10 Best Restaurants In Uvita, Costa Rica

Uvita itself doesn’t have a lot of quality places to eat. However, I’ve had the best dining experiences at Ballena Bistro and Soda Ranchito Dona Maria. If you want a restaurant with beach views, I totally recommend Aracari. But for romantic dining for couples, Restaurant Exotica is the best bet. 

In the few weeks that I’ve lived near Uvita, I can honestly confirm that the best restaurants here are just okay and usually expensive. My local friend advised that for better food, you’re better off going to Dominical or Ojochal. Palmar Norte and Ciudad Cortes also have a few lovely places to eat.

I decided to investigate some of the most recommended restaurants in Uvita to see what they offer and whether they are actually worth visiting. While I wasn’t able to eat at all the recommendations (due to budget constraints), I was able to ask around and do more research on the others. 

If you’re looking for a good place to eat around Uvita, this is the article for you. You will learn about some of the ‘best’ restaurants to visit in the area, what to expect when you go there, and their respective budgets, among other relevant details. 

Key Takeaways

In case you need to make a decision real quick, here is my top recommendation on restaurants in Uvita for different purposes:

PurposeThe Best Uvita RestaurantLocationAverage Budget
Top recommendation Ballena BistroGoathouse169, Highway 34, Playa Ballena Costanera Sur, Provincia de Puntarenas, Osa, 60504, Costa Rica$5-$15 
On the beachAracari RestaurantLa Cusinga Road, Puntarenas, Osa, Uvita, 60504, Costa Rica$10 to $40
For seafoodMosaic Wine and Sushi Bar600 meters past the BCR towards the Uvita Waterfall, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica$5 to $50
Budget-friendly Bar Restaurant Los Laureles, The location is 400 meters east from BCR in Puntarenas Province, Uvita, 60504, Costa Rica.$8-$12
The restaurant with the best viewThe Bamboo Room Restaurant Calle Perezoso, 800 Mtrs. Este de Costanera, Ojochal 60501, Costa Rica$5-$15
For breakfastBagel Time Bakery350 Constanera Sur, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica$3-$15
The best ‘Soda’ restaurantSoda Ranchito, Dona Maria100m east of BCR, 50 m north, Uvita Costa RicaFrom $7
For romantic couples dining Restaurant ExoticaAvenida Principal, 1 km from Highway Costanera, Ojochal 60504, Costa Rica$10 to $41
For the best burgers



Continue reading to learn more about these restaurants, which will further help you make a decision. 

1. Ballena Bistro

  • Address: Goathouse169, Highway 34, Playa Ballena Costanera Sur, Provincia de Puntarenas, Osa, 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $5-$15

Ballena Bistro is in a charming wooden building. Our food is easygoing and creative, blending different styles. We always use really fresh ingredients.

The place feels open and has cute decorations. It’s great for a quick stop if you’re driving from Quepos to Osa along the coast. However, the food is the best! The falafel burger is fantastic, especially with tzatziki sauce. 

The Angus burger is huge and tasty, too. If you want something lighter, try the goat cheese salad or the green smoothie. They’re both refreshing and full of flavor, and you can tell they use delicious ingredients. 

Oh, and don’t forget to save some space for the vegan coconut ice cream. We liked this place so much, we went twice in one week!

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Excellent food
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Nice ocean breezes
  • Locally sourced food full of flavor—great vegetarian options

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • Many food critics have criticized their fish soup here, so I wouldn’t recommend it as one of the things you eat here. 

2. Soda Ranchito, Dona Maria

  • Address: 100m east of BCR, 50 m north, Uvita, Costa Rica
  • Budget: From $7

If you’re looking to eat at a soda in Uvita, I totally recommend Soda Ranchito Dona Maria. Both locals and tourists come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. 

We tried the nachos, which were some of the best we’ve ever had, as well as the fish casado. We shared both dishes, and it was more than enough food. The quality of the food is top-notch, especially considering the reasonable prices.

