Best Places to Travel Alone in the US: Top Solo Destinations

Considering a solo journey in the US? Explore these top-notch American destinations perfect for those traveling by themselves, each offering a combination of safety and enriching cultural experiences. Step out of your comfort zone and experience travel in a new way by indulging in dynamic gastronomy and engaging in numerous activities tailored to individual explorers.

We’ve already covered the best places for solo travel in the world, so you might want to check that out as well.  This article focuses on traveling in the USA only.  

best places to travel alone in the us

Key Takeaways

  • San Francisco, California offers solo travelers a mix of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and artistic charm, with convenient public transportation and vibrant dining options.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico enchants solo travelers with its adobe architecture, vibrant art galleries, and rich cultural history, making it ideal for a blend of relaxation and exploration.
  • Austin, Texas provides a dynamic solo travel experience with its legendary live music scene, diverse neighborhoods, and vibrant food truck culture, promising excitement and engagement.

San Francisco, California

san francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco captivates those traveling alone with its stunning landscapes, rich cultural tapestry, and abundant artistic allure. As solo travelers meander through the city’s dynamic districts, they will encounter an assortment of activities tailored to a variety of tastes. For individuals traveling on their own, San Francisco provides efficient public transit options such as Muni buses and trains, historic streetcars, and the renowned cable cars that allow for secure and convenient exploration throughout the metropolis.

The dining scene in San Francisco is particularly exceptional for solo explorers. Essential destinations include the Ferry Building Marketplace and Off the Grid for genuine taste experiences from local food markets to roving vendors. Tartine Manufactory offers a serene atmosphere perfect for savoring freshly baked goods along with unique culinary creations in a setting that invites relaxation. Alternatively, Liholiho Yacht Club’s communal tables or El Techo de Lolinda’s rooftop gatherings create ideal settings where newcomers can mingle with other patrons while enjoying their meals. Communal tables and social gathering spaces provide opportunities to meet new friends.

When seeking lodging options within San Francisco aimed at safety-minded lone wanderers who also desire accessibility to urban amenities. Neighborhoods like Union Square, Nob Hill, and Marina District stand out as prime choices.Hotel Zeppelin stands out by providing social gathering spaces including organized events which presents additional chances for solo visitors wanting connection during their visit.Whether you find yourself beholding wonders like Golden Gate Bridge, soaking up local culture down Chinatown, vibrant corridors or basking in tranquility amidst Green Gare Park walking paths, San Francisco delivers an unforgettable experience individually designed to enchant those exploring it alone.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

santa fe new mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico, enchants solo travelers with its distinctive adobe architecture, a kaleidoscope of art galleries, and mouthwatering Southwestern flavors. The city harmoniously weaves together an inviting mix of cultural heritage and scenic beauty that is perfect for those embarking on a solo journey in search of both relaxation and adventure.

The heart of downtown Santa Fe is a playground for aficionados of the arts with its array to explore: diverse galleries, chic fashion outlets, and creative spaces by local artisans abound. Notably distinct is the Railyard District, which boasts eclectic boutiques and galleries alongside the dynamic Railyard Artisan Market—make sure to pay a visit to this area’s celebrated farmers’ market known for quality fresh produce and regional specialties.

Culinary adventurers will delight in Santa Fe’s gastronomic offerings where luxurious dishes like buttery poached snow crab or expertly pan-seared sea bass create memorable dining experiences. Casual yet delectable options can be found at La Boca with its assortment of Spanish tapas or you might savor Paloma’s striking décor along their innovative Mexican fare. Embracing strong influences from Mexican as well as Native American cultures, Santa Fe embraces strong influences from Mexican as well as Native American cultures. Fe shapes into an extraordinary destination offering solitary explorers an immersive voyage through taste history amidst unforgettable surroundings.

Asheville, North Carolina

asheville north carolina

Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina is an idyllic spot for solo adventurers and aficionados of the great outdoors. The city boasts a wide array of hiking paths such as those found along the famed Blue Ridge Parkway and up to scenic overlooks like the Craggy Pinnacle Trail or Mount Pisgah. These sites provide awe-inspiring panoramas ideal for nature enthusiasts. DuPont State Park is a prime location to visit with its impressive waterfalls serving as perfect backdrops for exploration.

Asheville is a great destination for solo trips, offering enriching and eye-opening experiences.

The cultural side of Asheville comes alive through its pulsating art scene, which enriches any trip to this mountainous retreat. Solo travelers can deepen their appreciation by embarking on guided tours focused on Black history and arts provided by Hood Huggers International that unveil intricate layers within Asheville’s community tapestry. Gastronomy explorers should not miss out on No Taste Like Home Foraging. Tours where participants gather wild foods later transformed into culinary delights at local eateries.

