Honeycomb Tourist Inn (bar)

Walking along Dumaguete’s famed Boulevard after dark, good night life options may seem few and far between. But towards the end of the seaside roadway furthest from Silliman Univesity, you will always see people sitting outside at tables, drinking beer, eating food, socializing with friends, and listening to live bands. You can always count on Honeycomb!

What is the Honeycomb Tourist Inn Bar?

It’s actually called the Honeycomb Tourist Inn because it’s based out of a hotel that houses 16 rooms for tourists and visitors. But while I’ve only had one out-of-town guest stay there, the small restaurant and bigger outside bar are open to everyone.

In fact, the resto (Filipinos LOVE abbreviating words and taking shortcuts, so it’s too much to say ‘restaurant’) is just a small, split level venue with about a dozen small tables and a circular bar. But you’ll also notice that the AC is always kicked on pretty good, and a couple flat screen TVs are enough to provide entertainment or music for the area. They also do a good amount of business out of this hotel resto-bar, with a consistent breakfast crowd in the morning, a few lunch patrons or people having coffee in the afternoon, and a pick up in people eating and drinking every night.

I’d even say that Honeycomb is one of the most consistent spots in all of Dumaguete, as there is rarely a night when the bar – and especially the outdoor sitting area- aren’t populated.

Right outside the resto-bar is a concrete deck that’s covered with an awning, where they have the music stage and also several tables. Take a step down into a bigger open-air patio, and you’ll be in Honeycomb’s main socializing area.

In terms of food, the breakfast menu is pretty good, with decent omelets, pancakes and French Toast. I find their servings to be a little small, but you can easily add an extra egg or double up the orders because their prices are moderate.

But their coffee is definitely lacking, as you’ll get instant coffee, the nasty 3-in-1 so popular here, or powdered creamer instead of real milk unless you ask (ok, beg) for it.

But one thing I’ve noticed every time I’ve eaten inside the resto (see – even I’m doing it!) during the day is that the staff – or just the cashier lady in particular – are SUPER rude and unfriendly. She’s so staunch and pissy that it’s almost awesome, sort of like seeing the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld reincarnated. I think the other staff are quiet and reserved because they’re scared of her and afraid even to smile openly in the dictatorship she’s established.

But forget the breakfast and this one cranky worker, because the highlight of Honeycomb is the music at night. They actually have some really good bands almost nightly – surprisingly sweet sounding for little Dumaguete. You’ll hear plenty of cover bands playing U.S. chart toppers, as well as Filipino favorites. My favorite is a female vocalist who’s voice is so good, you almost forget how easy on the eyes she is! When the music is playing at night, Honeycomb is a great place to hang out with friends while watching what’s happening on the Boulevard, making it one of Dumaguete’s best relaxed nightlife options.

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