Some seats face vegetation and the river, so you can spot wildlife while you eat.

It’s hard to find good restaurants in touristy areas, but this one is excellent. The stewed pollo en salsa is a great alternative to the more common pechuga option, which can be rubbery. 

Another bonus is that you don’t have to sit facing a highway, which is common in the area. This location is on a quiet backstreet. I highly recommend it.

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Uvita has one of the best sodas. 
  • Affordable quality of food. 
  • The best place to get amazing nachos 
  • It’s an excellent spot to stop off for lunch.

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • When there are a lot of people, it can take a while to get your order.

3. Bar and Restaurant Los Laureles 

  • Address: 400 Mts. Este del Banco de Costa Rica en Uvita de Osa, Uvita Costa Rica
  • Budget: $8-$12

If you don’t have a lot to spend but want to have a decent eating experience in a Uvita restaurant, I totally recommend Bar Restaurant Los Laureles. It’s one of the best places to eat cheaply in town. 

The place had a charming vibe. While we were there, we spotted birds and lizards, and we even heard a howler monkey. I had the veggie burger, which was the best I’ve had in Costa Rica. My husband tried the shrimp pasta, and it was delicious, too. 

For dessert, we had a fantastic brownie with ice cream. We recommend this location to anyone on a budget who still wants to eat quality food. 

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Delicious food, even the papas.
  • It was a lovely, quiet outdoor patio that was relatively cool on a hot day.

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • None so far.

4. Mosaic Wine and Sushi Bar Budget 

  • Address: 600 meters past the BCR towards the Uvita Waterfall, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $5-$50

Mosaic is a cozy place in Uvita where you can enjoy wine, sushi, and more. They have a wide selection of over 40 wines, along with craft cocktails and delicious coffee drinks. You can also try tasty paninis, cheese and charcuterie boards, gourmet salads, and Japanese fusion dishes.

It’s a great spot to relax with a glass of cava. We had a wonderful evening there. The service was excellent—the staff was attentive and friendly. They also accept gift cards. 

The only downside was that I ordered too much food. I thought the sushi rolls would be smaller, but they were bigger than I expected. I couldn’t finish everything and I didn’t have room for dessert. 

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Great space
  • Located in the hills of Uvita 
  • The jungle backdrop
  • My husband declared it the best sushi he’s ever had. 
  • The staff is so attentive, and the drinks are fantastic, too!

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • Pricey

5. Bagel Time Bakery

  • Address: 350 Constanera Sur, Uvita 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $3-$15

For the best breakfast dining, look no further than Bagel Time Bakery. 

This place is perfect for grabbing something sweet or having a yummy breakfast! I always enjoy the lively atmosphere and the music they play. 

Leo, who works there, is always friendly and helpful whenever I visit. In my first encounter with him, he suggested a tasty bagel to go with the grand slam breakfast, and he was really welcoming. I definitely recommend it for a delicious and satisfying breakfast or bagel in Uvita. 

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Great breakfast joint. 
  • Fresh coffee
  • Fresh orange juice and delicious bagels. 
  • Excellent breakfast assortment with many types of bread.

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • None so far. 

6. The Bamboo Room Restaurant 

  • Address: Calle Perezoso, 800 Mtrs. Este de Costanera, Ojochal 60501, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $5-$15

This restaurant and hotel are a bit off the main road, but the drive is worth it, even though it’s steep and rocky. 

To get there, you have to drive on a dirt road for about five minutes. Most cars can handle it fine, but to park, you’ll need a 4×4 or simply park on the side of the road. It was a minor hassle for me.

However, the best part is the balcony, which has an amazing view of the sunset. I suggest getting there before 5:30 to catch it at its best.

Regarding the food, they offer American, bar, and seafood. The service was really good, even though the servers were sometimes busy with hotel tasks. And the prices weren’t too expensive. 

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Stunning views 
  • Great services

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • The cost of the drinks is excessive given what you receive.
  • If you want to be close to the view, you must book your table well in advance. 

