5 Best Sunset Cruises in Tamarindo

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful sights a person can experience. A trip to Tamarindo is not complete without going on a sunset cruise. Several cruise companies will offer an evening or night sail tour. 

When planning a trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, a friend suggested that I try out one of the sunset cruises. Regrettably, I fell victim to a scam during my initial attempt to book a sunset cruise tour. However, the staff member where I stayed recommended reputable companies, and I managed to go on two sunset cruises. 

Key Takeaways From This Article

Because of what I experienced, I decided to research the best sunset cruises in Tamarindo. I first highlight a few takeaways you’ll find in this article. 

  • Tamarindo has an exciting nightlife, and there are many sunset cruises. You can go on a sunset cruise every afternoon. 
  • Most companies that offer sunset cruises include at least one meal, an open bar, snorkeling equipment, and snacks in their package. 
  • You should inquire about the evening dinner dress code to dress appropriately.
  • The weather in Tamarindo makes it possible to have sunset cruises almost daily. 

Where is Tamarindo, Costa Rica?

Tamarindo is a beach town in Guanacaste province. It is famous as a surf town and was in the “Endless Summer II” movie. Surrounded by amazing beaches, Tamarindo is one of the most developed towns in Guanacaste. 

Apart from wildlife and marine viewing, Tamarindo has a fun nightlife. But there is nowhere better to watch Tamarindo’s coastline sunset than on a cruise. Fortunately, even during the rainy season, most days are sunny, which makes it possible to cruise in the afternoon. 

The Best Sunset Cruises in Tamarindo

Sunsets in Tamarindo are pretty, with yellow, red, and orange colors. These colors on a water body are the most spectacular sight. Most sunset cruises are another way to explore Tamarindo’s coastline. 

Each cruise company offers different pick-up points in Tamarindo and heads to a different bay. Most cruise companies schedule their tours in the afternoon so you can enjoy a sunset on your way back.

Pacific Lounge Catamaran Sunset Public Tour

The starting point is at El Chiringuito; the cruise lasts about five hours. Expect to pay around $120 per person for the cruise. 

Once everyone is aboard the catamaran, it heads towards Playa Mina, a very secluded beach. Surrounded by mountains, it’s a white-sand beach that does not receive a lot of tourists. Playa Mina is famous for black turtles. 

Some activities you can do are snorkeling, swimming, or stand-up paddling. After all the activities, expect a delicious meal aboard the catamaran, comprising chicken fajitas, sauteed vegetables, rice, ground beans, dessert, and fruits. 

The rate covers unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, snorkeling equipment, cocktails, snacks, and lunch. 

Blue Dolphin Sunset Cruise

Since the cruise departs daily from Tamarindo, you can book at any time. At 12:45 PM, El Chiringuito Restaurant is the pickup point. However, you, the cruise company, can arrange a pick-up or drop-off from your hotel at an extra fee. 

Because the cruise lasts five hours, you’ll have enough time for other activities before evening. You can swim and kayak to see the dolphins, reef fish, and rays. The rate is $85 and for children aged between 5 and 10 years, $45. 

The Blue Dolphin meal includes traditional Costa Rican dishes such as arroz con pollo, chicken fajitas, and various local vegetables and fruits. Included is an open bar where you can choose from alcoholic beverages, juices, sodas, or bottled water. 

Marlin Del Ray Sunset Cruise

You’ll spend a whole afternoon on this 66-inch catamaran. The board is either Coco or Tamarindo. The meeting point at Tamarindo is in front of El Pescador Restaurant, a few meters away from Tamarindo Circle. 

Please note that you cannot wear footwear on the Marlin Del Ray catamaran. Spend the afternoon either swimming, snorkeling, or sunbathing on the deck or at the bar. The cruise passes along several Guanacaste beaches and jungles. 