Solo trippers searching for comfort with a dash of extravagance may find solace in accommodations like The Foundry Hotel or Hotel Indigo Asheville Downtown. Enhancing one’s tour through exclusive experiences such as sipping wines from vineyard to glass at Biltmore Estate’s Vine to Wine Tour or taking in panoramic vistas during the Asheville Rooftop Bar Tour elevates any journey here. Known also for its outstanding collection of wine establishments, breweries, and cider houses, each lending their distinct flavors, makes a stopover in Asheville both stimulating and pleasurable across various spheres, be it hiking pursuits or historical discovery.

Portland, Oregon

portland oregon pic

Portland, Oregon, with its vibrant food cart culture and stunning natural surroundings, provides an ideal setting for those traveling alone. The city presents a variety of gastronomic delights ranging from Ethiopian to Greek at the numerous food carts around town, turning each meal into an exciting discovery. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy serene walks or jogs among the cherry blossoms in areas like Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

For solo explorers, navigating Portland is straightforward owing to its reliable public transit system. A treasure trove of local experiences awaits you, from exploring Powell’s City of Books to engaging with the dynamic brewery scene that colors local culture. Over thirty homegrown coffee roasters make up the city’s robust coffee landscape and are sure to delight any discerning java lover.

Encircled by majestic landscapes such as Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens yet steeped in urban appeal, Portland serves as a harmonious blend of metropolitan allure and natural splendor—offering solo travelers ample space for both cultural immersion and nature exploration within their travel itinerary.

New Orleans, Louisiana

streets of new orleans

Overflowing with the sounds of live music, throngs of people, and an atmosphere of hospitality, New Orleans stands out as a dynamic metropolis and the perfect place for solo travelers. The French Quarter beckons visitors with its historic charm and active thoroughfares where one can delve into the city’s distinctive vibe. Solo explorers should not miss taking a pause at French Truck Coffee or experiencing local nightlife flavors at Pat O’Brien’s.

During daylight hours, those traveling alone have ample opportunities to uncover City Park’s beauty, embark on guided excursions through renowned mausoleums or take in the wonders of Mardi Gras World. Nestled comfortably within reach of various vibrant districts, the Virgin Hotel New Orleans tempts guests with its rooftop pool bar—exemplifying ease when it comes to exploring this multifaceted urban landscape. Searching for exceptional art pieces and jewelry at Zèle NOLA situated on Magazine Street offers a rewarding venture for those seeking special mementos.

Celebratory gatherings like Satchmo SummerFest honor jazz legend Louis Armstrong by combining tunes along with delectable food and beverages—a prime scene that invites lone wanderers to partake in communal joyousness. With such an expansive cultural mosaic ready to embrace all who arrive there single-handedly. New Blood promises seasoned globetrotters an unparalleled experience brimming full of individualistic charm amidst Southern warmth during their quest through world destinations.

Sedona, Arizona

sedona arizona mountain

Sedona, Arizona, with its breathtaking red rock landscapes and a plethora of trails for hiking, is an enchanting spot for those embarking on a solo journey. As you trek up the Cathedral Rock Trail or make your way to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, ingeniously constructed against a towering 1,000-foot rock face, you’ll find yourself immersed in extraordinary vistas. The allure of Sedona extends from refreshing morning dips in crystalline creeks to dining under vibrant sunset skies.

The city has gained fame for its energy vortexes – areas believed by many to exude powerful natural energy – making it an alluring destination for individuals looking for metaphysical healing and self-discovery. For solitary explorers seeking peace and wellness activities tailored just to them, such as retreats and spa services, are abundantly available within Sedona’s bounds. Situated here is Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park. This serene sanctuary offers solitude conducive to deep spiritual contemplation.

Solo visitors drawn towards mystical items or experiences will appreciate what Sedona’s crystal shops have available.

  • Captured aura imagery
  • Sessions dedicated to crystal-based restoration
  • Consultations using tarot cards
  • Services aimed at cleansing one’s energy

Well-known establishments like Crystal Magic alongside Mystical Bazaar represent some favorites among these types of stores in Sedona.

Beyond that, open-air lodging solutions grant single adventurers not only comfort but also tranquility amidst nature’s embrace—complete with amenities including personal hot tubs and fire pits perfect for peaceful evenings alone beneath starscapes above.

This unique conjunction between raw scenic wonderment coupled with reflective atmosphere establishes Sediva as an exemplary setting suited marvelously toward taking time out solely on your own—an ultimate haven promising both transformational encounters along paths less traveled plus moments thoughtfully catered to individual solace-seeking travelers’ needs.

