Top Weekend Brunch Spots in Cleveland Ohio

Best Brunch Restaurants In Cleveland

Clevelanders are very serious about their brunch and you can check out the top spots here.  I have been around the country and I can say with confidence that the 216 has some of the finest and diverse brunch options anywhere.  Regardless of what kind of food you are into and where you live, there are plenty of places you can go to have mimosas, steak and eggs as well as nontraditional fare such as sushi and pancakes. There are perhaps hundreds of places that offer brunch on the weekends here.

Choosing the best brunch destinations was a daunting task.  After much soul searching and profuse consumption of eggs benedict, breakfast fajitas and bloody marys, we finally were able to agree upon the following spots as the Best that Cleveland has to offer.  Be sure to check these places out and if you have other places in mind, please let us know.

#1 – 100th Bomb Group

Known for having one of the best patios in Cleveland per The Weekender,  100th Bomb Group has had one of the most well attended brunch buffets in the region for years.   For many places that claim to have the best brunch in town, 100th Bomb Group’s response is “Hold my beer”.  With offering that change weekly, some of the highlights include snow crab, poached salmon, BBQ pork chops, lamb shanks, steamed mussels, prime roast beef, baked ham,  peel and eat shrimp, and traditional favorites like pancakes, eggs benedict, belgian waffles and fresh fruit.  Even if you do not have to board a flight, 100th Bomb Group is well worth the trip.

20920 Brookpark Rd Cleveland, OH 44135


#2 – Pier W

Pier W is one of the select establishments in town and is one of the leaders in upscale dining. Poeple come from all over Ohio to enjoy a superior dining experience. Their brunch buffet is one of the best values in Cleveland.  Many would think you are committing highway robbery after discovering you can indulge in Prime Sirloin, Rack of Lamb, Gulf Shrimp, Hearth Roasted Blue Hill Bay Mussels along with Breakfast Meats, Sushi, Spinach Salad, Smoked Salmon and French Toast for $40.  These and other items has helped Pier W rank among the elite in dining in the Greater Cleveland Area.

12700 Lake Avenue Winton Place Lakewood, OH 44107


#3 – Cleveland Chop

$7 mimosa and margarita pitchers.  This fact alone clinches the crown for many Cleveland residents.  Cleveland Chop has an excellent Brunch menu that is rife with tantalizing interpretations of some of your favorites and some mouth-watering brunch cocktails.

While many places have brunch buffets that overwhelm with sheer volume of food, Cleveland Chop delivers on the sheer experience of brunch itself where you can select a delectable entree and a remarkable beverage.  Some of the most requested meals are the Clevelander Skillet, Chicken and Waffles, Smoked Salmon Benny (eggs benedict), Oscar’s Omelet, Breakfast Tacos, Hangover Burger and Cleveland Tacos.  You can tie a bow on your brunch with a Fired Up Bloody Mary, French 216, Strawberry Bellini or Veranda.  You can learn more here.

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