Punta Uva (Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast)

Seeking serenity and adventure on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast? Punta Uva beckons with its blend of wild beaches, marine life, and immersive cultural experiences. Dive into this guide to uncover the essentials of making your trip memorable—from snorkeling spots to savvy travel tips.

Punta Uva Overview

  • Punta Uva is a serene destination offering both relaxation and adventure, featuring pristine beaches, rich wildlife, and activities such as snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, and cultural tours.
  • Food enthusiasts can enjoy traditional Costa Rican Caribbean cuisine with vegan and vegetarian options, especially at local favorites like Restaurante Selvin’s, which caters to a variety of dietary preferences.
  • Accommodations in Punta Uva cater to all needs and budgets, ranging from jungle lodges to boutique hotels, and eco-retreats, providing unique experiences close to nature.

Exploring Punta Uva: Costa Rica’s Coastal Jewel

Exploring Punta Uva

Nestled in the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Punta Uva is a tranquil oasis that perfectly marries relaxation with adventure amidst a tropical backdrop. Teeming with natural wonders and rich wildlife, this coastal jewel showcases the unspoiled beauty of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a beach lover, Punta Uva is a destination that promises an unforgettable experience.

The allure of Punta Uva reaches beyond its breathtaking beaches. From the serene Playa Punta Uva surrounded by palm trees to the adventurous Green Water SUP Tours for stand-up paddleboarding, this coastal paradise offers a variety of experiences to captivate every visitor. And for those with a sweet tooth, a visit to Chocorart for a taste of local chocolate is a must.

The Allure of Playa Punta Uva

Playa Punta Uva perfectly exemplifies a tropical paradise. Boasting beautiful white and powdery sand, serene, crystal-clear blue waters, and a stunning coral reef just offshore, it’s the perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Its calm waters invite a refreshing swim while the nearby Playa Punta Uva Arrecife provides a superb snorkeling experience.

The beach is also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. From monkeys and wild cats to sloths and raccoons, the biodiversity is truly impressive. As you picnic on the beach, you might even spot a sloth lazily hanging from a nearby tree or a colourful toucan perched on a branch, adding to the unique charm of Playa Punta Uva.

Unveiling Grape Point

A stone’s throw away from the charm of Playa Punta Uva is the scenic Grape Point, named for the lovely sea grape tree dotting the coast. Offering a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure, Grape Point is a must-visit for any Punta Uva adventurer.

Grape Point is home to a delightful butterfly garden where you can discover a variety of exotic species fluttering amidst the flora. Moreover, the nearby Bri Bri Indigenous Reserve is a cultural treasure trove. As the ancestral land of the Bribri people, the reserve offers a rich cultural experience with activities ranging from a medicinal plant healing ceremony to a traditional Caribbean lunch and eco-tours such as ziplining and horseback riding.

Punta Uva Adventures: Embrace the Wild Side

Punta Uva Adventures

Visiting Punta Uva is more than just a haven of tranquility and relaxation, it also doubles as an outdoor adventure hotspot in the Punta Uva area. From snorkeling amidst colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs to kayaking in the river and ocean, Punta Uva offers a plethora of activities to unleash your wild side. To experience all these adventures, it’s time to get to Punta Uva.

Abundant marine life and a lively underwater world render Punta Uva an ideal destination for snorkelers. If you prefer to stay above water, kayaking can offer equally thrilling experiences. Whether you’re paddling along the calm Punta Uva River or braving the waves of the Caribbean Sea, you’ll find an adventure that suits your taste.

Snorkeling Amidst Coral Reefs

Snorkeling in Punta Uva offers a vibrant underwater experience, with:

  • Diverse marine life
  • Various species of corals, such as fire corals, scleractinian corals, and octocorals
  • Thriving marine ecosystem due to the protection offered by white-sand beaches and shallow coral reefs.

One prime location for snorkeling is near the viewpoint in Punta Uva, where you can swim out directly to the coral reef. This feature makes Punta Uva one of the few places in Costa Rica where you can access a coral reef without the need for a boat.