Boston, Massachusetts

boston industrial park

Boston boasts a wealth of historical sites and museums, making it an ideal location for solo travelers interested in delving into the city’s rich heritage. Solo adventurers can experience Boston’s history firsthand by visiting landmarks such as Fenway Park and walking The Freedom Trail. Its pedestrian-friendly layout coupled with a comprehensive public transportation system allows those traveling alone to navigate the city effortlessly.

For those seeking cultural stimulation, there are no shortage of options. Institutions like the Museum of Science, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and not least, both the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum along with its acclaimed cousin, the Museum of Fine Arts, offer extensive collections worth exploring. If looking for something less planned while on their journey, visitors have access to spontaneous entertainment including Harvard’s arrayier2f exhibits or catching a Red Sox game.

The variety that defines Boston’s food scene serves up appealing choices for every palette in areas like Central Square and especially within quaint North End neighborhoods where dining becomes part more than just eating but instead emphasizes savoring each moment spent amidst historic cobblestone pathways. The fusion between savory tastes and scenic walks ensures that those embracing solo travel will find genuine delight in uncovering all this vibrant city has to offer.

Austin, Texas

austin texas downtown

Offering an exciting mix of music and food, Austin, Texas, is a vibrant city and a perfect destination for solo travelers. The city’s live music scene is legendary, with venues like ACL Live at The Moody Theater hosting a variety of acts. Downtown Austin is ideal for those who want to be close to museums, upscale restaurants, and nightlife.

Food lovers will appreciate Austin’s strong food truck culture, with parks dedicated to a variety of local cuisines. Lazarus Brewing Co. is a popular spot for solo visitors, offering a mix of coffee, beer, and tacos. For a taste of Austin’s vibrant nightlife, head to Whisler’s, where you can sit at the bar, join communal tables, or play pinball.

Austin’s diverse neighborhoods, such as South Congress Avenue and East Austin, provide plenty of opportunities for exploration. Whether you’re enjoying a serene moment at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden or tasting flights at Still Austin Whiskey Co., Austin promises a dynamic and engaging solo travel experience.

Savannah, Georgia

Solo travelers seeking a destination replete with antebellum splendor and scenic city squares will find Savannah, Georgia to be an enchanting choice. The city’s profound history and stunning environment provide solo explorers with an immersive experience. To witness the allure of Savannah at its zenith, one should consider visiting during autumn or winter seasons. A range of activities including ghostly pub tours, architectural discoveries, and bicycle rentals present diverse options for delving into the city’s charm.

For those who revel in retail therapy alone, Broughton Street is laden with both prominent retailers and unique boutiques catering to varied tastes. In contrast, City Market presents itself as a bustling hub where restaurants mingle with bars under the melody of live music—a perfect setting for amusement among solo visitors. Above all else lies Savannah’s deep-seated tradition of Southern hospitality that promises a warm reception enriching any individual’s travel journey through this historic locale.

Portland, Maine

Solo travelers will find Portland, Maine, an enchanting small town that boasts scenic lighthouses, a plethora of food trucks offering mouth-watering fares and informative guided tours. These iconic beacons are just a short journey from the city center and provide magnificent vistas ideal for photography enthusiasts. Positioned near Fort Allen Park, these mobile eateries afford not only scrumptious culinary delights but also lovely harbor views to enhance one’s eating experience.

For those who venture solo to absorb new sights and sounds, the historic Old Port district awaits with its inviting array of shops and boutiques. Here you can savor lobster rolls along with other regional specialties while meandering through its charming cobblestone streets. Attractions like the Portland Museum of Art along with the Maine Historical Society contribute cultural depth and context to your adventures in this region. Due to its manageable scale coupled with an effective tourist support system, navigating and delighting in all that Portland has to offer is effortlessly enjoyable for explorers traveling on their own.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., with its plethora of museums, historical landmarks, and guided tours, is a perfect destination for those traveling alone to spend a weekend. Art lovers in particular should not miss the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden where contemporary works and interactive installations abound. For solo travelers seeking upscale living spaces along with an effervescent cultural scene, neighborhoods like NoMa and The Wharf are ideal.

At The Wharf, individuals traveling on their own can enjoy meals at restaurants overlooking the water coupled with picturesque vistas. Meanwhile, Union Market in NoMa presents solo visitors with an array of culinary choices amidst its rich historic backdrop and diverse cultural attractions. Solo travel to Washington D.C. is bound to offer a rewarding experience teeming with opportunities for personal enrichment.

