3 Sons Brewing Co (Why This is a Perfect Spot for Cold Beer)

Seeking an exceptional craft beer experience near Fort Lauderdale? ‘3 Sons Brewing’ in Dania Beach has fast become a connoisseur’s destination for distinctive brews. Today I’ll share my recent visit to this must visit Lauderdale brewery and dive into the history of this brewery from the humble family beginnings to a lineup of beers that do not disappoint.

Dive in to discover what sets 3 Sons Brewing apart from other local breweries in Fort Lauderdale and why it’s one of my go-to places for great beer and exceptional pizza!

What to Know About 3 Sons Brewery

  • 3 Sons Brewing Co. combines a vintage setting in Dania Beach with an innovative beer crafting, recognized through several prestigious awards.
  • With a variety of core, seasonal, and collaborative beers, they focus on quality ingredients and some very interesting beers including the Dopealicious, a New England IPA, and Boysen tha Hood, a fruited Berliner Weisse fermented with fresh Boysenberry that reminds me of a beer I grew up on – Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss.
  • The brewery provides a full experience with gourmet food, an eventful calendar, reservable spaces for private events, and takeaway options that include branded merchandise and packaged beer.

Overview of 3 Sons Brewing

3 sons taproom

Upon entering the premises of 3 Sons Brewing Co., a brewery nestled in an authentically restored warehouse from the 1940s near Ft. Lauderdale airport, beer aficionados will enjoy an atmosphere that seamlessly blends historical charm with modern sophistication under soaring ceilings—an experience epitomizing flavor and style, all in an open environment with multiple seating options.

How 3 Sons Brewing Started

3 sons brewing dania beach
A glimpse of the seating in the long corridor to the South.

The narrative of 3 Sons Brewing Co. originated with the bond between Corey Artanis and his son, Joe, who were united by their familial ties and a mutual passion for beer. This connection spurred them to pursue an audacious dream: founding a unique brewery that would stand as an homage to Corey’s trio of sons.

Inaugurated in 2019 after an extensive construction period lasting three years, the doors of this esteemed brewery swung open, inviting enthusiasts into an establishment brimming with remarkable beers crafted by 3 Sons Brewing.

A Dania Beach Destination

3 sons brewing tap room
The bar area and brewing room.

Located off the beaten path of Federal Hwy, 3 Sons Brewing Co. stands as a hidden treasure within the industrial setting of Dania Beach, creating an element of surprise for those who find it.

Local tip: Since this road has heavy traffic, be on the look out for the “big orange” in the parking lot. If you pass the destination it can get annoying to do a U-Turn and get back on Federay hwy.

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed into a generous taproom space that provides sight lines to fermentation vessels situated beyond the bar area. This setup deeply engages guests in the intricate world of brewing at 3 Sons Brewing Co., thereby elevating their experience with each sip they savor.

Awards and Acclaim

At 3 Sons Brewing Co., the creation of outstanding beer is not just a process, but an art form that has earned accolades time and again. Before establishing the brewery, founder Corey Artanis made waves with his brewing skills at the esteemed Hunahpu’s Day Festival. With early triumphs such as securing awards for best brewery and best beer, 3 Sons Brewing Co. established a reputation for excellence in craftsmanship, confirming its eminent status within the craft beer aficionado circles.

Also, Guy Fieri filmed an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives at 3 Sons!  Check out the full story here!

What’s On Tap?

3 sons beers
Pictured here is the Boysen the Hood, and the Dopealicoius beers.

Eager to quench your thirst? 3 Sons Brewing Co. presents a remarkable range of beers, each with its distinctive twist. Their dedication to quality surpasses the importance of mass production, as seen in every pour where premium and local ingredients combine to create their extraordinary beverages.

Flagship Flavors

At 3 Sons Brewing Co., a steady stream of their staple brews is available throughout the year, notably including the In A World of 9’s Be A 10, an 8.4% ABV Imperial IPA, and the Citrus Machine, a New England IPA bottled at 6.5% ABV.

Seasonal Sips and Special Releases

Searching for a unique beer? 3 Son’s also has guest releases, including the 1911 Honeycrisp Hard Cider. These change throughout the season and you’ll have to follow along on social media to see what their current seasonal drafts and guest collaborations are.

Collaboration Creations

Innovation is the name of the game at 3 Sons Brewing Co. Their collaborative creations, crafted with fellow craft breweries, are testament to their adventurous spirit. Thanks to partnerships with breweries like Resident Culture, Omnipollo, and Cigar City Brewing, they’ve produced a diverse range of beers from West Coast double IPAs to barrel-aged stouts. The success of their operation lies in their dedication to quality and experimentation.

Standouts include the bourbon barrel-aged ‘Gideon’s Pancake Stack’ and the flavor-packed ‘Mooore Rare Scooop’.

Visit 3 Sons Brewing Co.: Hours and Operations

If you’re eager to check out some brews, 3 Sons Brewing Co. welcomes visitors seven days a week beginning at noon. On Fridays and Saturdays, the brewery stays busy until 11 PM for extended enjoyment. From Sunday to Thursday, they wrap up the beer indulgences by 10 PM sharp.

When to Visit

If you’re looking to enjoy a midday beer or spend the night out, 3 Sons Brewing Co. has got you covered. They are open for business from noon until 10 pm from Monday through Thursday and offer additional hours on Friday and Saturday when they remain open until 11 pm, giving ample opportunity to indulge in your preferred beers. Keep in mind though that the kitchen shuts down one hour before the bar does, so be sure to time your dining experience with this schedule!

