Robbies in Islamorada

I’m very happy to report that just a few months after Hurricane Irma ravaged the Florida Keys, Robbies in Islamorada is in full effect!

Yep, you heard it here.  We just visited Robbies, as well as just about every spot in Islamorada, on January 2nd, 2018.  Robbies is fully operational and was a great experience.

For those of you who haven’t been to this landmark, today we’re sharing a local Floridian’s review as well as talking about some of the things you can do there.

What You’ll find at Robbies in Islamorada, Florida

At the Southern tip of Islamorada sits Robbie’s, a place that has it all.  There is something for everyone here.  It’s made up of a marina, a famous tarpon feeding dock, a bar, a restaurant, and an open air market.

As you pull off to the right side of the road as you head South towards Key West, you’ll find the gravel parking lot, which is usually jam-packed.  Park your car wherever you can find a spot, and start your day.  We were hungry, so we opted to put our name down for a table and in the mean time, let the kids enjoy feeding the tarpons.  (And also the pelicans, who you just can’t avoid.)

This isn’t just any tarpon feeding, it’s home to giant tarpon that swarm the docks waiting to be fed.  You can HAND FEED these beasts for just $3 per bucket.  They sell the chum just steps away from the feeding area.

Once they had had enough of that, it was off to browse all of the shopping to be done.  You’ll find Islamorada and Florida Keys themed items such as this sign below.

You will also be able to make your own custom sign, if you desire.  Stickers, necklaces, shells, pirate themed items, you’ll find it all.  A local artist named Tim Rahn has all sorts of gorgeous marine photography, so if you find yourself in love with the keys, feel free to take home something as a memento.

Want some adventure?  Rent a kayak or even a boat or jet ski.  

It was slightly raining on this particular trip and a bit on the cold side, so we opted to dive into the signature cocktails.  They have it all.  Beers, drinks, and a great bloody mary.

It would have been nice to go out fishing, but we hadn’t planned on it for this trip.  In an upcoming trip report, we’ll tackle that and provide a full review.

The History

I always enjoy hearing how these epic spots got their start.  Here is a paraphrased version of how things went down.

Not able to visit? 

No problem!  Check out the Live Webcam from Islamorada.  You will be addicted.  Check it out here.

Along with his wife, Mona, Robbie started feeding Scarface almost 20 years ago.  Scarface was a tarpon that approached the dock, and when Robbie witnessed the struggling fish, he figured it had swum into the shallow water and became stuck.  He made his way to set the fish free when he lifted the fish only to notice his jaw was torn open on the right side.  With a goal of reviving the tarpon, Robbie inserted the oxygen-rich shrimp tank and made a phone call to Doc Roach.

Showing up with some twine and his wife’s mattress needles, he turned old Scarface into the first ever tarpon featuring stitches!  This led to force feeding the fish for six months.  When a solid recovery was noticeable by the weight gain, he was released back into the waters in the same dock Robbie rescued him from.  Most likely showing his appreciation, the fish would frequent the docks and often times show up with other tarpon.  Over time, more and more fish started showing up. 


What Mile Marker is Robbies Located?

When you are in the Keys, you’ll see that most of everything is not referred to by their actual address, but more so by the mile marker they are closest to.  You will find Robbie’s near mile marker 77.5

Robbies Location


More info:


Phone:  (877) 664-8498

77522 Overseas Hwy,
Islamorada, FL 33036

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