Best Pizza Joints in Cleveland (Updated List of Top Spots!)

Cleveland isn’t a city on many people’s bucket list, I totally get it!  However, business recently took me to this area for a six month span, so naturally I immersed myself in the culture and sampled the local cuisine.  Since I’m usually in Asia, finding good pizza isn’t very easy over there, and when back in the good old US of A I always indulge in my favorite cuisine.  So, after six months of stomping around town, trying slice after slice, here’s my personal take on the top pizzerias in Cleveland, Ohio!  Would love to hear from some locals about any venues I may have missed in the comments below.

Best 4 Pizza Restaurants in Cleveland

Cleveland has some of the most delicious pizza anywhere.  Despite being in the midwest, there are many phenomenal restaurant spots where the slices are as good and in many cases better than pizza meccas like New York City and Chicago.  One of the many ways you can tell if a restaurant has outstanding pizza is how far customers are willing to travel to enjoy a slice.

The following places we will highlight are so good that loyal fans will drive across town and the nation whenever they are home to visit.  Another way to tell if a place is among the elite when it comes to pizza is longevity.  All of these places have been in business for many years. There are dozens of top notch pizza joints in town, but these have been deemed the best of the best by Clevelanders and have the trophies and sustained success to prove it.

 #1 – Angelo’s

Angelos Pizza Cleveland
Well done crust and loaded with toppings.

Angelo’s is a Lakewood institution and has been widely recognized as the best pizza in the city.  An award-winning restaurant, customers come from all over Cleveland to enjoy their pizza pies inside and on the patio during summer months. The friendly staff, family atmosphere and superior ingredients have been keys to Angelo’s staying power. Some favorites include the Seafood Pizza, The House Special, The Acapulco BBQ Pizza, The Mediterranean and the Super Deluxe Pizza.

13715 Madison Avenue Lakewood, OH 44107


#2 – Angela Mia Pizza

Angela Mia Pizza

Celebrating 50 years of being in business in 2018, Angela Mia Pizza is an Eastside legend when it comes to pizza.  Ask any Cleveland Heights or Shaw graduate and they will tell you stories about how they have flown in from California, New York, Las Vegas, etc just to have a slice.  I know a fan personally who drove from Avon Lake to the East Cleveland location for some pies before they closed one night.  Still family owned and operated, Angela Mia continues to serve high quality food and with their new location in Richmond Heights the pizza icon will only increase in stature.

15811 Euclid Ave East Cleveland, OH 44112


728 Richmond Rd Richmond Heights, OH 44143


#3 – Arcade Pizza

Arcade Pizza

Since 1977, Arcade Pizza has been feeding Clevelanders with its excellent food.  Word of mouth has served Arcade well as they have loyal customers from Westlake to Willoughby. In addition to having fresh ingredients, a passion for providing superior service and tasty food, being open late night has helped Arcade continue to be  recognized as one of the best in the 216.

5319 Broadway Avenue Cleveland, OH 44127


#4 – Mamma Santa’s

Mamma Santas

One of the most decorated pizzerias in town, Mamma Santa’s  has been serving families in Historic Little Italy since the 1960s.  A true American success story, Mamma Santa’s has remained family owned and operated.  Many have claimed that Mamma Santa’s is the most authentic Italian pizza in Cleveland and has won “Best Pizza Award” many times. Some of the fan favorites include The Everything Pizza, Three Meat Pizza and The House Favorite.

12301 Mayfield Rd Cleveland, OH 44106


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There is no lack of places to eat pizza in Cleveland!  If you feel like we missed any good places on this list, please leave us a comment!  I’m sure I’ll be back at some point in the future and will gladly update this this if anyone has any recommendations that beat out these four spots!

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