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As a lifelong traveler, I have come to discover that there are just some things that, at first glance, may seem a little strange, but in the end can really enhance your travel experience. Whether traveling across the state, across the country, or around the world, there are some really great accessories that can make a world of difference while on your journey.  Some of them are “in case of emergency,” while others simply make the journey a bit more enjoyable.  Today I’ll share with you my little list of the best travel accessories to pack with you on any substantial trip.  As an avid shopper, I tried to keep this list exclusive to there, but sometimes I do use products that aren’t sold on Amazon as well.  If you find yourself in need of these items prior to a trip, open up in another window, and know that I can help you with a HUGE portion fo your travel accessories with just a few clicks, all sourced in one easy to use shopping portal.

The Best Travel Accessories You Must Pack for any Trip in 2019

One of the most focused on areas involving travel is how to pack.

What to pack, how much to pack, and how to make sure the shampoo doesn’t explode all over your clothes are just some of the questions that haunt travelers. Compound that with airline restrictions and other travel guidelines and you could have a real conundrum on your hands. When traveling locally, I tend to use the more traditional, wheeled luggage. When traveling out of the country, I tend to use a backpack styled suitcase, but wheels will suffice and be a must if I’m checking any bags.  Lightweight and easy to transport, both suitcases allow me to carry my luggage on the plane, keep everything I need handy, and have the ability to hit the streets when I arrive. Don’t forget the TSA approved luggage locks. I find security to be of utmost importance.

#1:  Packing Cubes 

Find on Amazon – – – > From $19.97

One of my favorite packing assistants is my set of packing cubes. These smart and durable cubes not only allow you to separate your clothes by day or occasion, but will also help save space in your luggage for those all-important souvenirs. Using these packing cubes keeps everything neat and organized and protected from exploding cosmetics or other travel accidents. You can even use them to keep your dirty clothes separated from your clean ones and, if you are traveling for an extended period of time, you can use them as laundry totes.  I won’t do any trip without these, as there is nothing worse than arriving somewhere far away and having your clothing in complete disarray.  With Packing cubes, you’ll never have to worry about that.

The brand I prefer is Bagails, but you’ll see that many brands now offer them, including Amazon, a company that seems to just copy any product line that is selling well and make it on their own.  

Travel Packing Cubes

#2:  TSA Approved Liquid Bottles

Find on Amazon from $12.97

Speaking of luggage accidents, in my early years of travel, every time I went anywhere (and, unfortunately, I do men ANYWHERE) my liquids would explode all over my clothes and instead of hitting the sight-seeing path, I was headed to the nearest laundromat. To avoid that troublesome issue, I now use leak-proof travel bottles. These TSA approved sized bottles that are perfect for your carry-on luggage keep liquids in and your other packed items safe from their liquid competitors. Made of durable silicone, these amazing little bottles are something I simply do not travel without. These bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are perfect for everything from shampoo and lotion to even contact solution and sunscreen. I use a sticky label to make sure I don’t get the contents mixed up and then at the end of my trip, remove the label and clean the bottle for storing until the next amazing adventure.

The link above is to my brand of choice, Teapile.  They have the lowest price for the highest quality.

tsa approved travel containers

#3:  Travel Document Holder 

Whether traveling nationally or internationally, it is important to have your travel documents handy at all times. Whether packing tickets, ID cards, Passports, or money, having a way to organize and keep safe those all-important documents deserve your time and attention. After using several products, and honestly having some incidents along the way, the best product on the market for keeping important documents safe is the RFID Organizer. I bought the exact one in that link for $17.99, and it’s available in a variety of colors and has near perfect reviews.  (My review was a five star, which is why I’m recommending it to you.)

Compact, secure and with plenty of space for documents, credit cards, and even tickets, safe and accessible. You can easily store this passport wallet in your carry-on luggage or in a day-pack while you are out and about on your vacation.

There are many others on Amazon, but the link above is for DefWay, and that’s the one I use.  It’s priced well, but if you want something luxurious, check out this one made of Kangaroo.

document holder for travel

#4:  Day Packs & Backpacks

Under Armour Storm Backpack:  Click for Current Price

Whether on a short trip or a long journey, one thing I never leave home without is a day-pack. There are a wide range of lightweight, durable day-packs on the market. When shopping for a day-pack, there are a few things I encourage travelers to keep in mind. Search for a pack that has comfortable straps. This is especially true if you are going to be doing a lot of walking as you sight-see. You want your pack to be comfortable all day and not a distraction from your fun. Speaking of comfort, decide if you prefer a backpack style or a messenger bag style.  I personally use the Under Armour Storm Backpack, which has many compartments, is lightweight, very durable, and even has multiple “wet pouches” in case you have wet clothing or swimwear that you don’t want to get mixed up with your dry clothing or other goods.  I’ve taken this backpack through glaciers in Iceland, hitting extreme temperatures and needing to access dry clothing, protein bars, and lotion.  This has stood the test of time and is extremely durable.

