Exploring Coastal Delights: A Travel Guide to Seafood Destinations

Seafood Destinations


Travelling can be a truly enriching experience for you when you’re also a food lover by heart. Amidst the heart warming sceneries of some breathtaking destinations, you can also explore your love for seafood, especially in the coastal regions with locally sourced seafood variety.

So, if you’re craving some out of the world seafood, and wondering which place to tick off next from your travel list, check out the countries below:


Singapore is known for many things, be its beautiful tourist spots, entertainment, or its world renowned seafood. With such a close proximity to the coastal region, Singapore is one of the best places to try out exquisite seafood options.

With a range of seafood that offers everything from crab cakes to grilled fish, and from steamed lobster, to prawns, you’re bound to find something that you love.

Famous Coastal Delicacies Of Singapore

Singapore is a great place to try out classics, while also dabbling in some of the more bolder and unknown seafood recipes. Yet, some dishes have become so famous that the country is now known for these seafood delicacies more than anything else.

The most famous delicacies of Singapore include black pepper crab, sambal stingray, chili crab, fish head curry, lobster porridge, grilled lobster tail, BBQ sambal squid, and butter prawns.

Restaurants To Lookout For

While there are multiple amazing seafood restaurants in Singapore, here is a list of my top picks:

  1. Aloha Poke
  3. Sabio By The Sea
  4. Jumbo Seafood
  5. Palm Beach Seafood


If you’re in love with sushi and sashimi, and love enjoying it with a glass of wine, then you have to visit Japan for an authentic seafood culinary experience. With seasonally fresh seafood that you can hardly wait to taste, you also get to experience the local seafood markets, which are often an attractive tourist spot for coastal delicacy lovers.

Whether you are enjoying a chicken grunt in spring, or are looking for the famous japanese flying squid in the season of autumn, you’ll find something unique to salvage the most extraordinary seafood travel experience that you’ve ever had.

Famous Coastal Delicacies Of Japan

The best part of Japan is its geographical advantage.Surrounded by sea on three sides, Japan has an enormous variety of sea delicacies present everywhere, making different types of fishes the most consumed part of Japan’s diet.

The cooking methods and techniques, perfected over centuries, have helped Japan create dishes like Dotenabe Oyster Hot Pot, Raw fugu with Ponzu sauce, snow crab, seared bonito, and taimeshi, among others.

Restaurants To Lookout For

Here’s a list of top seafood restaurants in Japan, beyond Tokyo, for an authentic culinary experience:

  1. Bulgari Il Ristorante Luca Fantin
  2. Sushisho Masa
  3. Den Kushi Flori
  4. TakashimaruKakikko
  5. Sushi Urayama Nihonbashi


As you imagine yourself enjoying the famous seafood delicacies of Greece while overlooking the gorgeous white city of Athens, you’ll experience a life altering feeling. If the feeling is so great, think how you’ll fall in love with the country as you explore the various tourist attractions, and coastal delights that it harbors.

From ceviche to anchovies, and cod to mussels, if you’re looking for a protein filled diet, greek seafood isn’t something you want to miss. Whether you’re renewing your wedding vows, or vacationing in the beautiful European country, your choice of seafood paired with a glass of white wine will make your experience more beautiful and memorable.

Famous Coastal Delicacies Of Greece

Do you know what the best part about being a county of islands is? The incredible variety of seafood from the coastal area! Greek seafood recipes are based on the foundation of olive oil, fresh local herbs, and lots of love.

Owing to their strong sea culture, the best greek seafood cuisines that you must try are Tsipoura, Kalamaria, Seafood Pasta, Ochtapodi, safridia, lakerda, and maridestiganites. While there are at least a thousand more local seafood that you must try, these few can definitely help you start on your coastal delights exploration journey.

Restaurants To Lookout For

While the local fish markets are fun to visit, if you’re looking for a more culturally refined and nonpareil experience, here’s my top 5 choices:

  1. Psarochori
  2. Taverna Aris
  3. Varoulko Seaside
  4. Dionysos On The Beach Messonghi
  5. Taverna Stefanos


Mauritius is an ever lovedtropical holiday destination for food and beach lovers alike. Known for its fusion of cultures from asian to european, Mauritius is one of the best places to explore amazing fusion coastal delights, along with its cosmic choice of drinks.

Owing to its closeness with the Indian Ocean, there is a year long supply of fresh seafood on the island. For travelers and explorers, it might be fun to not only eat from the famous places but in fact catch their own food in an artisanal fishing experience.

Famous Coastal Delicacies Of Mauritius

The closeness with the Indian Ocean has made this tropical island a haven for pescetarians. Whether you’re eating locally, or visiting a high end restaurant, you’ll find menus across the island filled with seafood options like never before.

While multiple seafood options are available on the island, Mauritius is often known for its crab curry, fried squid, Vindayeourite, Vindayepoisson, Calamar croustillant, Bechamel de poisson, and Poisson aigre doux.

Restaurants To Lookout For

Almost all restaurants in Mauritius are known for their authentic seafood, but these five restaurants definitely take the win:

  1. Restaurant Amigo
  2. La Bonne Chute Restaurant & Bar
  3. Le BrisantRestro
  4. La Langouste Grisee
  5. Chez Pepe Mauritius

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It’s A Wrap

Exploring culturally unique coastal delights can be an important part of your travel experience, especially when you’re traveling to some of the world’s most famous seafood destinations. Whether you’re visiting the exquisite restaurants of Japan or lounging on the beaches of Singapore, rest assured, you’ll be munching on some of the best seafood in the world. So make sure to adopt a curious approach while enjoying the local delicacies at some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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