Long Term Parking Fort Lauderdale Airport: Best Options & Tips

If you’re in search of long-term parking options at FLL Airport, this guide provides insight into the most economical and convenient choices available both within Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Airport grounds and at nearby offsite locations. As frequent travelers from the FLL Airport, we have 20+ years of experience using long term parking at Fort Lauderdale’s airport.  

Key Takeaways

  • Fort Lauderdale Airport offers both onsite and offsite long-term FLL airport parking options, with onsite parking in multi-level garages priced at $15 per day and offsite lots starting at $9.99 per day, including shuttle services.
  • Reserving parking in advance through the official FLL website or third-party platforms ensures a guaranteed spot, offers potential discounts, and simplifies the parking process.
  • Additional services at FLL include electric vehicle charging, valet service, complimentary shuttle buses for offsite lots, luggage assistance, and various amenities to enhance convenience and traveler experience.


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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), also recognized as Fort Lauderdale International Airport, serves not only as a conduit to heaven, but also caters to passengers looking for value throughout their travels, especially when it comes to parking. This write-up aims to navigate you through cost-effective long-term parking choices available at FLL so that you can enjoy substantial savings on the standard onsite airport parking fees at Fort Lauderdale’s prime aviation facility.

Long Term Parking Options at Fort Lauderdale Airport

As you organize your journey, be aware that FLL provides a variety of long-term Fort Lauderdale Airport parking selections to suit various tastes and financial plans. Whether you value the proximity offered by onsite garages or the cost savings from using offsite lots, FLL has options tailored to meet all your requirements.

If you’re picking up incoming travelers, take advantage of the Cell Phone Waiting Area at FLL which allows complimentary parking for durations up to 20 minutes.

Onsite Long Term Parking

At FLL, the multi-story parking structures feature a color-coded LED indicator system to simplify your search for an available spot. Effortlessly choose from Hibiscus Garage levels 3-7, Palm Garage levels 2-4, or Cypress Garage levels 7-9 based on what meets your criteria. Select the palm garage level that best fits your parking needs and enjoy stress-free access to park onsite.

Offsite Long Term Parking

Just a stone’s throw from the terminals, numerous offsite FLL airport parking services vie for your attention by offering the most appealing deals. These include some of the cheapest parking alternatives available, with prices as low as $9.99 per day. To affordability, facilities like Cambria Hotel and Rodeway Inn & Suites provide added benefits such as free shuttle service to ensure cost-effectiveness doesn’t come at the expense of convenience.

Rates for Long Term Parking at FLL

At FLL, the diversity in FLL airport parking rates mirrors the variety found within South Florida’s scenery. Prices span from $10 daily in overflow areas to $36 each day for top-tier spots. Regardless of what you choose, there is an option available that will meet your financial constraints and travel needs.

Onsite Long Term Parking Rates

Individuals who opt for the convenience of being a short distance from the terminals can utilize onsite garages that provide long-term parking services at a daily rate of $15. Should you manage to secure a space in the overflow parking area, you’ll benefit from an even lower cost, with term parking available at just $10 per day.

Offsite Long Term Parking Rates

Astute travelers are aware that utilizing offsite parking lots in close proximity to FLL is a smart way to economize. Offering prices starting as low as $10 daily, along with hassle-free shuttle transportation right to the terminal entrance, these choices are a treasure for those seeking great value.

How to Reserve Long Term Parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport

fort lauderdale long term parking high top vehicles
They even have oversized vehicle parking.

Bid farewell to the hassle of searching for a parking place when you reach the airport. Securing your long-term parking at FLL can now be effortlessly accomplished with just a few taps on either the official airport parking website or any reliable third-party site.

Simply provide your information and that of your vehicle, opt for your desired term parking option, verify if it’s available, and finalize your reservation by making a payment.

Online Reservation Process

Begin your quest for a guaranteed parking spot at FLL by going online. Follow these steps:

  1. Head to the section dedicated to reserving parking.

2, Choose your ideal parking spot.

  1. Specify when you’ll be using it.
  2. Review what’s on offer.
  3. Complete the reservation form with personal information.

6, Seal the deal with an electronic payment.

Once completed, look out for an arrival of a confirmation email that ensures you will have free parking without any trouble once you arrive at FLL.

Benefits of Reserving in Advance

Booking your parking place ahead of time comes with numerous advantages.

  • It guarantees you a state of calm knowing your space is reserved
  • Even in high-demand periods, you’re assured a parking spot
  • You could be eligible for exclusive price reductions

With an advance reservation for self-park, there’s no need to search for an available space before your flight. Simply head straight to the spot that’s been set aside just for you.

Additional Services and Amenities

At FLL’s parking establishments, passengers are treated to an array of services and conveniences that go beyond the standard offerings. These include:

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Services for inflating tires
  • Facilities providing car washes
  • A valet service dedicated to maintaining your vehicle in excellent condition for when you come back

These garages utilize cutting-edge technology with greenlight indicators designed to facilitate easy parking. For added comfort, select garages provide free drinks along with impeccably maintained restrooms tailored for travelers.

