters to diverse palates. Their seasonal gem, Iztaru—a smoked wheat IPA—garners special admiration for its distinctive taste and full-bodied nature, although it graces shelves only intermittently during the year.

Treintaycinco Brewery

Situated in the San Jose vicinity, Treintaycinco Brewery contributes to Costa Rica’s rich craft beer scene, standing proud among peers like Monteverde Brewing. This brewery prides itself on a wide selection of craft beers including an assortment of lagers, IPAs, and stouts designed to satisfy diverse palates.

At Treintaycinco, we have a great night at the beach. Brewery you’ll find distinctive brews such as the Maldita Vida barley wine, Tumba Calzones hibiscus fruit beer, and Pelona India pale ale. Each offering provides a distinct flavor profile that reflects the brewery’s dedication to both quality and inventive brewing techniques.

For anyone from the occasional drinker to an expert in malt and hops exploration – visiting the Treintaycinco Brewery promises an exciting discovery through complex flavors synonymous with top-tier craft beers.

Cerveceria del Centro

For craft beer enthusiasts, a visit to Cerveceria del Centro is a must. This brewery not only offers a range of exceptional beers, but also provides a captivating tour experience that highlights their brewing process and German brewing traditions.

Their signature beers, Ambar Pilsner and Onix Dunkelweiss, offer unique and rich flavor profiles. The Ambar Pilsner is known for its premium quality and citrus flavor profile, while the Onix Dunkelweiss boasts a distinctive 8% ABV and notes of chocolate and coffee, making it a perfect dark beer choice. So, whether you’re a fan of pilsners or prefer the dark and rich flavors of a Dunkelweiss, Cerveceria del Centro has a brew for you.

Lake Arenal Brewery

Situated in Tilaran, Lake Arenal Brewery stands out as Costa Rica’s pioneering microbrewery. This establishment crafts a variety of signature beers utilizing the mineral-rich waters of the area. Savoring their beer becomes an indulgence for both sight and taste amid the stunning vista of Lake Arenal.

Here’s a great video on how they make beer at this must-visit destination if you are a beer lover!

The brewery’s craft beer selection includes favorites such as Paradise Pale (Pale Ale) and its distinctive IPA, showcasing Lake Arenal Brewery’s commitment to innovation and excellence in brewing. Should you be near Tilaran, seize the opportunity to explore this emblematic brewery where your taste buds can revel in expertly brewed beverages.

Papagayo Brewing

Papagayo Brewing contributes a distinctive flair to the craft beer community in Costa Rica, presenting an artisanal and limited selection of beers that stand out for their exquisite taste.

If your palate craves the bitterness of a hoppy IPA, the refreshing clean finish of a crisp lager, the depth of a rich beer. Ale or even the unique tangy twist of a salty-sour Gose—there’s something at Papagayo Brewing crafted just for your preference. While their range may be concise, each brew is unparalleled in quality and flavor.

So when you’re yearning for an unconventional beer experience, consider exploring what Papagayo Brewing has to offer – it might just become your new favorite spot.

Where to Experience Costa Rican Craft Beer

If you’re keen to sample the local and craft beers of Costa Rica, rest assured that opportunities abound. In cities such as San Jose and sought-after travel spots like La Fortuna or Guanacaste, an array of delightful Costa Rican craft beer awaits your palate.

Notably in San Jose, establishments including Republica Casa Cervecera and Stiefel Pub boast a vast array of both local and specialty crafted beers. Over in La Fortuna, check out La Fortuna Pub for its renowned selection of craft brews accompanied by live music, engaging games, and scrumptious cuisine. While exploring Guanacaste’s tourist attractions, make time to savor the taste of handcrafted beverages at locales like Fuego Brewing Co or Coconutz Bar.

San Jose’s Craft Beer Hotspots

The craft beer landscape in San Jose is as lively and energetic as the city itself, with a diverse range of bars and taverns that showcase local craft beers. This provides both residents and visitors with an exceptional experience in beer tasting that captures the essence of the locale.

Amongst the prominent destinations for beer aficionados within this vibrant city are:

  • Apotecario, distinguished by its selection including offerings from Calle Cimarrona to Wild Brews
  • Stiefel Pub features approximately twelve taps pouring a variety of Costa Rican crafted beers hailing from assorted breweries
  • Republica Casa Cervecera stands out not only for those who have affection for beer paired with burgers but also due to its picturesque views overlooking La Sabana stadium. Here one can enjoy outstanding craft brews alongside mouthwatering burgers.

Tourist Destinations with Craft Beer

If you venture beyond the confines of San Jose, you’ll find that the craft beer scene extends across regional borders. Various well-liked travel spots also present opportunities to indulge in local brews, with many breweries and bars showcasing a diverse range of craft beers.

When visiting La Fortuna, make sure to check out La Fortuna Pub. This establishment is not only famous for its wide array of craft beer, but also for its live music performances and delicious food offerings. They proudly serve drafts from Lake Arenal Brewery, which allows patrons to savor authentic flavors representative of Lake Arenal’s brewing culture against a backdrop featuring mesmerizing views of the area’s iconic volcano.

