Lake Arenal Brewery and Hotel (Overview & What To Know)

At Lake Arenal Brewery, taste the spirit of Costa Rica through innovative beers crafted with volcanic spring water. In this guide, explore the flavors that define their craft, the sustainability at the brewery’s core, and the tranquil comfort of the Lake Arenal Hotel.

My Experience at the Brewery in Lake Arenal in Summary

  • Lake Arenal Brewery is a pioneer in Costa Rican craft beer, pairing unique beer experiences with scenic hotel stays by the lake.
  • LAB offers a variety of handcrafted ales that celebrate local culture and sustainability, providing guests a taste journey that’s eco-friendly and authentic.
  • From easy booking to a community-focused experience, LAB ensures a memorable stay complete with craft beers, local cuisine, and engaging social and environmental practices.
  • Located in the Lake Arenal Hotel, this is one of several places for local Costa Rican beer.

Welcome to Pura Vida Brews

lake arenal brewery
Photo Credit: Lake Arenal Hotel Facebook page.

Situated on the edge of Lake Arenal and under the impressive presence of Arenal Volcano, Lake Arenal Hotel and Brewery (LAB) stands as more than a mere brewery. It represents a cornerstone in Costa Rica’s burgeoning craft beer movement—a legacy LAB has nurtured from its very beginnings. Housed within the original premises used by Volcano Brewing Company, an early pioneer in local craft brewing, LAB continues to lead this exciting industry from its home base in Costa Rica.

The partnership between LAB and the adjoining hotel at Lake Arenal spans over three decades, hosting both international visitors and area residents alike. Making use of natural spring water sourced directly from the Tenorio Volcano helps create their standout artisanal beers that epitomize Costa Rican flavor—beers which guests can delightfully enjoy while taking in spectacular panoramic views of Lake Arenal right from the comforts of the hotel.

The Beer Selection

At LAB, the craft of brewing transcends mere production—it’s a genuine form of artistry. As pioneers in artisanal beer on a national level, LAB is renowned for their diverse collection of handcrafted ales. Each brew stands as evidence to their commitment to incorporating pristine spring water and top-notch imported ingredients into their process. In April, several beers from LAB enjoy heightened popularity.

  • Pale Ale
  • Chili Beer – a take on the famous “chili guaro” shot typically done in bars in Costa Rica.
  • IPA
  • Stout
  • Wheat Beer

Each draught embodies an homage to the rich tradition of Costa Rican beer crafting.

Employing a state-of-the-art brewing system that marries fresh local spring water sourced from the Tenorio Volcano with choice international components like Belgian malted grains, American hops, and French yeast strains allows LAB to produce uniquely memorable beverages. Their adoption of German-made brewing apparatus dating back to the 1990s bolsters these time-honored techniques Elevating each beer’s unique flavor profile—making them favorites among connoisseurs with varying tastes.

Tropical IPA Tribute

At the Local Artisan Brews (LAB), the Public Service IPA stands out remarkably. This beer isn’t simply another drink. It embodies a tribute to Costa Rica’s dedication to both public welfare and environmental preservation. With its invigorating taste that suits the tropical weather, this beer applauds Costa Rica’s efforts towards sustainable practices.

The qualities of The Public Service IPA are distinct.

  • It delivers the robust essence characteristic of a juicy IPA.
  • Its flavor is vibrant and richly layered.
  • It caters to those in pursuit of complexity along with exquisite taste within their choice of beverage.
  • Each draught serves as an homage—a celebratory salute—to the ethos of community well-being and eco-friendly initiatives upheld by Costa Ricans.

Ale in Paradise

Seeking a slice of heaven in your glass? LAB’s Paradise Pale. Ale is the perfect pick, taking inspiration from the iconic Sierra Nevada. This exceptional brew harmonizes sweet, citrusy, and floral flavors to capture Costa Rica’s abundant greenery and exuberant culture.

Here are some highlights of The Paradise Pale Ale:

  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.5%
  • International Bitterness Units (IBU): 30
  • Offers a well-rounded hoppy essence
  • Evokes the invigoration akin to swimming in Lake Arenal on a warm day
  • Crafted with an exquisite mix of Nelson Sauvin, Centennial, and Cascade hops
  • Each gulp transports you on an exotic trip through paradise itself.

Heat Wave in a Bottle

LAB’s Chili Birra delivers both the sizzle and the taste, paying tribute to Costa Rica’s traditional ‘chili guaro’ by weaving local tastes into an unparalleled craft beer adventure. The beverage boasts:

  • A foundation of blonde ale
  • Enhanced with homegrown campana chilis
  • Producing a unique spicy edge that enhances without overshadowing the natural flavor of the ale.