Shuttle Service

The complimentary shuttle service provides a smooth transition from offsite parking to the terminal, epitomizing FLL’s dedication to convenient travel. The shuttles offer around-the-clock service, are equipped with GPS for easy tracking and feature cozy waiting zones for passengers.

On international flights, welcoming drivers coupled with the benefit of luggage assistance contribute to an effortless experience at the terminal for travelers and their baggage alike.

Valet Parking

FLL offers an exceptional level of luxury and convenience with its curbside valet parking. Your vehicle will be promptly taken to a safe location within the garages from two centrally located curbside valet areas, ensuring that upon your arrival back, your car is prepared for you, eliminating the need for a weary walk through parking lots after your journey.

Luggage Assistance

Before you even arrive at the check-in counter, a hassle-free experience with your luggage can begin. At certain parking facilities for FLL, courteous personnel are available to assist in the loading and unloading of your baggage, facilitating an easy transition through the parking process while freeing up both your hands and mind.

Tips for Choosing the Best Long Term Parking

fort lauderdale airport daily parking

Choosing the perfect parking spot at FLL can be an art that combines shrewdness with a tactical approach. To secure the top park option, consider these guidelines:

  • Start your search by scrutinizing different options and their reviews on the web
  • Be vigilant for special deals or rewards from loyalty programs
  • Remember to consider the additional benefits provided by offsite self park lots offering shuttle services

Adhering to these recommendations will facilitate a hassle-free experience when you self park at FL, and may even lead to complimentary free parking opportunities.

Proximity to Terminals

When choosing airport parking, the proximity of the parking lot to the terminal can be a critical determinant. This is particularly important when time is of essence or you are burdened with heavy bags.

At FLL, both their garages and valet services are positioned in such a way as to offer expedited access to the terminals, thus facilitating an effortless commencement of your travels.

Cost Considerations

While ease of access is significantly important, the cost typically plays a pivotal role in decision-making. Parking solutions located offsite regularly provide superior affordability, with many instances showing savings up to 50% compared to onsite parking prices. It’s prudent to invest effort into evaluating both prices and amenities to ensure you select the option that aligns most suitably with your financial plan.

Security Features

Don’t leave the security of your vehicle to luck. Opt for a parking service that boasts strong protection with features such as fenced entries, continuous monitoring, and vigilant personnel. Such safety measures are typically more emphasized in offsite parking lots, providing you with additional assurance when your car is parked there during your absence.

Directions to Long Term Parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Securing a parking spot at FLL can be done with ease by adhering to these guidelines.

  1. Look for prominent signs upon departing the freeway.
  2. Stick to using the second lane from the left when you enter the loop, which will take you to all available parking zones.
  3. Follow those signposts carefully. They’ll lead you right where you need to go, no matter if your preference is short-term or long-term term parking options.

From North

When traveling from the north, follow I-95 South and proceed to I-595 East. Look for signs indicating ‘Airport Exit’ which will guide you straight into the central parking areas of FLL where your vehicle can be securely parked while you are away on your journey.

From South

Individuals heading to FLL from the southern regions will discover a straightforward path. Drive northward on I-95, transition onto I-595 East, and then keep an eye out for signs indicating the ‘Airport Exit.’’ Once you adhere to these markers, before long you’ll be in position to park your car and ready yourself for departure.

From I-95 and Griffin Road Eastbound

Travelers coming from I-95 and taking Griffin Road going east will find that getting to FLL is straightforward. Proceed east on Griffin Road, turn left onto Federal Highway, then take another quick left at the sign marked ‘Intl Airport’, which will guide you directly to your parking spot at the airport.

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To summarize, Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) offers a diverse array of long-term parking solutions to suit all preferences and financial plans, including Fort Lauderdale Airport parking options. At your disposal are not only the onsite garages for easy access but also cost-effective offsite lots and premium valet services ensuring safekeeping of your vehicle at FLL. Keep in mind that foresight is key: by reserving your space beforehand, you can benefit from extra conveniences and find straightforward directions leading to an effortless parking journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the cheapest parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport?

To secure the most affordable parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport, it’s advisable to evaluate different rates on the internet. Explore parking alternatives that are situated offsite but offer shuttle services to and from the airport, and be on the lookout for any discounts or promotional codes that could reduce your expenses.

Employing these strategies will assist you in minimizing your expenditure when it comes to parking fees at Lauderdale Airport.

Are there any benefits to reserving my parking spot at FLL in advance?

Securing a parking spot at FLL before you arrive ensures that you have a space even during busy periods, and can lead to lower rates as well as added efficiencies.

Opting for pre-arranged parking is smart for those seeking an effortless parking process.

Is valet parking available at FLL, and what are the rates?

Indeed, valet parking services are provided at FLL. The charges for this service can fluctuate, so for the latest cost details it’s advisable to consult the official website dedicated to FFL parking.

What security measures are in place for long-term parking at FLL?

At FLL, long-term parking features secured gate access, continuous surveillance round the clock, and dedicated personnel oversight to enhance safety.

How do I get from the offsite parking lots to the airport terminal?

Parking facilities located offsite near the airport offer free shuttle services that transport you straight to the airport’s terminals.

Utilizing this service is a hassle-free and costless method for reaching the terminal.

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