Therefore, on your journey through Costa Rica, rest assured there will be ample chances to enjoy exquisite craft beer encounters no matter where your travels may lead you.

Supermarket Selections

In Costa Rica, large supermarkets provide an excellent selection of craft beer for those who prefer to enjoy a bottle in the comfort and privacy of their home or vacation residence. This availability caters well to both locals and tourists looking to leisurely indulge in various craft beers.

Craft beer aficionados will find prices ranging from 900 to 2500 colones per bottle (equivalent to $1.50 to $4.34 USD) when purchasing these beverages from Costa Rican supermarkets – an affordable way for visitors and residents alike to dive into the country’s burgeoning local beer culture. Although there has been significant growth among breweries, accessibilities outside San José can be somewhat limited. Supermarkets offer a practical solution for obtaining craft beer elsewhere across the nation.

Tips for Enjoying Costa Rican Beer

Selecting your favorite craft beer is just the beginning of relishing in Costa Rican beer culture. There are several key recommendations to fully immerse oneself, such as combining local beers with native dishes, participating in brewery tours for a behind-the-scenes look at their creation process, and consuming responsibly.

Enhancing your appreciation for local craft beer can be achieved by pairing them with classic Costa Rican meals like casado or ceviche. Brewery tours provide valuable insights into how these breweries operate and their distinct approaches to brewing. And importantly, responsible drinking enables you to savor the vast array of costa rican beers while maintaining safety and adhering to the country’s laws and social norms.

Pairing Beer with Local Cuisine

The art of pairing beer with food can significantly enhance your beer-tasting experience. In Costa Rica, local beers can be paired with traditional dishes for a complementary flavor experience. Some examples include:

  • The light taste of Imperial pairs perfectly with a seafood platter with rice and beans.
  • Pilsen, with its crisp and refreshing flavor, goes well with ceviche or grilled chicken.
  • Bavaria Gold, with its malty sweetness, complements dishes like carne asada or grilled sausages.

Other traditional Costa Rican dishes such as ‘casado’ or ‘gallo pinto’ can also be complemented by local beers. The rich and hearty flavors of these dishes balance the crispness of the beer, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that is a delight to the taste buds.

Exploring Brewery Tours

Curious beer enthusiasts would find exploring brewery tours in Costa Rica a rewarding experience. These tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at the beer-making process, from the selection of ingredients to the brewing and bottling process.

Brewery tours offer:

  • Insight into the unique brewing philosophies of local craft beer makers
  • The opportunity to learn about the use of local, mineral-rich waters at Lake Arenal Brewery and the German brewing traditions at Cerveceria del Centro
  • A unique perspective on the art of beer-making
  • Beer tasting sessions where you can sample a variety of brews

Drinking Responsibly

Despite the excitement that comes with exploring Costa Rica’s beer scene, it’s essential to maintain responsible drinking habits. This includes:

  • Knowing your personal alcohol limits
  • Staying hydrated, especially in Costa Rica’s tropical climate
  • Using taxis or designated drivers to avoid drinking and driving.

It’s also crucial to respect local laws and customs. The legal drinking age in Costa Rica is 18 years, and compliance with this and other regulations regarding public intoxication and consuming alcohol in public spaces is mandatory. By drinking responsibly, you can enjoy the rich diversity of Costa Rican beer while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for yourself and others.

Also know that if you fall in love with any beer, you can check it in your luggage and it won’t explode!


As we wrap up our journey through the vibrant world of Costa Rican beer, it’s clear that this Central American country offers a rich and diverse beer scene. From the popular local brews like Imperial and Pilsen to the emerging craft beer scene with microbreweries like Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co. and Lake Arenal Brewery, Costa Rica is a true paradise for beer lovers. Whether you’re sipping an Imperial on a sun-kissed beach, sampling a craft beer in a bustling San Jose pub, or exploring a brewery tour, the enjoyment of responsibly exploring Costa Rica’s beer scene is an adventure in itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular beer in Costa Rica?

Imperial, a Pale Lager boasting an alcohol content of 4.6%, stands as the most favored beer across Costa Rica and holds the title for the country’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage.

What lager do they drink in Costa Rica?

In the realm of lagers within Costa Rica, Imperial reigns supreme as the favored choice among locals due to its adaptable flavor profile that caters to diverse palates. This cherished beer boasts an alcohol content of 4.6% by volume.

How much is a beer in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, at a standard bar, the cost of beer ranges from $2 to $8 based on the venue and beer variety you choose. Meanwhile, cocktails are usually priced between $5 and $8. You might encounter higher prices for beverages in larger restaurants or resort areas.

What are some popular local beers in Costa Rica?

Within Costa Rica, the array of favored local beers encompasses brands such as Imperial, Pilsen, Bavaria and Rock Ice.

Where can I find craft beer in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, delicious craft beer is available in many well-known tourist spots such as San Jose, Puerto Viejo, Montezuma, and Guanacaste. It can also be found in several of the larger supermarket chains throughout the country.

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