Envision yourself floating in the crystal-clear waters, encircled by a spectrum of tropical fish and lively corals – a memory to hold dear forever.

Kayaking the River and Ocean

Kayaking & Watersports

If land exploration doesn’t fully satiate your adventurous spirit, consider venturing into the water. Kayaking in Punta Uva offers two distinct experiences – river and ocean kayaking. Paddling on the tranquil Punta Uva River allows you to observe the peaceful beauty of the landscape, while ocean kayaking gives you the chance to brave the rolling waves of the Caribbean Sea.

As you glide through the water, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. Spotting creatures like sloths, spider monkeys, and turtles from your kayak adds a whole new dimension to the adventure. And with the right safety measures, including wearing suitable swimwear and going with a reputable tour guide, you can make your kayaking experience both thrilling and safe.

Culinary Delights: Savor the Local Cuisine

Your journey to Punta Uva would be incomplete without sampling its local cuisine. While the dining options might be limited, the flavors are anything but. The traditional cuisine of Punta Uva is characterized by its use of:

  • Coconut milk
  • Spices
  • Cinnamon
  • Chile
  • Lime
  • Ginger

These ingredients create a distinctively Costa Rican Caribbean flavor profile.

Vegetarian and vegan visitors will be pleased to know that Punta Uva caters to their preferences as well, with several dining options offering plant-based dishes. So whether you’re a meat-lover or a plant-based enthusiast, Punta Uva’s culinary scene has something to delight your palate.

Restaurante Selvin’s: A Taste of the Caribbean

Of all the gastronomic delights in Punta Uva, Restaurante Selvin’s stands a head above the rest. Nestled near the beautiful Punta Uva Beach, this beloved spot is celebrated for its delightful comfort food.

Open from 12:30 PM to 8:00 PM, Restaurante Selvin’s welcomes guests to savor their meals at their convenience. From Breakfast Specials to Pizzas, the menu boasts a variety of dishes. And for those with dietary restrictions, they offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a taste of the Caribbean.

Accommodations: Where to Stay in Punta Uva

In terms of accommodations, Punta Uva boasts a variety of options catering to all types of travelers. Whether you fancy staying in a top-rated jungle lodge like Pachamama Jungle River Lodge or a boutique accommodation such as aWá Beach Boutique Hotel, Punta Uva has got you covered.

Budget-conscious travelers can also find affordable vacation rentals in Punta Uva. Establishments like Cabinas Punta Uva offer rates starting from $62, providing a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

Jungle Lodges and Eco Retreats

Jungle Lodges

For those seeking a unique and immersive experience, jungle lodges and eco retreats in Punta Uva offer the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. Kanaki Lodge, for instance, features Balinese bungalows and wooden lodges, and is close to the Cahuita National Park, making it an ideal base for nature lovers.

On the other hand, Samasati Nature Retreat is an eco lodge situated on 250 acres of rainforest. It provides a serene and sustainable getaway amidst nature. Offering hostel-style rooms with communal bathrooms, it allows guests to connect with fellow travelers and embrace a sense of community. Plus, the retreat is dedicated to sustainability, using bio-friendly products and protecting the local ecosystem.

Navigating to Punta Uva: Your Journey Begins Here

Reaching Punta Uva is simpler than it might initially appear. Whether you prefer to take a shuttle or private transfer from San Jose, fly domestically to Limón, or even rent a car, there are plenty of options to suit your travel preferences.

For those who value convenience and efficiency, here are some options for traveling from San Jose to Limón:

  1. Round-trip domestic flight: Prices typically start at $230.
  2. Shuttle services: Companies like Bookaway and Caribe Shuttle offer more economical options and include hotel pick-up in their services.
  3. Car rental: Companies such as ADOBE, Adobe Rent A Car, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car operate in Costa Rica and provide service to Punta Uva.

