Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

Medical care is a huge deal when you’re in the United States or your home country, but being sick or ill and needing to visit the hospital is even scarier when you’re abroad. Whether just on vacation, on a business trip overseas, or living in a foreign land, you realize how just how important access … Read more

Sans Rival Restaurant Dumaguete

Asia has a surprisingly burgeoning coffee culture, with cafes, coffee houses, street coffee stands, and dessert eateries literally everywhere, from Thailand to Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam. But one of the best places you can visit for some coffee and dessert is right here in my adopted hometown, Dumaguete, in the central Philippines, Sans Rival. … Read more

Marikaban Beach

Marikaban Beach

Most travelers stay in the micro-community of Santa Fe, right by the beach on the northwest part of the island. So, depending on where you stay, you can either wake up and step right out onto the beach or get there with a 1-minute walk. The area there is called Marikaban Beach, and it follows … Read more

A Guide To Backpacking In Thailand

A Guide To Backpacking In Thailand Thailand is probably one of the greatest backpacking destinations in the world, providing an inexpensive and fun-filled experience. There is simply so much to do and see that a prolonged backpacking trip is often far more worthwhile than a short vacation in luxury accommodation. However, just like any travel … Read more

Gabby’s Bistro

Gabby’s Bistro is an establishment in Dumaguete, the Philippines, but from there it gets a little confusing. First off, there are two Gabby’s Bistros, with one on the central Boulevard by the ocean in Dumaguete. That aside, the second Bistro, located in Daro about a 10-minute trike (tricycle) ride from downtown, is just a confusing … Read more

Honeycomb Tourist Inn (bar)

Walking along Dumaguete’s famed Boulevard after dark, good night life options may seem few and far between. But towards the end of the seaside roadway furthest from Silliman Univesity, you will always see people sitting outside at tables, drinking beer, eating food, socializing with friends, and listening to live bands. You can always count on … Read more