Ripjack Inn: A Little Slice of Paradise in Playa Grande

Looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventurous surf trip at Ripjack Inn in Playa Grande? Unwind in comfort with top-notch amenities, connect with nature by the pristine beach, and engage in local activities without breaking the bank. Read on to see how Ripjack Inn meets your travel desires in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise.

Playa Grande Costa Rica’s Rip Jack Inn

  • Nestled in tranquility, the Ripjack Inn is a serene escape with lush gardens and relaxing pools, perfect for yoga, romantic getaways, or family vacations.
  • Situated merely 75 meters from Playa Grande Beach, the inn offers easy access to sandy shores, surf breaks, and an opportunity to witness leatherback turtle nesting at the adjacent national park.
  • The Ripjack Inn offers a variety of tropical-themed room types with amenities to suit all needs, on-site dining with local and international cuisine, and yoga classes for a holistic wellness experience.

Experience the Tranquil Ambiance of Ripjack Inn

Playa Grande

Imagine a serene sanctuary where you can retreat from the constant motion of daily life and be enveloped by the serenity of nature. The Ripjack Inn is precisely such a haven. Each room at this charming getaway is distinctively decorated, offering an individual flair, while also providing guests with their own small outdoor patio replete with a hammock—making it easy to fall for this tranquil hideaway.

For those passionate about yoga, the Ripjack Inn presents an idyllic setting perfect for practice whether amidst the verdant beauty on ground level or in its second story yoga studio that peers over the canopy of trees. Regardless of whether one’s intent is participating in a dedicated yoga retreat or simply seeking out peace and relaxation, every moment spent at Ripjack Inn promises to deliver an unforgettable experience infused with calmness.

Colorful Signs and Stone Paths

Strolling through the Ripjack Inn, you’ll follow vivid hand-painted wooden signs that are each uniquely adorned. These vibrant markers not only infuse the hotel with color, but also create a welcoming ambiance that makes guests feel instantly comfortable and settled.

The allure of Ripjack Inn extends into its enclave of greenery. Nestled among lush plant life, meandering stone pathways crisscross the property, connecting visitors to quaint outdoor seating spots easily accessible on foot. The paths present an enchanting route around the hotel grounds for those seeking solitude or engaging in convivial exchanges with other guests.

Green Vegetation and Relaxing Pools

The Ripjack Inn’s surroundings are truly breathtaking. Covered in a canopy of vibrant green plants, the area offers a serene and shaded retreat from the outside world. The enchanting tropical flora envelops visitors, fostering an environment that is both peaceful and difficult to match.

Enhancing this verdant oasis is the inn’s inviting swimming pool along with additional pools on-site. They serve as idyllic locations for guests looking to take a refreshing dip following their adventures or those who wish simply to recline by the water’s edge. These pools provide an ambiance of calmness with sounds of soft ripples caressing their boundaries – all nestled amidst lush plant life beckoning guests to unwind and relax.

Popular with Various Travelers

The Rip Jack Inn stands out for its versatility in accommodating a diverse clientele. It is an ideal destination whether you’re part of a family seeking a vacation spot that welcomes children, lovebirds desiring an intimate escape or friends wanting to unwind together.

The serene environment at the hotel provides guests with an undisturbed haven perfect for relaxation. The attentive and customized service from the staff ensures your experience at Jack Inn will be exceptionally comfortable. Thanks to comprehensive catering offerings available on-site, this venue is highly sought after for hosting various events like weddings, business retreats, family gatherings and celebratory birthday celebrations.

Proximity to Playa Grande Beach

playa grande costa rica

They say that the most important attribute of any lodging is its placement, and Ripjack Inn can certainly lay claim to a prime spot. Positioned a mere 75 meters from Playa Grande Beach’s acclaimed shoreline, this hotel embodies an idyllic haven for those who adore the seaside. The beach itself lures visitors with its pristine white sands and picturesque vistas – sights easily enjoyed thanks to Ripjack Inn’s perfect location within walking distance.