Nashville, Tennessee

Attracting solo travelers with its pulsating live music and eclectic neighborhoods, the city of Nashville in Tennessee makes a memorable impact on those who visit. Iconic spots such as The Basement and 3rd and Lindsley present opportunities to take in some live tunes while connecting with other aficionados. Hattie B’s is a go-to destination for those looking to indulge in the fiery delight of spicy fried chicken.

When roaming through areas like Wedgewood-Houston or exploring Five Points in East Nashville, visitors encounter an array of retail therapy options along with cultural encounters. Solo travel experience here is enriched by free concerts downtown and unique finds at local shops, all adding up to an invigorating journey for independent explorers.

San Diego, California

San Diego presents an impeccable fusion of urban charm and natural beauty, making it the perfect getaway for those venturing alone. Highlights include:

  • The coastal enclave of La Jolla is a haven for solo travelers looking to spend their beach days engaging in activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or watching sea lions.
  • Maritime history buffs can delve deep into naval lore at the USS Midway Museum.
  • Solo explorers will find lively evenings and distinctive architecture in the Gaslamp Quarter.

For cultural aficionados, San Diego’s eclectic neighborhoods offer much to discover. Little Italy teems with a variety of Italian eateries and cafes which can be savored on So Diego Food Tours. Adding attraction to visiting this city are breathtaking vistas and hiking trails at Cabrillo National Monument—heightening the already enriching experience of hiking and exploring during one’s solo travel through San Diego.

Seattle, Washington

Offering a balance of city life and natural beauty, Seattle is an ideal destination for solo travelers. Here are some must-see attractions.

  • The iconic Space Needle provides breathtaking views of the city
  • Pike Place Market is perfect for exploring fresh seafood and artisanal foods
  • Ferry rides to nearby islands allow travelers to experience the natural beauty surrounding Seattle

Cultural spots like the Seattle Art Museum and the quirky Fremont Troll offer unique experiences for solo travelers. For those who enjoy live music, Seattle’s vibrant nightlife includes diverse performances, from jazz to indie bands, ensuring an entertaining solo adventure.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, captivates solo travelers with its picturesque cobblestone streets, well-maintained plantations, and the scenic vistas of the Battery. The Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park stands as a notable highlight for visitors while delving into history through tours at the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon enriches their stay.

Solo adventurers can enhance their experience by visiting local shops in Charleston City Market or strolling down King Street for some shopping indulgence. Embracing both historic allure and a friendly vibe, the city offers a rewarding experience to those embarking on solo travel.

Best Solo Vacations for Females

Numerous prime destinations for solo travel deliver enriching and unforgettable adventures specifically for women traveling alone. Whether it’s immersing oneself in the vibrant city life of New York City or finding serenity among Sedona’s peaceful scenery, these locations present unparalleled chances for personal growth, unwinding, and adventure-seeking. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new experiences can make solo travel even more empowering and liberating.

To bolster safety and provide ease while exploring new locales, a multitude of recommended accommodations as well as vital security advice are readily available to augment the experience of traveling solo. This enables travelers to venture beyond their comfort zones with confidence.

New York City, New York

new york city at night

New York City, with its celebrated attractions such as Times Square and Central Park, is an animated urban center for solo female travelers. Those traveling alone have the chance to indulge in Broadway productions, explore the vast collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and wander along the picturesque High Line for a varied cultural adventure.

The city presents a multitude of dining experiences. Sarabeth’s is famous for pleasant brunch outings while Manhattan’s West Village contains many top-tier eateries. Given its extensive selection of pursuits and friendly atmosphere, New York City stands out as an ideal destination for those embarking on a solo excursion.

Miami, Florida

miami causeway at night

Miami presents itself as a prime spot for solo female travelers who desire a blend of pristine beaches and dynamic nightlife. With its scenic backdrop featuring the famous lifeguard towers, South Beach is an excellent venue to unwind. Exploring Miami’s varied districts such as Wynwood and South Beach can lead to cultural enrichment alongside numerous amusement possibilities.

Those with an appetite for gastronomic delights will find pleasure in savoring Miami’s Latin flavors, particularly the genuine Cuban cuisine found in Little Havana, which enhances the gustatory journey. Opting for leisure time on exquisite shores or diving into the city’s electrifying after-dark scene, solo travelers are ensured a memorable adventure in this destination.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a sanctuary for solo female travelers who are on the quest for wellness retreats and spiritual enrichment. In Sedorate, you can indulge in several activities such as:

  • Participating in outdoor yoga sessions
  • Receiving guidance from spiritual healers
  • Engaging in meditation practices
  • Attending yoga courses
  • Enjoying serene hiking adventures

These experiences aim to revitalize your spirit and enhance your well-being while visiting Sedona.

