Planet Express Reviews

Wondering if Planet Express is the shipping solution you’ve been searching for? Our Planet Express reviews explain why this is a package forwarding solution that we recommend for anyone moving abroad or shipping items abroad.

We base our findings on actual user experiences, comparing key features and costs with no added fluff – helping you decide with confidence whether Planet Express meets your global shipping needs.

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What to Know About PlanetExpress Package Forwarding Service

  • Planet Express offers international shoppers US and UK addresses to forward packages globally, featuring a transparent pricing model with no hidden fees and benefits like no sales tax warehouses for additional savings.
  • The company provides a range of services to enhance customer experience, including package consolidation for reduced shipping costs, a ‘Shop For Me’ service for purchasing assistance, and a mail forwarding feature with varying storage options.
  • Despite general customer satisfaction, Planet Express faces criticisms such as occasional slow customer support response and service delivery issues, while remaining competitive with transparent pricing and additional savings through package consolidation and negotiated carrier discounts.

Understanding Planet Express

Planet Express

At its core, Planet Express is a package forwarding company, offering international online shoppers US and UK addresses for shipping. It enables customers to shop from a wide variety of retailers and have their packages forwarded globally. But that’s not all. With no sales tax warehouses, Planet Express can lead to significant savings, giving customers even more reason to shop.

One of the standout features of Planet Express is its commitment to transparency. They ensure there are no hidden fees, and customers only pay for the services they use. This service is particularly beneficial for those who have trouble purchasing from US or UK retailers due to international shipping constraints.

Planet Express Services Explained

Planet Express Services

Planet Express offers a comprehensive suite of services to guide international customers through the complete process from account setup to receiving packages from US and UK online retailers. Once your package arrives at the warehouse, Planet Express provides detailed photos of packages for customers to verify their items, offering a level of assurance that is highly valued in the world of online shopping.

In addition to being the best package forwarding service, Planet Express provides a unique ‘Shop For Me’ service. For a small fee, they aid in purchasing items for customers who face complications with merchants. This service, combined with their package consolidation feature, ensures customers save significantly on shipping costs and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

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US and UK Addresses

Providing customers with free US and UK addresses is a key element of Planet Express’s service. With warehouses in multiple locations, including:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Florida in the US, which own us with their strategic positioning
  • United Kingdom

Planet Express makes it easy to ship internationally like no other, saving you shipping money in the process.

The addresses provided by Planet Express enable customers to shop from a broad range of US shops, including US/UK-based retailers such as:

  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Chewy

This not only enhances the shopping options for customers but can also lead to potential savings on sales tax. Once the online purchases are shipped to the provided US or UK address, Planet Express forwards the packages to the customer’s location, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Package Consolidation

The surge in online shopping often leaves customers with multiple packages from various retailers. That’s where package consolidation at Planet Express comes into play. This service combines multiple packages into a single shipment, removing unnecessary packaging and reducing bulk – a smart and effective way to save on shipping costs.

Customers can enjoy the following benefits by merging their packages into a single, larger box at the Planet Express warehouse:

  • Elimination of unnecessary packaging
  • Potential shipping cost reductions between 50-80%
  • Significant savings
  • Efficient shipping
  • Satisfied customers who frequently praise Planet Express’s package consolidation feature.

Mail Forwarding

Planet Express further expands its array of services by offering a mail forwarding feature. This feature enables customers to receive letters and mail at the US and UK addresses provided by the company, further enhancing the convenience for international shoppers.

To accommodate varying customer needs, Planet Express offers a range of storage options for mail. Here are the options available:

  1. Free mailbox plan: Offers 10 days of free storage.
  2. Premium mailbox plan: Extends storage period to up to 45 days.
  3. Premium mailbox plan (Florida location): Extends storage period to up to 90 days.

For specific needs related to mail forwarding, Planet Express can accommodate special requests at a flat fee per package, ensuring all customer needs are met comprehensively.

Pricing and Plans

planet express pricing and plans

Flexible and transparent pricing constitutes one of Planet Express’s strong suits. They offer two main types of accounts – Free Mailbox and Premium Mailbox. The Free Mailbox account, as the name suggests, has no monthly account fee and includes 10 days of free storage. On the other hand, the Premium Mailbox account, which costs $10 per month or $50 per year, offers extended storage benefits.

Both account types carry a mail-out fee or handling fee of $2 per package. Package consolidation is exclusive to the Premium Mailbox at a rate of $5 plus $2 per additional package consolidated. Additionally, a discount on shipping rates from carriers is available for both account types.

Planet Express also offers additional services such as box photo, content photos, and special requests, with varying fees that apply to both account types. In short, Planet Express’s pricing strategy ensures customers are aware of the costs without any hidden fees involved, enabling them to select the most cost-effective and beneficial plan according to their shipping needs.

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Customer Reviews and Experiences

Assessing the quality of Planet Express’s service heavily relies on authentic customer reviews. They offer an unbiased perspective on both positive and negative aspects of using Planet Express, providing vital information to prospective customers.

Planet Express encourages customers to write and share their experiences with the Planet Express staff. From the user-friendliness of the website to the efficiency of the services, these reviews offer a window into the real-world experiences of Planet Express users.

Positive Feedback

The company has garnered considerable acclaim for its exceptional, personalized customer service. Customers appreciate the responsive support team and the systematic freight forwarding process, which has earned Planet Express a 3.6-star customer rating.