7. Restaurant Exotica

  • Address: Av. Principal de Ojochal, Provincia de Puntarenas, Ojochal, 60501, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $10-$41

Restaurant Exotica is a few kilometers outside Uvita, but there is not a better spot for a romantic dining experience than Exotica, which is located in Ojochal. 

Ojochal is located in Costa Ballena, along Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast. On the Costanera Highway, it’s about an hour south of Quepos, 30 minutes south of Dominical, and 15 minutes south of Uvita.

This restaurant is the most romantic and peaceful place to eat in all of Costa Rica! Everything about it is top-notch and expertly crafted. 

A zen garden and beautiful lighting greet you as soon as you walk in. I recommend trying the avocado salad and the surf and turf—they’re delicious! Don’t forget to end your meal with an espresso or an after-dinner drink.

The menu had some French classics, such as cognac liver pate and a fantastic duck breast with orange sauce. 

What I like about this restaurant 

Romantic environment

The decor is beautiful (red lanterns and fairy lights lit the interior).

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • Expensive 
  • People complained of more “off” nights. 

8. Aracari Restaurant

  • Address: La Cusinga Road, Puntarenas, Osa, Uvita, 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: $10-$40

Aracari Restaurant provides a breathtaking view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean and the whale’s tail. This is why I recommend it as the best restaurant in Uvita with a beachfront view. 

However, the restaurant offers more than just a stunning view. They serve delicious dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. During our visit, my friend Indranil ordered a traditional casado, while I opted for a fish sandwich. Both of us were delighted with our choices, as they satisfied our hunger and cravings.

Situated within La Cusinga Lodge, Aracari Restaurant has a spacious outdoor seating area overlooking the ocean. 

The lodge’s guests also have access to this area. Yet, if you decide to stay at this luxurious lodge in Uvita, you’ll have the privilege of enjoying this remarkable view every day.

What I like about this restaurant 

  • This restaurant is part of Cusinga Ecolodge for easier access. 
  • Inserted and surrounded by forest. 
  • It is a fantastic beach-view experience. 
  • The food was so good.

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • Service can be slow when there are a lot of people in the restaurant from the hotel.

9. Aroma Cafe

  • Address: 100 metros norte del Banco de Costa Rica, Uvita Center, Puntarenas Province, Uvita, 60504, Costa Rica
  • Budget: 
  • Instagram page
  • Rating: 5/5 on Tripadvisor

Another fantastic place to get good food at a reasonable price is Aroma Cafe. 

It’s on the Ruta 34 highway. It has no fancy decorations, yet it has a charming vibe. You can even enjoy watching toucans and monkeys in the trees nearby.

Their menu includes salads, sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas, wraps, and local favorites like chorizo and chicken wings. They also serve typical Costa Rican dishes, such as casados. For drinks, you can choose from smoothies, coffees, and beers. Since Aroma Cafe is not just a cafe but also a bakery, you can try their desserts.

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Good service, good vibes, free wifi, and reasonable prices.

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • Not a place to go if you’re starving because food can take a long especially during busy hours. 

10. Five Maes

  • Address: Pacific Pools Building, Provincia de Puntarenas, Uvita, Costa Rica
  • Budget: 

FIve Maes serves the best burger we’ve ever had in Uvita and perhaps throughout Costa Rica. You can tell these folks really care about what they do. They were grinding fresh meat right there while we waited. They meticulously craft each burger, adding unique toppings to each one.

When we unwrapped them, they looked like the most amazing burgers you can imagine. The buns are fresh, and the taste is just incredible. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on this place when you want a fresh burger and quick service. 

What I like about this restaurant 

  • Fast delivery 
  • They grind the beef right there. 
  • Fries are handmade. 
  • Everything is fresh and delicious.

What I don’t like about this restaurant

  • Burgers do not come with fries on the side.

I hope you find this guide helpful. 

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