9 Best Countries for Solo Travel

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Find out the top destinations for solo travel.  These places are ideal places to travel to for people traveling solo for their first time.

As someone who started traveling alone years ago, I understand the fears that can go into exploring somewhere new.  My first time traveling abroad solo I wasn’t prepared for the journey and probably picked some places I wouldn’t repeat alone.  Never again!

After years of traveling abroad, I’m seasoned and know the landscapes a lot better, making me a savvy traveler (or I wouldn’t have this job as a travel writer!)

To assist anyone looking to plan a solo trip, here’s my list of the top places you can safely and confidently travel to alone.

Best Places for First Time Solo Travel

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

Since this website is in the English language, it’s only fitting that I choose a destination people who most likely read this blog want the comfort of the English language in their solo travels.

What makes this a top destination is that it is easy to fly to from anywhere in the world, it’s easy to get around in the UK, and it’s very much a first world country.  They offer affordable hostels as well as luxury hotels, so there is something for everyone.

I find British folks very friendly, and have always enjoyed their company in pubs around town while watching football matches.



Spain offers a lot more than just being a Spanish speaking country with a very intelligent and English speaking populous in Europe.  You’ll find everything from historic churches in Barcelona, to castles, coastlines, cosmopolitan cities, and first class amenities.

Like the United Kingdom, you’ll find no shortage of hostels, hotels, and first world transportation.

If you compare Spain to other European countries, you will find that your money goes a bit further as well.



If you have the appetite to spend a little more money, you can’t go wrong with visiting Sweden.  The country is absolutely stunning!  You’ll find a lot of culture in Sweden, as well as very friendly locals, a hyper-low crime rate, and easy transportation to see the entire country.  Offering a bit of a climate change, if you want to experience Winter and search for the Northern Lights, Sweden is a great place to explore.



Speaking of low crime rates and the Northern Lights, Iceland is one of my favorite countries of all time. I will warn you, it is very expensive, however.

This is a once in a lifetime bucket list trip that you have to see for yourself.  The locals are among the friendliest in the world and happy to assist you in showing you a great time. I met many solo travelers in Iceland, and our site has a lot of content about our founder’s trips, which I urge you to check out:

While you may spend more money than you had planned, there’s no reason that Iceland won’t be among your most memorable trips – EVER.



Moving on to warmer climates, I can fully recommend Peru for solo travelers.

Most people will think of Machu Picchu, but the country offers a lot more than that historical landmark.  You can experiences mountains and go on hikes, or explore the coast of Peru.

The bus system is very advanced, and you can tour the entire country by bus with one simple ticket.

If you are into hiking and exploring, I can’t recommend Peru enough.  The people are very friendly and the Andes mountains are something of pure beauty.

Peru also has a lower crime rate and more tourism in place when compared to it’s South American neighboring countries.



Often forgotten is our neighbors to the north – Canada!

Canada is extremely safe, offers an English speaking population (unless you are in Montreal or Quebec) and a very relaxed vibe.  It’s a great destination for first time solo travelers.  While it’s a large, diverse country, you can see many different sub-cultures if you see cities like Vancouver, Quebec, and Toronto.

Toronto offers a feel like Chicago to me, with a lot of tall buildings and a bustling city.

If you are looking for adventure, try fishing or hiking in Canada.


Japan should be on everyone’s bucket list.  It is a very tourist-forward country that is perfect for foodies and people who want to see a very first wold part of Asia.

People from all over the world visit Japan each year and most repeat the trip due to their experience.  Very safe, and offering the best sushi in the world, what is there bad to say about Japan other than it’s very far away from most people’s home city?

Sometimes, the best countries for solo travel aren’t easy to get to, but it’s all about the journey.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

If you haven’t noticed, we cover Costa Rica quite a bit on this website because our founder used to live there and is a wealth of information on things to do in Costa Rica.  He’s done it all, and you can gain a lot of knowledge from his extensive travels to the country.

One bit of advice for solo travelers to Costa Rica – the crime rate went up a lot in 2023 and our advice is for females to be cautious of their surroundings at all times.  We aren’t saying that Costa Rica is unsafe, as most of the crime is petty, but you can never be too careful when traveling alone, especially if you are out at night and drinking. Do not be a target anywhere abroad, and you’ll be just fine.

Costa Rica offers rain forests, cloud forests, monkeys, countless beaches, volcanos, ziplining, surfing, golf, and much more.  You won’t find a more “tourist” country than Costa Rica. It’s well known that Costa Rica tourism is what brings in a lot of money to the country.  The natural beauty of Costa Rica is unmatched, and you won’t be let down no matter what part of the country you travel to.

Tim’s top Costa Rica blogs: 



Finalizing my list of the best countries for solo travelers is Italy.  You’ll find amazing food, unrivaled culture, and a lot of history in Italy.

Also view:  Hostels in Rome

You can find travel for any budget, whether it’s a simple hostel or a boutique hotel in the country, Italy offers it all.

Many solo travelers visit Italy each year, and I’ve met many on my trips there.  I find Rome to be one of my favorite places in the world.  My next trip I’ll be checking out Positano!

That wraps up my picks for the best countries to solo travel.  If you enjoyed this article please bookmark our site and check back for more updates.

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