The cruise will likely dock at one of the bays, where you’ll have time for a swim or snorkeling. Whales, sea turtles, flying fish, and dolphins are some of the of the marine life you’ll encounter. The sunset cruise costs approximately $105 and lasts for five hours.

One of the guests on the cruise had this to say:. 

Because the cruise fee includes a meal, the catamaran chefs prepare Costa Rica’s dishes, such as pico de gallo, yellow Spanish rice, black beans, fruits, and chocolate chip cookies. The cruise price includes beverages, alcoholic drinks, bottled water, and snorkeling equipment. 

On the way back, enjoy the sunset while sipping your favorite drink. 

A private tropical sunset cruise

The cruise will pick you up from Tamarindo, Grande, Flamingo, Conchal, and Brasilito. The tour takes four hours, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The private Tropical Sunset cruise’s first stop is at the snorkeling spot. 

You can swim or kayak if you want to do something other than snorkeling in the afternoon. After one and a half hours, the cruise starts its way back. The cruise costs around $85, including snacks and drinks, snorkeling equipment, and kayaks. 

Inform the cruise company beforehand if you want a vegetarian option. 

Private Champagne Sunset Tour 

Alt: Guests at the Private Champagne Sunset Tour

The cruise is exclusive to four adults per trip. The pick-up point is at Casa Pirata in front of El Chiringuito at exactly 3:30 PM. The trip rate is $600 per group of four. 

Gliding through Langosta and Grande Beach, you will see sea turtles, whales, dolphins, birds, and fish. It’s a private tour that incorporates a tour of Las Baulas National Marine Park. 

The cruise rate includes gourmet meals (ceviche, shrimp, and snacks), champagne, and alcoholic drinks. 

What to Wear on a Sunset Cruise?

To plan a sunset cruise to Tamarindo, pack the appropriate clothing. Most sunset cruises require some formal dress, though in Tamarindo, casual clothing can still be formal. I highlight some of the dress codes depending on the following activities:. 


Activity Dress code
Casual dinner Men choose khaki or linen shorts or trousers, a long or short-sleeved button-down, or a colored shirt.
Women wear a lightweight fabric dress or cotton or linen shorts or tees. 
You can also wear denim but no cutoffs or ripped jeans.
Formal dinner A chic cocktail dress, floor-length gown, or dressy pantsuit for the ladies will be ideal.
Men can wear a suit with or without a tie or tuxedo.
Semi-formal dinner Ladies can wear a dressy skirt, a cocktail dress, or an elegant jumpsuit.
For men, slacks or dress pants with a shirt and a sports coat or blazer are ideal.
Shoes Any waterproof sandals or ballet flats for the ladies.
For men, slip-on or lace-up shoes, sneakers, or boat shoes are ideal for sunset cruises.
Accessories You can choose some jewelry that complements your outfit.
If it’s a formal dinner, ladies usually carry a clutch or a small handbag.

The weather conditions will also determine the dress code. Light clothes are for the dry season, and warmer clothing is for the cold season. Alternatively, consult with the tour company about what the dress code will be, as the cruise can be 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stargazing cruise?

A star-grazing cruise is different from a sunset cruise. While you might participate in other daytime activities, most nights you’ll spend gazing at the stars. You can do this from the comfort of your cabin or on the deck. 

The ship’s captain will try to dim as many lights as is legally possible. Ships that offer stargazing cruises also have an astronomer educate the guests about the various constellations and stars. 

When is the best time to go on a sunset cruise in Tamarindo?

The best time to visit Tamarindo is from December to March. However, even on rainy days, the sun will still come out. Most cruise companies have sunset tours daily, unless the weather is not favorable. 

Hence, asking the company about their refund policy is always wise. 


Tamarindo is a beautiful beach town with a lot of exciting activities. Because the weather is predominantly warm, a variety of companies offer sunset cruises. You can also combine the sunset cruise with other activities in the different bays along the coastline. 

Have you ever gone on a sunset cruise in Tamarindo? Please share where you went, what you did, and the company you used. 

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