With its 4.6% alcohol content (ABV) and International Bitterness Unit (IBU) rating of 14, Chili Birra presents a harmoniously balanced mild bitterness alongside its chili infusion. So prepare yourself for a liquid blaze reminiscent of a Costa Rican heat wave—a culinary journey as blazingly exciting as it is bold in flavor.

Stay and Sip in Style

lake arenal hotel and brewery

The Lake Arenal Hotel offers a serene retreat for those looking to relax after an enjoyable day sampling beers at the brewery. This hotel boasts accommodations with sweeping vistas of both Lake Arenal and the beautifully lush gardens, ensuring that guests are enveloped in tranquility.

Inclusive perks such as high-speed internet access and a bountiful breakfast come without extra charge. The morning meal includes delectable choices ranging from tortillas topped with scrambled eggs and salsa to gallo pinto, along with sides like fresh fruit chutney, grilled halloumi cheese, and toast. To elevate your stay even more, indulge in moments of leisure within the hot tub that faces breathtaking lake views—all available at prices that won’t break the bank.

Room with a Brew

The Lake Arenal Hotel offers a variety of room choices, all designed for comfort and practicality, complemented by the convenience of an on-site brewery. Imagine beginning your day with the scent of fresh coffee before meandering to the nearby brewery for an engaging tour or delightful tasting session.

Decorated with intricate artwork and lively hues, every room in the hotel is crafted to provide guests with an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that embodies Costa Rican allure. Your stay will be defined by both serenity and elegance, whether you’ve come to enjoy the beer, soak in panoramic lake views or embrace local charm.

Taste and Toast

At the Lake Arenal hotel, the gastronomic adventure extends beyond the brewery. With a commitment to freshness and sustainability, their restaurant sources ingredients from its very own 15-acre organic farm to craft a diverse array of meals. The menu is designed to please various tastes by incorporating genuine Costa Rican dishes alongside beloved international classics—providing an enchanting dining experience for each visitor.

On offer at the restaurant are selections such as:

  • Traditional Casados
  • Savory Hamburgers
  • Flavorful Grilled Chicken Casado
  • Classic Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Delectable Pork Tacos

Catering to omnivores and vegetarians alike, along with those following specific dietary needs, the culinary team at Lake Arenal ensures that there’s something delicious for everyone. So recline in comfort and savor your journey across flavors while celebrating camaraderie over splendid meals.

Plan Your Perfect Brewery Getaway

Securing your spot for a brewery-inspired escape is now effortless. Room reservations at the Lake Arenal Hotel are available starting at approximately $110 nightly, with inclusive perks such as breakfast and laundry services. Whether opting for a brief weekend sojourn or an extended week of relaxation, the Lake Arenal Brewery coupled with its hotel offers an idyllic mix of comfort, recreation, and fine beer.

Imagine beginning your morning to the serene sounds of birdsong, embarking on a day filled with brewery discovery and natural wonderment, then culminating it by savoring artisanal ale while admiring lake sunsets. This isn’t merely time away from home—it’s a family journey woven into indulgence that celebrates Costa Rica’s Pura Vida way of life—all experienced while unwinding beside placid waters atop a log bench.

Booking Made Easy

Embark on an adventure to Lake Arenal with a simple reservation process. Here’s the procedure for securing your accommodation:

  1. To begin, visit the Lake Arenal Brewery and Hotel website and click ‘Create Account’ to input essential details like your name, email address, and create a password.
  2. After signing in, go to the ‘Book Now’ area of the site.
  3. Choose your desired dates for staying at the hotel along with what type of room you’d prefer.
  4. Complete your reservation by providing payment details.

Alternatively, reservations can be made through messaging our official page on Facebook at Lake Arenal Brewery and Hotel where one of our friendly team members will help select rooms and dates before guiding you through making a payment which secures your booking directly via social media interaction or traditional web-based options, setting up for an effortless start to your experience by Lake Arenal.

What to Expect

As soon as you arrive at Lake Arenal Hotel, a delightful experience awaits. The welcome begins with the gift of a complimentary craft beer when you check in, setting a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Each room is furnished to provide luxury comfort with plush bedding, equipped with your own coffee maker for convenience, and complete with its private balcony offering breathtaking views over Lake Arenal – creating an idyllic haven for your restful retreat.

