Hewing Hotel Minneapolis – The Best Hotel Experience in the North Loop?

Nestled in the vibrant North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, the Hewing Hotel is a testament to the city’s rich history and a beacon of modern luxury. Housed in the iconic Jackson Building, this boutique hotel extends an invitation to delve into the past while luxuriating in contemporary comforts. With every corner echoing the city’s milling legacy, the Hewing offers an intimate experience of Minneapolis’s culture, all while pampering you with indulgent amenities.

Let me tell you exactly why Michelle and I stay at the Hewing every time we visit friends and family back home in Minneapolis.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis seamlessly combines rustic charm with modern amenities, offering a tribute to the city’s historic milling heritage within its transformed Jackson Building.
  • Located in the vibrant North Loop neighborhood, the Hewing Hotel provides convenient access to local attractions like sports stadiums and cultural landmarks, making it an ideal base for exploring the Twin Cities.
  • With a Nordic-inspired farm-to-table restaurant, flexible event spaces, and curated experiences, the Hewing Hotel presents guests with unique dining options, venues for various events, and authentic Minneapolis activities.

This is the BEST hotel in Minneapolis and it’s not even close.  

Unveiling the Historic Jackson Building

Hewing Hotel Lobby Bar

Entering the Hewing Hotel is like stepping back in time. The hotel’s residence, the historic Jackson Building, dates back to 1897, serving as a warehouse for timber and a showroom for farm equipment. Today, this building houses 124 cozy rooms, a rooftop Social Club, and a lounge, each offering a unique blend of historic charm and modern luxury. The in-room amenities, ranging from Faribault Woolen Mills throws to a minibar stocked with local products, further enhance the guest experience.

The metamorphosis of the Jackson Building into the Hewing Hotel is a story of respecting tradition and welcoming innovation. Let’s further examine the history of the Jackson Building and its transformational journey.

Origins and significance

Constructed in 1897, the Jackson Building:

  • was initially a ‘clean-air lookout’
  • was designed by architect Ronald Greene
  • has been home to various companies over the decades
  • today, it stands as a gateway to the North Loop neighborhood, an integral part of the town that connects the local culture.

Its conversion into the Hewing Hotel has had a significant impact on the North Loop neighborhood. The hotel not only pays homage to the area’s milling legacy but also contributes to its revitalization.

Warehouse transformation

The transformation of the Jackson Building into the Hewing Hotel required comprehensive renovations, one of the notable challenges being the coordination of electrical outlets and furniture. Despite these challenges, the renovations sought to retain the building’s original industrial appeal, with the term ‘Hewing’ symbolizing the timber cutting process.

This change served as a tribute to the area’s milling heritage, making the Hewing Hotel a beacon of the past in the heart of modern Minneapolis.

Experiencing the North Loop Neighborhood

The North Loop neighborhood, the home of the Hewing Hotel, is a gem in itself. This vibrant neighborhood is full of attractions, including Target Field, Acme Comedy Company, and the picturesque Mississippi Walking Trail, offering a diverse array of experiences for every traveler.

The hotel’s strategic location on Washington Avenue also places it approximately one mile from the famous Bank Stadium. With such an abundance of experiences nearby, we’ll further examine the neighborhood’s closeness to Bank Stadium and the exploration opportunities it presents in the Twin Cities.

Proximity to Bank Stadium

The Hewing Hotel’s location is a boon for sports enthusiasts and concert-goers alike. Located just a mile away from the Bank Stadium, the hotel offers easy access to the home of the Minnesota Vikings. Public transit options like bus, light rail, and taxi/rideshare services are readily available, making the commute to the stadium a breeze. As traffic conditions can change, it’s advisable to check local traffic updates or use a navigation application for real-time information.

Twin Cities exploration

The Hewing Hotel serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the Twin Cities. From the art connoisseur’s paradise, the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, to the history buff’s haven, the Minneapolis City Museum and U.S. Courthouse, the Twin Cities area offers something for everyone.

The hotel’s strategic location makes attractions like the Science Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota History Center, and Guthrie Theater easily accessible. Guests can explore these attractions using a variety of transportation options, adding to the convenience.

Indulging at Tullibee: A Nordic Culinary Experience

Private dining for 25 people upon request.

A stay at the Hewing Hotel wouldn’t be complete without a culinary journey at its in-house restaurant, Tullibee. Offering a unique Nordic culinary experience, Tullibee’s menu draws inspiration from traditional rural Nordic methods of foraging, butchery, and fermentation, ensuring a dining experience like no other.

We’ll examine Tullibee’s dedication to the farm-to-table philosophy and its distinctive atmosphere.

Farm-to-table philosophy

Tullibee’s commitment to a farm-to-table philosophy is evident in its menu. The restaurant collaborates with regional farmers, freshwater fishermen, and other independent vendors to offer an accessible, locally sourced cuisine. Every dish is a testament to this commitment, with notable dishes like:

  • sea buckthorn
  • elderberry
  • fermented rye bread
  • pickled cherries

showcasing its Nordic culinary influence.

Ambiance and setting

The dining experience at Tullibee is enhanced by its inviting ambiance and setting. The restaurant offers:

  • Scandinavian-influenced interior design
  • Decorative accessories that add to the vibrant ambiance
  • A wood-burning grill that influences the design and enhances the rustic atmosphere.

Whether you’re in for a cozy dinner or a lively social gathering, Tullibee offers a setting that caters to all moods and occasions.

