Kellys Landing: New England Seafood in Fort Lauderdale!

Craving New England seafood but find yourself in Fort Lauderdale? At Kellys Landing, indulge in an authentic taste of the Northeast’s ocean bounty. With no-frills yet flavor-packed dishes like their acclaimed lobster rolls and homemade clam chowder, it’s a culinary beacon for seafood aficionados. Uncover why locals, like myself, and visitors alike anchor their seafood cravings at Kellys Landing.

This is the ONLY Place I come from true New England Seafood, and I’m going on record saying they have the best clam chowder in South Florida!

In fact, I gave this place a spot on my prestigious list of the top places for seafood in Fort Lauderdale, and trust me, there are many!

My Experiences at Kelly’s Landing in FTL

  • Kelly’s Landing in Fort Lauderdale is renowned for authentic New England seafood dishes like creamy clam chowder, juicy whole belly Ipswich clams, and their historic lobster rolls packed with seasoned meat.
  • Not just a seafood haven, Kelly’s Landing also offers a variety of grilled favorites like tender steak options and chicken dishes, all perfectly paired with recommended wines for a gourmet experience.
  • Beyond the main courses, the restaurant provides a casual yet upscale dining atmosphere, complemented by a range of sides, sandwiches, homemade desserts, and a nautical-themed decor that captures the essence of New England.

Nautical Nibbles

Kellys Landing
This is a must visit if you love New England seafood.

Your New England culinary journey begins at Kelly’s Landing with their appetizers, fondly referred to as “Nautical Nibbles.” From the creamy clam chowder to the juicy lobster rolls and Ipswich clams, each dish is a testament to the freshest New England seafood.

The Best New England Clam Chowder in Fort Lauderdale

Kellys Landing Clam Chowder
This is the “Mug” of Clam Chowder. It’s also offered in a bowl. It’s the best in South Florida!

More than a simple soup, the clam chowder at Kelly’s Landing carries a rich tradition. This is the best clam chowder in South Florida and perhaps the best I’ve had in my entire life!

Made from scratch with the following fresh ingredients:

  • chopped sea clams
  • white potatoes
  • onions
  • butter
  • light cream

This dish is a local favorite. The creamy, flavorful punch of this chowder, featuring cheddar cheese and cream cheese, is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality, fresh ingredients, just like their lobster bisque.

What makes the clam chowder so special at Kelly’s Landing? It’s all thanks to their rich heritage in New England seafood. The locals can’t resist it, often declaring it the best chowder they’ve ever had.  Get a mug, or a bowl, and know that it’s one of the best you’ll have!

Lobster Roll – The Best in South Florida

New England Lobster Roll
Iconic! The best lobster roll in town as well!

If there’s one dish that screams ‘New England,’ it’s the lobster roll. At Kelly’s Landing, the lobster rolls are a must-try. I know I just went on record saying Kelly’s Landing has the best clam chowder in South Florida, but I’d say the same about their New England Lobster roll.

Served on a toasted New England style roll, these england rolls served are packed with seasoned lobster meat, melted butter, and zesty mayo. The result? A luscious, mouthwatering delight that locals can’t get enough of.

More than just a menu item, the lobster roll represents a slice of history. The lobster roll traces its roots back to Perry’s restaurant in Milford, Connecticut, in 1927. Harry Perry created this delicious delight for a customer, and it quickly became a hit.

Kelly’s Landing upholds this tradition today, offering the finest New England seafood in Fort Lauderdale.

Ipswich Clams

The Ipswich clams are another New England delicacy that has found a home at Kelly’s Landing. Known as “Whole Belly Delights,” these clams are adored for their juicy and tender texture, achieved by using the whole belly of the clam.

The popularity of Ipswich clams in New England cuisine dates back over 100 years. At Kelly’s Landing, these clams are rinsed and soaked in a mix of milk and water for hours before making their way to your plate. This careful preparation process ensures every bite is a delightful burst of New England flavor.

Grilled to Perfection

Kelly’s Landing keeps the flavor alive, offering a selection of dishes that transition seamlessly from sea to grill. Whether it’s the succulent chicken scampi or the juicy steak options, this restaurant knows how to bring the heat.

Chicken Scampi & More

The chicken scampi, among other grilled delights, including grilled chicken, is particularly noteworthy. Sauteed in garlic butter sauce and served over linguini, the house salad chicken scampi at Kelly’s Landing is a favorite among guests. But that’s not all. The restaurant also offers a variety of chicken dishes to satisfy every palate.

From the Kelly’s Landing Chicken Wrap to the Italian Breaded Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, there’s plenty to explore if you’re a fan of poultry. Each chicken dish is made with the freshest ingredients, ensuring a delicious experience every time.

Steak Out

Meat enthusiasts will find the steak options at Kelly’s Landing particularly impressive. With a selection featuring tenderloin, ribeye, top sirloin, and more, the restaurant leaves no stone unturned in delivering a gourmet experience.

But what’s a good steak without the perfect wine? Whether you prefer lean cuts paired with lighter wines or fattier cuts complemented by high tannin reds, Kelly’s Landing has got you covered. With their recommended wine pairings, you’re in for a culinary delight.