A stay at the hotel transcends mere beer indulgence and serenity. It’s filled with engaging on-site activities like touring their brewery, participating in tasting sessions within their tasting room or enjoying evenings set to live music. For those seeking thrills beyond the hotel’s amenities, there are plenty of local adventures: windsurfing across Lake Arenal waters, fishing expeditions, hiking excursions around the lake area plus explorations into nearby thermal springs and wildlife tours present themselves as exciting opportunities during your visit.

Connect with Lake Arenal Brewery & Hotel

The brewery situated by Lake Arenal offers a unique experience beyond savoring exceptional brews. It serves as a hub for fellowship. It orchestrates numerous events, creating an inviting environment that brings together residents and tourists alike to celebrate the art of craft brewing and develop connections within the beer-loving community.

Lake Arenal Brewery has carved out a notable virtual presence, especially on Facebook. Here they actively engage with their audience through event schedules, converse with members of the community, and divulge details regarding their eco-friendly practices. This digital engagement ensures that aficionados and patrons remain up-to-date and woven into a tight-knit network rooted in a mutual passion for artisanal beers.

Social Sips

A shared passion for quality beer has a unique way of uniting people. Lake Arenal Brewery is an advocate for bonding over this love by encouraging visitors to broadcast their beer adventures across social platforms, thus knitting together a virtual network of ale aficionados. Whether it’s showcasing your top choice beverage, capturing moments from your tour at the brewery, or raising a glass in celebration of ‘Pura Vida’, these collective narratives enhance the camaraderie within the Lake Arenal circle.

Staying engaged with the brewery on social media and utilizing specific hashtags contributes to weaving a tight-knit online tapestry. The interaction goes beyond mere experience sharing. It’s about keeping peers informed on what’s new and brewing—be that news or novel flavors—and nurturing community spirit around all things linked to Lake Arenal Brewery.

Green Brewing Practices

The Lake Arenal Brewery is dedicated not only to crafting superior beers, but also to ensuring that their production processes are environmentally conscious. The brewery prides itself on being entirely powered by solar photovoltaic and bio-diesel energy sources, maintaining an operation that relies solely on sustainable power.

Utilizing naturally-sourced spring water propelled by gravity along with recycling the residual grains and brewing by-products as feed for livestock, the eco-conscious measures at Lake Arenal Brewery go well beyond just energy consumption. Their holistic approach towards environmental stewardship shines through every facet of their business practices, offering beer lovers a guilt-free experience in each glass they raise in homage to Earth’s wellbeing.


Embarking on a journey to Lake Arenal Brewery and Hotel is more than a vacation; it’s a dive into Costa Rica’s vibrant craft beer culture and Pura Vida lifestyle. From the diverse range of handcrafted ales at the brewery to the stunning views from the hotel rooms, every aspect of your stay is designed to provide a unique and memorable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast looking to explore new brews, a traveler seeking a serene getaway, or someone who simply appreciates sustainability and community, Lake Arenal Brewery and Hotel is your perfect destination. So why wait? Plan your brewery getaway, join our community, and experience the Pura Vida lifestyle one sip at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of beer does Lake Arenal Brewery offer?

At Lake Arenal Brewery, you can discover an array of artisanal ales, ranging from the Public Service IPA and Paradise Pale Ale to the distinct Chili Birra. There is a diverse selection tailored to various palates and inclinations.

What are the accommodations like at Lake Arenal Hotel?

Each room at the Lake Arenal Hotel is outfitted with opulent bedding, features a coffee maker, and boasts its own private balcony from which guests can enjoy sweeping views of Lake Arenal and the surrounding verdant gardens.

This hotel serves as an ideal retreat for those looking to unwind amidst stunning natural vistas.

How can I book a stay at Lake Arenal Hotel?

Booking your stay at Lake Arenal Hotel is convenient and easy, whether through their accessible website or by visiting their Facebook page which provides assistance with reservations.

How does Lake Arenal Brewery engage with the community?

Maintaining an active social media presence, particularly on Facebook, Lake Arenal Brewery effectively cultivates a robust community feeling by organizing events and encouraging patrons to share their beer experiences. This initiative contributes significantly to uniting visitors around the brewery’s activities near lake Arenal.

What are some of Lake Arenal Brewery’s eco-friendly practices?

Utilizing solar power, bio-diesel, and spring water harvested naturally, Lake Arenal Brewery demonstrates its commitment to eco-friendliness. It contributes to environmental sustainability by transforming the by-products of its brewing process into feed for animals, thereby reducing the ecological footprint of the brewery’s operations.

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