Where To Stay In Uvita, Costa Rica — The Best Uvita Hotels & Areas

The best place to stay in Uvita depends on what you want to experience and your budget. Kura Hotel and Oxygen Jungle Villas are among the most popular options for many visitors. These are excellent choices for accommodations. But Uvita also has a wide range of Airbnb places to stay; try to find a way to contact the owners directly, and you’ll probably end up getting a deal.

If you pay attention to the strip malls and bumpy roads of Uvita, you may think there are no good accommodation options here. However, there’s actually a lot. The best hotel to check in at depends on your budget and the services you want to enjoy. While some hotels are adult-only, others are better for families with kids. 

Generally, all the decent options are between the main road and the stunning beach.

In this article, you will learn about some of the best-rated hotels in the area, what you can expect when you live there, and other relevant information you need to make a decision. 

Key Takeaways

Do you need to make a decision quickly? Here is a summary of my top recommendations: 

  • The best hotels in Uvita for families: Cristal Ballena Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • Luxury hotels—GGolden Pineapple Villas
  • For backpackers and solo travelers, Oxygen Jungle Villas & Spa
  • The best eco-lodge in Uvita—LLa Cusinga Eco Lodge
  • The best affordable hotel in Uvita—TTucan Hotel
  • Uvital hotel with the best views—VVista Celestial Boutique Hotel

Continue reading to learn about each of these places, why I recommended them, their budget per night, and other relevant information. 

1. Golden Pineapple Villas

  • Address: Camino a Rancho Pacifico, 3 km al Este de la Entrada de Uvita, Uvita, Costa Rica
  • Budget: Starts at $580 per night.
  • Rating: 5/5 on TripAdvisor
  • Best for: Uvita’s adult-only luxury hotel

Golden Pineapple Villas is a secluded 14-acre jungle villa in Uvita, close to the beach. Each villa comes with its own private pool and a fantastic ocean view. This is why I recommend it as one of the best luxury accommodation options in Uvita. 

The exciting journey up the mountain is definitely a highlight of the trip (make sure to rent a 4×4 and watch out for the signs with black or gold pineapples along the way). 

You’ll be welcomed with champagne. One thing many people also love is the infinity pool under a starlit sky. 

The views from both our suite and the restaurant/pool area are stunning, overlooking the Whales Tail and the Pacific Ocean.

What I like about this hotel

  • The views are spectacular. 
  • The food and drinks are delicious artworks. 
  • This charming villa has so much detail.

What I don’t like about this hotel

  • Expensive
  • Wrong road if you don’t have a 4×4 rental car.
  • To go to and from the main reception/dining/pool area to the suites, one needs to walk up or down 36 stone steps. So it is not ideal for the elderly or visually impaired.

2. Vista Celestial Boutique Hotel

  • Address: 2km Noreste de Catarata de Uvita, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $601
  • Rating: 5/5 on TripAdvisor
  • Best for: The views and fun activities available. 

Vista Celestial Boutique Hotel has five spacious villas, each 1,000 square feet. Each villa features air conditioning and an adjustable infinity pool with hot and cold settings. Every villa gives you stunning views of the ocean and the jungle. You can also enjoy our restaurant, lounge, and infinity pool with a swim-up bar that overlooks the ocean. This pool has a waterfall and a raised jacuzzi.

Inside the villas, you’ll find luxurious soaking tubs, both indoor and outdoor showers, and a big terrace with another infinity pool, all offering views of the ocean. The furniture is a mix of modern design and locally made pieces.

Over 13 acres of untouched rainforest and over 100 different types of fruit trees surround the property. There are walking trails all around, and they even have a secluded spot for yoga in the jungle.

The hotel’s overall atmosphere is just lovely.

What I like about this hotel

  • The ocean views are stunning.
  • The villas are pretty spacious.
  • The property offered numerous tours.

What I don’t like about this hotel

  • Not cheap
  • To reach this hotel, you’ll need a 4×4. Despite its challenges, the well-maintained road doesn’t pose a significant risk.

