Iceland Weather by Month

Iceland is a place, that’s often in the top 10 of a must-see list.  Is it on your list? If it is, here’s the Iceland Weather by Month to help you make a decision about when you might make this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Iceland Weather by Month

It depends what you want to see in Iceland as to when you will want to go.

Have you always wanted to see the Northern Lights?

Do you dream of hiking and camping in Iceland?

Are you into experiencing the Midnight Sun?

Do you want to do a glacier tour?

Iceland Weather by Month

Iceland Weather by Month …The Coldest Months!


If you are looking for a white Christmas, with lots of festivities and the chance to see the Northern Lights – this is a great month to visit.

It’s cold and dark with the Winter Equinox on December 21st being the shortest day.


One of Iceland’s coldest and darkest months and one of the quietest too after the Christmas festivities have been and gone.

There are only a few hours of daylight and that means you have more time to look for the Northern Lights, which I’m guessing is one of the big reasons you’d go to Iceland in the winter.

This video was taken during the month of February, in 2018, during a hike near the Blue Lagoon.


Usually a little bit warmer than January, but still dark and cold.

Again, the extra darkness gives you plenty of opportunity to see the Northern Lights.

There are also whale watching tours from Reykjavik all year round, many of the whales stay through the winter months.


The spring equinox is on March 20th, at which point the days start at 7.30am and the sun sets at 7.30pm

This provides more time for exploring and you can join up with tours that go out to the Golden Circle or the beautiful waterfalls in South Iceland.

Summer is the best time to do these tours but March will usually be a good option for people who don’t like crowds.

Iceland Weather by Month … Not Quite So Cold!


You can expect 13 to 16 hours of daylight in April and Spring has definitely started – the ice starts to melt and the anticipation of summer is infectious!

There is still a chance to see the Northern Lights too and at this time of year you can also do some horse riding, caving and snorkelling.


May is a great time to visit – you can expect cheaper flights and accommodation than the summer season, but still enjoy all that Iceland has to offer in their summer months.

The Northern Lights are no longer visible, but you can fill your vacation with every other adventure that Iceland has to offer you.

Iceland Weather by Month …The Warmest Months

June, July, August

These are the prime summer months in Iceland, especially July and August.

The temperature is up around 12 degrees Celsius and all of the Highland roads are now accessible, so you can explore everywhere.

With the Summer Solstice on June 21st, you can experience the Midnight Sun from late May to the end of July.

Iceland Weather by Month … Getting Colder Again!


Even though the weather is turning colder, September is a great month to visit Iceland.

This is the time of year when you can see the Northern Lights again as the hours of darkness increase.


This is another great month to visit where you can look forward to cheaper flights and hotels.  Most of the activities are still open and the colors of Fall are in evidence too.

The rain/snow is becoming more common, but as long as you fill your bags with a good variety of clothing, you will be ready for anything!


November is back to full-on winter in Iceland and it’s probably the least popular month to visit.

I don’t care what you say or think about Iceland, in my opinion, it’s always a great time to visit!  If you do, make sure you get a world famous Baejarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog!

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