Playa Grande. Beach isn’t merely about visual splendor. It also caters to adventure-seekers with one of Costa Rica’s most consistent surf breaks – conveniently accessible right from Ripjack Inn’s doorstep. For guests interested in wildlife conservation, they are poised on the edge of yet another natural marvel: Las Baulas National Marine Park in Playa Grande, Costa Rica lies adjacent to the inn providing seasonal glimpses of magnificent leatherback turtles as they come ashore to nest between December and March.

Boutique Hotel Rooms with Tropical Flair

At Ripjack Inn, every aspect of your stay is meticulously catered to. The hotel offers a variety of room types that are individually adorned with unique tropical designs, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

  • Standard rooms
  • Deluxe rooms
  • Bungalows
  • Family suites

Each space is crafted to provide the warmth and comfort of being in your own private sanctuary.

The diverse accommodations available include:

  • Standard Rooms: an economical option situated beneath the restaurant. These may have some ambient noise from the dining activities but remain popular among guests.
  • Deluxe Rooms: providing a heightened level of luxury with an array of amenities suitable for couples and families alike.
  • Bungalow: Similar in luxury to deluxe rooms and designed with ample amenities catering equally well to romance seekers or family vacationers.

Every choice within our range comes equipped with features such as:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Overhead ceiling fans
  • Warm water supply
  • Private bathroom facilities
  • Equipment for making coffee
  • Secured safes located in-room
  • Natural toiletry products

We offer comprehensive laundry services regardless of which accommodation you select.

Note:  Standard rooms are set apart by not including televisions or refrigerators as part of their amenities list.

Amenities to Enhance Your Stay

The Ripjack Inn places utmost importance on your comfort, providing key amenities to make your stay enjoyable. Take advantage of the complimentary Wi-Fi and parking available during your visit. For relaxation, guests have access to two inviting pools at their disposal for a peaceful retreat.

The hotel’s in-house restaurant presents an array of international and local dishes designed to satisfy various tastes. If you’re looking for wellness pursuits while staying at RipJack Villas, there is a specialized yoga space provided specifically for our visitors’ use.

Outdoor Pool and Sun Terrace

rip jack inn pool

A day beside the pool epitomizes a true holiday experience, and at Ripjack Inn, you’re spoilt for choice with two outdoor pools at your disposal. They serve as perfect havens for either a rejuvenating swim or to bask in the serenity while lounging by the water.

For those who prefer to revel in sunbathing, the sun terrace is an impeccable setting. It’s crafted as a peaceful enclave conducive to bronzing under the rays or unwinding with engrossing literature. As dusk approaches, this area effortlessly morphs into a tranquil yoga studio perched above the canopy of trees offering respite and panoramic views.

On-Site Restaurant and Bar Service

At the Ripjack Inn, your culinary needs are well taken care of. Nestled among the canopy, our open-air restaurant presents a wide selection of delectable options that include:

  • succulent steaks
  • wholesome salads
  • an assortment of vegetarian dishes
  • freshly caught local seafood

Our diverse menu caters to all tastes, offering both international cuisine for those eager to explore new taste horizons and familiar favorites for diners who cherish comfort food.

The dining experience at Ripjack Inn transcends mere gastronomy. It’s also about enjoying the moment in a warm atmosphere. With courteous English-speaking personnel and Ripley, our friendly resident canine companion, every meal here nourishes both body and spirit. We provide a plethora of invigorating beverages with our Mocktail Menu and Specialty Smoothie Menu—perfect for guests seeking flavorful yet health-conscious beverages.

Yoga Shala and Classes

At Ripjack Inn, the ethos revolves around wellness and healthy living. The hotel is proud to feature two dedicated yoga studios within its premises where guests can engage in yoga sessions to enhance their physical and mental health. Catering to all levels of experience, from novices to adept practitioners, there’s a variety of classes available including:

  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
  • Restorative
  • Yin
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Sculpt/Fitness

Every class is conducted by professional instructors who are skilled at guiding students across different skill sets.

More than just offering diverse yoga practices, what sets apart the practice of yoga at the Ripjack Inn are its exquisite locales for conducting these sessions. Classes take place in an elegant teak wood shala that features panoramic glass windows under a grand palapa roof surrounded by lush bamboo gardens and palm trees – creating an ambiance ideal for deepening one’s practice. Affordably priced with individual sessions commencing at $18.00, along with discounts on packages comprising multiple classes, this establishment makes embracing well-being both attainable and inviting.

