Travel Solo: A Beginner’s Guide To Exploring The World On Your Own

The popularity of solo travel is rising, with nearly 40% more travelers searching for single-traveler flights this year. A quarter of us are considering taking a solo trip next year, showing that many of us are ready to enjoy the beauty of independent travel. But if you’re a newbie to solo travel, it can be daunting to think of traveling alone. This guide will show you how to explore the world on your own and, more importantly, how to enjoy it.

What Is Solo Travel?

What Is Solo Travel?

A solo traveler is an individual who goes on a short or long journey away from people they know. It might be a weekend away in their own country or a more extended trip away from the language and culture they are familiar with. It is an individual’s choice to travel independently or go on a group trip with people they don’t know. When you travel solo, you travel according to your own plan. You can choose where you go and who and when you interact with other travelers or locals.

How To Travel Solo Successfully

If you’ve decided to embark on a solo travel trip, here are some tips on the best way to travel solo.

Plan Your Trip

Although there’s nothing wrong with spontaneous travel, it can help you to have a successful solo trip if you know where you want to go. Sit down and think:

  • Where do I want to go?
  • When do I want to go?
  • What countries do I want to visit in your lifetime?
  • What activities do I want to do?
  • What do I want to eat?
  • Do I want to travel completely solo or in a group?

Picture your ideal trip in your mind, and start to plan the things that get you excited about doing. You might want to eat pasta in Italy or go off-grid to a cottage and unplug from society. What gets you engaged with the prospect of solo travel?

Decide Whether You Want To Engage

Traveling solo doesn’t always mean cutting off contact with the outside world. Over 40% of solo travelers want to meet new people. If you anticipate being lonely on the road, try to book activities that involve socializing with groups of people. Alternatively, you might consider booking social accommodation, like a safe hostel or an Airbnb with a host.

You could even plan your overseas travel around working or studying in a particular country to ensure you engage with people daily. Or choose a more international and vibrant city like Barcelona to meet new people from different environments.

If you’re actively looking for peace and quiet away from civilization, you might want to focus on a more natural environment where you can immerse yourself in nature. Or a more spiritual trip like a Buddhist retreat. However, never rule out the possibility of meeting people, especially on longer trips.

Solo Travel Guide

Be Prepared

The most important part of learning how to travel solo is considering the basic rules of planning any trip. Remember, though, it’s down to you to manage all elements of your trip.

  • Work out how much money you have to spend
  • Work out how to get there
  • Work out where to go

Safety is also an essential part of how to enjoy solo travel. Check the area and accommodation you stay in, and read reviews beforehand. Join solo travel communities and see if anyone can share some advice on the area you plan to visit.

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Take Your Time

If you’re a solo travel newbie, learning how to travel solo might take time. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed from time to time or feel lonely. For some of us, it might be our first time to manage things independently. Slow the pace down for your first solo travel trip, and avoid packing your days out with activities until you’ve worked out what you’re doing. One of the fundamental parts of learning how to enjoy solo travel is being comfortable spending time alone.

What Are The Benefits Of Solo Travel?

Solo travel has several benefits over traveling in a group. Just some of these benefits include:

  • You can travel on your own terms – when you solo travel, you control where you go and who you communicate with. You get to do what you want.
  • You don’t have to wait for others – if you want to travel the world, you can do so in your own time, without waiting for others to have the time, want, or money to go.
  • You get to meet new people – if you are interested in meeting new people, solo travel is the perfect way to make new experiences without the comfort blanket of old friends.
  • You will get a confidence boost – learning how to solo travel is a great way to remind yourself that you can do things independently. Grow your confidence as you learn how to enjoy solo travel.

Should I Solo Travel?

Are you still undecided about whether you want to travel solo? If you want to get to know yourself better, slow down, or want a confidence boost, traveling solo is a great idea. Even if you find out it’s not for you, you’ll never know whether it’s the right time to solo travel until you try. Learning how to solo travel is an achievement; learning how to enjoy solo travel can take time, but is worth it.

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Final Thoughts

Solo travel is a decision someone makes to travel on their own, or with people they don’t know. When you decide to solo travel, planning your trips, being aware of how social you want to be, and taking your time can help you enjoy the experience.

Independent journeys can have several benefits for the traveler, from being able to control where and what you see to feeling more confident in yourself and your abilities. If you’re ready to slow down, get to know yourself and try out solo travel, why not give it a go today? Enjoy some quality me-time and get ready for your next adventure.

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