Top Places to Visit in Costa Rica: A 2024 Traveler’s Guide

places to visit in Costa Rica

Seeking lush rainforests, volcanic landscapes, and pristine beaches? Costa Rica is an unparalleled gem for travelers. Whether you crave adrenaline-fueled adventures, wildlife encounters, or simply a peaceful retreat on a sandy shore, this guide pinpoints the essential places to visit in Costa Rica that promise an unforgettable journey through natural beauty and cultural vibrancy. Visiting … Read more

Top 25 Costa Rican Phrases to Sound Like a Local in Paradise

costa rica slang

Planning a trip to Costa Rica or looking to connect with Ticos? Learn the essential Costa Rican phrases to navigate daily life, interact with locals, and embrace the ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle with ease. This article provides you with practical expressions covering everything from greetings to navigating the marketplace, ensuring you’re not just a visitor but … Read more

Average Temperature Fort Lauderdale: Your Monthly Weather Guide

fort lauderdale weather

Planning your trip to Fort Lauderdale or considering calling it home? Navigate the city’s seasons easily with our concise breakdown of the average temperature Fort Lauderdale experiences – expect mild, comfortable winters and warm, sunny summers, ideal for beach days and outdoor activities. Key Takeaways Fort Lauderdale boasts a tropical monsoon climate with year-round warm … Read more

Sun Protection Essentials for Anywhere in the World


Packing lists serve as a strategic roadmap for travelers, guiding them through the essentials needed for a stress-free journey. Take our previous Costa Rica packing guide, for instance. There are 27 micro-climates in that country, and so the list of things you would need for a comfortable trip reflects that. At the same time, however, there … Read more

What to Do in Fort Lauderdale When It Rains

ft lauderdale rainy day itinerary

Rain in Fort Lauderdale? No problem. Our curated list brings you the best indoor activities that ensure your day is far from washed out. Discover top museums, indoor sports, historic sites, and more, all while exploring what to do in Fort Lauderdale when it rains, without setting a foot outside in the downpour. Rainy Day … Read more

Exploring Zarcero, Costa Rica – Topiary Gardens Galore!

zarcero costa rica

Whisked away in the verdant folds of Costa Rica’s Central Mountain Range, Zarcero Costa Rica is a hidden gem of whimsical topiary magic, rich cultural experiences, and delicious local flavors. This charming small town, home to just under 5000 residents, is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Key Takeaways Explore the whimsical topiary gardens … Read more

San Jose Mercado Central (Central Market) – All You Need to Know

Mercado Central

Craving an authentic culinary adventure? Mercado Central San Jose Costa Rica, the heart of San Jose, is your one-stop shop. This bustling market, steeped in history and tradition, is a feast for the senses, offering a taste of quintessential Costa Rican cuisine and culture. Mercado Central – What to Know Ahead of Visiting Explore the … Read more

TSA Precheck (Overview, How to Apply, and Check Status)

tsa precheck status

Navigating airport security can often feel like a daunting task. Long lines, extensive checks, and the general stress of travel can make the experience less than pleasant. Enter TSA PreCheck – a program designed by the U.S. government to expedite security screening and make your journey smoother. With this blog post, we’ll demystify TSA PreCheck, … Read more