When to Visit: Timing Your Tropical Escape

Timing is key when planning your visit to Punta Uva. The best time to visit is during the “dry season.” This occurs between February-March and September to October. During this time, year-round temperatures range between 27°C and 29°C, making it an ideal period for outdoor activities and beach relaxation.

It’s worth noting, however, that the weather on the Caribbean side can be somewhat unpredictable. Even in the drier months, it’s good to come prepared for a little rain. On the bright side, the rainy season brings lush greenery and a refreshing atmosphere, offering a different but equally enjoyable experience.

Beyond the Beach: Nearby Attractions

Beyond the Beach

Despite the undeniable allure of Punta Uva’s beaches, exploration beyond the sandy shores is equally rewarding. Nearby attractions such as the Jaguar Rescue Center and Cahuita National Park offer immersive wildlife experiences, adding another dimension to your Punta Uva adventure.

The Jaguar Rescue Center, located about 30 minutes from Puerto Viejo, rescues and rehabilitates a variety of animals, including:

  • Toucans
  • Snakes
  • Wildcats
  • Parrots
  • Monkeys
  • Sloths

Cahuita National Park, on the other hand, is known for its sloths and monkeys that can be spotted while walking through the park. It’s also a popular destination for snorkeling, boasting up to 500 species of fish and beautiful coral.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

The Bri Bri Indigenous Reserve provides a deep dive into local traditions for those seeking cultural experiences. Nestled in the stunning Talamanca region, the reserve is the ancestral land of the Bribri people and offers a range of cultural activities, from indigenous traditions to cocoa tours.

Apart from exploring the reserve, you can also:

  • Delve into the vibrant local culture of Punta Uva by exploring nearby communities like downtown Puerto Viejo
  • Savor the delicious Caribbean cuisine
  • Participate in workshops to craft indigenous shakers and learn ancestral wisdom

These activities offer a truly immersive experience.

Essential Travel Tips for Punta Uva Visitors

While the journey to Punta Uva is an adventure on its own, a handful of travel tips can ensure a seamless experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Pack lightweight, quick-drying clothes
  • Bring comfortable sandals and swimwear
  • Don’t forget mosquito repellent
  • If you plan on outdoor excursions, consider bringing hiking boots

When it comes to exploring the area, renting a bike or car can be a convenient option. However, be sure to check the condition of the bike and ensure it has a lock. If you’re renting a car, companies like Expedia and Payless offer reliable rental services in Punta Uva.


From its tranquil beaches and vibrant wildlife to its rich cultural experiences and adventure activities, Punta Uva stands as a hidden gem on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Whether you’re planning a relaxing getaway or an adventurous escape, Punta Uva promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

With its blend of natural beauty, local cuisine, and immersive experiences, Punta Uva invites you to discover its charms. So why wait? Start planning your tropical escape to Punta Uva today and prepare to be enchanted by its unique allure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get from Puerto Viejo to Punta Uva?

To get from Puerto Viejo to Punta Uva, you can take the bus to Manzanillo and get off at Punta Uva. The bus runs several times throughout the day, making it convenient to travel between the two destinations.

What is the best time to visit Punta Uva?

The best time to visit Punta Uva is during the “dry season” from February-March and September to October. Be prepared for some rain, as the weather on the Caribbean side can be unpredictable.

How can one get to Punta Uva?

You can get to Punta Uva by taking a shuttle or private transfer from San Jose, flying domestically from San Jose to Limón and then taking a shuttle or private transfer, or renting a car. It’s quite accessible by different means of transportation.

What are some nearby beaches to visit from Punta Uva?

You can visit Playa Chiquita, Playa Cocles, and Puerto Viejo from Punta Uva for a wonderful beach experience. Enjoy your time exploring these beautiful nearby beaches!

What are some recommended places to stay in Punta Uva?

I recommend staying at Kanaki Lodge, Samasati Nature Retreat, or El Encanto Inn in Punta Uva for a memorable experience. Enjoy your stay!

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