Casual Eats with a Gourmet Touch

Kellys Landing Menu
A sampling of the Kelly’s Landing Menu is on the front wall as you enter.

Kelly’s Landing extends beyond seafood and grill, presenting a unique dining experience that merges casual fare with high-end flavors. Think classic New England baked beans with a twist, a variety of sandwiches and burgers, and homemade desserts that round off the meal perfectly.

Kelly’s Landing Daily Specials

Most locals are aware of their dynamic specials menu and visit when their dish of choice is on special. Here’s the specials offered, which hangs on signs in front of the door and on the outside patio:

Kellys Landing Specials
Daily Specials!

Beyond the Beans

Kelly’s Landing’s New England baked beans are made with:

  • Navy beans
  • Bacon
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Salt pork
  • Maple syrup
  • Molasses

These Boston baked beans are slow-baked to perfection, offering a taste of New England with every bite.

No matter what main you choose, these baked beans make for a delightful side. And with a variety of dishes that pair well with them, including:

  • sausages
  • BBQ ribs
  • mac and cheese
  • beef hot dogs – The “Fenway Frank & Beans” is two hot dogs on toasted buns with beans.
Kellys Landing Dining Room
The entire restaurant is themed with Boston sports logos and photos.

Sandwiches & More

For those seeking lighter options, the sandwiches and burgers at Kelly’s Landing are an excellent choice. Some options include:

  • Tuna Salad Sandwich
  • Grilled Ham & Cheese
  • Traditional Lobstah Roll
  • Three-Way sandwich

While I stay with the traditional fresh or fried seafood, there’s something for everyone, even your picky eater of a child who just wants pasta or a simple hot dog.

Sweet Endings

Kelly’s Landing ensures every good meal concludes on a sweet note, living up to diner’s expectations. With a selection of homemade desserts, including:

  • Ghiradelli Brownie
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Seasonal Bread Pudding
  • Boston Cream Pie

Your sweet tooth is in for a treat.

Pie Perfection

If you’re a fan of pies, you’re in for a real treat. Kelly’s Landing serves up a variety of pies, including their famous Boston Cream Pie. Freshly made every day, this dessert is a hit among locals and visitors alike.

But it’s not just about the pie itself. At Kelly’s Landing, every pie comes with a delicious mix of ice cream and chocolate syrup, making each bite a heavenly experience. Now that’s what we call pie perfection!

Seafood Stories

Kelly’s Landing’s dedication to fresh seafood extends beyond flavor; it’s a significant part of their history. Since 1987, this family-run restaurant has been serving up authentic New England seafood, earning it a loyal fanbase in Fort Lauderdale.

Founded by Debbie Skinner, Kelly’s Landing has always been about bringing the flavors of South Boston to South Florida. This mission translates into every dish they serve, from the clam chowder and lobster rolls to the Ipswich clams and beyond.

Local Love for Kelly’s Landing

Kelly’s Landing holds a special place in the hearts of Fort Lauderdale locals. From the generous appetizers to the variety of tasty dishes and the great service, regulars have nothing but praise for this restaurant.

What I like about this place is that it’s one plaza over from Southport Raw bar, meaning you can walk to the other if one is full.  You can’t go wrong at either spot, and both restaurants are very close to the airport.

Kelly’s Landing New England Seafood Photos

Here are a few more photos of Kelly’s Landing.


lobster roll
The famous Kelly’s Landing lobster roll.
Kellys Landing
You’ll even get a photo op!


From the fresh New England seafood to the cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, Kelly’s Landing offers a unique dining experience that blends tradition with innovation. Whether you’re a seafood lover or a fan of casual dining with a gourmet twist, this restaurant has something for everyone. Next time you’re in Fort Lauderdale, make sure to pay a visit to Kelly’s Landing. You’re in for a treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the clam chowder at Kelly’s Landing special?

The clam chowder at Kelly’s Landing is special because it’s made fresh daily with a special mix of creamy, flavorful ingredients that locals love as part of the New England seafood tradition.

Why is the lobster roll a must-try item at Kelly’s Landing?

You should try the lobster roll at Kelly’s Landing because it’s a delicious representation of New England cuisine in Fort Lauderdale, packed with seasoned lobster meat, melted butter, and zesty mayo.

What makes the Ipswich clams at Kelly’s Landing a “Whole Belly Delight”?

The Ipswich clams at Kelly’s Landing are a “Whole Belly Delight” because they use the entire belly of the clam, resulting in a juicy and tender texture, and they are meticulously prepared for maximum flavor. Enjoy!

What kind of grilled options does Kelly’s Landing offer?

Kelly’s Landing offers a variety of grilled options, such as chicken scampi and different cuts of steak like tenderloin, ribeye, and top sirloin. So, you’ll have plenty of delicious choices to satisfy your grilled cravings!

What makes the desserts at Kelly’s Landing special?

The desserts at Kelly’s Landing are special because they are homemade and include unique treats like Raspberry Greek Yogurt Cheesecake and Ghiradelli Brownie with Ice Cream. They’re the perfect way to end your meal.

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