Savoring Craft Beverages at Hewing Bar & Lounge

If you’re looking to unwind after a day of exploration, the Hewing Bar & Lounge is the perfect spot. Offering a unique selection of local beverages sourced from distilleries and breweries, the bar ensures a distinct taste of Minneapolis. Not to mention, the relaxing atmosphere of the lounge adds to the experience.

We’ll examine the local collaborations that contribute to the beverage selection and the serene environment of the Hewing Bar & Lounge.

Local partnerships

The Hewing Bar & Lounge takes pride in its local partnerships. These collaborations with local distilleries and breweries add to the unique selection of beverages, ensuring that guests get a flavor of the region. From savoring the designated signature cocktail, the Old Fashioned, to trying out the local beers, the bar promises a diverse drinking experience.

Relaxing atmosphere

The Hewing Bar & Lounge offers:

  • A serene atmosphere
  • Elegant and uncomplicated interior design
  • Comfortable seating
  • A diverse range of live performances

It’s not just about the drinks; it’s about the experience.

Whether you’re in for a casual drink or planning to spend an evening, the lounge provides the perfect setting to unwind and relax.

Hosting Memorable Events at Hewing Hotel

Beyond its luxurious accommodations and dining experiences, the Hewing Hotel also offers spaces for hosting memorable events. From weddings and social gatherings to business meetings, the hotel provides flexible event spaces and advanced technology for a seamless experience.

We’ll further examine the event spaces and the amenities that the Hewing Hotel offers.

Flexible event spaces

When it comes to event spaces, the Hewing Hotel offers a variety. Whether it’s a meeting in the Commissioner or Jackson Boardrooms, a large gathering in the Andrews Ballroom, or a private dinner in the Private Dining Room, the hotel caters to a range of events.

The spaces are adaptable and can accommodate both small and large groups, ensuring that every event is personalized to the guests’ needs and availability.

Advanced technology and amenities

A memorable event requires the right technology and amenities, and the Hewing Hotel ensures just that. The event spaces are equipped with the latest technology, making them ideal for business meetings, conferences, or any high-tech event requirements.

From state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to high-speed, commercial-grade WIFI, the hotel provides all the necessary amenities for a seamless event experience.

Celebrating Love: Rustic Weddings at Hewing Hotel

One of the highlights of the Hewing Hotel is its provision for hosting rustic weddings. The hotel’s in-house catering by Tullibee and wedding planning assistance ensure a perfect celebration.

We’ll examine the catering options provided by Tullibee and the wedding planning support offered by Hewing Hotel.

In-house catering by Tullibee

Tullibee offers delicious in-house catering for weddings at the Hewing Hotel. Specializing in farm-to-table, Nordic, and tapas/small plates cuisine, Tullibee ensures a feast that’s as memorable as the celebration.

The menu can be personalized to accommodate the preferences and dietary requirements of the couple, ensuring a culinary experience tailored to their food tastes.

Wedding planning assistance

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but not at the Hewing Hotel. The hotel offers comprehensive wedding planning services, including event coordination, catering, and accommodations for guests. From the services of a dedicated wedding planner to a diverse selection of wedding themes and décor options, the Hewing Hotel ensures a smooth and memorable wedding experience.

Engaging in Unique Minneapolis Experiences

The Hewing Hotel offers more than just a stay; it offers unique Minneapolis experiences. With seasonal events and weekly happenings, the hotel ensures that guests have plenty to indulge in during their stay.

We’ll examine these unique experiences in more detail.

Seasonal events

The Hewing Hotel hosts a range of seasonal events throughout the year. From the Chris Koza performance in Hewing’s Historic Ballroom to Holiday Bûche De Noël at Hewing and Tullibee’s, these events offer a dynamic and seasonally relevant experience for guests.

The events are a celebration of downtown Minneapolis traditions, offering guests a taste of local culture and festivities in Minneapolis MN.

Weekly happenings

In addition to the seasonal events, the Hewing Hotel also hosts weekly happenings. From culinary events to musical performances and community events, there’s always something exciting happening at the hotel. Whether you’re a guest at the hotel or a local, these events offer a great way to engage with the Minneapolis community and enjoy a unique experience.


The Hewing Hotel, housed in the historic Jackson Building, is a beacon of Minneapolis’s rich history blended with modern luxury. From its unique Nordic culinary experience at Tullibee to the craft beverages at Hewing Bar & Lounge, the hotel offers an immersive Minneapolis experience. With its flexible event spaces, advanced amenities, and memorable wedding offerings, the Hewing Hotel caters to a wide range of guest needs. Whether it’s the unique experiences offered through weekly happenings and seasonal events or the unforgettable vistas of downtown Minneapolis from the rooftop, the Hewing Hotel guarantees a stay worth cherishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did the Hewing Hotel used to be?

The Hewing Hotel used to be the Andrews Building, which was originally used as a showroom for farm equipment until the 1920s. Trains would deliver merchandise to the high-ceiling basement.

How many rooms does the Hewing have?

The Hewing Hotel has 124 rooms and 14 suites, offering a total of 138 rooms for its guests.

How many hotel rooms are in Minneapolis?

There are over 9,000 hotel rooms in downtown Minneapolis, providing a range of accommodation options.

What is the historical significance of the Hewing Hotel’s building?

The historical significance of the Hewing Hotel’s building lies in its transformation from a timber warehouse and farm equipment showroom in 1897 to its current role as the gateway to the North Loop neighborhood, showcasing the area’s heritage and evolution.

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