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As a digital nomad and natural hacker of life, I’ve come to the understanding that there are things you absolutely must have when you travel.  Whether it be domestic, or international, there are certain accessories that simply put – make life a shitload easier.

Today I’m going to dive into some must have items, as well as shed light on some other items that if your luggage has the capacity for, you should give a hard look.  This page aims to help you solve any travel problem you could possibly encounter with a very small investment.  The goal is here is to focus on organization, comfort, and efficiency.

The Must Have Travel Accessories to Make Trips Easier

Let’s start out with the thing most of us hate doing before we travel – packing.

I never pack any checked baggage without using my bagails.

These “packing cubes” are the best way to organize clothing and other items in a way that when you arrive at your destination, they won’t be all over the place!

The bagail is the new staple in my travel regimen. #travel #bagail #packsmart

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You’ll thank me later when you see how easy you can segment your clothing and personal items with ease.

Speaking of packing, isn’t it just a drag when you pack everything nice and tight, yet somehow, some way, your stuff gets broken and liquids spill everywhere?

Enter the Vumos Leak-proof Travel Bottles

Fear no more, because this solution is the one that will put an end to that madness.

Anything you need to arrive safely is perfectly fine when it’s filled in these silicone bottles.  Hair products like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, creams and lotions, and more, will arrive perfectly safe in these TSA-approved size that will be allowed in your carry on.

The Messenger Bag For Women Worried About Theft

As someone who has been all across the world, I know that pick pockets and thieves are quite common in even the most luxurious of destinations.  From having a gun pulled on me in Nicaragua, to having children pull at my girlfriend’s handbag in Rome, it’s always best to make sure that you travel with items that are made to protect your valuables.  Featuring a cut proof strap, which will resist any slash due to it’s solid manufacturing, you can secure credit cards, your passport, and just about anything else you want to protect.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

If you are one to become irritated by screaming babies (and let’s be honest, we all fit this mold) then you’ll definitely want to invest in noise cancelling headphones.  Bose makes the best pair money can buy for relaxation.  Not only are they extremely high quality and comfortable, they are also lightweight.  Easily pair these headphones with Bluetooth and enjoy your flight to the sounds of your choice.

Stuff You’ll Need for Your Trip

#1:  Anti Bacterial Wipes

I don’t travel anywhere with anti-bacterial wipes.  These are used to wipe down everything from the seats on the airplane (which are full of germs), to anything at the hotels that I know are touched by many people.  Telephones, remote controls, anything of that nature.

#2:  Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

If you want to be immune to everything, this is something you MUST take daily.  Rare are the times that I wake up and feel sick, or even have the smallest irritant such as a sniffle in my nose or a tickle in my throat.  Since 2016, I’ve been swearing by this amazing elixir – and I have yet to fall ill.  (When you consider I have flown 300,000 miles on over 100 flights during that time frame, it’s pretty incredible.)

#3:  Charcoal Pills

Most people don’t know this, but activated charcoal is a highly useful natural treatment that helps flush toxins and chemicals in your body.  Widely available, you’ll benefit from having this in your travel accessories because you can safely eliminate food poisoning from your body if you find that you consumed fish that had gone bad, or, you know, were just not agreeing with what the local cuisine.  I use charcoal pills to remove toxins from my body and it’s come in very clutch when I’ve felt the need to purge items from my system.  Used in trauma centers across the globe, it also assists with gas, bloating, and even prevents hangovers.  (This is, in fact, something used for alcohol poisoning, so if you find yourself in Mexico and consuming too much Tequila,this is yet another reason to have this on you.)

Charcoal Pill Uses

Dr. Axe has a very useful graphic displaying charcoal pill uses.

To me, charcoal pills are about as essential to have on me at all times, just like a passport.

#4:  External Battery Chargers

There are many of these for sale, and a lot of time people want to select them based on size, time it takes to charge, and price.  Here’s a preview of the best selling external chargers on  I personally do not travel without an external charger.


Must Have Travel Accessories
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