Many women travelers prefer the messenger-style pack, as they can carry it more like a purse and in large crowds feel more secure. Male travelers tend to lean more toward the backpack style day-pack. Whatever your choice, make sure the pack has durable seams, strong zippers, and is comfortable for you to carry. My suggestion is to fill the pack with the basics you will carry and walk around a bit with it. Then decide if the pack will suit your needs or if you need to look at a different style.

#5:  Money Belt 

Recommended Belt on Amazon – $20.97

When traveling in a foreign country, it is always a good idea to use a money belt. My favorite is the Alpha Keeper RFID Money Belt. This belt can be worn underneath your clothes to keep documents, money, and other items safely hidden from any potential thieves. One mistake a new traveler might make is to carry all their money and cards in the money belt, and then accessing that belt in public. Just don’t. The idea is to keep what you need on you, but divide it up so should something happen you still have the means you need to enjoy your trip.

There are also many tech items that can help make certain your trip is a success. Some of these items are optional based on where you are going. Others, I don’t leave home without. These are just a few suggestions that help me have a great trip every time I travel.

Money Belt for Travel

#6:  Noise Canceling Headphones

I’ll be honest, I like to pack light, and I’m a huge fan of Apple Products.  The Air Pods have changed my life, no doubt.  However, there is nothing like a noise cancelling headphone for those long flights when there is a lot of background noise, so if you can find the room for these, I highly recommend them. 

For long flights, and if you have room in your carry-on, noise canceling headphones are an incredible benefit to ensuring a great trip. Kids are great, but sometimes they do not travel well; especially if the flight is a long one. Rest is important if you are going to stay healthy on your trip and the best way to avoid jet-lag is to sleep. Noise cancelling headphones can help remove some of the ambient noise on the airplane and help you get the rest you need.

There are many brands that will do the job, starting at the Cowin brand at just $59, but I personally use the Sony WH-CH00N with Alexa and Bluetooth at $148.

Headphones for travel

#7:  Pocket Charger 

The ultra-portable pocket charger is an item that I don’t leave home without, even when just driving to visit family. This handy device can charge your phone, Kindle, and more. Many travelers use the standard model that needs to be recharged through traditional means. Others like the solar powered version. If you have sun, you have power. Small enough to fit into your pocket, yet powerful enough to charge a phone twice, this is a must-take item on any trip.  I like the Anker PowerCore 10000.  It’s under $30 and works like a charm.

pocket charger for travel

#8:  Universal Travel Adapter

UPPEL Adapter – $19.97

Speaking of power, if you are traveling internationally and want to keep all your gear juiced up, a universal travel adapter is a must use. When I went on a journey that included Iceland, Italy, Holland, and Spain, I didn’t know which travel adapter to buy.  Luckily, a friend pointed me to this one, and what a life saver it was.  Like many travel items, there is a wide range of adapters to choose from. It works in over 150 countries.  By using a more compact charger, I am able to save space in my luggage and still have everything I need to keep my tech fully charged.

Every time I travel, I make a list of things I wish I had remembered to pack. Here are just some of those items that I now never leave home without.

Universal Travel Adapter

#9:  Personal Care Products are a Must

Different countries have different ideas about hygiene and I have found that a small bottle of hand sanitizer is invaluable. There isn’t always a public restroom available and, when in a bind, you need to be ready for that.  For that reason, I recommend the following items.

  • Hand sanitizer wipes  – no explanation needed.  Travel pack for $20.
  • Body wipes – think of this as a quick shower.  When I take a long flight, I perspire.  These wipes will help you feel fresh without taking a shower. It’s not perfect, but it’s the next best thing.  Living in Florida, I keep these in my vehicle at all times as well as we tend to get a lot of humidity, which makes use all sweaty.  This brand has them at only $1 each.
  • Charcoal Pills.  Not many people know about these, but after getting food poisoning in Nicaragua, I won’t travel without them.  These will literally pass anything through your system rather quickly, and they are the only solution I’ve found that will help pass any food that your body doesn’t agree with, very quickly, so you can go back to enjoying your vacation.  I tend to like this brand the best, and again, I keep these in my travel bag as well as at home, they are VERY handy.  Usually between $6-7 by this brand.

Of course, remember to stay hydrated when you travel.  It’s the number one thing to remember if you want a safe and healthy trip.

As you can imagine there are many more gadgets and gizmos that make packing and traveling a little easier. These are just a few of the items on my favorites list that help me enjoy every adventure I take. As I continue my own adventures, I’ll be updating this list with new items and hacks to help make life a little easier for everyone else.

Also, I know many people travel CIRCLES around me.  If you have any items that you include on your travels that I didn’t have on my list, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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  1. Pretty good list here, Tim. I think I’d add to this, a travel pillow, and luggage tags. Many people don’t put these on their bags, and you never know when an airline will lose your baggage! It’s uber important to have at least a name and email address on there if you are private with your phone number.

    • Hey Jackson,

      I can’t argue with either of those suggestions! I’ll get those incorporated when I next update this page. Thanks for stopping by.


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