3. La Cusinga Eco Lodge

  • Address: Costarena Sur Km166, Provincia de Puntarenas, Uvita, 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: From $172
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor
  • Best for: an eco-friendly environment. 

Hidden away in a private area spanning over 600 acres, La Cusinga is where the ocean meets the jungle.

This rainforest lodge offers guests breathtaking ocean views, sandy beaches, and the chance to explore the thriving forests and incredible wildlife. 

It’s just a ten-minute drive from Marina Ballena Marine Park, known for its Whale’s Tail formation. The Cusinga estate is exceptional, with some exciting walks, especially the one down to Playa Arco. 

If you’re looking for an ecolodge in Uvita, this is the one. 

What I like about this hotel

  • This place is beautiful and simple—not ‘luxury.’
  • It has walked around their grounds and into the national park beach below.
  • The room has partially open windows (with good mossy netting), a ceiling fan, and a standing fan. 
  • With Bahia Adventures, you can book a local bird walk.

What I don’t like about this hotel

  • There is some slight traffic noise from traffic during the day (those pesky motorbikes or heavy lorries) from the coast road a good few hundred meters away.

4. Oxygen Jungle Villas & Spa

  • Address: Camino de Suenos, 1,5 km NE of the Catarata de Uvita, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $484
  • Rating: 5/5 on TripAdvisor
  • Best for: 

Oxygen Jungle Villas is a small, exclusive hotel in Balinese style. It’s located in Uvita, right in the middle of Costa Ballena, a popular spot in Costa Rica’s South Pacific region. It’s an ideal option for couples. 

They focus on giving each guest personalized service and never have more than 24 guests (only adults allowed) staying in their 12 villas.

Just a heads up about the spa hours: check-in is at 3 pm, but the spa closes at 4 pm, so you won’t be able to visit on your first night. 

The last booking time for spa appointments is at 3 pm, so if you’re out doing activities in Uvita, like snorkeling, diving, or surfing (which usually come back around 2:30 pm or later), you won’t be able to make an appointment. 

Just keep this in mind: you’ll need to stay for at least three nights if you want to visit the spa after doing ocean activities. We were a bit disappointed to find this out when we arrived.

What I like about this hotel

  • Location of the villas with a spectacular view over the jungle and an ocean
  • Amiable staff (probably the best feature this hotel can offer)
  • A good breakfast menu
  • There are no TVs in the villa, so you and your partner can disconnect from the world and bond.

What I don’t like about this hotel

  • It is located a long distance from Uvita town or the beach. If you don’t have a rented car, you will have to rely on the local taxi service arranged by the hotel reception.
  • Pricey dinner 

5. Cristal Ballena Boutique Hotel & Spa

  • Address: 7 Km Al Sur de Uvita Playa Ballena, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: Starts at $191 
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor
  • Best for budget-friendly, family accommodation

The Hotel Resort Cristal Ballena is on 12 hectares of spacious grounds. It’s very close to the unique “Marino Ballena” Marine National Park, as well as mountains covered in lush rainforest. 

The hotel offers 14 junior suites, 3 master suites, and 2 family suites. 

You can visit this hotel as part of a small group tour. The room is big and well-equipped, with a huge balcony.

The pool area is fantastic—clean, well-maintained, and enjoyable.

What I like about this hotel

  • The restaurant ‘BALLENA BISTRO’ is 2 minutes walk from the property’s 
  • The property boasts beautiful gardens with a fabulous pool and views of the Pacific.
  • The sunset from the hotel was one of the best we have seen.

What I don’t like about this hotel

  • The bathrooms were small and dated.

6. Kura Design Villas 

  • Address: Private Rd. Puntarenas, Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica
  • Budget: average of $1,046 per weeknight
  • Rating: 5/5 on TripAdvisor
  • Best for: luxury accommodation experience

Kura is a unique spot all on its own. With our 8 luxury suites and tropical minimalist design, coupled with breathtaking panoramic views, we offer a truly customized luxury experience focused on relaxation and privacy.