The user-friendliness of the Planet Express website is another aspect that has received positive feedback. Its straightforward navigation and efficient management of shipping options have made the entire shopping process hassle-free for customers. Furthermore, the ability to access international products, especially health supplements, has led to long-term satisfaction among users.

Negative Feedback

Despite the abundance of positive feedback, Planet Express hasn’t been immune to criticism. Some customers have reported slow response times and occasionally unhelpful solutions from the customer service team for their shipping and billing issues.

Another area of concern for several customers has been the ‘Buy for me’ service. Customers have reported delays, lack of status updates, and frustrations with delivery updates from couriers like FedEx.

Other major concerns have included slow processing times, high shipping fees, items stolen or sent to the wrong address, and substantial delays with both economic shipping and express shipments.

Comparing Planet Express to Competitors

Amid a competitive market, Planet Express holds its own against rivals such as:

  • Shipito
  • Stackry
  • Forward2me
  • MyUS

Each company offers different features and benefits for international shipping, but among various shipping companies, Planet Express holds its own with its unique offerings.

While MyUS offers a tax-free shopping feature and a free trial for its paid plan, Planet Express offers more competitive shipping rates for certain carriers and maintains transparent pricing. Unlike MyUS, Planet Express does not store credit card details, providing an added layer of security for customers. Furthermore, while Stackry provides 45 days of free storage, exceeding Planet Express’ offering for their free plan, Planet Express and Shipito both charge for additional photo requests other than the initial free photos, highlighting the pros and cons of each service.

Tips for Saving Money with Planet Express

Saving Money with Planet Express

Employing the correct strategies can enable customers to realize substantial savings with Planet Express. By consolidating multiple parcels into a single shipment, customers can achieve cheaper shipping rates and have their packages delivered more efficiently. Additionally, the FedEx Multi Package Shipment (MPS) option can reduce shipping costs by up to 40%-50% when sending multiple packages to the same address. With Planet Express, it’s easier than ever to ship packages and save on costs.

Some cost-effective and fast shipping solutions include:

  • Postal Service Fully Tracked method for packages up to 4.2 lbs
  • DHL Express for very fast shipping, with an average saving of 70%-75% on shipping costs to certain countries
  • Planet Express’s exclusive shipping method, Planet Mail Express, for packages up to 4.3 lbs with limited tracking, offering some of the cheapest shipping rates available and competitive shipping prices through their shipping service.

Additionally, Planet Express customers can benefit from up to 80% savings on shipping due to volume discounts negotiated with carriers like FedEx and DHL.

Restricted Items and Shipping Regulations

Despite the plethora of benefits Planet Express offers, customers must be cognizant of certain restrictions and regulations. The company prohibits the shipping of the following items:

  • Perishable items
  • Human or animal remains
  • Live or dead plants and animals
  • Agriculture produce
  • Monetary items
  • Prescription and illegal drugs
  • Tobacco products
  • Adult toys
  • Pornographic materials

Furthermore, items such as knives, blades, swords, and firearms or their accessories are subject to specific shipping restrictions. Planet Express does not provide service to embargoed countries or regions including North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Myanmar, Syria, Sudan, Crimea, Russia, and Belarus.

In terms of electronic devices, they must have batteries contained within or packed with to be shipped. Stand-alone lithium-ion batteries are prohibited, and different battery declarations cannot be combined in a single shipment with DHL.

Combustible items, pressurized cans, hazardous materials, corrosive substances, and industrial chemicals are also prohibited from being shipped by Planet Express.

Comparing Planet Express to Other Shipping Services:

Planet Express vs. Shopee 

Another service we looked into, Shopee does not ship to the USA.  So this is a major advantage for for Planet Express.

USPS vs. Planet Express

If you are shipping items from the USA to another destination, both of these options will work for you.  However, I’ve had bad experiences with USPS shipping items abroad, and would advise you to use Planet Express.  It’s their core business, while the USPS is more focused on getting packages to people from the US, to the US.


In conclusion, Planet Express emerges as a comprehensive solution for international online shoppers looking to access US and UK retailers. From providing US and UK addresses, package consolidation, mail forwarding to the unique ‘Shop For Me’ service, Planet Express offers a wide range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. The transparency in pricing and the flexibility of its plans further enhance its appeal.

However, like any service, it has its strengths and weaknesses. While it has received much positive feedback for its customer service and affordability, it has also faced criticism for its slow response times and confusion with the ‘Buy for me’ service. Ultimately, the choice to use Planet Express would depend on individual needs and preferences. But with its unique offerings and dedication to customer service, it’s certainly worth considering for your next international online shopping spree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is forward to me legit?

Yes, Forward2me is legitimate and provides excellent service, as affirmed by satisfied customers who have had positive experiences with their parcel forwarding service.

What is Planet Express?

Planet Express is a package forwarding company that helps online shoppers worldwide with international shipping needs.

What are the main services provided by Planet Express?

Planet Express provides package forwarding, mail forwarding, reduced shipping costs, US and UK addresses, tax-free warehouse, customs paperwork handling, and a consolidated package plan. Offering a wide range of services, Planet Express aims to satisfy all your shipping needs.

How can customers save money when shipping packages overseas with Planet Express?

To save money when shipping packages overseas with Planet Express, you can use their package consolidation service to ship multiple packages at the same time and reduce shipping costs.

What are some restricted items that cannot be shipped with Planet Express?

Planet Express does not allow shipping of restricted items such as flammable items, drugs, tobacco, and perishable food. Be mindful of these restrictions when preparing your shipment.

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