For lodging, establishments like Hilton Sedora Resort, L’Auberge de Sadona, and The Wilde Resort & Spa offer specialized services catering to the needs of solo explorers ensuring their stay is both restful and comfortable. With its breathtaking landscapes coupled with a strong emphasis on personal wellness, Sadona stands out as an exemplary destination perfect for independent female voyagers.

Tips for Traveling Solo

Embarking on a solo vacation offers an unparalleled chance for liberty, autonomy, and self-development. For the solo traveler eager to enhance their journey, interaction with both locals and fellow travelers is key while maintaining vigilance in their environment. Opting for either guided solo travel tours or venturing out independently on individual excursions can lead to a memorable and secure experience throughout your personal voyage of exploration. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your single-traveler escapades stand as safe yet remarkable highlights in your chronicles of travel.

Safety Tips for Solo Travel

Solo travelers must prioritize awareness of their surroundings, which involves several critical actions.

  • Taking the initiative to seek assistance whenever there’s uncertainty
  • Steering clear of secluded spots and dimly lit pathways, particularly during nighttime hours
  • Opting for trustworthy modes of transport
  • Heeding one’s own intuition

Employing these essential tactics is instrumental in maintaining safety.

Embarking on a solo trip with confidence can be achieved by orientating oneself with significant landmarks and interacting with locals. It’s important for travelers to always put their well-being first to guarantee an untroubled and delightful journey.

How to Meet Other Solo Travelers

Enhance your solo travel adventure and find new friends by connecting with other individuals on the same journey. Here’s how you can meet fellow adventurers:

  • Seek out organized group tours tailored for individuals traveling alone, where you’re likely to encounter others with similar interests.
  • Engage in activities such as walking or cycling tours that facilitate interaction among participants.
  • Choose places to eat that have shared seating arrangements, creating natural settings for socializing and forming new connections.

Immerse yourself in the local scene of welcoming cities like Portland to gain insightful recommendations about the area while forging friendships. Enroll in day-long excursions or workshops which promote mingling and contribute positively to your experience traveling solo.

Making the Most of Your Solo Adventure

Solo trips can enhance your adventure and provide unique experiences. Imagine the journey you’ve been longing for and contemplate its potential to enhance your solo adventure. Allow yourself some time to acclimate to a new city, understanding how it pulses and operates for smoother adaptation.

Engage in capturing abundant photographs and frequent shops patronized by residents. This approach will immerse you into the authentic rhythm of life at your destination. Relish in the independence and adaptability that solo travel offers, forging remarkable memories and significant relationships along the way.


Setting out on a solo journey across the U.S. presents boundless possibilities for exploration, self-discovery, and personal development. The cultural abundance of cities like San Francisco and Boston to the breathtaking natural landscapes of Sedona and Asheville offers distinct experiences designed specifically for those traveling alone. It’s important to prioritize safety, interact with local residents, and relish in the independence that comes with solo travel. Whether your heart desires bustling cityscapes or tranquil natural surroundings, there is an ideal spot just for you as a traveler. So prepare your luggage and embark on a memorable adventure by yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some safe destinations for solo female travelers in the U.S.?

Destinations such as New York City, Miami, and Sedona offer solo female travelers a delightful combination of cultural attractions, stunning landscapes, and wellness pursuits in secure environments that ensure their travels are both enjoyable and safe.

What are the best solo travel destinations for nature lovers?

For those passionate about nature and solo travel, Asheville in North Carolina and Sedona in Arizona are exemplary destinations. They provide awe-inspiring natural scenery along with a wide array of hiking trails for your outdoor exploration pleasure.

How can solo travelers stay safe while exploring new cities?

Ensure your safety as you explore unfamiliar urban environments by remaining vigilant about what’s happening around you, steering clear of secluded spots when it’s dark out, and opting for trustworthy transit options.

Boosting both your security and self-assurance can be achieved through interaction with the locals along with employing maps and navigational tools on your smartphone.

What activities can solo travelers do to meet new people?

Embarking on curated excursions, pedestrian explorations, and bike adventures, along with selecting dining spots that offer shared tables, can significantly enhance social interactions for those traveling alone. Engaging in single-day tours and educational workshops provides solo travelers with excellent opportunities to forge new friendships.

Seize the moment and begin your journey of discovery!

What makes solo travel empowering and fulfilling?

Embarking on solo travel provides an empowering and satisfying experience, affording the freedom to choose your adventure with flexibility while fostering personal development. It also presents the opportunity to forge enduring memories from special experiences and establish meaningful relationships.

It grants you the liberty to discover new places at a pace that suits you best, bolstering your sense of independence.

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