It’s absolutely gorgeous. You can see the thought and care put into every aspect. The looks on people’s faces, including ours, when they first see the view from the top of the stairs say it all. 

We spent most of our time at the main infinity pool area because of the incredible view and the infinity pool itself. 

Right nearby, there’s the main restaurant and bar. Having traveled to over 30 countries, the open-air 360-degree view of the ocean in front and the jungle-covered mountains behind is unparalleled. 

The views from the rooms and the spa are just as breathtaking. With only eight rooms in total, the place always feels secluded.

What I like about this hotel

  • One of the most stunning views of the ocean.
  • The pool. Never crowded.
  • The room is small but has everything needed. A/C worked well and the nightly turn-down service was so appreciated!

What I don’t like about this hotel

  • Driving from Uvita town to the hotel is a bit difficult and requires a four-wheel drive, especially during the wet or rainy season.
  • The hotel has limited space for parking. They do, however, park the car for you.

7. Tucan Hotel

  • Address: 100 m east of Banco de Costa Rica Uvita de Osa, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica 
  • Budget: Starts at $84
  • Rating: 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor
  • Best for: budget-friendly 

Tucan must be the most affordable yet high-quality restaurant option in Uvita. 

Situated in the heart of Uvita de Osa, close to bus stops, supermarkets, banks, and medical clinics, Tucan is easily accessible. It takes about 2.5 hours by car or 4 hours by bus from San Jose and is just a 40-minute drive from Quepos Airport. 

The famous “Whale Tail Beach,” Marino Ballena National Marine Park, waterfalls, and rivers are all within a 15-minute walk. 

The hotel offers ten private rooms with private bathrooms. While the rustic rooms don’t have AC, all the other rooms do! There’s also a licensed bar and restaurant on-site, as well as a large swimming pool.

Guests love the spacious, comfortable rooms, and the staff is friendly; we’d definitely stay here again.

Waterfalls, a butterfly house, and a river are all within walking distance. Plus, there’s a microbrewery and wine bar just up the road for added convenience.

What I like about this hotel

  • Beautiful common area with a lounging area.
  • Pool table, board games, and a library in the lounge area.
  • Right in the heart of town, with lots of excellent restaurants and bars within walking distance.
  • Shared kitchen for those who want to cook.
  • A very nice bar is open all day.

What I don’t like about this hotel

  • So far, none have been observed.

How to Choose the Right Area to Stay in Uvita

Based on my short stay in Uvita, the best option is the area between the main road and the beautiful beach. 

Uvita, a small town south of San Jose, is ideal for leisurely exploration of the magnificent whale-tail-shaped National Park. The town’s center is along the main road, which can be noisy with cars and lacks charm.

You can head towards the beach for lots of places to stay, or towards the famous waterfalls for a greener, wilder experience.


If you’re visiting Uvita for the first time and wondering where to stay, I recommend the area between the main road and the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. This park gets its name from a small peninsula that looks like a whale tail when the tide is low.

This spot is really close to the beach, and you can get there through the park gate. But remember, there’s a $6 daily fee, no matter when you go in. I wrote a separate review about it. 

The area between the road and the beach is mostly where people live, with cozy bungalows, villas, and small apartment buildings (usually no more than two floors). Locals and travelers live here, which makes it feel like it’s real.

While there are a few places to eat and drink, there isn’t much nightlife. So, you can expect a quiet night’s sleep wherever you stay.

Friendly Advice:

  • If you want to party by the sea, look at other towns like Jaco or Tamarindo.


For a nature-filled stay, consider lodging between the main road and the waterfalls. You’ll be right at the edge of the rainforest, and it’s easy to walk to the famous Uvita Waterfalls. Entry is usually under $5, and there are spots to slide down the falls and jump into waterholes.

Nestled in the jungle, most accommodations in this area offer fantastic views over the Uvita whale tail.


If you’re after seclusion and surfing, check out Playa Hermosa. It’s excellent for beginner surfers, with regular waves that are fun but not too daunting. 

There’s also space for intermediate and experienced surfers to enjoy.

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