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Victory Liner bus trip from Manila

There are two kinds of people in the Philippines: those who take “Local” transportation, and those who go “First Class,” as they’ll call them. I’ve found that Local transport usually entails a jeepney (the converted U.S. army jeeps with dozens of passengers crammed in the back that litter the streets […]


Pro boxing in the Philippines

Living abroad, I end up having some incredible experiences, ranging from inspiring to good to just plain old challenging. But we either win or we learn, right? In fact, experiencing things outside of my comfort zone is part of what I love about living overseas – and especially the Philippines, […]


New Bombay Royale

Have you tried Indian food? I really do, although I must admit I don’t eat it enough here in Southeast Asia. While you may find Indian food or Indian-inspired dishes in places like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, it’s not popular at all here in the Philippines, where I’m living. Quite […]

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Top Batanes Travel Tips

There is no denying that Batanes, the northernmost island in the entire 7,500-island Philippines archipelago, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. As rugged and harsh as it is exotic and breathtaking, Batanes is my new favorite place to experience the wonder of nature, enjoy a rare glimpse […]