Affordable Rates and Room Options

rip jack inn rooms

At the Ripjack Inn, indulgence meets value with rooms ranging in price from $179 to $219 per night, accommodating a diverse array of financial plans. Guests have the freedom to select from an assortment of accommodations including economical standard rooms or opulent deluxe rooms and bungalows tailored for every preference.

Every accommodation at the Inn exudes meticulous care in its design, providing a cozy and unforgettable experience for all who stay. The room options available boast enchanting tropical décor that suits any vacation type or requirement one might have, ensuring you’ll discover just the perfect sanctuary for your trip.

Exploring the Surroundings: Local Attractions and Dining Options

veggie bowl
The restaurant offers both local and American cuisine.

Ripjacking. Inn’s allure extends to nearby attractions ripe for discovery. North of Playa Grande lies Playa Ventanas, a picturesque white sand cove where calm waves make it ideal for swimming and shell collecting. For those seeking privacy on the beach, take a brief stroll to find Playa Carbon’s black sands—a pristine spot perfect for snorkeling.

There’s more than just coastal beauty in the vicinity. A short distance away is Tamarindo town center which boasts an array of culinary delights ranging from authentic Costa Rican dishes served by local restaurants to a variety of international cuisine guaranteed to satisfy any food enthusiast or anyone eager to taste regional flavors.

Guest Reviews and Experiences

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our guests have to say. Many couples have praised Ripjack Inn as an ideal wedding location, complimenting the staff’s assistance in planning from afar and the sophisticated yet low-key setting. With its tranquil atmosphere and personalized attention from the staff, many guests have acknowledged Ripjack Inn as the perfect place for a relaxed and comfortable stay.

Guest reviews also highlight the following features of Ripjack Inn:

  • Proximity to a sizable, serene beach
  • Highly regarded restaurant serving the best food in Playa Grande
  • Popular happy hour from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, featuring unique cocktails and a budget-friendly bocas menu that includes favorites like tuna toast, mahi tacos, and shrimp patacones.

These features add to the hotel’s charm and make it a great choice for visitors near Daniel Oduber International Airport.

If this hotel didn’t suit your needs, check out other hotels in Playa Grande.


To sum up, the Ripjack Inn transcends the conventional concept of a hotel. It is an inviting haven where visitors can fully immerse themselves in the pura vida way of life. This establishment distinguishes itself with its distinctly designed boutique rooms imbued with tropical character and an array of exquisite dining options—all within arm’s reach of Playa Grande’s breathtaking beaches and numerous conveniences.

Should you be in search of your very own piece of heaven at Playa Grande, Ripjack Inn stands out as the ideal destination. Its serene atmosphere combined with hospitable staff ensures that each guest has a stay to cherish. Don’t hesitate—embark on your journey to explore the unique allure that is inherent to Ripjack Inn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close is Ripjack Inn to Playa Grande Beach?

The Ripjack Inn is situated a mere 75 meters from Playa Grande Beach, making it an ideal location for those seeking quick access to the shore.

This proximity allows for a delightful short stroll right down to the beach!

What types of rooms does Ripjack Inn offer?

The Ripjack Inn provides an array of accommodations including standard rooms, deluxe versions, bungalows, and suites designed for families. Select the ideal room to suit your needs during your visit!

What amenities does Ripjack Inn offer?

The Ripjack Inn provides guests with complimentary Wi-Fi and parking, and features two outdoor swimming pools and a restaurant on the premises.

All the fundamental amenities necessary for a relaxing stay are readily available at this accommodation.

What types of yoga classes does Ripjack Inn offer?

The Ripjack Inn offers an array of yoga sessions to cater to your preferences, encompassing styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra, and even a blend of Yoga Sculpt/Fitness.

There are plenty of choices at your disposal!

What is the average nightly price at Ripjack Inn?

At Ripjack Inn, the typical price per night falls roughly between $179 and $219 on average.

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