We recently enjoyed a long lunch here and had a great time! Everyone was happy with the food and beer selection. We really enjoyed the pizza, especially the Great Gatsby.

Before You Go

Even though 3 Sons Brewing Co. doesn’t explicitly state their parking or pet policies on the internet, it shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting. There is a small outdoor patio area with seating, but it’s first come, first serve and it can be hot in Sunny South Florida.

Making a brief call to the brewery for information on how busy it is or if your pet is allowed is probably a good idea at 3 Sons Brewing.

The Full Experience: Food and Events at 3 Sons Brewing Co.

There’s additional excitement at 3 Sons Brewing Co. beyond their exceptional beer selection. They provide:

  • An assortment of exquisite gourmet dishes
  • A variety of rotating food trucks
  • Concerts featuring live music performances
  • Spaces that can be reserved for hosting private events

Dedicated to delivering a comprehensive experience, the brewery emphasizes a broad spectrum of alcohol by volume (ABV) in their offerings to accurately cater to an array of individual tastes with precision and minimal error.

Culinary Delights

beers at 3 sons
The San Daniele pizza features arugula, mozzarella, and proscuitto.

At 3 Sons Brewing Co., the culinary offerings are as prominent as their beer, with a menu that enhances the experience of craft brewing through inventive dishes and great wood fired pizza.

It’s important to note that food service at Sons Brewing concludes an hour earlier than the bar. Plan your visit accordingly to satisfy those hunger pangs!

Calendar of Events

Stay informed and enhance your beer experience by keeping up with the dynamic event schedule at 3 Sons Brewing Co., which boasts a variety of happenings such as live music performances.

Ensure you’re always in the know about fresh beer releases and forthcoming events hosted by 3 Sons Brewing Co. by tracking them on the Untappd app, where real-time alerts are available to keep you connected to all their exciting activities.

You can also visit their website to follow their events calendar.

Private Celebrations

private room at 3 sons
One of the private rooms available.

If you’re organizing an event such as a birthday party, business meeting, or spontaneous celebration, look no than 3 Sons Brewing Co. They offer spaces that can be reserved for your exclusive use and provide an exceptional setting ideal for all sorts of private events and festivities.

Take a Piece of the Brewery Home

3 sons brewing floor
Merchandise is for sale in the back corner of the brewery.

Fortunately, the opportunity to bring a slice of the brewery experience back with you exists. A cooler showcases their canned beers for sale, whether it be a 4 pack or individual bottles of beer, know that they’ve left no stone unturned in helping you enjoy their beers while not being at the physical location.  And don’t worry, beer will not explode in your checked luggage!  I wrote all about that and show you proper packing tips if you want to take some home.

Brewery Swag

Flaunt your passion for the brewery by sporting merchandise from 3 Sons Brewing Co. Whether it’s t-shirts, hats, or glassware you choose, every item reflects the innovative and spirited character of 3 Sons Brewing’s culture.

Beer-to-Go Options

If you’re looking to indulge in your preferred beers from the ease of your own home, 3 Sons Brewing Co. has got you covered with an assortment of their artisanal beer selections available for takeout in both 4 pack cans and individual bottles. Fans of ‘Antique Alley,’ ‘Citrus Machine,’ or any other brew can easily pick up their favorite beer to go.

If you hold a Family Membership with us, rejoice in receiving a 10% discount on all purchases of packaged beers when made directly at our tasting room.

Navigating the Brews: The Untappd Connection

Stay informed on the newest beer selections from 3 Sons Brewing Co. by leveraging the capabilities of the Untappd app.

Through Untappd, you have the ability to:

  • Get immediate alerts concerning new entries on 3 Sons’ beer menu
  • Maintain a customized log of your experiences tasting different beers
  • Explore novel beers and breweries to expand your horizons
  • Network with fellow beer enthusiasts and keep tabs on their beverage choices

Untappd serves as your essential guide for keeping up with everything related to 3 Sons Brewing. Raise a glass!

Keeping Up with the Kegs

Stay updated with the latest happenings at 3 Sons Brewing Co. by tracking them on Untappd. Receive instant updates about new beer releases and events straight to your device, allowing you to rate their beers and maintain a custom beer journal tailored just for you.

Consider it having an on-hand personal beer assistant through the convenience of fast lane (FL) service right in the palm of your hand, ensuring you stay connected with all things related to 3 Sons Brewing’s offerings.

Untappd User Perks

The benefits for Untappd members don’t stop there. They can maintain tailored logs of their beer tasting adventures, complete with individual ratings for each brew they sample and distinctive badges awarded when they document their experiences at 3 Sons.

The Untappd menu filter provides an opportunity to explore a variety of beers that users have yet to taste, paving the way for exciting new discoveries in their beer-tasting journey.

3 Sons Brewing Contact Info and Address:

3 Sons Brewery

236 N. Federal Hwy., Dania Beach, FL




When you visit 3 Sons Brewing Co., you’re not simply trying out new beers. You’re diving into a rich family tradition and embracing the spirit of inventive brewing. It’s an experience that encompasses tasting prize-winning brews, engaging in thrilling events, and enjoying high-quality food pairings. This is your invitation to join the festivities at 3 Sons Brewing – where every sip tells a story. Have you marked your calendar for an adventure with 3 adventures? Sons yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of 3 Sons Brewing Co.?

3 Sons Brewing Co. welcomes guests daily beginning at noon. Their doors remain open until 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, while they wrap up each evening at 10 PM for the rest of the week.

Make sure to schedule your trip accordingly!

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